What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks What Are Your Expectations?(Find Out)

Going into a relationship these days can be likened to a transaction where someone pays the other person to stick around for some time.

Arguably, the spice of defining conversations between people of the opposite intercourse seems long lost. Because of this, guys who want to be more intentional about their love life can ask intelligent questions such as “what are your expectations?” 

The truth is that you may be confused about the actual meaning of this question, hence being tongue-tied on what to say in response. You don’t have to fret as I will be discussing in detail what it means when a guy asks what your expectations are. Happy reading!

6 Possible Meanings When a Guy Asks What Are Your Expectations

As a guy, I feel that I am in a better position to lecture you on what a guy could intend when he asks you what you have as your expectations if you were to be in a relationship with him.

To make things more profound around here; you should know that I am also an intentional person. And that is to say that I can and have asked this type of question while instigating a relationship with a girl.

It could be that this guy has long-term plans for you and wants to gauge how assertive you can be. Perhaps, he wants to check your taste in men and how you handle different circumstances in a relationship.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the 6 possible meanings when a guy asks what are your expectations? 

  • It could be he wants to know your likes and dislikes
  • It could also be that he’s gauging his capability based on your assertions
  • It might be he’s trying to determine how materialistic you are 
  • It could also be he’s trying to create a safe conversational space with you
  • It means he’s concerned with making sure the relationship works
  • It means he could be sapiophile, and as such interested in your intelligence level

It Could Be He Wants to Know Your Likes and Dislikes

I don’t get serious with any girl if I don’t know what her taste is like. This entails knowing her likes and dislikes, and subsequently any other details about her that I need to know.

This is one of the reasons why I can ask a girl what her expectations are if we eventually get into an affair. 

In the same vein, this could be the motive of the guy who asks you the question “what are your expectations?” Maybe he wants to know what your deal breakers are. 

This is because answering this question opens him up to a lot of possibilities about you, including hidden or vaguely portrayed traits of yours which you can talk about in the course of answering the question.

In most cases, you may not even know that you’re giving away details like this to him while you try to answer the question.

It Could Also Be That He’s Gauging His Capability Based on Your Assertions

The talking stage is a point in the lives of two people of opposite where crucial decisions and revelations sprout up. This is the point at which a guy can ask you a question like what you have as your expectations if you were to get into an affair with him. 

In this case, there’s a high possibility that he is trying to put himself on a scale based on whatever it is you say.

Since you’ll be talking about crucial engagements in the relationship which you expect him to instigate or probably places you’ll love to go with him, the guy will be on the sideline mapping them out and weighing his capacity according to these revelations you’ll make.

You can discover that this is his motive if he’s bent on you going into the little details about what you expect if you were to be in a relationship with him.

If he’s continually appearing askance about the little things, then it means he’s gauging his capability based on your assertions.

It Might Be He’s Trying to Determine How Materialistic You Are 

Just in conjunction with the second point, this is another reason it could mean when a guy asks you what your expectations are if you were to be in a relationship with him.

When a guy is weighing his capacity with your presumed expectations, there’s a chance that he is also trying to decipher how materialistic you are.  

This is because there’s every possibility you might be spilling all there is to know about your taste in men and basically how you view a man’s show of providence.

For a materialistic girl, she’ll have frivolous items on the top of her list of what she expects from the relationship, like going on vacations regularly, getting the latest designer bags, and shoes and even staying up to date with the latest makeup kit and skincare routine. 

In contrast, an intentional woman would list communication, love, commitment, and also goals as the things she expects from the guy if she were to be in a relationship with him.

Therefore, you might want to be intelligent with your replies if this is the case because it could either make or mar your chances of being in a relationship with the guy in question.

It Could Also Be He’s trying to create a Safe Conversational Space with You

I am someone who likes making everybody around me comfortable, and I do that by avoiding bugging them with my problems to the extent that it becomes unbearable for them.

Because of this, I keep a lot of things to myself. This gesture of mine goes to everybody and even the women in my life.

Therefore, instead of forcing my agenda on a woman, I try to create an accommodating atmosphere for her where we can talk without fear of being judged.

Consequently, the guy who asked you what you have as your expectations could just be like me. That is to say that he wants to establish communication as s key factor in your affair with him. Like me, he will also know how you perform in dialogues and how to manage your shortcomings.

