What to Say When Someone Calls You Poor?

The essence placed on monetary value is so much that if you don’t fit into the small circle of those who have, you’ll instantly be tagged poor.

This is so becoming normal that those who feel they have more still also shade those who are not entirely poor. 

While getting shaded by someone who calls you poor can motivate you into doing better, it can also break your spirit of diligence since you can feel you’re never going to make it to their level.

This creates a more condescending effect on you if you don’t know how or what to say in response when someone labels you as such. 

But that’s where this article comes into play as I’ve curated a long list of premium replies to serve anyone who calls you poor.

33 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Poor

What to Say When Someone Calls You Poor?

When someone calls you poor, he or she is looking for a reaction. The reaction can either be satisfactory to their terms or your terms.

Thing is, you have the will to choose which one will play out. Since I’ll advise you to get satisfied with your terms, you need to check out some comebacks in this post. 

Some replies to shove the person include. “And still richer than your future”, “You still look poor with the chains though”, “What I lack in finance, you lack in character”, “Says the cheap baller” or “All your money couldn’t buy you a nice smell… LMAO.

Alternatively, you can show your disgust or choose to be sober by saying lines like, “Thanks”, “You need not show me your cheap ego, it is obvious”, “At least, I’m working legit” or you can add “At least, I contend”

We can go on and on with the snippets but it wouldn’t be as detailed as what I have coming up next. So let’s get right into it.

And Still Richer Than Your Future

To start this list of replies with a hot comeback was a difficult decision for me to take, but I had to bring it on at first light because it’ll help warm you up for what is coming.

So what we have here is a proclamation that will make the average person to STFU and desist from any further word brawl with you. 

You posit that even in your poor state (as the person implies) you’re still much richer than his future. What a way to tell someone their future doesn’t look good. 

And So What?

What to Say When Someone Calls You Poor?

What now happens if the person calls you poor is the brain behind this question. When you ask this question, remember to throw one of murderous askance look at the person, and possibly place your hands in akimbo. 

This way, you will make it known to the person you’re serious about what seems to be a rhetoric query.

Yeah, Poor and Happy

There’s this untold happiness that abounds in those who are considered poor. There’s this immeasurable ecstasy with the feeling of contentment.

You can tap from this awareness when someone calls you poor and tell them that you are happy even with the tag which they allegedly placed on you.

Your Money Couldn’t Get You Some Manners

Let’s assume the person who called you poor is rich or has enough to throw around, do you think it’s a good move for them to call you names? Clearly not, and this is because he or she has no manners. Rub it on the person’s face that even their money couldn’t get them some manners.

Your Wife Doesn’t Complain About Splitting Bills

I know some of y’all won’t agree with this response, but let me remind you that spreading peace was never the purpose of comebacks like this. Instead, you’re expected to hit the person who called you poor with every means. 

This reply features the person’s wife, which makes captures the person as a man. There are a couple of men who would go nuts because of this type of response, so tread with caution.

Says the Cheap Baller

I’ve been in a similar case on one of the night outs with the boys. It was going on fine until one jerk spoiled the mood.

He tried picking at our outfit but was immediately shunned by a friend of mine who called him a cheap baller. My friend roasted him further but I won’t go into details, just consider this as a viable reply. 

At Least, I’m Working Legit

I don’t know how relatable you are with illegally rich braggarts, but I’ve had my fair share of them.

Met one some couple of months ago at a football match and the dude tried to shade me. Good a thing, I knew from his looks that he’s either a drug dealer or one of them Credit Card fraud boys. 

Instead of going on and on with his illegal way of making ends meet, I just told him at least I’m working legit and he’s not. He literally struggled to find his next words.

You Just Showed How Much of a Braggart You Are

Those who are in the business of bragging have a way of rubbing it on others’ faces that they’re better. This could be the case in which you find yourself, but you can also make it work for you by using this line as a response.

Don’t Mock My Current Situation

What to Say When Someone Calls You Poor?

Are you feeling sober about what the person just said? Well, it happens and many people can’t help but feel sorry for their selves. You can still throw in a few words as a reply in cases like this, and I guess that this line of response is a good way to start.

You Cannot Afford an Audience from Me

Those who feel rich or are rich have a common thought that life revolves around them. How about you disappoint this fellow who called you poor by telling him or her they can’t afford an audience from you? 

I believe the person who takes this route to write you off is going to be delusional to think you’ll pay heed to their carcass talk.

Your Money Couldn’t Buy You Nice Set of Teeth

If you sense that the person who called you poor doesn’t have a nice-looking set of teeth, please don’t hold back from using it as a point to draw your reply to them

Funnily, No One Knows You and Your Pennies

The rich have this bragging right that they’re known or popular… but it’s not always the case.

You can carve out a response from this angle and inform the person nobody neither knows them nor their money. You also try to devalue the person’s wealth which you sarcastically mentioned as pennies. 

