When A Guy Asks You To Go For A Walk! What Does It Mean?

Going for a walk with someone is a very relaxing activity and a great way to have a conversation with someone to get to know the person better.

So, suppose a guy asked you to go for a walk with him, it is predictable that the aforementioned are the main reasons why he requested the walk.

However, many other reasons can be read for this kind of request especially when it is coming from a guy.

When A Guy Asks You To Go For A Walk

If a guy asks you to go for a walk with him, the possible meaning behind the request may be that he wants to get to know you better.

It might be that he wants to talk to you about something important, or he considers it an informal date or has a surprise to show you. 

However, the reasons why he will ask you to go for a walk with him go beyond the aforementioned. It may be a good indication that he enjoys your company and is comfortable with you or he wants to get over his shyness.

6 Meanings to When A Guy Asks You to Go for A Walk

It is normal to not be sure about what it means when a guy asks you to go for a walk, and that is why this article is for you.

We will look at several insights as to why he asked you for a walk; both from a guy and lady perspective.

Beyond that, we will also address meanings to similar requests that can come from a guy such as one to go shopping with you, to go to the beach with you, and even meanings to the request of having a drink with him.

First, the business of the day;

1. He wants to know more about you

One of the possible reasons why he has asked you to go for a walk could be that he wants to get to know you better.

Going for a long walk with someone allows for interaction, asking questions, and knowing more about the person with his or her full attention.

He has probably found you to be an interesting person and would love to know you more, hence the request to go on a walk.

For this intention, it is always sweet when you are open-minded and you aren’t unnecessarily hostile to the conversation along the way.

2. He wants to talk to you about something important

Another reason why he has asked you to go on a walk with him could be that there is an important issue that he needs to talk to you about but would prefer to do that without the interruption of individuals.

So, calling for a walk with you would hopefully narrow your attention to what he has to tell you. He could see it as an opportunity to allay his feelings to you or break a news to you.

One of the ways you can know if this is his primary intention for the request is when he hints to you before you begin the walk.

3. An informal date

You may not agree but some guys consider going for a walk as a kind of date, but an informal one. It is a smooth way of avoiding the luxury of restaurants, dinner outfits, and other related extravaganzas.

A guy asking you to go for a walk with him may mean that he considers the activity as a date and so serves as a moment when you both spend time together to talk about each other.

If this was the major reason for the request, chances are he won’t disclose this to you. This reason depends on the kind of relationship that exists between you both.

When A Guy Asks You To Go For A Walk

4. He has a surprise for you

What we see in movies also plays out in real life. If the guy has a surprise to show you somewhere around, or a place to show you that you don’t know of till now, one of the best ways he’s going to do that is to ask you for a walk to that place.

If this is the intention, he is going to try his best to keep you curious and would likely disclose from the beginning of the walk that he has something to show you down the way.

It’s a sweet way to introduce a gift to a lady.

5. He wants to get over his shyness

It is expected for a guy to feel shy, or nervous at worst when around a lady that he likes. If he had asked to go for a walk, it may mean that he sees it as a way to get over his shyness and have time to talk with you.

For some guys, having a deep conversation with a lady on a spot, or in a particular setting, may be challenging. But by you both moving and seeing things on the way, it gives you ideas on things to talk about.

In other words, going on a walk with you is a creative way to have a long conversation with you without running out of ideas.

6. He enjoys your company

Another meaning to why a guy would ask you to go for a walk is that he enjoys your company and loves to spend time with you.

This applies generally to all situations.

Think about it, would you request to go on a walk with someone whose company you don’t enjoy? Exactly.

So, it is a pointer that you appear to be of an interesting personality to him and he wants to enjoy himself in your company.

What If He Asks You To Go Shopping With Him?

I have asked this question to many of my friends who are guys and their average response is that they ask a girl to go shopping with them primarily because they are convinced that her judgment on clothes is not underestimated.

I believe this is the idea that goes with most guys when they invite a girl to come along with shopping with them – aside from the fact that they feel comfortable with the lady and are interested in buying things for her while shopping.