It Means He’s concerned with Making Sure the Relationship Works

I will be plain with you; a guy who just wants to get under your skirt and slide after is not likely to ask you questions like what you have as your expectations. Rather, he’ll cower you into thinking he’s genuine until he gets what he wants and disappears into the thin air.

With that said, it posits that one of the meanings of the question is that the guy who asked it wants to make the relationship work. This is because it takes an intentional guy to ask such a question.

It Means He Could Be Sapiosexual, and as Such Interested in Your Intelligence Level

What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks What Are Your Expectations

I am sapiophile, and I know what people like me want in a partner. One of those things is the ability to discern intelligence in the slightest of situations. I love it when a woman is so expressive that you can feel her emotions in your ear canals. 

But all of these qualities do not come to the surface if they’re not induced. However, the best way to make it work is to ask questions and then judge the woman by her response and composure.

If you notice that the guy who asked you this question seems a tad sapiophile, you should know that he just wants to know how intelligent you are.

How Do You Answer What Are Your Expectations in a Relationship?

I earlier talked about the importance of the talking stage before the start of a relationship, and I’m still reiterating its purpose. When a guy asks you the question of what you consider your expectations in a relationship, he’s trying to get to know you more.

Unfortunately, not all ladies have ready-made answers to a question like this on the spot. If you find yourself in that divide, you don’t have to fret because I’ve got you covered.

Before I go into cool replies you can use in this case, I’d love to give you some nuggets on what and whatnots you have to adopt in your response. These include;

  • You have to become more assertive than before
  • You have to desist from sounding materialistic as possible
  • You should show him that you have goals
  • Finally, you have to portray growth as your top expectation if you were to be in a relationship with him

I hope these nuggets find you well because you’ll get things right if you employ them in the course of your response. After all, it did so in some of the replies below.

Yes, I promised to provide you with relatable lines which you can use as your response strategy on how to answer when a guy asks you what are your expectations.

  • I want to trust you and I hope you reciprocate the same energy
  • I expect everything we do to come from a place of love
  • Even though love won’t be enough to keep us going, I expect our goals and togetherness to make it work to always come through
  • I hope to go to auspicious places where true peace and happiness lie, it mustn’t be a vacation in a luxury location
  • I don’t expect you to be all things because no one is without flaws. I’m just saying you be the best version of yourself 

I Want to Trust You and I Hope You Reciprocate the Same Energy

This can be one of the ways you can reply when a guy asks what your expectations in a relationship are. With this line, you’re positing that you expect trust from him and that’s an assertive response.

I Expect Everything We Do Comes From a Place of Love

What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks What Are Your Expectations

Love is the hamstring that holds any good relationship in place, so if you’re going to make things work between you and the guy who asked you the question then you can use this line of response. This is you expecting you two to do things in the name of love and nothing else.

Even Though Love Won’t Be Enough to Keep Us Going, I Expect Our Goals and Togetherness to Make It Work to Always Come Through

Setting and meeting goals together in a relationship helps to solidify the bond between two love birds. Hence, you can make it into one of the things you expect from him. This way, he knows you’re not only for the vibe but also the growth.

I Hope to Go to Auspicious Places Where True Peace and Happiness Lie, It Mustn’t Be a Vacation in a Luxury Location

One of the key things that trip off any guy in a woman is materialism at its peak. What I mean is that a lot of guys detest women who place too much value on exploring expensive locations than spending some alone time with their spouse.

I’m an example of such type of guy and the person who asked you this question could also be. Therefore, if it interests you to build something with him, then you should employ a response such as this one. 

With this, you’re assuring him that you don’t mind spending time with him in a moderate location without him having to break the bank to achieve that.

I Don’t Expect You to Be All Things Because No One Is Without Flaws. I’m Just Saying You Be the Best Version of Yourself

When I mention being assertive, I’m talking about showing the guy that you are made of more than just beauy, you’ve got brains too.

You can use this response to cement your image as an assertive girl. I’m sure he’ll be all pleased to hear you talk with so much wisdom and wit.

Final Point

What are your expectations? That’s some good questions to start a talking stage with, don’t you think? Well, you probably didn’t know it mattered until it was posed on you.

I’ve done a great deal of job in trying to decipher the meaning behind this question, and consequently how you can respond or react to it.

I’m convinced you now have your doubts trashed with this post, and you can now boast of clarity concerning this topic. In light of any questions or contributions, do not hesitate to get through to us by letting us know your thoughts in the comment box below. 


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