How to Reply Welcome Messages on WhatsApp Group?

WhatsApp is one of the world’s fastest-growing social media platforms, known for its conversation security.

The group chat feature is one of the features of the Whatsapp social app, which has continued to bring a lot of people together.

From family to church members, old college friends, work colleagues, and even social groups, the group function has been a great tool for organizing and communicating among these sets of people.

Some people find it difficult to find the right words to use in replying to a welcome message on WhatsApp, so they often send a sentence that sounds muffled.

I will be letting you into some of the ways through which you can do this without being Boastful.

10 ways to reply welcome messages on Whatsapp groups

You can try any of the ways below if you’re thinking of how to reply to a welcome message on a WhatsApp group.

Some of these ways are creatively thought out, effective, and accommodating. You can select just one of them or combine it with another for more effect.

  1. You can introduce yourself shortly
  2. You can appreciate their consideration of letting you in
  3. You can give a quick shout-out to some of the members
  4. You could pledge support to the admin
  5. You could commend the group’s effort in your cause
  6. You should pledge adherence to the rules of the group
  7. You can even use a picture displaying an appreciation note
  8. You can state your intended contribution to the group
  9. You can use appropriate emojis
  10. You can also use a gif displaying a thank you banner

You Can Introduce Yourself Shortly

How to Reply Welcome Messages on WhatsApp Group

An introduction is inarguably the first thing you should do when you get ushered into a firm or establishment and it won’t be a totally bad idea if you do the same when you are welcomed to a WhatsApp group.

This should be your first approach in replying to a welcome message on WhatsApp, as it gives other members of the group a preamble to your identity for easy identification in the future.

Understanding how to do this can be a whole hassle on its own, but the point is to keep it short and simple. No long talks because you’ll still say other things and wouldn’t want to bore your audience with knowing how you moved from the blockhouse to a skyscraper.

Short sentences like; “Hi everyone. I’m Pete from Florida… I just moved into the Boston area recently, hope I’m welcomed.”

“Hello everyone, I’m Stella and this is my first project as a product designer”, will give your audience a piece of information about you. You wouldn’t want to start without letting them know who you are or what name you go by.

You Can Appreciate Their Consideration of Letting You In

Aside from introducing yourself, which is a natural thing to do, you can also reply to a welcome message on a WhatsApp group by showing appreciation for considering you a member of their group.

This line of response usually comes when you’re dealing with a group that prides itself on an exclusive association or circle. Your inclusion in the group must’ve come after much judicious pondering by the admin and some other major stakeholders.

So showing appreciation will certainly ignite a fire that will light up your path and make your stay in the group a smooth one. You can do this in conjunction with your introduction, making it more profound.

You can say something like; ‘Hello great minds, I’m Dave and I’m thankful for seeing me worthy to be among you.’ Or you can respond with the corresponding salutation such as, ‘Top of the morning believers, I’m grateful for deeming me spiritually fit to join this group.’

You can use the former response if the group is for intellectuals and the latter for your church WhatsApp group.

You Can Give a Quick Shout Out to Some of the Members

How to Reply Welcome Messages on WhatsApp Group

Another way of replying to a welcome message on a WhatsApp group is to shout out to some of the notable members.

Shout-outs are meant to cut you in some favors from some of the members of the group and it also gives you a safe landing within the affairs of the group.

A quick and articulated shout-out is going to be enough to drive home the message that you received the welcome message in good faith and is looking forward to being a productive member of the group.

You can put it in ways like… shout out to Brandy for keeping the cruise going on around here.

Shout out to Hailey for handling the Admin position with so much vigor, etc. But before you come off with your shout-outs, an intro and a short appreciation message can also go well.

To avoid being too wordy, you can use a picture depicting an appreciative text to do that.

You Could Pledge Support to the Admin

Pledging allegiance to the group’s admin is another form, through which you can reply to a welcome message on WhatsApp.

Although this method might sound extreme, it is important if you are dealing with a social group or association. This form of response is aimed at putting you on a relatable page with the admin of the group.

Be it a person or group of persons, a statement of allegiance reaffirms that you’re conscious of their good works and is applauding their endeavors.

Before you set out to do this, you should throw in some salutation coupled with a short intro.

This is because an outright message of support without a proper introduction would be bad for your reputation.

It could even cost you a position in the group if it is an elite group meant to accommodate intellectual giants.

You Could Commend the Group’s Effort in Your Cause

Just like pledging allegiance to the admin and giving shout-outs to the members can be a good way of responding to a welcome message on Whatsapp groups, sending a message of commendations to the group at large will go a long way in giving you a soft landing.

You can commend the group for so many things like their cooperation, unity, and even their organizational structure.