Most guys won’t prefer to shop with their guy friends, because it is easier to believe that your fellow guys are not reliable enough to give an honest opinion about how you look on outfits.

Aside from this reason, a guy asking you to go shopping with him may also be an indication that he also likes you.

This is because offering to bring someone along for such an activity means that you feel comfortable and trust the person enough to give you straight-up feedback on your clothing choice.

Again, it depends on the relationship you have with the guy. You should expect to see other couples at the shopping store.

Also, expect to see him being comfortable to ask you to grab his size and choose more styles for him to try on.

His asking you to go shopping with him may not be a big deal as you see it. If you think the guy is the type of person who wouldn’t ask a lady to come shopping with him unless they were dating, then it means he wants to move your relationship to the next level.

When A Guy Asks You To Go Hiking, What Does It Mean?

When A Guy Asks You To Go For A Walk

Similar to going for a walk with someone, hiking is a super enjoyable activity that allows you to relish the fresh air and beautiful scenery of nature.

So, for him to deem you suitable as one who he’d want to enjoy this experience with, it could mean he wants to spend more time with you, he likes you as a friend, or, perhaps, he likes you as something more than a friend.

I go hiking once in a while, and many of my pals who tell me they’d be going with one lady or the other today would always explain that they wouldn’t have invited her if they didn’t like her in the first place.

When you assess the relationship between you and the guy, you may realize that he considers hiking a pretty intimate thing since you are involved.

Think about it, you will be spending several hours together while experiencing an adventure together. Apart from believing that you are fit enough to keep up with him, he may also believe that is an opportunity to get to know you better.

When A Guy Wants To Drink With You! What Does It Mean?

When A Guy Asks You To Go For A Walk

It is a no-brainer that when a guy invites you to have a drink with him, there is more to it than just the drinks. The time spent together over the counter or table provides an opportunity for both of you to engage in a conversation.

That moment when you both engage in a conversation will say more about the purpose and why he requested the first place.

But as a smart lady that you are, you’d want to have a clue beforehand as to why he wants to drink with you to be able to respond appropriately to suit your desire.

Now, generally speaking, when a guy likes you, one of the ways he expresses that as an introductory step is to invite you to have a drink with him. It also means he wants to spend time with you so that he can get to know you better.

Oh, do you think he knows you enough? Then inviting for a drink means he wants a conducive environment to express his feelings to you. Brace up!

On the other hand, a guy asking you to have a drink with him may also mean a gesture to compliment old-time sake. In other words, he wants you both to meet over a drink to catch up for the long time you both have met. Hence, he misses you.

So, you and this guy in question, have you been far away from each other for a long time? Then he is planning a meeting and a thoughtful way he has deemed to do so is through having a drink.

If not for any of these aforementioned reasons, then the invitation of the guy may be pointing back to the original idea that should naturally strike your mind – a date.

The bottom line, a guy will ask you to have a drink with him only when he has a positive relationship with you. In other words, he likes you and finds your company an amazing one.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Wants To Go To The Beach With You?

Many times, when guys request to go to the beach with a lady specifically, it is the opinion of many ladies that the guy wants to see the lady in a bikini, hence the invitation.

This is true but not always the case. It has to do with the relationship you have with the guy. A guy asking you to go to the beach with him could mean anything.

Most times, it is an indication that he likes you and wants to get closer. However, some tales of ladies give us an idea that the guy may want to use you as bait for other girls.

On the brighter side, it is also a sign that he enjoys your company and enjoys the beach. So it depends on his kind of person and the kind of relationship you have with him.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Offers You A Lift?

It is almost a predictable thing that when a guy offers a lady a lift, it subconsciously sends an impression to the lady that he has an interest in her.

This is the idea that most guys have in their minds when they offer ladies a life. The main meaning of when a guy offers you a lift is that he is probably interested in you.

In other words, the few moments you both will share in the car will give him an idea of your type of person and perhaps an opportunity to get your contact and plan future meetings.

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