How To Respond When Someone Says They Are Proud of You?

There is much more ecstasy to being celebrated for an accomplishment, than getting on the project. It feels so good receiving a lot of congrats from family, friends, and even foes.

These moments of gladness often leave some of us without words, to either express joy or to respond to gestures. The same thing might play out when someone says they are proud of you.

Whether it is coming from a parent or your boss, this statement can make you star-struck for some minutes. At this time, I presume you’re now thinking of how to reply to this remark.

You don’t have to stick by the regular “Awwwn, thank you” reply. I will show you a couple of creative replies that you can put up when someone says they are proud of you.

30 responses when someone says they are proud of you

The usual first response when someone says they’re proud of you is being thankful. You say things like, Thank you, I appreciate or I can’t thank you less.

However, you can do better with the replies by making statements such as God Did it, You were my muse, Your motivation kept me going, I am elated, and I’m also proud of myself.

You can question the sincerity of the statement with comments like I know you don’t mean that, Are you serious? Why are you covering up? Stop faking it already.

Other replies like I feel honored, I deserve it, Failure was never an option and the process wasn’t easy; can be used to edify yourself and also recount your journey so far.

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Thank You

Saying thank you after someone says they’re proud of you, is certainly one of the best responses to give.

It simplifies how happy and grateful you are, for the honor that they gave you by saying they are proud of you. The phrase is very short and concise and contains all you need to respond.

God Did It

I don’t mean for you to sound religious, but desperate times require desperate measures. You can give credit to God for bringing you this far and also helping you to achieve the feat which brought the confession that they’re proud of you.

Adopt this reply, especially if your audience is religious and would be more elated if he or she hears your reply.

You Were My Muse

Just like the main point of having a reply in this type of situation mostly calls for gratitude, you can as well use the opportunity to recognize those who played crucial parts in making sure you reached your goal.

If the speaker is among these persons, then you can use this as your response when someone tells you they’re proud of you.

I Am Elated

Being elated connotes happiness, joy, and fulfillment. You can use this with the intent of a response to convey how joyous you are for hearing somebody tell you that they are proud of you.

Just simply say ‘I am Elated’, and add a little grin on your face or a broad smile to express more of the joy.

I Can’t Thank You, Less

Still, in the vein of being thankful, you can reply to anyone who says they are proud of you. It is not an easy task to gain a person’s respect to the extent of them proclaiming you as someone they are proud of.

Saying this reply means that there are many other reasons to say thank you, but time wouldn’t permit you to break all of them down.

I’m Also Proud of Myself

Just as someone is saying how much they are proud of you, you can also reply by envisaging how proud you are of yourself.

This says a lot of worthiness in you to accept the remark of another person because you are also proud of yourself.

Failure Was Never an Option

This is more of a proclamation than a reply, but it can go both ways. You can use this as a reply when someone says they are proud of you.

It means you never gave in to failure, which would have made getting that remark to be close to impossible. So, use this as a reply when someone says they are proud of you and watch the positivity that will spring up.

Why Are You Covering Up?

If you’re dealing with someone who is not saying that they’re proud of you sincerely,   ask the person this question.

Why exactly are you covering up? Their reason might be because you guys are in public or somewhere that demands corporation.

This is usually common between parents and a wayward child or spouses that distrust each other.

Stop Faking It Already

Just like the previous reply, you can also tell the person to stop faking it and come out clean. Why would they fake something as noble as saying that they’re proud of you? With this response, you’re directly telling them to cut the Delay and act accordingly.

I Feel Honored

Indeed it’s an honorable thing for someone to say they’re proud of you. You can reply with the statement that you feel honored to receive such an accolade from someone. It is not a child’s play to clear such a table to make someone proud of you.

I Deserve It

You can say this if you’re confident that you deserve the remark. Yes, if your efforts can make someone to be proud of you, then you’ve earned and consequently deserves to get any accolade you receive.

Your Motivation Kept Me Going

Nothing keeps you from giving thanks to whoever deserves it. If the person who says they’re proud of you has a hand in your success, then you can reply with this.

Telling the person that their motivation helped fuel up your journey, is a good move to reply and recognize their contribution to your achievement.

You Saw It Happen

This reply is also aimed at recognizing those that played a crucial role in your journey. This comment is most viable if the person, who says that they’re proud of you, is also a contributor.