But more especially, you can laud the group for their effort and contribution to the cause for which it was set up.

How to Reply Welcome Messages on WhatsApp Group

This type of response goes well with Whatsapp groups which are set up for political ideologies like parties, religious movements, or social movements like the Black Awareness movements, the Girl-child Awareness groups, Anti-HIV Awareness groups, or Poverty Eradication movements.

Sending out a message commending the members of the group reaffirms your stand on the said cause. It shows them that you understand the intent behind their operations and are out to push beyond the walls of limitation to reach your goal.

You can use sentences like; ‘I want to use this opportunity to extol the strong faith present in this group and hope to add more strength to the flame that lights up our path.’

You Should Pledge Adherence to the Rules of the Group

I know so many WhatsApp groups whose Admin will attach a checklist of rules and regulations guiding the conduct of its members once it sends a welcome message to any of its new members.

This is per their aim of maintaining proper decorum and tolerance of members within the group.

On that note, you can reply to their welcome message by pledging adherence to the rules of the group.

Most people are in so much a hurry to get on with catching up with the latest happenings in the group that they forget to go through the rules.

But your ability to capture them and include a note in respect to the tenets of the group places you on a pedestal of knowledgeable and observant folks.

This form of response is needed in most WhatsApp groups, as it shows your commitment to being a responsible member and not a nuisance to other members.

It also shows that you agree with the provisions of the rules and are comfortable abiding by them.

You Can Even Use Picture Displaying an Appreciation Note

In as much as words go a long way in defining our state of mind, some folks prefer being wordless. This is not because they cannot write, as some people are more comfortable with graphics than putting together words and constructing conversations.

You can use a picture with a bold depiction of an appreciative text to respond to a welcome message on WhatsApp groups.

This method of response is most beneficial to those who are not good with words and could commit noticeable blunders while trying to convey their message.

So instead of risking a bad grammatical error, sending in a picture surely covers you.

The use of pictures to reply to a welcome message on WhatsApp groups is also a good idea if the group is a group for creatives like graphic designers, photographers, or even content creators.

Using pictures to communicate in such groups is a common practice and responding to a welcome message in a like manner won’t come off as a bad idea

You can use pictures that have a bold inscription of phrases like HELLO GUYS, THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME, or I’M GRATEFUL TO BE HERE.

You can take it a step further by proclaiming your membership in the group by using the group’s moniker like PROUD TO BE DEMOCRAT, PROUDLY CHRISTIAN, etc.

How to Reply Welcome Messages on WhatsApp Group

You Can State Your Intended Contribution to the Group

One of my favorite ways of responding to a welcome message on WhatsApp groups, which I will love to share with you, is too promising to be a contributor.

A lot of people come aboard some WhatsApp groups and just stay adamant. They are notorious for being silent and inactive, and this spreads bad vibes of connection and networking around the group.

To get the group lit with the hope of continual connection, you can respond to the welcome message by stating your intended role in the group’s day-to-day affairs.

This form of response is very welcoming for groups that depend on the activities of members to keep them running.

Groups such as relationship counseling and discussion groups are good spots to lodge in such a response. For this you can say; ‘I’m all about learning and unlearning, so I’ll be bringing my hot takes to the table’.

You Can Use Appropriate Emojis

Emojis are now great tools of expression on different social media platforms and Whatsapp is not left out of the list. In place of long messages and text, you can use a combination of emojis and a short sentence to pass your message of appreciation.

There are lots of emojis available in an entire selection, so you have to be cautious on which one to use to avoid portraying a whole different point.

This method is synonymous with those who are known for few words.

You can use any of the emojis below to point out your expression and also reply to a welcome message on WhatsApp groups.

How to Reply Welcome Messages on WhatsApp Group

You Can Also Use a GIF Displaying a Thank You Banner

In the same manner as emojis, I have found gifs to be a good medium of expression which works perfectly on the Whatsapp social app.

The feature consists of texts, pictures, and even short videos which can help depict your expression.

To find the perfect gifs for this suitable medium, all you have to do is to go to the gif search bar on your keyboard and type in a corresponding keyword like THANKS Y’ALL, GOOD TO BE HERE, or any other phrase that is most suitable to you.

Once you’re done, click on enter and you’ll see a drop-down list of options to choose from. Look for the most relative gifs according to the type of WhatsApp group you’re sending it to and select for sending.

How to Reply Welcome Messages on WhatsApp Group


This is where we call it a day on the list of how to reply to a welcome message on WhatsApp groups.

The ways and tips which I made available in this post are practical and have been used to convey notable responses to various WhatsApp groups.

I’m delighted to know that you can now reply to welcome messages on WhatsApp groups without getting confused.

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