What To Say When Someone Calls You Emo?

Subculture stereotyping is a real thing and a lot of people do not forget to bring their canceling skills to work. It can mean different things if you are called emo by someone.

Might be because of how cold and reserved you act. It might mean you’re too emotional. But outside the meaning, lies the ugly cancel-culture of other people.

If you can no longer condone the remarks, you might want to know what to say when someone calls you emo.

This is where this article steps into the picture to save the day because I am going to help you discover various responses which can remedy the situation.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Emo?

Practicing the emo subculture is not bad, it’s your choice. But when people start talking and you need them to either shut their mouths or cajole them, then you need to serve them premium comebacks.

Some of them include; at least, I feel more than you, your voice stink of contempt, I wish I cared, your assertions change nothing.

If you are looking at serving replies that can make the eyes bleed, then you can say things like: If you need a reason, a railway horn will do better, are you scared, it’s darker inside your head, or other responses like tell me something else you know so well and that explains why I’m more sensitive than you. Let’s get right into the details of the replies.

At Least, I Feel More than You

How about you remind the speaker that you’ve got more to feel than them? After all, emos are known to be very emotional people.

You can use this response to explain how heartless they are in opposition to being emotional and considerate as emo.

I Hope You Get Paid for Being Irritating

It’s a very irritating moment when someone calls you emo with a derogatory tone; they’re testing your level of tolerance.

But instead of giving them back the ill feeling which they are resonating, it will be better to get a bit creative.

If you serve the person this as a response, he’s sure to jolt a bit and probably receive a couple of boos from those around when it went down.

Since I’m Emo, I Guess You’re the Old-fashioned Goth

What To Say When Someone Calls You Emo

Can you say intelligently that the most of people, who might come at you for being emo, are from a different subculture?

And since the Goths are likely to get messy at emos, you can use this response to serve them a good comeback. If your oppressor is a Goth, then you’ve got more reason to rain it down on him or her.

That Explains Why I’m more sensitive than You

It is common knowledge that emos are very sensitive and observant. While this is a good trait for many, it is frowned upon by those not belonging to the circle.

They think being too sensitive is sick, but your response can prove to them that it is not. When someone calls you emo, kindly remind the person that you’re more sensitive than him or her.

I Prioritize My Feelings, I Bet You Don’t

There are so many traits as emo that can help you derive responses that are suitable to make your oppressor crawl back into their little cave.

The fact that emos have a lot of their concern placed on their feelings is one of such traits that can be helpful. You can just put up the reply above as a counterdefense when someone calls you emo.

I Can Imagine How Miserable Your Life Is, Without Emotions and Hoodies

This one response here might sound funny but reads some meaning too. Okay, so it’s also common knowledge that emos love hoodies a lot, coupled with the concern for emotions.

In their world, these two things mean joy and fulfillment, and those who don’t buy into this practice are seen as miserable.

If you’re true emo, you can shove it down the person’s throat so that they look miserable for not being emo.

It’s so Sad, I’m not as loud as you

Those who practice the emo subculture are known for being cold, just saying less and observing the most. If you portray these characters, you might get called emo even if you’re not.

In this case, you can tell the person who called you emo that they’re just loud… nothing more. And the reply above is the best way to arrange the words for delivery.

Your Voice Stink of Contempt

What To Say When Someone Calls You Emo

When someone hates you, they can come up with a bunch of conspiracies about you and your lifestyle. If someone calls you emo, it means they dislike something about your lifestyle which prompted the remark.

You can respond to the person with the statement above, and watch them get booed by people close by.

If the person is not a word fighter, he or she will probably give up and stop calling you that, but on the contrary, then you have to strap for a war of words.

I Don’t Deny That, You’ll Be My Junior by the Time you join… LOL

The best part of being emo is accepting that you’re one when someone calls you that. There’s no shame in accepting what you are.

But in addition to claiming the title, you can spice it up a bit. You can make a jest of anyone who calls you emo by saying this reply to them.

Even a Stereotypical Pig Won’t Say That

Do you want to make the person smell roasted? If yes, then you just got yourself the perfect response to serve.

This is a little out of the way, but it calls for it especially when you’re on the verge of being canceled by some stereotypical system.

Tell Me Something Else You Know So Well

From all indications, it seems like the only thing the person knows so well is your lifestyle. This is because it takes a level of monitoring and observation to conclude that someone is emo. Don’t forget to put on that feign grin which makes the pain of hearing this more suffocating.

I Bet That’s the Next Thing You Know After Your Name

In some of these stereotypical situations, the best approach and action have always been to roast the oppressor.

You won’t be the first person to tread the path, so you can say this as a response when someone calls you emo.

If You Need a Reason, a Railway Horn Will Do Better

You won’t be mistaken to think that the reason why someone will call you emo is to get you talking. The person probably wants to get you to say things when you shouldn’t.

