How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby! 10 Ways!

Would it surprise you to know that while certain things mean little to a guy, the same thing could mean a lot to a lady?

A dude could easily get over a snub from the opposite companion or even when someone breaks a line in a queue, a female may not as she is likely to pick offense, seeing it as an insult to her personality and a show of ego. It’s just how they are wired.

Some Alpha males knowing this find ways to prey on their weaknesses, seeing them emotionally drained is fun for them.

How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby

Body shaming, masculinity, verbal abuse, and physical abuse are a few ways this Alpha male impacts emotional damage to the ladies.

Verbal abuse could include calling the ladies some names they don’t fancy, one of which is the name baby.

Not only has this name become a cliche but the undertone surrounding the name(it kinda connotes a weakling in need of saving) has made it unpopular among the female gender of this century.

Dear Ladies, is that fellow next door hell-bent on calling you the name baby despite the countless times you have tried to warn against that?

Have you done everything in your power to have your boyfriend stop addressing you by the pet name baby?

Despite the years of marriage to your charming prince, has he been adamant to quit calling you the name baby, and are looking for a way you could put a stop to it?

Worry no more as this article will be covering all you need to know to make a guy stop calling you baby.

10 Ways To Tell A Guy To Stop Calling You Baby

What you are about to read does not apply only to a specific group of men but cuts across every guy who in one way has a connection to you(boyfriend, husband, brother, and even acquaintance) yet keep calling you baby.

Let’s jump right into the ten ways to tell a guy to stop calling you baby with the points below:

  • Talk to him about it.
  • Tell someone he respects about it.
  • Ignore him each time he calls you by the name.
  • Be his constant reminder.
  • Rebuke him.
  • Involve the law.
  • Offer an alternative name.
  • Withhold your benevolence.
  • Retaliate
  • Cajole with an incentive.

1. Talk to him about it

How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby

Do you feel embarrassed each time a guy refers to you as a baby, do you wish you could make him dumb just to have him stop calling you that? Have you tried talking to him about it?

You can’t tell what another is thinking if you don’t ask, this same fact holds to the dude you dislike each time he calls you baby.

Expecting him to stop suddenly would be building castles in the air as he might not know how annoying it is calling you by that feels.

Schedule a meeting, a date, or any tranquil place where you two get to talk and explain to him why the name is something you don’t like being referred to. Sometimes it just takes a little talking.

2. Tell someone he respects about it

How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby

Let’s face it: some guys would always be adamant and no matter how as a lady you try to talk them through an issue, they still would not budge. In this case, what other ways can this be curbed(always calling you baby)?

Letting someone the guy regards in high esteem know about it can go a long way in seeing that such name-calling stops.

The respect this dude has for such a person and his not wanting to disappoint them could cause him to quit calling you the name baby.

So it is high time you check to know who that special someone is to have the name baby wiped out from his mouth once and for all.

3. Play pretend each time he calls you by the name

Maybe you’ve searched and yet couldn’t find anyone whom he is so close to that you could tell about how worrisome it is for you each time this dude calls you baby.

Pretending to be unaware of the name or what he calls you can also have him gradually erase from his lips the name baby.

Most guys who derive pleasure in taunting ladies go on doing so if the lady replies to every taunt of his, hence giving him more reason to continue the bullying.

When you as a lady choose to ignore him despite how many taunts he checks you, the dude is gradually forced to let you be as your lack of response to his barbs rarely provides the thrill he seeks and is likely to find some other person he would want to trouble.

4. Be his reminder

How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby

Dear ladies, a guy has a lot going on in his head that certain things don’t register as important to him. Don’t be surprised if the name he calls you is one of them.

This is where you’d have to be his constant reminder.

Occasionally when he calls you by the name baby, you could quickly interject by reminding him of it.

The more constant this reminder rings true to him, the more likely he’s going to get used to not addressing you by the name Baby.

5. An outright rebuke

How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby

Similar to ignoring his taunt and leaving him to keep babbling, an outright chastisement could be another way to shush him.

However, care should be taken when this method is to be applied.

A lady who confronts a guy and rebukes him for verbally abusing her is seen as a woman of steel and one who does not tolerate any form of harassment.

The outcome of this action could be good or bad depending on the lady and the extent of the confrontation as the guy is likely to resort to being physically abusive or would swallow the shame and quit calling you baby.

