My Crush Called Me Boo! What Does This Mean?

Expressing affection with sweet and romantic words is often seen among couples. But these days endearing terms are expressed more freely amongst friends who aren’t in a romantic relationship.

And if a friend out of the blues calls you one, it might take you by surprise and possibly leave you confused, especially if that friend is a crush.

Boo is an affectionate term that isn’t as clearly understood as words like “babe” or “baby”. It just recently surfaced and if a crush calls you that, you may be wondering what it means.

Should you be excited or worried? Does it mean he/she is crushing on you also? What exactly is he/she telling you? I will be exploring the possible meaning of this to help you understand it better.

What does it mean when your Crush calls you Boo?

My Crush Called Me Boo

Nowadays, the word”boo” seems to be very rampant on social media and of social media. Dating and married couples, and friends call each other this word.

But when someone you’re crushing on who may or may not know calls you so, what does it mean? There are different reasons your crush would use the term on you.

In most cases, they may be trying to pass a message while on the other hand, they use the term unconsciously.

However, in every situation, it’s important you gauge the message behind it and understand their body language. This should help you define your relationship and take appropriate steps from there.

Below are some of the reasons your crush will use the term “boo” on you.

They Like You

My Crush Called Me Boo

One of the reasons your crush will call you “boo” is because they’re crushing on you too. Sounds exciting, right? Boo is an endearment and is believed to originate from the French word ”beau” and it was commonly used on a male admirer.

But, these days it’s used on both males and females. So, if your crush calls you “boo” it could mean they like and admire you.

If your crush calls you “boo” because he likes you, then it will usually be accompanied by a change of body language and behavior.

So, you can watch out for their body language. Some signs you should watch out for include:

  • Same body language as yours: how do you behave when you’re with your crush? Watch out for that same behavior in them when they call you “boo”
  • Standing closer to you
  • Touching you more than usual
  • Maintaining eye contact for long
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Staring at your lips
  • May become nervous around you

They Want To Be More Than Friends

My Crush Called Me Boo

Another reason your crush will call you “boo” is because they want to be more than friends with you. If you’ve been friends with your crush for some time and they begin calling you that, then it’s likely that they want a more serious relationship with you.

So, you can keep your fingers crossed and set your fluttering heartbeat to normal as they probably might take the next big step of proposing to you and making it official.

They Want You To Take The Next Step

Your crush might call you “boo” to nudge you both in the direction you both want but are not saying.

Who knows, you might be your crush’s crush, and calling you ”boo” is a way to let you know. Some people are shy and may not have the confidence to express themselves or their feelings. This might be frustrating for you especially if you’re a lady.

However, calling you “boo” is one way to let you know they like you and if they do nothing more; like take you on dates or hold your hands or hug you, then maybe they opened the floor for you.

You can make it a lot easier for them to express themselves if you take steps like hugging them or offering a kiss when you see them.

So, even as a lady, you can take the next step if your crush calls you “boo.” And again, as a guy, if your crush calls you “boo,” you can take the next big step by taking her on dates.

They Want To See Your Reaction

Your crush may call you “boo” to see how you’ll react. Probably, they’re attracted to you and are not sure how you feel and so they call you that to gauge your feelings.

On some occasions, they might have noticed your feelings and may want to be sure by watching how you’ll react by calling you such a term that can easily pass as casual.

So, when they call you “boo,” they may be watching closely for that blushing cheeks or slightly flustered look, and as a crush, you might likely give them what they want.

They Think You Are Cute

Your crush can call you “boo” if they think you’re cute. Boo means so many things and depending on the context if you’re friends with your crush they can call you “boo.” And it would just mean you’re pretty to them, so don’t think too much about it.

They Take You As A Friend

Boo can also serve as a term, friends of opposite gender call each other. So, your crush can call you such a term if they take you as a friend.

Boo doesn’t hold much weight like the term, “baby” and so people of opposite gender call each other this without any feelings attached.

So, watch out for the body language of your crush, if you feel they act the same way as others, then you can let the word pass as casual.

Also, check how often they use the term. If It’s on a few occasions, then it’s likely they trust and feel connected to you as a friend.