At Least, I’m content

Overlook the context of being poor from what the person said to you. Explain nothing, and just spit out this response to the person. 

What I Lack in Finance, You Lack in Character

This comeback seeks to draw a line between what you have as a value over the wealth of the person who called you poor. You’re simply telling the person what you have lacks in him or her.

Now What?

After the person calls you poor and what next? What other thing does he want to say? There’s absolutely nothing else that the person can say that should get to you. 

You Sound Petty

What to Say When Someone Calls You Poor?

You can’t debunk the fact that the person who called you poor sounds petty. It’s a petty move for the person to shade you because of your financial status.

Even with the person’s high monetary grade, calling you poor brings him or her to a low level. I’d recommend you add this to your arsenal of replies.

I’d Prefer a Dog Walk to Having This Conversation with You

You can decide to end an ongoing conversation if the person eventually starts calling you names, such as a poor person. This line of response is a good way to dismiss yourself from the discussion and also devalue the association with the person.

Yeah, and That’s Because I Had to Keep My Integrity Intact

We’ve heard and seen stories of how people do nasty things for money, and those who resorted to keeping their dignity are now labeled as poor or wretched. Well, this could be your situation and if it is; you should make ready this line of response for the person.

You’ve Got No Shame

Trying to disgrace someone whom you’re better than because of financial grading is a shameful act. This means that the person who called you poor has no shame and you should endeavor to rub it on their face.

That’s Because Your Husband Pays Low

We’re also trying to take this comeback skill to another level, this time involving life partners like I did in one of the previous replies. In contrast, this reply likely captures the scenario if you’re a woman. 

So if your fellow woman tries this type of shade with you, tell her that her husband pays low for your services. This is a nuclear response so be ready to entertain more war of words.

Sadly, I’m Not as loose as You

I’d picture this type of response in a conversation between ladies too. If you are called poor by a lady, you can slam her by saying this response to her. I bet she would want to retaliate with more words but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


I don’t find saying “thanks” a weakness. Instead, it portrays your disengagement from any sort of fight between you and the person who called you poor. 

You Don’t Need Not Show Me Your Cheap Ego, It’s Obvious

Showing off ego is one thing that a lot of acclaimed rich persons do. And, they downplay others. You can use this response as a defense when someone calls you poor.

Alright, Elon Musk

With this type of response; I’m sure paying back mockery with mockery is achievable. Placing the person who called you poor with the likes of one of the richest men on the planet is a move at mocking whatever money they have.

Your Dumb Brain Couldn’t Have Said That I’m Sure You Heard That from Someone

I have little note on this, rather than to encourage you to build your response list with lines like this.

Is That Your Best Shot?

Please do well to ask the person who called you poor if that was their best shot at downplaying you. This signals that you didn’t feel that because it is weak.

I’m Still with the Better Looks Though

This response suggests that you still have the better look even if the person demeans you by calling you poor. I’m convinced that the person you said this to will have to take a walk to the mirror because they’ll doubt their beauty on the spot.

All Your Money Couldn’t Buy You a Nice Smell… Lmao

If it was a bad-smelling sweaty rich punk that called you poor, kindly say this line to that and also advise them to buy a deodorant if they can’t afford a body spray.

I Guess That’s Why You Hang Out With Me to Learn Humility Like the Poor

There’s this thing with poor people and humility… that’s my observation though. So when someone calls you poor, you can school them with this line of response.

Try Buying Some Personality with Your Money

 I’m guessing that the person who called you poor is probably hooked up on some cash. Wouldn’t it be a good statement if you told the person to go purchase some personality, which they don’t have?

I Understand Your Grief, but I’m Not Sorry

When someone calls you poor, it looks like the person is grieving about something… say how you act cool even in the face of being cajoled. But that doesn’t matter now, does it? After all, you are not sorry.

You Still Look Poor with the Chains Though

There’s this circumstance where a friend of mine who is a low-key rich tech guy, was called poor for not wearing chains to a party. Unfortunately, he was involved in a brawl with a rockstar-looking dude with face tats and heavy chains. 

He called my friend poor and my friend being unperturbed by the name-calling reminded him he still looks poor even with the chains. Now you see where I tapped that from…

You Can Still Loose All, Stay Humble

What to Say When Someone Calls You Poor?

This is a piece of simple advice to wrap things up. You can choose to admonish the person who called you poor to stay humble because he or she can lose everything which they’re bragging about. I know not a lot of these braggarts will pay heed to what you have to say, so just leave the scene when you’re done with your response.


We’ve come to the end of this post, and I took the time to show you viable replies as to when someone calls you poor. Make sure you incorporate the appropriate facial expression to stress the seriousness in tone. 

Lastly, go ahead and share this post with anyone who would find it informative just as you did.


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