20 Things to Say When Someone Says “Duh?”

What phrase irritates people more than “duh”? Despite the widespread consensus that this word is impolite, children continue to use it. What exactly does the phrase “duh” mean?

When attempting to state the obvious, the word is employed. Duh means the answer is obvious when someone responds to a question.

Some people at least have the decency to respond to you instead of just responding, Duh., Others don’t even try.

Duh can also be said to you when you are attempting to notify or remind someone of something. It can mean “Shut up” because it suggests that the person already understands what you’re saying, which is very annoying.

What responses can you give if someone says, Duh? In this article, we shall be looking at 20 ways you can respond when someone says, Duh.

Here are 20 best replies when someone says “Duh”

  1. Alright
  2. Whatever!
  3. It’s so sad that you don’t take my words seriously.
  4. Yeah! You obviously have no answer.
  5. Did I make you speechless?
  6. Are you this rude?
  7. Please give a detailed response next time.
  8. Is that a new way to respond? Please tell me about it.
  9. Stop speaking gibberish!
  10. Are you implying that I am sounding unintelligent?
  11. Apparently, you have no sense of respect.
  12. I’m not offended because intellectuals are never heard giving such responses.
  13. You behave exactly like the meaning of the word “unintelligent.”
  14. C’mon! I’m being serious here.
  15. Was that meant to make me feel offended?
  16. Someone who doesn’t know your nonchalant behavior will attribute this to your upbringing.
  17. You would have responded better, but you are just expressing your level of childishness.
  18. I can see that my words took you off guard. LOL!
  19. That’s what you say each time you are told the truth. You obviously hate being told the truth.
  20. You can do better than a “Duh.”


You can simply respond with “Alright” and walk out when someone says “Duh” to you. It is pointless to dwell on the rude response you just received.

Many times, it’s a deliberate way of saying, “Sure, I understand.” You believe I am unintelligent. It will only prove that you are unintelligent if you start back and exchange words with that fellow.

However, other people are simply accustomed to the word and are unaware of how impolite it is to use it when speaking to someone. They say it for fun or as a casual response.

Therefore, taking it too personally may cause a misunderstanding. By simply saying “alright,” you are able to shut every door that is capable of leading your conversation into chaos.

When someone is instructed to perform something, they can assert that they already know and add the suffix “duh” to their response. Just say okay to end the conversation before it becomes too long.

Things to Say When Someone Says "Duh


This is one way you can respond to someone who says “duh” when you are being serious about what you are discussing.

It is a perfect way to shut down their rude response by letting them know that you didn’t feel the impact. They will, in turn, get angrier.

Also, you can use this response in a case where you are conversing with a friend in a casual sense. It is a response that shows fun between two friends.

It’s So Sad That You Don’t Take My Words Seriously

Things to Say When Someone Says "Duh

When you are being serious about a matter, it doesn’t feel nice to get the word “duh” as a response. This is because “Duh” stands out to him as a casual way of responding to someone.

Hence, one way you would want to reply is by simply telling them your exact disposition towards this response of theirs.

Yeah! You Obviously Have No Answer

People use “duh” to respond to so many things. One is when they have no reply to a particular question they are being asked.

You can use this response if the person you are conversing with uses “duh” instead of giving a proper response.

This makes them understand that you perfectly understand that they’ve got no satisfactory response to bring to the conversation.

Did I Make You Speechless?

Things to Say When Someone Says "Duh

Most times, when someone is taken off guard by a conversation, they tend to make seamless exclamations. These exclamations include “Duh,” “Huh,” and “Oh!” Or “Wow!”

The list goes on and on. Hence, if after talking with someone in a manner that takes them off balance, they exclaim “Duh,” simply reply by asking them if you made them speechless.

Are You This Rude?

“Duh” is an exclamation, mostly used when one intends to sound rude to you. Hence, if after you strike up a calm conversation with someone, you get a rash “Duh” reply, they are only trying to sound rude.

It may be surprising because you never expected that they would respond in such a manner. All you need to do is express your level of irritation with their displeasing behavior.

Please Give A Detailed Response Next Time

Things to Say When Someone Says "Duh

Apparently, “Duh” is not a detailed way to respond when talking with someone.

One response you can consider giving someone who is trying to shy away from saying what is required of them is to crave their indulgence and speak in detail about what is required when next they are engaged in a conversation.

This response is capable of giving them a sense of guilt and obligation to use the right words when they are responding to you or anyone else.

Is That A New Way To Respond? Please Tell Me About It

The exclamation “Duh” happens to be a savvy response, commonly used among teenagers and young adults. They tend to use it when talking with anyone, even if they are not their peers.

Here, if you are talking with a teenager or a young adult and they reply by saying “Duh,” simply ask them if “Ihsy” is the new way to respond.

To take it further, ask them to give you more detail about it.

Stop Speaking Gibberish!

