What to Say When Someone Calls You a Noob?

Being new to some activity, especially a game is not a bad move. But some situations can leave you thinking you took the wrong step. The issue is heightened when you are called names like a noob by the seniors in the field. 

You might even be lost if words to reply to the person who just shoved you. How about I tell you that you can now put up a response? Yes, you can and this post provides you with a long list of possible replies that you can say to anyone who calls you a noob.

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30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You a Noob

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Noob?

When someone calls you a noob, there are a couple of things that run through your mind. But the bottom line remains that he or she is trying to get at you.

To this end, you can reply with things like “I’d rather not be a record-breaking experienced failure like you”,Silly! There is a first time for everything“, “Go on and unleash why you feel like a failure”, “Noob? Is that one of your lame mental inventions”.

Similarly, you can add more comebacks like “I would love to ignore, but it will make you sick”, “Don’t claim superiority at the expense of others”, “You were a noob, always remained one” or “it’s funny how you look like what you just called me”. Let’s get right into the meat of this post.

It’s Funny How You Look like What You Just Called Me

If you’re looking for a good comeback to get back at anyone who calls you salty, then this particular one should not be overlooked. Telling the person that he or she looks like what they’re calling you is an intelligent move.

Whoever you say this to can become reclusive upon hearing the reply, because they are looking like what they called you…lol

I’d Rather Not Be a Record-Breaking Experienced Failure like You

Since one of the major aims of this post is to serve you comebacks as responses, then you should not miss out on this one. You’re simply saying this to the person who called you a noob, probably because you didn’t turn into a failure with all the experience he or she has 

You’re sure to make the person more intolerant, but you don’t care besides you’ve said your lot.

Silly! There’s always a First Time for Everything

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Noob?

There’s a first time for everything. Even as a kid, you learned how to walk; that didn’t make you a noob at that stage. With this response, you’re trying to explain to the speaker that it is not a crime to try something out for the first time.

Noobs Know Each Other

This response posits that the person who called you a noob must’ve only been a noob, for him or her to be able to figure out you’re also a noob. This line of reply is much similar to the saying of birds of the same feather flocking together.

You Were Once a Noob, Always Remained One

You are trying to scale the speaker’s current position by being a former noob. It’s worse for him or her because they never left “noobhood”. 

I want to believe you’re going to bold some of the letters in this response because this response is a pure comeback for such situations as being called a noob.

You’re trying to tell the person that he or she is still a noob, even with all their experience. My words on this are, the pain has to go round, doesn’t it?

Your Girlfriend Enjoys My Company More, That’s Why I’m Still a Noob

This might come off as the nastiest comeback on this list because it has to do with the speaker’s personal life. This response is most nice if you’re on a face-to-face encounter, and you happen to know the said girlfriend.

If care is not taken, it can cause an unpleasant argument between the couples. This way, you get back at him for calling you a noob and also succeed in making his relationship a sour ground. 

At Least, I Was Hooked on Some Real Life Stuff Before This. I Bet You Didn’t Do That

What you’re trying to imply is that you have more real-life experience than the person who’s calling you a noob, probably because of a game. The reply also suggests that your amateur level on the game is not a bad thing, because you’ve been busy with other real-life kinds of stuff.

It Is Clear I Am! Or Do You Just Want to Show Us How Big Your Mouth Is?

If you’re a newbie in a particular game of activity, it’s clear that everybody already knows so it’s pointless when someone tries to make a big deal out of it, by calling you a noob.

That’s why this response makes sense because it helps ask the person what his or her main motive was. It is certainly clear that they’re showing off their big mouth since everyone already knows you’re a newbie.

Go On and Unleash Why You Feel Like a Failure

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Noob?

When someone calls you a noob, you can suggest that they’re anguishing due to being a failure in the game. A senior in a particular field would want to maintain a cordial relationship with the juniors, as only an unsuccessful senior would go on to tackle the juniors.

So you can arm yourself with this response and await the reaction of the person, as they try to wrap their head around what you said.

Don’t Freak Out Yet; the Greater Shock Is When I Become a Pro before You

You can use this response after you’re done telling the person that they’re still a noob like you. This is only necessary if the person replies to the first response. 

So if the person did… kindly throw this at them and watch out for the reaction.

I’m telling you… it won’t look funny.

I Thought You Were Cool, but Your Tongue Betrayed You

People can indeed have different shades… and we might get caught up in one which results in name-calling. It could be a case where someone calls you a noob, as against their level or your respect for them.

This response also mentioned that you kinda wiped off whatever values you had of that person.

I’m Happy That I’m Learning

Being called a noob is a derogatory way of referring to a newbie, especially when that person is anxious to learn. Terms like that can discourage you from having the hunger to learn whatever field it is.

To reassure yourself of your quest to learn, you can use it as a response to anyone who calls you a noob.

