What Happens When You Reach 500 Likes on Facebook? Here’s What We Know!

Facebook has been a trusted and popular pioneer of this ‘internet lifestyle and it doesn’t fail to present its yardstick of success to the public.

So, people view stuff such as likes, followers, and comments as the basis of the true success of this space.

It can be overwhelming sometimes, if you find yourself in this league of social media elites, with a high number of likes on your page.

And you can’t wait to get all the provisions attached to this new feat, but the news is that you only find out what’s in store for your Facebook page if you ask around.

This post presents you with ample answers and tangible information on this subject matter.

So, What Happens When You Reach 500 Likes on Facebook?

Hitting a major milestone in life can be amazing because it comes with a lot of highs and lows. Similarly, you get the same set of feelings when you hit 500 likes on your Facebook page.

But the ecstasy for this is subtle and is not entirely a whole bag of feeling. However, few other things happen when you hit 500 likes than just feeling ecstatic.

These events include:

  • Page reach increment
  • More audience for goods or services
  • Increase in fan following
  • Website traffic conversion

Page Reach Increment

When you hit 500 likes on Facebook, your page reach increases. This is usually the first event to take place when you hit 500 likes on your Facebook page.

This event happens even without your manual interference because the ever-challenging Facebook algorithm swings into action on your behalf.

What it does is primarily drive more reach to your page, which means that your page’s 500 likes get to cover more grounds in terms of being seen by your targeted audience than other pages with fewer likes.

More Audience for Your Goods or Services

Just more likes entail more page reach, it also converts to more audience for either your goods or services.

This is because the more grounds your page can cover due to reach increase, the viewers you get. Your goods or services are put in the face of many people.

Increase in Fan Following

What Happens When You Reach 500 Likes on Facebook

With all the increased page reach and more audience, your page is also on the verge of gaining more fans.

While this is only a reflection of the number of people who sees and like the content of your page, increased fan following also emanates from an increment in likes.

The more likes you garner, the more following you get automatically.

Website Traffic Conversion

What Happens When You Reach 500 Likes on Facebook

While most of the benefits of hitting 500 likes on Facebook come on Facebook, this part of the benefits begs to differ.

To get this benefit, you have to utilize the opportunity of 500 likes on your page by sending out emails to those that have liked your page or sending them a landing page consisting of an email newsletter option to input their email.

The aim of this is to convert these individuals into contributors to your growing website, where you probably display similar goods or services which they have liked on your page.

This is inarguably one of the best or most beneficial because you get a two-way advantage.

The first is more audience for your goods and the second is more subscribers to your website leading to increased traffic, website visits, insights, impressions, and even Ad profits in the form of PayPerClick (PPC).

Increased Impression

Addition to impressions is another thing that happens when you reach 500 likes on your Facebook page.

Although this might not be as pronounced and heavy as other pages with lesser likes, your page has a better advantage over other pages with fewer likes.

Once you hit 500 likes on your page, the Facebook algorithm places your page on the hierarchy of visible pages.

According to the social media policy, 500 likes can get you 10 people organically. With this said, the contents on your page are liable to get displayed on the screen of up to 10 persons daily.

What To Say When You Hit 500 Likes on Facebook?

Hitting up to 500 likes on your Facebook page is a good feat, especially for those who sweated out for it.

This set of people posts videos, and texts, and even engage their page in conversations just to convert 500 likes and when they finally get it they feel overwhelmed.

Getting 500 likes is almost like an omen that consistency on the path will get you more likes and ultimately fame in the social space and recognition in the outside world.

These are some of the things which you can say when you hit 500 likes on your Facebook page.

  • Appreciate Your Fans
  • Recount your journey
  • Encourage others to grow
  • Offer tips to others

Appreciate Your Followers

What Happens When You Reach 500 Likes on Facebook

Showing gratitude to your fans and those who brought you this far by reaching 500 likes is easily the first thing to say when you hit the milestone.

A lot of people have gone creative about it, recreating their appreciative notes on graphic postcards and even digital flyers.

This method of showing thanks is in a bid to give your fans a sense of belonging.

Recount Your Journey

After being appreciative of your fans, you can go further by recounting your journey in space.

I know 500 likes might not be that huge, but it is something to be happy about particularly for those who have toiled endlessly for it, without buying likes or having bots do it for them.

Relate with people on how you started, fears, and strengths, including the highs and lows.

Encourage Others to Grow

You can also use the medium of hitting 500 likes on your Facebook page to encourage other influencers and content creators out there.

This act will strengthen the circle of content creators and eventually lead to more competition and efficiency in the field of content creation.

