I Told a Girl I Like Her And Now It’s Awkward: What Do I Do?

Are you currently crushing on someone? If yes, it’s nothing to be shy of, we have all been there at one point or the other. However, things could take a new turn when you eventually get vocal about how you feel.

I understand this is the point where you find yourself feeling so bad about vocalising your feelings, because nothing seems normal again.

At this point, all you’re concerned about is how to roll out of the situation. Unfortunately, you might discover that you’re out of options on what to do.

Count yourself lucky as I will be discussing in detail all there’s to know about this circumstance and essentially what you should do to salvage the moment. Keep reading on to know more!

Is It Normal to Be Awkward With a Girl You Like?

Yes, it is normal for things to feel a tad awkward if you discover that you suddenly like a girl. The reason for this awkwardness is because of the introduction of a new mode of seeing the girl in your sight.

If she was just a random girl you see around the neighborhood but now feels attached to emotionally, things could seem off, especially if she’s not reciprocating the same energy as you do.

On the flip side, things can get even weirder if she knows you like her, and she does too but decides to play around for some time.

If this is the case, then you should know that she’s just playing safe and avoiding being entirely invested in you for the fear of being played. 

This is all a matter of emotion, so you should know that once the emotional narrative between you and a girl changes from platonic to sensual, nothing ever becomes normal.  

What Do You Do When You Tell a Girl You Like Her and it’s Awkward?

Since it is normal for things to become a bit weird when you like a girl, it could even get messier if you eventually let her know that you feel the way for her.

In this case, the deed is already and can’t be undone so to say. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make amends or better put, make amends.

Going by that, I had to do my research and I found a couple of beneficial tips on what you should do when you tell a girl you like her and it feels weird.

Below is the highlight of my quite crucial suggestions on what you should do, as further notes on them come right after that.

  • You have to avoid making things worse by displaying signs of desperation
  • You have to put out your chest and don’t act accordingly 
  • You should try to instigate physical meetings with her instead of being overly verbal
  • You should also make sensual moves on her and be calculative about it
  • You have to avoid appearing creepy to her at all cost
  • Instead of dwelling on the awkwardness, engage her in abstract conversations to ease the tension

You Have to Avoid Making Things Worse by Displaying Signs of Desperation

A girl can smell if you’re desperate from a mile away. While this statement seems to be an exaggeration, indeed, a desperate man doesn’t make a good partner and women are fast in discovering that.

So, when you tell a girl you like her and it becomes awkward for you, the last thing you should do is appear desperate.

In as much as you want her so badly, you have to avoid making things worse by being desperate. It indicates your lack of composure as a guy and also hints at your not being confident.

Therefore, to cancel out these absurd realities that may arise anytime soon, you should not give her or anyone around you guys the impression that you’re desperate.

You Have to Put Out Your Chest and Don’t Act Accordingly 

I Told a Girl I like and Now It’s Awkward

Confidence is one virtue you need to arm yourself with when you feel things are a tad weird after you confessed your feelings to a girl.

I know nothing feels right at this point, but it doesn’t stop you from putting out your chest and acting accordingly. If you fail at this, things could get even worse as that becomes when you feel the main weird air hover around you.

Hence, you need to exercise confidence in the best of ways to ensure that you don’t appear fidgety or perturbed by the outcome of your confession.  

You Should Try Instigate Physical Meetings with Her Instead of Being Overly Verbal

A man of action is more appealing than one who just does all talks and no actual physical moves. So, to ease the tension of things being awkward you should resolve to arrange more physical meet-ups or dates than just texting and calls. 

This places you on the pedestal of an intentional guy; one that goes all out for what he likes and makes attempts to get it. I’m sure she’ll like his version of you, and this will even lessen the weight of the awkwardness on you. 

Make Calculated Sensual Moves 

When you eventually get her to come out and spend some time with you, you shouldn’t act all cold and unresponsive around her.

Try to engage her in conversations and make attempts to get close to her. This is all in the bid to shake the weirdness off of you because the more you stay at arm’s length from her, the more awkward it becomes for you to carry on with her. 

You Have to Avoid Appearing Creepy to Her at All Cost

I Told a Girl I like and Now It’s Awkward

While you do the number 3 on this list of things you should do when you tell a girl you like but it feels awkward, you should endeavor not to appear creepy around her.

This will help tone done the weirdness on her part and also save you from being labeled a pervert. 

Instead of Dwelling on the Awkwardness, Engage Her in Abstract Conversations to Ease the Tension

Talking things over with someone has the potential of making any form of tension get down to the barest minimum.

This would be the case of what you should do when you tell a girl you like her and it now feels weird. Therefore, you should be able to engage her in conversations that are not related to the affair between you guys.

This will help distract the two of you from more intending weirdness and help salvage the situation.

How Do You Tell a Girl You Like Her Without Making It Awkward?

Successfully wooing a girl is an act that is innate in some guys. It’s like they can get a girl to like them without beating single sweat.

While they can do this, the other divide of guys who are not able to do this are faced with the plague of either appearing creepy or the fear of things getting awkward creeps in.

However, if you find yourself in the latter group you need not panic as I will be walking you through a few tips on how you can tell a girl you like her without making it awkward. Below is a highlight of these powerful nuggets of mine.

  • You should work on your self-esteem
  • You need to speak with conviction and confidence 
  • You should employ certain body language tips to make your proposal appear real
  • You should let her see you as a choice and not an option

You Should Work on Your Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem is one big factor that you should work on if you want to avoid making things awkward as you tell a girl that you like her.

This encompasses a lot of things but majorly deals with you having a strong-framed self-image. It will help boost your confidence which is the next thing you should do.

You Need to Speak With Conviction and Confidence

I Told a Girl I like and Now It’s Awkward

While you work on your self-esteem, you should also recognize the need to speak with confidence. It saves you from a lot of doubtful thoughts and sets you up for a smooth landing after you tell the girl how you feel about her.

You can build your confidence by dressing smartly and neatly, with the right fragrance to compliment the mood.

You should also sound as convincing as possible. Although your conviction rate is dependent on your confidence, it is also determined by your choice of words and body language as I will explain immediately after this. 

You Should Employ Certain Body Language Tips to Make Your Proposal Appear Real

You can’t convincingly tell a girl you like her by standing numb and immobile throughout the time you are to do this. Due to this, you must throw in a bit of movement to back up your claims of emotional attachment.

Such movements like expressing with your hands, eye contact, and sensual countenance help set in the mood for the confession.

You Should Let Her See You as a Choice and Not an Option

Don’t make the mistake of treating this girl in question as a celebrity, or else she’ll see you as nothing more than a fan.

You don’t become a choice by doing that; rather you become an option if she eventually reciprocates the gesture. Once you get all of these right, it won’t feel tacky when you tell a girl you like her.


The awkwardness that slides in when you tell a girl that you like; I’ve felt it and I’ve been there. But you don’t have to swoon in that uncomfortable state for too long because you need to snap out of it quickly to avoid causing the real problem.

In most cases, this condition is all in your head, which is why I’ve curated self-applicable tips on what you should do when it feels awkward. 

I also took my time to highlight and explain the best approach to tell a girl you like her without it coming off as awkward in the first place.

I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from this piece, and you may have some questions. If that’s so, I will be waiting for them in the comment box, together with any propositions you may have too.


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