What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks You to Slow Dance? 6 Possible Meanings!

Rock music is a great genre of music but it is even more popular because of the style of dance accompanied by the music.

And this style of dance is a slow dance; a dance style that looks like a formal English ball dance.

Slow dance involves close contact with your partner, so I get your inquisition when a guy asks you to slow dance.

You start assuming a lot of things, but still asking what it means when a guy asks me to slow dance.

Coming from a guy, you can assume he likes you or wants to flirt with you because of the close contact and all. Well, that’s not all.

Therefore, I will be discussing what it means when a guy asks you to slow dance and other related topics. Keep reading on!

6 Possible Meanings When a Guy Asks You to Slow Dance?

I know a guy who asks you to slow dance with him isn’t talking to himself, so there has to be a meaning to why he directed the question to you.

Given you as a girl, you’ve thought many things already. Could it be he’s asking me out indirectly? Or any other relationship-related question.

While it could be true, how about we explore other options? And they are.

  1. It means he’s trying to check you out
  2. It could be arousing for him
  3. It indicates he ‘really’ likes you
  4. He thinks slow dance suits you better
  5. He just wants your help to enjoy the music playing
  6. It could mean he’s trying to win a bet on you

It Means He’s Trying to Check You Out

Slow dance is such a smooth way of dancing that you can’t help but think in the direction of attraction whenever a guy asks you to do that.

When a guy asks you to slow dance, it means he wants to dance in close contact with you.

While in close contact, a guy has every opportunity there is to check you out and get to know the depth of your beauty.

Although beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it doesn’t count when the subject is far from the sight of the beholder.

So, I think the best way a guy can appreciate a lady’s beauty is when he’s close enough. On that note, that’s likely the same string that the guy who asked you to slow dance is trying to do.

He wants to see how well placed your nose is, how your cheek carves into your jaw and your hairline. These are all beauty spots on your face that he could be looking out for.

Your entire physique and the assets in plain sight are also other alluring elements that could’ve made him ask you to slow dance.

It Could Be Arousing for Him

While checking you out could be a viable reason for a guy to ask you to slow dance; he might’ve asked you to do that because he finds it interesting for his sexual stimulus.

If you’ve watched someone slow dance or if you’ve ever done it yourself, you’ll notice the surge of emotion emitted from each move and stride.

He just wants to feel in some type of way and he thinks slow dancing would do the magic for him.

Again, the whole arousal thing has something to do with relaxation. Dancing is an activity that can help relieve tension, stress, and even depression to some extent.

There’s a chance that’s what the guy needs to feel better; not just as a sexually active person, but as someone who wants to salvage the bad state of his mental health.

It Indicates He ‘Really’ Likes You

What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks You to Slow Dance?

I can’t ask just any girl to slow dance. She has to be someone I have an affinity with or for, or even the slightest form of likeness.

Slow dance is like getting to know someone better, but this time around, on the dance floor.

Consequently, it could be the guy who asked you to slow dance (which will be with him) is trying to communicate his feelings to you.

He’s trying to tell you he likes you so much that he wants the dance floor to be his witness. This could even be a more glaring truth if the guy in question rarely socializes or asked another girl to slow dance before (which you can count on).

Being it is a slow dance; he figures getting you to oblige his request would be a huge relief to him and his feelings for you.

He Thinks Slow Dance Suits You Better

For someone who has watched you dance in the past b the guy who asked you to slow dance could’ve thought it is wise for you to take on the dance.

Perhaps, he believes you can do better at dancing when you slow dance as against dancing any other genre or just howling alongside the crowd.

He Just Wants Your Help to Enjoy the Music Playing

Music is universal and it is meant to be enjoyed. What if the guy who asked you to slow dance just wanted someone with whom he can enjoy the music playing?

What if he just wants to bask in the moment and dance to his favorite tune?

At this moment, nothing matters to him other than the dance. He is not thinking about getting you in his bed afterward or asking for dinner.

All he wants to do is to watch you move side to side and gracing the impact of the music being played.

Guys like this usually get lost in the crowd once they’re done enjoying the dance with you, so don’t overthink it.

It Could Mean He’s Trying to Win a Bet on You

Have you given it thought that you could just be a pawn in a game? You probably didn’t. However, guys can bet on practically anything, and getting you to slow dance isn’t such a big feat to accomplish.

It could be that a simple bet between friends at a party on who’s going to get you to slow dance first. For this type of setting, there are a lot of things to imagine and many possibilities to explore.

You can detect this from the way he speaks, the table he just got up from, and the look on the faces of those he had just gotten up from.

