When A Guy Carries You in His Arms! What Does It Mean?

Did a guy attempt to carry you in a bridal style? There are more meanings to it than you probably think.

Many people believe that a guy sweeping a lady off her feet is because he doesn’t want her to walk.

However, the gesture goes beyond that. If he wants to carry you in his arms, then it can mean that he wants to have fun with you. But it still doesn’t end there.

When A Guy Carries You in His Arms

I recently conducted an opinion poll on a popular love forum for guys to share what their intentions are whenever they carry their female counterpart in their arms and here is what I found out:

When a guy wants to carry you in his arms, it means he’s trying to prepare you for closeness which is expected to lead to romance.

Aside from that, it may either mean that he wants to cheer up the moment with you; that he’s comfortable being around you; or simply a romantic gesture at that moment.

Let’s look into each of these reasons to see how they can apply to your situation specifically.

5 Meanings to When a Guy Carries You in His Arms

Just like hand touching, carrying a lady in one’s arm, for guys, is a symbol of affection and the need to show possession when done in public.

When done indoors, it may be an indicator that you should be ready for the night. Here are possible meanings to when a guy carries you in his arms:

A romantic gesture

One of the common meanings behind guys carrying girls in their arms is to express a romantic gesture. This could be the main reason why a guy has attempted to lift you in a bridal style.

The gesture reflects a posture of care, and protection. When he carries you on his arm in that way, even though not for too long, it shows he is attracted to you.

Think about it, who will give such a gesture to someone with whom he has no fling?

Resting in his arms – especially if he has the muscular physique to keep you in that position for long – gives you a sense of being cared for, protected, and treated like a baby.

In the opinion poll, many of the guys who indicated their reason for carrying a lady in their hands as a gesture saw it as one of the easiest, achievable ways to prove to a lady that they are ‘capable’ – in whatever context that may mean.

Moreover, not every lady will see the bridal style as a romantic gesture. So, if this is you, and the guy who attempts to carry you understands, he should respect your take.

He wants to cheer up the moment with you

When A Guy Carries You in His Arms

For some guys, carrying a lady in their arms is a way to cheer up the moment with her.

By sweeping you off your fitness, especially when you don’t see it coming, it is expected that you scream in excitement and peak the screaming with laughing out loud.

In this way, the guy’s intention of cheering you or sending you into an exciting mood is achieved.

If this speculation is ideally the meaning behind carrying you in his arms, then it must have been that he did it when you did not expect it.

The possibility of this being the reason why he carried you in his arm also depends on how close you are to the guy. If you both spend a lot of time together, then you can expect this to be the reason.

As he lifts you in the bridal style, it is probably intended to transform the boring conversation to the next level, making you feel special and loved.

Meanwhile, if you feel the guy is not fit enough and carrying you in his arms could end you on the floor, then you can quickly communicate your discomfort before that happens.

Guys should not always expect to cheer up the moment with a lady by sweeping her off her feet as there are other ways to do such that do not have the potential to make her panic or feel nervous.

It shows that he is comfortable being around you 

Think about it, would you carry someone in your arms when you don’t feel comfortable and relaxed around the person?

That’s right. The same thing applies to his intentions when he carries you in his arms.

This is a constant meaning behind every time a guy attempts to carry you in his arms or any other similar gesture.

it means he fancies the air of comfortability around you. And so, you can reciprocate such comfort and trust by allowing him to lift you as well.

However, if you feel he cannot lift you, you can subtly decline with gesticulations.

Of course, there are many other ways he could express that he is comfortable being around you, but carrying you in his arms, subconsciously instills the conviction that the guy is into you and won’t mind doing anything to keep you.

Carrying a lady into the arms, for many guys, is seen as a masculine-themed approach to showing a lady that you love her for who she is.

A prelude to romance

Carrying you in his arms is a sweet gesture to do before romance This could be the actual reason why the guy swept you off your feet.

While it doubles as a show of strength in such a setting, wimps aren’t advised to do this as they risk dropping you and there goes all the romance onto the floor, if not the hospital at worst.

A reaction to the exciting news

Was there any exciting news? Perhaps that has to do with either your success, promotion, or winning.

One of the ways the guy might have been taught to express his elation is by carrying you in his arms as you both feel happy.

In this light, carrying you in his arms means an honest expression of joy over any news that is associated with either your success, achievement, or fulfillment.

To be sure that this is the actual reason why he carried you in his arms, you need to examine if someone broke exciting news or information at the time when he made the gesture. Assess the events that surrounded the situation.

It may just be that he was expressing ecstasy over a piece of good news tied with either of your success.

When A Guy Carries You in His Arms

What You Should Do When a Guy Carries You? 

Now that you know the possible meanings behind when a guy attempts to carry you in his arms, the next area of concern could be what to do when he eventually lifts you.

If you do not feel comfortable being carried, especially with the look of his capacity to hold you up, then you can decline.

But when a guy carries you in the bridal style, what you should do is gently wrap your hands around his shoulders for added support.

This will provide balance as you rest in his arms. The posture also assists in sharing the force of energy so that you can remain there for longer without his strength depreciating rapidly.

Also, you may weigh over 100 pounds, and as such, you believe carrying you can be strenuous work. When you begin to observe that he is getting tired, request to be let down.

You can notice he is getting tired when you see that carrying you is putting a strain on his muscles and he is behind to squat slightly.

When he begins to lower his body with his back as well as lower the arm that is holding your legs, it is a sign that he is getting tired and you should request to be let down.

What To Do If He Wants to Carry You But You’re Too Heavy? 

It is okay not to feel like allowing him to carry you because you’ve considered your weight or physique. But that doesn’t have to stop you both from sharing gestures and postures.

Beyond the factor of weight and physique, some ladies naturally do not like being picked up.

Any guy who is big on consent should be able to ask if it’s okay to carry you beforehand, especially if he has never lifted you before.

If a guy wants to carry you but you don’t feel like it because of your weight, you can prevent that from happening by giving the impression that he’s about to invade your personal space. Do this by standing with your arms folded or stepping back.

If he pays attention to body language (which is a natural thing any guy would subconsciously do before lifting a lady), he should be able to know you don’t want to be carried in his arms.

Alternatively, you may be comfortable with allowing him to do a “fireman’s lift” for fun.

This is when he hoists you over his shoulders as opposed to the bridal style that concentrates all your waits to rest on his arms.

When A Guy Carries You in His Arms

The fireman’s lift allows for even weight dispersion but it requires the guy to have a certain level of muscular capacity to do such.

Wrapping up

Dollar to the doughnut, a guy carrying you in his arm can be a fun, flirtatious activity. It is a gesture that suggests the close relationship between you and the guy.

However, a guy who cares about you should consider asking you before picking you up to make sure you are comfortable with it.

The only spoiler to seeking your consent first is that the guy will have to sacrifice the ambition of taking you into a sudden exciting mode if he tells you before doing it.

Many ladies love to be carried in the arms of the guy they love. There is bliss in feeling like you are some sort of fairy that weighs nothing.

But, if the guy does not have the muscular capacity, you will feel heavy for him no matter what you weigh.

The meaning behind a guy carrying you in his arms would depend on the situation that led to the gesture, your relationship with the guy, and his intentions.

In the above article, we have extensively discussed how each of these factors defines the reason why a guy carried you in his arms.

Do you have a rather different opinion from all that is shared here? Share them with me in the comments.

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