They Say It To Everyone 

When your crush calls you “boo,” it can get you excited and you may think they have feelings for you. But, it may be the case that they say it to everyone and you’re just part of everyone.

It’s like casually calling a boy “guy” or fellow girls calling each other “babe.” Boo is not really a strong term and so your crush may probably be calling others they’re familiar with, the term too.

They Are Flirting

Boo is also a flirty word. When your crush calls you “boo,” it could mean they’re just flirting with you and you shouldn’t take them seriously. If your crush is someone you barely speak to, calling you “boo” will keep you wondering.

You should check it, a stranger hardly calls one that. So, when your crush you aren’t acquainted with calls you “boo,” you shouldn’t take it too seriously as they’re probably teasing you.

They may be trying to get you to talk to them and so may act playfully with such terms. Also, if you know your crush is someone who likes the attention of the opposite gender and likes being with them, then it’s very likely they’re only flirting.

They Are Being Disrespectful

Your crush could call you “boo” to disrespect you. Maybe he might’ve noticed your feelings for them and decided to mock you with it.

Or maybe they just want to be outright disrespectful. In any case, watch for their tone; It would be mocking. Also, check how they behave after using the word with you. Did they include you in discussions?

How To Respond To Your Crush Calling You Boo

There are different ways to respond to your crush when they call you “boo.” Since there are different interpretations of what boo could mean, it would be best to watch how they behave so you would know the best way to respond.

You should respond in these ways:

Politely Ask Why

Your crush calling you “boo” out of the blue can keep you worried and unsure of their feelings for you.

It would be best you politely ask them if you’re not sure. You might feel uncomfortable doing that, but it’s better you know your position in their life and where you stand afterward.

You could phrase your questions this way:

  • Do you mind telling me why you called me that? It’s surprising to hear it from a friend?
  • Hmm! This is new! Can you tell me why?

Encourage Them With Your Words

If you like the endearment, you can encourage them to keep calling you that. This is a subtle way to let them know you like them and it can even make them take further steps if they like you too. Also, you can smile to let them know you like it. You can use words like:

  • Awww! I like the way that sounds to my ear
  • Wow! This is new. I kinda like it

Return The Gesture

You can decide to reciprocate by calling them “boo” too. It can work both ways. Doing so is a subtle way of gauging their feelings too.

If you don’t want to directly ask them why they call you that, call them “boo” also and watch their reaction.

Also, calling them “boo” can let them know your feelings for them. It’s much easier this way if you don’t want to come out directly with your feelings.

It doesn’t have to be immediately after they call you that. You could use it on them on another occasion. It could go this way:

  • Hey boo!
  • What did you say again, boo?
  • I’m okay with that boo

Be Flirty Too

My Crush Called Me Boo

If you think your crush is being flirty by calling you boo, you can play the same card on them also. Be free with your words, two can play, right?

Go for pickup lines, make it interesting. It may be playful, but who knows, your crush may begin to develop a crush too and who says it can’t be you? Your lines can sound like this:

  • What did you say again hun, it seems I felt a spark fly
  • Hmm, boo? Keep calling me that and I might just fall in love

Call Them Other Endearing Terms

Your crush might just be friendly, calling you “boo.” So, to keep it neutral also without passing on how you feel, look for other endearing terms that can pass lightly. Words like this will do:

  • I’m doing fine dear
  • What did you say, hun?
  • Okay bae, can we do it another time?

If your crush calls you “boo” more than once and counting. It would help if you study the context, his body language, and how he interacts with others to know how you will respond in the future. If it’s the case that they call others “boo,” you can choose to ignore it.

But if it’s such that they use the term alone with you or their body language is suggesting that they find you attractive, then by all means fan the flame.

It could be that they’re not very confident and want you to take the next step. Go for it! You might just be helping both of you.


Your crush can call you “boo” for several reasons. Boo is an affectionate word that can pass as a romantic or casual term depending on the context.

So, you must try to decipher the reason your crush calls you that. And if you’re sure they like you, then you can respond in ways to make them know you like it and to show that you reciprocate the feeling. But, if you’re not sure, you can always politely ask.

However, there are no strict rules to this. If your crush calls you “boo” and you’re bold enough, dare the dare and let them know they’re your crush. It won’t kill anyone.

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