I’m Pleased That You’re Proud

How To Respond When Someone Says They Are Proud of You

This is another smooth response that you can put when you find yourself in the circumstance.

This reply is a form of gratitude but this time around, you’re delighted that you were able to make them proud of you. It is going to be complicated if the person faked the statement as this will probably spoil your mood.

You Didn’t Lose Faith in Me

Keeping up with giving shout-outs to the person who says they are proud of you, can also serve as a response.

The reply above is a good response to offer, in the light that they never lost faith in your course nor ever did they doubt you will make it.

Instead, they continued believing that you’ll triumph and become better than you were. Thus, giving these people the maximum recognition that they deserve is paramount.

Thanks a Lot, Sir

If you got the accolade from your male boss at work or even a senior colleague then you should consider saying this reply to the person. It is both official and heartwarming, without overstepping in any way.

Thanks So Much, Ma’am

Just like the previous reply, this reply can apply when it is a female boss or senior colleague is responsible for saying they’re proud of you.

You can use this reply to convey your gratitude and happiness that you were able to impress him or her, to the extent of giving such acknowledgment.

I Know You Don’t Mean That

This is what you will say if you doubt the possibility that the person who said he’s proud of you, doesn’t mean it. Just say it out to the persona and suck it up.

Whether the person is kidding around or not, will be determined by time. So just be open to saying your take and pass over.

So Am I!

This is just like saying “I’m also proud of myself”. But I’d prefer this shorter response. It is concise, as you’re trying to affirm that you are also proud of yourself.

I’m Glad You’re Satisfied

This is another response that you can adopt to say when someone says they’re proud of you. It shows that you’re happy that they are finally satisfied, which prompted the person to say that he or she, is proud of you.

Remember to look like your statements when you say this and add smiles all around your face.

Are You Serious?

Who says you cannot reply to this gesture with questions? Last time I checked… nobody.

I will ask this kind of question if I’m not convinced that the person who says they are proud of me, is really serious. It is not rhetoric and demands an answer directly from the person who made the statement.

I’m So Excited to Hear That from You

How To Respond When Someone Says They Are Proud of You

There’s no better way to express how joyous you are with the proclamation than doing that with words of mouth.

Tell the person that you’re more than excited to hear from them and that they’re proud of you. The top priority has always been to make sure that your body movements and expression reflect your words.

Your Words Mean a Lot to Me

You can say this when the person who acknowledged being proud of you, is a mentor or a source of encouragement.

You can use this reply to fix yourself up as you place value over those words which declare that they’re proud of you. This could be your father or even your boss at work.

I Needed This Feat to Get This Accolade

This is typically the type of response that will interest those in the corporate world. And it is primarily because the speaker might’ve allowed you to work on the project and you delivered so well.

Expressing how much you needed to be on the project is another way to reply when someone (your boss in this context) says that they’re proud of you.

Thank You, I’m Happy the Works Wasn’t in Vain

You shouldn’t be tired of saying thank you, because that’s the main point of replying to such a proclamation.

This time around, you’re expressing a sigh of relief because all the work which you put into the process didn’t turn out to be in vain.

What More Can I Say? Gracias

You can get creative by infusing a common foreign word; which you know the speaker will understand, into your list of replies.

For the sake of this post, I’ll use Spanish Gracias which means ‘thank you”; to convey the level of my happiness to be honored.

Appreciate, You Did the Most Work

Acknowledging that the person who commented did a lot of work to bring you thus far, is another way through which you can reply. It doesn’t always have to be the regular way of doing things.

I Worked for This, so You Should Be

How To Respond When Someone Says They Are Proud of You

You can also remind the person that you worked for this day, so it’s no surprise that they are proud of you. You don’t need further proof to validate it, because of the ones you have already cover the rest.

I Guess Hard work Finally Paid Off

Hard work pays and if the accolades came as a result of hard work, do not forget to mention it in your response.

I’ll do better Than This

This is a pledge to do more than you’re being acknowledged for. Your motive is probably to get more of the “I’m proud of you” statement.


This is the end of this informative post, which aims at giving you tips and pointers on how to reply when someone says they’re proud of you.

You need to understand that the primary emotion or energy in this post is that of gratitude and thankfulness. But I went the extra mile to craft creative replies from the concept of gratitude.

Therefore, survey the circumstance at hand before making use of any of these replies. And do not forget to share it with others if you found the article useful.

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