What To Say When Someone Says You Make No Sense

There are things we say that either doesn’t have a clear meaning or are too difficult for people to understand and this may result in someone saying you make no sense.

But what if you’re making sense and the person wants to humiliate you by saying you’re not? 

Probably the person is slow when it comes to understanding things or just can’t measure up to understand you.

How do you reply to such a person? There’s no need to think about that. Below are 20 different responses you can give in a situation like this.

19 Ways To Respond To Someone Who Says You Make No Sense

What To Say When Someone Says You Make No Sense

  • Then you have no sense of humor
  • To only you
  • I’ll try to make you understand
  • Never asked if I did
  • Had no intention of impressing you
  • Hold on! I’ll explain one more time
  • Try to be smarter
  • Yes, I do! Think about it again
  • Give it a little time
  • Makes sense to me. Don’t know about you
  • How would you know
  • Neither do you but no one cares
  • Yeah! I wasn’t referring to you
  • You can’t understand
  • Would make sense to any complete person
  • It’d be pointless to spend a lot of time explaining this to you.
  • Don’t think about it. It’s beyond you
  • You will need an actual brain to understand
  • You could at least pretend to be smart
  • You weren’t made to understand things like this

Probably what you said was supposed to be funny or you said something that ordinarily should have made someone laugh or smile but the person says you make no sense.

When you give this reply, you’re trying to say that the person is too serious and due to this over-serious attitude, he or she can’t find what you say as reasonable or making sense. 

To only you

This reply simply means that it’s only the person that doesn’t understand what you’re saying.

Probably everyone around has a good understanding of what you’re saying but he or she finds it difficult to understand and tells you that you make no sense. This statement means the person is an exception. 

I’ll try to make you understand

When you make this statement, you’re trying to endure the person’s lack of quick understanding. Probably you know that the person is slow when it comes to understanding things and you want to take your time to explain things one at a time.

You could explain more than once. After saying this, you are expected to explain once more to the person. Here, you’re willing to make the person understand but if the person doesn’t still understand you might need to give.

Never asked if I did

This statement shows you don’t care if you make sense or not. You didn’t want to make the statement make sense. Probably you’re trying to be sarcastic and the person didn’t get the humor and then said you make no sense but don’t care and replied with “never asked if I did”.

Had no intention of impressing you

This reply implies that you’re not trying to please the person by making sense. It shows that the person’s opinion doesn’t matter to you.

Though, before saying this you have to be conscious of where you are and the people you are with. If you’re trying to please someone or plead for something, you should not use this statement.

Hold on! I’ll explain one more time

This reply is similar to *I’ll try to make you understand*. The difference between the two is that with the former, you’ll explain more than once or you’ve accepted to explain more than once, probably two or thrice.

With this reply, you’re trying to be patient with the person even when the person sees no sense in what you’re saying.

Try to be smarter

This reply implies that the person should try to be clever to understand what you’re saying.

When someone says that you make no sense and you reply that they should try to be smarter, it means that the person has a shallow way of thinking and needs to be more intelligent.

Yes, I do! Think about it again

When you reply to someone in this way, you’re telling the person directly that you make sense and that person shouldn’t jump to an unnecessary conclusion.

With this reply, you’re trying to tell the person not to quickly conclude that what you say makes no sense. You believe that if the person thinks about it one more time he might get it.

Give it a little time

This reply is similar to the one above. It also looks like a piece of advice. You are implying that the person tried to understand in a hurry, so he or she should give it time by processing what has been said slowly so that it can make sense to him.

 Sometimes, when we try to understand something in a hurry we may not understand or get the message but when we take our time to analyze and interpret it, then we can understand and make some sense of it.

Makes sense to me. Don’t know about you

This reply shows that even though the person doesn’t see any sense in what you said, you know it makes a whole lot of sense.

You are saying that you’re sure it  makes sense but you don’t know or you’re not sure if the person would understand what you said just the way you understand it.

How Would You Know

When a person tells you all you have been saying or explaining does not make sense, it is quite humiliating. First, there are better ways to tell that to someone.

It could be a case of misunderstanding. Expressing one’s misunderstanding should be done with respect at least. For someone who has replied to you bluntly and harshly, you should show no mercy.

 By saying How Would You Know, you are challenging the person’s sense of reasoning and turning the insult around.