If he is being pugnacious and the lady can defend herself then this method is advisable, on the other hand, if the lady lacks any defense skills, she should avoid rebuking the guy.

6. Involve the law

How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby

By law, it is considered an infringement of one’s right (to be called or addressed as whatever he/she seemed to be addressed), and the offender is brought to book.

So when a guy constantly calls you baby knowing full well how you dislike the name, that dude is subject to face the wrath of the law.

If talking and trying to figure out a level ground amicably fails or even reporting to someone this dude respects yields no result, nor an outright rebuke, then involving the authorities would pass a clear message to the dude that you don’t appreciate being called baby.

Involving the law prevents any fracas that may arise should you have approached him and also make legal any action taken against him for calling you such a name.

It should be stated that this means of telling a guy to stop calling you baby should only be carried out when all else has failed and the taunt turns violent.

7. Offer a substitute name

How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby

“So what then do you want me to call you”?

Any guy asking this question sees no reason why the name baby should sound offensive to you and would keep calling you that if you fail to provide an alternative name you’d love to be called.

As stated in the introduction of this article, not everyone thinks like you.

Explaining yourself as clearly as possible and coming up with a solution to any rift brewing would do you a great deal of good if you want to maintain a positive relationship with the guy who keeps calling you baby.

The truth my dearest is any guy who cherishes you would want to do anything to keep you even if it means displeasing himself.

Calling you pet names is a way for him to let you know how much you mean to him, though you may not like the pet name baby if you don’t provide a better option he’s left to keep referring to you as a baby until you come up with something better.

Your ability to come up with a suitable name would not only build a mutual understanding but would also rekindle the bond you both have for each other.

8. Restrict your benevolence

How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby

Show me a guy who dislikes pleasure and a fine life and I would tell you that dude is only kidding himself.

You see when as a lady you get him certain fancy things(nice shoes, pleasant perfume, a special treat, etc) that dude would want to do anything to keep having them and this is where your superpower comes in.

Trying to let a guy know that you’re displeased whenever he calls you baby involves finesse and knowing his weak spot.

If his weak spot lies in what you get for him, denying him this treaty for the time being while being deliberate about cautioning him against calling you by such a name would have him consenting to y our demand.

9. Retaliate

How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby

It is no hidden secret that a lady’s superpower is in her tongue (no Barbs cut through the heart like theirs)

Should they decide to unleash the fire? in that tongue? Guys who are caught by it are left emotionally wrecked sometimes without any hope of bouncing back.

Dear ladies, do you know that this superpower can be put to good use when trying to tell a guy to stop calling you baby?

Here is how: You’ve exhausted everything in your arsenal in convincing this dude to stop calling you baby yet he goes on without remorse calling you that.

The best way to nip it in the bud is to find a name he detests so much and starts calling him that as well. This my lady is called retaliation.

In case you’re wondering what name would irk him so much that he would be forced to refrain, from calling you, baby;

Don’t look too far as all you need to do is to identify his weakness (physical defect, emotional weakness, or his intelligent quotient) and use it against him.

Do note that this method would work if you can handle his pushy nature and also if you live quite a distance from him(especially if you don’t want to be physically abused).

10. Cajole him with an Incentive

How to Tell a Guy to Stop Calling You Baby

Sometimes what you need to have that dude never call you baby again is to feed his bloated ego.

This is done by reaching an agreement with him to reward him each time he doesn’t call you the name.

Knowing that an entitlement awaits him could trigger him into not calling you by the name again.

Since he wouldn’t want to lose on the goodies he would be disciplined enough to not want to call you by that name again.

Making you free from the pain of being called a baby.

The downside to this is a condition where this incentive isn’t given as expected again or a situation where the dude reneges on the agreement and goes on calling you by the name regardless of how much you’ve placated him with his treat.

In such a case, a more stringent measure should be put in place to avoid a recurrence.


It’s really frustrating and also annoying when a guy deliberately pisses off a lady just to see her reaction.

The good news is that ladies are in a better position to deal with taunts and attacks coming from some men who are bullies.

If ever you’ve been called the name baby and you’ve had to live with the pain of bearing the name, I believe that upon reading this piece to the end, you would be able to stand up to any guy who constantly pushes your face with the word baby.

The points highlighted above are concrete enough to see being called a baby a history, just use them wisely.

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