I Called My Boyfriend the Wrong Name: What Should I Do?

It is quite funny how we can get rolled into a tight situation with people we love and cherish because of some minimalist mistake that was involuntary.

This would be the case if you called your boyfriend the wrong name, probably while in a great mood with him. At this moment, so many things could go wrong.

From you inciting suspicions of infidelity and just triggering a wave of sleeping anger in your boyfriend. 

You may even find yourself helpless as to what to do to salvage the intending gloom. However, I will be walking you through what you should do, but first, let’s take a look at what your action means. Keep reading for more!

What Does It Mean When You Call Your Boyfriend the Wrong Name?

When you call your boyfriend the wrong name, a lot of factors could be playing out. Since this is essentially a mentally related issue, we could see it as an involuntary mistake on your part.

Aside from that, it could be that you were caught up in a trance and the name you called your boyfriend was the one that flashed through your mind’s eye during the trance. 

While all of these and more which I will explain as we go on could be all assumptions, it is pertinent that you understand what it means to know how to defend or react to your boyfriend’s preceding actions or inactions.

Nonetheless, below are five plausible meanings that I was able to read into the scenario that played out.

  • It means you just voiced out what your mind last processed
  • It also means you have an unnoticed attachment to the name you called him
  • It could even be a mere slip of the tongue
  • It means you were not mentally connected to your boyfriend at the moment of the incidence
  • It could even be a sign of early symptoms of amnesia 

It Means You Just Voiced Out What Your Mind Last Processed

The mind can be a great tool if you know how to manage and harness it. But this same mind sometimes does things involuntarily.

I had this aunty that would call you up to 3 or 4 wrong names before she gets it correct. She was still a young lady so the case of amnesia can be easily ruled out.

Instead, I reasoned it from the angle that it must’ve been the names of people she last thought about, perhaps, she had these people’s faces in her mind’s eye while their names were on her lips. This could be your case, as you just voiced out what your mind processed last. 

I also have a similar case with this, but mine doesn’t drive me to call people the wrong names. Rather it temporarily makes them strangers to me until I recover where, how, and when I met them and the reason for being friends or acquaintances with them.

You have to be sincere if this was the case, as you can only tone down any intended problem by being more than honest. 

It Also Means You Have an Unnoticed Attachment to the Name You Called Him

Just like the previous point, this right here can pass as another meaning that you can read into the situation when you mistakenly call your boyfriend the wrong name.

Unlike the previous one which holds your involuntary thoughts responsible, this one holds you responsible for making that grave mistake. 

Perhaps, you called your boyfriend the wrong name which belongs to your ex or deceased relative who you had a close relationship with. If that’s the case, then for you to mention the person’s name means you still have some sort of attachment with the bearer of the name.

It tension around your boyfriend could cool off easily if the name is that of a deceased relative, but things can get messier if it were to be the name of your ex. 

In this case, you may not even notice that you haven’t completely moved on from the person. This is because you might’ve been thinking about this ex of yours recently, which triggered the resurfacing of the attachments.

Cases like this don’t usually die off easily unless you have a super understanding boyfriend. Aside from that, you’ll be setting your boyfriend up for lots of insecurity with you.

It Could Even Be a Mere Slip of the Tongue

I Called My Boyfriend the Wrong Name

Unlike every other convicting point in this situation, it could all just be a case of a sheer mistake. Yes, it could just be a slip of tongue.

However, this point has to stand if the name you mentioned has no known connection to you, perhaps, you called your boyfriend your boss’s name which is because you’ve spent the whole day catering to his orders over a Zoom meeting you held at home with your boyfriend. 

I’m sure he will also see it as a sheer mistake as you’ve got a lot of things going on in your mind work-wise. Even this point shows that you can easily rewrite the wrong you did by calling your boyfriend the wrong name.

It Means You Were Not Mentally Connected to Your Boyfriend at the Moment of the Incidence

Relationships need a level of mental connection to work out. I know a lot of couples who are connected physically but are far from each other when it comes to emotional and mental connection. This could be the case with you when you call your boyfriend the wrong name. 

The main point to take from the whole scenario is to know that you may be mentally connected to your boyfriend but not at that moment where you called him the wrong name.

if this is the case, then it means your mind swayed a bit resulting in the disconnect which in turn caused you to mistake him for someone else.

It Could Even Be a Sign of Early Symptoms of Amnesia

While this point sounds and looks scary, it stands to be a strong reason for you to call your boyfriend the wrong name.

Amnesia is a medical term that is used to generalize many forms of memory loss, both short-termed and long-termed. It is usually caused by traumatic experiences such as accidents, drowning or even hard falling.

If you’ve recently been involved in any of these tragic events, then it explains why you’re showing signs of memory loss.

If you experienced none of those, but you’re still in your early 50s or 60s, then age could as well be playing nature’s game of chess with you regarding the strength of your mind to retain information.

5 Things You Should Do When You Mistakenly Call Your Boyfriend the Wrong Name

When you eventually call your boyfriend the wrong name, there’s a high chance the atmosphere between the two of you will change.

It could be a worse situation if you said this while making out with him, or you called him the name of your ex he knows.  At this point, he could flare up or start giving you attitude thereafter. 

None of these is a sweet sight to behold so you might probably go in search of how to salvage the circumstance. That brings us to the discussion of 5 things you should do when you mistakenly call your boyfriend the wrong name.

Without further upheaval, let’s get right into the meat of this part of the post. Let’s look at a quick highlight of these directives on what you should do.

  • You should apologize to him right away
  • You should try to have a conversation about his insecurities if he feels any
  • You don’t have to sound fidgety while making points
  • You need to reassure him of your commitment to making your relationship with him work
  • Don’t make the mistake of making out with him just to make up for your mistake

You Should Apologize to Him Right Away

I Called My Boyfriend the Wrong Name

The first thing you should do when you call your boyfriend the wrong name is to apologize to him. An apology in this sense doesn’t mean that you’re guilty of anything he has to think or make out of the whole situation. 

The apology is to make up for the disrespect or any form of inconvenience which you might’ve incited by calling him the wrong name. 

You Should Try to Have a Conversation about His Insecurities if He Feels Any

Striking up a conversation with him saves you from feeling abruptly awkward for calling him the wrong name at the time you did so. This also goes a long way to calm your boyfriend’s nerves if he shows signs of acting up in reaction to the name-calling mistake.

You Don’t Have to Sound Fidgety While Making Points

You should never make the mistake of sounding unsure when you try to make your points on why you must’ve called him the wrong name. Failure to do this could implicate you into deeper things.

You Need to Reassure Him of Your Commitment to Make Your Relationship with Him Work

While you apologize and get him into a conversation to discuss what just transpired, you should not forget to reassure him that he’s the only one you want to wake up to in the morning. You have to sound convincing to win him over.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Making Out with Him Just to Make Up for Your Mistake

One of the best ways to resolve issues between couples is by making out. Unfortunately, I won’t advise you to take that route in the bid to ease any form of insecurities that your boyfriend might already have.

This is because it will only give him the notion that you’re trying to hide something from him and wants to bribe your way into his heart and mind by making out with him. So desist from it, the other moves will do a perfect job. 


Calling your partner the wrong name is not that much of a heavy offense, because it seems to be a common thing between couples, especially in very young affairs. However, it could become serious if it becomes consistent which is also confusing.

To cut you to the chase, I’ve done the assignment of stating what it means when you call your boyfriend the wrong name and also what you should do about the situation if it arises. 

I’m confident that this post meets your need for clarification, and if it does, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section if you have any questions or suggestions.


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