Things to Say When Someone Says "Duh

When someone says “Duh,” they are obviously not speaking in appropriate terms, and you can simply tell them to stop speaking gibberish. Especially in situations where you are

familiar with the word. Also, in cases where an individual keeps exclaiming “Duh” as a result of influence from friends or the social media space.

Are You Implying That I Am Sounding Unintelligent?

When someone says “Duh” to you after you speak to them or displays some kind of behavior towards them that shows seriousness, they are trying to say you are unintelligent.

Hence, it can be perplexing to be told such words after expressing yourself with all sincerity. What you should do at this point is simply ask them the obvious.

This works in two ways; First, they get to confirm if they actually think you are sounding unintelligent.

On the other hand, they feel some sense of guilt and remorse because they know that, in actuality, you do not sound unintelligent and go a step further to apologize.

Apparently, You Have No Sense Of Respect

You know when someone has a sense of respect for you. They carve out their words and actions carefully in a bid to show respect where it is due.

However, the reverse is the case if they do not want to show respect to you. They would say just about anything without any consideration, especially because it is a trend.

You can give this response if someone says “Duh” to you in a manner that depicts disrespect.

I’m Not Offended Because Intellectuals Are Never Heard of Giving Such Responses

Things to Say When Someone Says "Duh

We have been seeing the expression “Duh” as a disrespectful statement. As much as it sounds disrespectful, it is also a way to show if a person has high brows.

Therefore, if you get this exclamation from someone who doesn’t seem serious about basic things, simply respond to them by letting them know that you are not in any way offended by their saccharine response.

This is because it only shows their intellectual disposition.

You Behave Exactly Like The Meaning Of The Word -“Unintelligent.”

If the person who says “Duh” to you is trying to prove that you are clueless about what you are saying, you should turn the tide against them.

Especially if you have tried to make them see reasons for what you are trying to say, but they ignore you instead and exclaim, “Duh.” Let them know that their behavior is no different from the meaning of the word, which says that they act unintelligently.

C’mon! I’m Serious Here

Things to Say When Someone Says "Duh

Overfamiliarity is bound to be experienced, especially among close friends. Most people tend not to take their friends seriously.

Hence, even when they are being dead serious, they just wave it off and do not take it to heart.

And so, if you are caught up in a situation like this, you need to reassure your friend that this isn’t one of your usual games and that you will apologize if they took you seriously.

Was That Meant To Make Me Feel Offended?

This is one thrilling response you can give to someone who says “Duh” in order to make you feel offended.

At that point, when their actions and words speak the obvious, stating it in the form of a question takes them off guard.

Someone Who Doesn’t Know Your Nonchalant Behavior Will Attribute This To Your Upbringing.

You can use this reply if the person you are dealing with is known to always make unreasonable exclamations such as “Duh.”

Especially when this behavior of theirs has nothing to do with their upbringing and most people will want to make reference to their upbringing as the reason for this behavior of theirs.

You Would Have Responded Better, But You Are Just Expressing Your Level Of Childishness

Things to Say When Someone Says "Duh

When someone is known to exhibit childishness, getting an unreasonable response from them is inevitable.

However, there are chances they are not aware of their childish utterance or gesture. This response shows their knowledge by how naive they sound each time they exclaim “Duh.”

I Can See That My Words Took You Off Guard. Lol!

People react differently to words, especially if they are taken off guard by an unexpected statement. Some people shake it off while others make exclamations like “Duh.”

Those who make such exclamations do so to make it seem like they are not affected by what you said. However, they can’t hide it for too long because all their expressions say it already.

This response makes them understand that you are aware of the impact your response has had on them, and they can’t help but respond in that manner.

That’s What You Say Each Time You Are Told The Truth. You Obviously Hate Being Told The Truth

Things to Say When Someone Says "Duh

Not everyone loves being told the truth because they can’t handle it. In a situation where you tell someone the truth about a certain thing and they just say “Duh,” it is a clear indication that they can’t handle it.

This exclamation serves as a protective mechanism against letting the truth get to them. You can use this response if you’re dealing with this kind of person.

It simply lets them know about their distaste for hearing the truth.

You Can Do Better Than A “Duh”

If you ever get the “duh” response from someone you least expected, it can be surprising. They may do that for many reasons. It may be the result of a trend among their pairs.

Since you know that they won’t give such responses on a normal basis, simply point it out to them.

This response lets them know that you have higher expectations for them because you are aware of their capabilities.


To conclude this interesting and intriguing topic, it is important that you understand that so many people use the word “duh” for many reasons.

In order to give an effective response, you ought to understand the reasons they said it in the first place. If your response doesn’t suit their disposition towards you, it counterfeits your response.

For instance, if the person who says “Duh” is being playful because they are friends with you, your response won’t be the same as with one who says it out of disrespect.

I believe you now know what to say when someone says “Duh.”

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