Offer Tips to Others

You can also share tips on building a successful career as a content creator or influencer on Facebook.

Just as you’re encouraging others to be persistent and grow, you can also drop tips for those who have not reached your level to work smarter.

Do Likes Matter on Facebook?

What Happens When You Reach 500 Likes on Facebook

Yes, likes matter on Facebook. Likes have grown to be an essential part of the Facebook social community.

The feature which was added to the social media interaction interface on 9th Feb 2009 now has tremendous significance in scaling a Facebook user or page interaction.

The main reason why likes matter on Facebook is because it is social proof that a particular Facebook page is doing well.

Your friends, family, and even colleagues see your page as a promising page once you reach a high number of likes.

Other competitors in the content creation circle also see your page as a serious contender, considering its pace in achieving a good number of likes.

However, likes to work as a validating tool to prove the relevance of the contents on a page. The more likes on a page either mean that the content is relative to a good number of persons or it appeals to all those who like the page.

Lastly, likes matter on Facebook because it helps to form the basis of grading done by the algorithm policy.

Likes are used as a yardstick to measure the impartation of the page on its audience. They are also used to rate a page, leading to its high reach and impression.

How Many Likes Does Facebook Allow per Day?

Facebook has no limitation on the number of likes that it allows for a day.

Although Facebook stipulated 5000 likes as the maximum you can get in a day, this statistic is hilarious because there’s no record of it anywhere on the Facebook space.

No one has come out to affirm that his age stopped receiving likes for the day when it hit 5000 likes, and no Facebook users have confirmed that they restricted their account for making up to 5000 likes in a day.

This is to say that, you can get as many likes as you deserve for your page in a day. This is not only exclusive to page owners, it also extends to the fans.

As a fan, you can like as many pictures, videos, and pages as you desire in a day, without getting restricted. Facebook’s restriction does not seem to be in force, as the like rampage on the social app continues to go on.

Which is Better on Facebook: Likes or Followers?

It is better to have followers over likes. The debate about what profits most between likes and followers has been on since social media became a thing.

What Happens When You Reach 500 Likes on Facebook

People have wrestled with words to pan out the advantage that one of these features has over the other. And as the argument heightens, it keeps leading to unforeseen circles and confusion.

However, it is unethical in this context to say the two of them match up with each other because one of them plays a more beneficial role than the other.

These are the reasons why it is better to have followers over likes.

  • Followers give you more engagement
  • Your followers are your viewers
  • More followers can convert to more likes

Followers Give You More Engagement

The first reason why followers are better than likes is that they bring more engagement to your Facebook page or profile.

While likes are a complimentary feature, followers are more like your audience.

They are responsible for bringing up the interaction and opinions on your content; be it a question, a tip, or even a debate.

Just as your followers engage in all these activities, it leads to a further increase in your page engagement.

Your Followers Are Your Viewers

This is another reason why followers are more preferred and beneficial than likes because they are the viewers of your content.

It is not enough to get likes on preferred and beneficial than likes, because they are the viewers of your content.

It is not enough to get likes randomly on your content. If you do not have a steady viewership that your followers afford you, then your page is certainly moving towards a fall.

More Followers Can Convert to More Likes

This is the last one of my reasons why having followers is better than having a like. And this is because your followers can easily give you likes, while the likes you have cannot.

Don’t get confused, the fact is that followers are more likely to convert more likes than the likes themselves.

Your likes do not multiply without more followers, so having more likes becomes dependent on the number of followers your page or profile has.

Can You Get Paid for Facebook Likes?

Yes, you can get paid for Facebook likes. While these sounds too good to be true, it is possible to get paid for Facebook likes, but not from the Facebook Company.

Unlike getting paid for services like a scam, bounty offers, or page engagement, Facebook does not pay people for having the highest number of likes.

But you can still profit from this feature if you’re creative and flexible. If you know how to convert likes organically without bots, people with fewer page likes can pay you to do that for them.

This is because a high number of likes on a page is a sign that the content displayed on such a page is relevant, which will in turn make it most available for the Facebook web crawler.

These crawlers now put the page out to more audiences, leading to engagement, followers, and impressions.

So, if you’re skilled in generating likes on Facebook, you can get paid by page owners instead of the Facebook Company.


Understanding the algorithm pattern of the Facebook social app comes with a lot of things to be considered.

Features such as likes, comment sections, and followers play major roles in the development of a successful front on Facebook.

Knowing how to harness these features on your page gives you more results just like 500 likes for a start, and also goes on to bring you recognition on the social media circle.


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