There is a probability the person will get the point and keep shut. There is also a probability that he/she will try to defend the earlier response by proving you make no actual sense. The humiliation will be shifted already.

Neither Do You But No One Cares

Replying with a bigger insult can be very satisfying. This response will be perfect if you are among a group of people. Unless no one thinks you make sense, giving this response will work perfectly.

If no one thinks you make sense, it is advisable to just keep shut and try to explain your point to them.

The statement (You Make No Sense) will remain quite humiliating but it will be much more humiliating if you try to prove the sense you are making when you don’t understand what you are saying.

 If a large number of people seem to understand you already, this response will be quite funny. You will get everyone erupting with laughter.

 I Wasn’t Referring To You

This is a perfect insult but may not be understood when you say it at first. As funny as it will be, it may be quite Silly if it is too obvious that you are referring to the person you just said this to (Yeah. I wasn’t referring to you).

It would be a bad idea. The joke would be on you and you would just have to shut up or whatever else you say next would make no sense.

However, if you are speaking to a crowd and they seem to understand you, you can give this response to one person. By saying this, you are telling the person he/she could never have understood.

You Can’t Understand

This is another good response. It can be taken as an insult and it may not be. That, however, depends on what you say next. You Can’t Understand. It’s Not For People Like You. That is an insult.

However, you can use it in a different way that suggests whatever you were saying will not be understood by just anyone. You Can’t Understand. Only Matthew Will.

This is much more polite. You won’t be offending anyone with this, even though the person’s remark was quite insulting.

Would Make Sense To Any Complete Person

This is an insulting response to give. It feels quite wrong to promote violence but this is just satisfying weirdly. If someone says You Are Not Making Sense.

That is not right. It is not polite. It is not an innocent remark. There are better ways to say it and sound as polite as possible. Whoever gave the statement was intentional with the insult. You can even see it as an attack.

Therefore, this is one of the best replies to throw at him/her. By saying this, you mean he/she was incapable of understanding whatever you said. It is harsh so be prepared for the consequences when you say this.

It’d be pointless to spend a lot of time explaining this to you.

This is an attack on the person’s sense of reasoning. It is quite harsh. When you say this, you can expect the person to reply angrily and probably try to explain why you make no sense. He/she could also just shut up and hold a grudge.

You won’t be blamed anyway. Even if you make no sense, it is not right to be so rude. If you are in a public setting, this will be a nice statement to turn the humiliation around.

Without giving this reply or something similar to this, you might just have a crowd laughing at you. It would be even worse if you say nothing at all.

Don’t Think About It. It’s Beyond You

This is filled with simple words but it is a big insult. The person will get the idea and maybe be Angry with this. When you say this, it would be much better not to explain. That would be you believing the statement you just made.

 It is an insult to the person’s sense of reasoning. Before you take pity, the initial statement made by the person (You Make No Sense) is an insult to your sense of reasoning too. At the end of the day, the both of you learn to respect each other with polite words.

You Will Need An Actual Brain To Understand

This is a simple and direct insult. You will be getting the person stunned for a few seconds. Then, he/she will probably ask how any of it makes sense to you. You can choose to explain or you can repeat your response (You Still Need An Actual Brain To Understand).

 If it’s just the two of you, this is a nice response but it is necessary to stop saying whatever you were saying. If you are among a lot of people, this is the best response to save yourself from unnecessary humiliation.

You Could At Least Pretend To Be Smart

This is a direct insult and anyone would understand. It will hit more challenging if you are among a lot of people. Before you think of ignoring this “harsh” idea, the reply was against your sense of reasoning and the crowd may be laughing at you.

If they are not laughing, they are expecting you to defend yourself or they will think you are Silly.
If you won’t be looking Silly, you can throw this response at his/her level of smartness.

You Weren’t Made To Understand Things Like This

What To Say When Someone Says You Make No Sense

This is another way to say the statement above. It is just as insulting but it doesn’t directly call the person “Not Smart”. 

Say this only if you are among a lot of people. After leaving this comment, you can give them time to laugh. Then, you will continue speaking.


They are different levels at which one can understand things or try to make sense of things. People may also say you don’t make sense not because you don’t but because they want to insult or humiliate you. Probably they even want you to further explain what you mean.

There are several ways you can reply to such people which have been outlined in this article. All you need to do is to the right person and in the right situation, as the wrong use of this might cause issues.

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