I Take It That That’s how you address the Next-Big Thing in the Game

With this line of response, you’re trying to hype yourself into something more advanced than a newbie level. This reply also gives you the bragging right as the next-big-thing in the game, which you were called a noob.

You gotta make sure your facial expressions sync with your words, to provide the expected reaction of disgust.

You’re Probably a Noob to Being Quiet 

The roasting effect served with this response is the type that gets your audience feeling tacky. If people are listening to or seeing the chat, you’re sure to see people’s jaws drop down in surprise.

But it is what it is because the person that called you a noob is a noob too, but this time in the case of quietness. If you’ve ever made a disgusted face before, I think you should imploy it here too.

Go and Make Some Money, I Don’t Want to See You Noob in Wealth Making

Since we’re not yet done with serving nice comebacks, you can add this one to your long list of menus.

You’re kindly admonishing the speaker to make some money else he or she will end up as a noob when it comes to having money. I know a couple of people who would drop their jaws in awe of this comeback, so it’s viable.

Oh! Really? I Never Knew

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Noob?

You can choose to feign ignorance of what being a noob is. This is more like a technical act to execute because it has to be a clear-cut statement. The line above is a good way to express this feigning without exaggerating it.

Upon hearing this, the person who called you a noob could back out since your statement sounds like they’re wasting their time on you.

Thanks for the Compliment, I Also Accept Newbie Gifts

I would normally have you say thanks when someone calls you a noob because he or she is acknowledging your growth in the field ladders. It’s already a compliment, although derogatory in its way but the main context is that you’re also asking for gifts from the person.

It’s going to be kind of an awkward moment for the person, as their expectation of making you sad is shattered by your statement.

Don’t Say Harsh Words on the Internet Bro, You Could Get Smoked

If you’re after a comeback that can keep the person on the receiving on their toes, then you should consider this. This is applicable if the name-calling was done over the internet on some live gaming platform.

Whatever this is, it is in no way threatening the other person’s life rather I aim to keep the person in a mild frenzy.

You’re a Pro on C.O.D, but Can’t Eradicate a Fly in Reality, Lmao

C.O.D is a game that involves a lot of gun battles and those who are “pro” are seen as badass Eradicateer machines. If you were called a noob for being a newbie in this game, there’s a chance this response will set things in place, or at least be the breaking point for you.

If you imply that the person can’t even Eradicate a fly, after all the war wins in C.O.D then you’re turning the person into a laughing stock.

How About I Take You by Storm? Who Becomes the Noob?

Asking questions is one of the better ways of replying to a troll, but this time around…a rhetoric question is the route we’re taking. If you’re going to ask this question, be sure you’ll be met with silence from the speaker, because it is a confusing line.

You Still Don’t Know AWPing, the Joke Is on You

In the world I’d online gaming is one of the best you can be called a noob. Assuming it’s one of the GTA, you can use this line on anyone who calls you a noob. 

This is because AWP remains one of the easiest weapons to handle in the game. However, you can be pro without knowing how to use it and that’s where your statement comes in.

Let’s Hear Your Lame Point Then

For someone to call you a noob, shows that they have a point to prove. Either your inability to score well or your inexperience in a field.

How about you tell them their point is wack even before they spit it out? Well, that’s what you’ll be doing with this response.

I Would Love to Ignore, Bit It’ll Eradicate You

Want a beautiful way to make your ignorance powerful? You’ve got this line of response to do that for you. 

You’re positing that your ignorance or silence can make the person lifeless, but you’d rather reply than having another body bag. 

Noob? Is That One of Your Lame Mental Inventions?

You can still paint a picture of how the speaker is dumb, by using this response. 

This response portrays calling someone “a noob”, as a lame thought. I hope the receiver recovers from this bunch of emotional damage.

Go Get Some Healing, You’re Just Pissed

It’s easy to assume that the person who calls you a noob is pissed off. Even if not necessarily pissed off, he or she is certainly acting like a jerk. So you’re telling him or her to go get some healing.

You’re talking to the Best of Them All

Having bragging rights is one of the sweet spots if an argument or troll attacks because you’ve got a solid point to back up. Therefore, telling the speaker this line as a response is a direct sign that you’re the best noob in the game.

It automatically means that you have the bragging rights as an alpha noob.

I Heard You Were Worse as a Noob

Even if you had no previous info about the person’s record, you can still put this response forward at least to pick a stand of resistance.

Another translation means that you’re also better than he or she is their “noonhood”.

Be sensitive and show me moves, instead of backlashing

If someone calls you a noob, even before the game starts you can shove it down their throat that the game has just begun and you expect moves and not back lashing.

Don’t Claim Superiority at the Expense of Others

With this line, you’re simply admonishing the speaker to desist from claiming professionalism or superiority, at the expense of others. This is because he is making people feel less motivated by calling them noobs.


We’ve come to the end of this session of premium comebacks and replies. I’d reiterate the need to scale your circumstance before making use of any lines in this post. 

Similarly, do well to share this post with anyone who needs to see it, just as you did.


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