He or she wants you to explain yourself. You can disappoint their efforts by putting up this statement as a response.

Your Assertions Change Nothing

Whether you are truly emo or not; the person’s assertion doesn’t matter. But it’s one thing to believe they don’t matter and it’s another thing to proclaim it. Just knowing about it is not enough, you’ve got to use it as a response when someone calls you emo.

At Least I Have a Culture, You’re Just Roaming

Being emo means you subscribe to a particular subculture in the American scene. Aside from the conspiracies against emos over the years, being emo has never ceased to be a thing.

If the speaker belongs to no particular culture, then it is fair to inform them that they’re just roaming. This response is your best way to convey this message.

I Wish I Cared

What To Say When Someone Calls You Emo

Do you care that you’re being called emo? Probably not; because if you do, then this reply means nothing.

This response is fashioned for those who don’t care and would love to tell it to the face of anyone who calls them emo.

You can adopt these concise bold words too if you’re in search of the best way to reply when someone calls you emo.

My Aiming Skill Is Top Notch, Don’t Become My Target

I don’t mean to scare anyone who calls you emo, but a little pinch will help them come back to their senses.

I noticed that jealousy is one of the many reasons why someone will use this remark on you, and this ill act pushes people into another world.

If you bring this up as a response, I’m sure the person will rethink. Who knows? you might be good at aiming.

Don’t Tell Me That’s the Only Thing Your Eyes Can See Clearly

Nobody wants to be put to the ground due to stereotyping, and you also have to stand your ground. This response is laced with savagery, and it is worth telling anyone who calls you emo.

You’ve Got Better Joke? This Don’t Tickle

Do you frown when someone calls you emo to get to you? Well, I was guessing you should add this response immediately after you’re done observing the situation.

It sounds like a bland joke to call someone emo, just because they wore hoodies all week long. Assuming you find yourself in this type of circumstance, you can mention to the person how dry the joke was.

Genius! Never Thought You’d Notice

I’d suggest this response if you’re truly emo and someone just figured it out. It may probably be someone whom you think the least will do that. Nonetheless, you can praise the person sarcastically with this reply.

Calling the person a genius is a compliment on its own, and mentioning that you never thought they’d notice shows that they’re not cut out for being sensitive.

That’s Partly Because I Have a Choice, Can’t Say the Same for You

Being emo is a case of being decisive. When someone calls you emo, please remind them that it is your choice to be one.

You can add the adjoining sentence if the person who calls you emo is not decisive. It then becomes a pure savage comeback.

Are You Scared?

You can ask this question when someone calls you emo. A lot of people read about the dark side of the emo culture and end up stereotyping those who practice it.

If you’re a victim of this biased view, you can ask the person this question to scare them a bit and probably make them end the chase.

Don’t Worry, I Won’t Rip You Open

Just like the previous response, you can also use this reply to scare off anyone who calls you emo. They will be forced to take a chill pill and leave you out of their small stereotypical war.

It’s Darker Inside Your Head

Emos are known to be in love with darkness. The black color is their favorite amongst them and they pride themselves on it.

Someone might call you emo due to your love for black and you can reply to this statement without hesitation. Since they think you’re emo because you wear black, guess who is bigger emo when his head is darker than your clothes?

Yeah I am, and I Guess You’re a Fan

If you’re emo; then be positive, be affirmative about it. There’s a chance that anyone who calls you emo, might be a fan.

If this is not the case, then they just became one for being able to detect that you’re emo. Therefore, you can use that as a response to them.

You’ve Got Black Hair, Dude That’s Emo

If the person who calls you emo has black hair, you can as well label them emo since their hair is black.

Nothing differentiates the two of you, since you guys have the same color in common. If the motive behind this is stereotypical, I’m sure the speaker will have to keep quiet.

I Don’t Remember Asking For Your Opinion

What To Say When Someone Calls You Emo

You can swiftly add this after you’ve roasted the person who’s cajoling you for being emo. Simply ask them if you asked for their opinion and enjoy the silence that comes with this rhetoric query.

Nice! That means I’m Really Different

Yes, you’re different from the categorization of people if you’re emo. Those who identify with this personality tread differently.

Do you Have a Problem With That?

Still on the use of questions as responses. It didn’t feel nice to bombard the person with questions, but it is pertinent if you expect them to zip.

C’Mon, Next Time Talk with Some Facts

If the person that calls you emo did that with little or no information about you, you stand a chance to correct and sanction them. The above response is a good pick if you’re looking at telling the person to be factual next time they want to talk.


To end this post, I will love to do a quick recap of the purpose of these replies. While some are needed to rewrite a narrative, others are used to disregard the assertion of the speaker.

If you do not want the hurt of stereotyping to catch up with you, then be sure to arm yourself with any of these replies. You need to be prepared with a banger response when someone calls you emo.

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