5 Things to Do When a Guy Asks You to Slow Dance?

It is not a golden opportunity when a guy asks you to slow dance with him. Hence, you’d have to stop and think before jumping on the offer.

Unless the guy is your crush or close friend, you still have to give it a thought before you slow dance at the request of a random guy.

So, what then should be your line of action(s) to take when a guy asks you to slow dance? For what it’s worth; you’re entitled to either accept or toss the request aside but before you do that, you might want to consider a couple of prior actions.

And these lines of action include:

  1. You don’t have to act on impulse
  2. You should consider if you know how to slow dance
  3. You have to consider the risk factors
  4. You should determine if you like him enough to get physical
  5. You can either hit the dance floor or refuse politely

You Don’t Have to Act On Impulse

The first action on my list which you should take when a guy asks you to slow dance is to give it a minute of thought.

Think about it quickly and articulately because that’ll determine the outcome of the request and subsequently the dance too.

Acting on impulse is quite bad and can even land you into a problem if things go south. Which calls for the need for you to make an informed decision right before either declining or accepting the request to dance with the guy.

Things to consider are the type of connection you have with the guy. Sometimes, you don’t even have to talk or think but just be silent and watch things unfold.

You Should Consider if You Know How to Slow Dance

The second line of action would be to consider if you know how to slow dance. This is important because it would be embarrassing for you to accept the request and for the guy finds out you’re a noob in slow dancing. I know you wouldn’t want that.

How then do you avoid the charade? You simply have to check if you know how to slow dance. If you do then you can go on with the next action in line. If not, you can simply end it there, and then, everyone moves on.

You Have to Consider the Risk Factors

This has to be the next action in line if you know how to slow dance. You need to consider a lot of risk factors, which could result from either obliging or declining the dance request.

Does he have a girlfriend who’s ballistic? Is my crush going to discredit me if I slow dance on this guy’s request? Am I going to be seen as “easy to bag”?

Taking all of these things into consideration will help you stay out of any intended problem that would’ve ensued if you said yes or no to the guy’s request that you slow dance.

You Should Evaluate if You Like Him Enough to Get Physical

What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks You to Slow Dance?

Slow dance is intentional, it is more intentional than just jumping and shouting into the air in the name of dancing electronic music or any other loud music.

I won’t slow dance with someone who isn’t anywhere close to being my type.

If you agree with I am, you might want to add that to the list of things you would consider before you swing into action upon the request of the guy who asked you to slow dance.

You Can either Hit the Dance Floor or Refuse Politely

The final tip on what to do is the last straw that determines everything. In this stage, you’re no longer thinking of what to do but finalizing it.

So, it is either you give in to his request majestically, or you politely refuse it.

When a Guy Watches You Dance; What Does It Mean?

Dancing in front of people will certainly draw them to you, both men and women.

However, if you realize one particular guy has been your biggest fan and wouldn’t retract his eyes from you until you’re done, you might begin to ask questions.

Well, here are couples of meanings that you can read into the matter if a guy watches you dance.

  1. It means he enjoys the sight of you
  2. It also means he’s enthralled by your dance moves
  3. It could be he wants to learn from you
  4. It shows he’s a big fan of dance and art

It Means He Enjoys the Sight of You

One thing you must know is that any person (guy or not) that watches you dance enjoys the sight of you. It brings relief to their mind, as your moves bring more credit to your dance portfolio.

The same goes for the guy who watches you dance; he’s just pleased by seeing you crack moves.

It Also Means He’s Enthralled by Your Dance Moves

Aside from being pleased by just the sight of you, a guy can watch you dance a lot of times because he is amazed by your dance moves and would love to be seeing more of that.

This is a fact if you’re a great dancer and you’ve gotten accolades for it at some point.

It Could Be He Wants to Learn From You

You can also see the guy who watches you dance without saying anything, as your distant apprentice.

This is true if you specialize in Afro Pop dances or just any dance genre which involves more technical moves. He could be practicing in his room, while he takes lectures each time he watches you dance.

It Shows He’s a Big Fan of Dance and Art

Most people that go to music concerts of big artists don’t do that because they have any personal feelings for the singer or rapper; they’re just lovers of good music and art

This could be the situation with you too. 5he guy you see watching you all time could be just a lover of good dance and since you’re good at it, he can’t help but glance at you.


If you know how to dance, best believe you can do something better than a lot of people who don’t know how to move their bones.

However, dancing of your free will is different from being asked to do that by a guy, especially slow dance. Many questions are bound to pop and answers are needed.

Well, you’ve asked the questions, and I’ve provided the answers in the course of this post. From what it means, to what you should do and others; this article left no stone unturned.

In the spirit of goodwill, you can kindly let us know what you think in the comment box, and don’t forget to share this post.

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