What Does It Mean When My Boyfriend Calls Me Mama? 11 True Meanings!

Pet names and terms of endearment are very common in relationships; they are ways partners can express their desire for one another, tease each other, and show that their partner is special.

The list of pet names is endless as they are unique to every couple, but the most common ones are babe, honey, darling, sweetie, and mama.

But what does it mean when my boyfriend calls me mama? That’s what we will explore in this article; there are various reasons why your boyfriend might call you mama ranging from love to respect to looking like his mother to your intimate prowess in bed and so forth.

There are many reasons why your boyfriend calls you mama; most of it is tied to how high he rates you and calling you mama shows he rates you very highly.

Most of the reasons are connected to whether he loves you profoundly or has an unwavering love and devotion for you. Some are family and background based, with others tied to his deep psychology.

The list below will help you decipher why he calls you mama

11 Major Reasons why my boyfriend calls me mama

There are many reasons why your boyfriend calls you mama, and listed below are 11 reasons why:

  1. He means it romantically
  2. You remind him of his mother
  3. It’s a pet name
  4. He switched things up
  5. He thinks it’s cuter
  6. He respects you
  7. He thinks you are the whole package
  8. He naturally calls women mama
  9. He is complimenting you
  10. He sees you as an older sister
  11. He is referring to your romantic prowess

He means it romantically

What Does It Mean When My Boyfriend Calls Me Mama

Most of the time, your boyfriend calls you mama for romantic purposes. A lot of guys prefer calling their partner mama than baby or honey since the latter names are heavily overused in the modern-day world.

The fact he calls you mama signifies a mother-to-son attachment, meaning he loves you more than any other woman in the world.

This type of respect and care is a sign that the man cares for you a lot as it shows a great deal of thought being put into the voice of a name.

Most men that use this term on their partners end up taking the relationship with them seriously later.

So, if you have the luck of getting a man like this, you can reciprocate the name with a well-thought pet name of yours; it will help him feel more joy.

You remind him of his mother

Men are naturally close to their mothers and are protective of them. Calling you mama might mean he sees positive traits of his mother in you.

He adores these traits in you and loves you deeply because of them. This is actually the second most popular reason why men may call it you mama. The bond between man and mother is actually very deep.

Most men trust only their mothers and only share their feelings with their mothers; the fact that he refers to you by this name could mean that he sees you as a wholesome woman who can take on the role his mother took in his life.

It means he would be nicer to you and would give you the queenly treatment. However, this means that he trusts you too and won’t take it easy if you betray said trust.

He expects much from you and sees you as his partner and support structure.

It’s a pet name

What Does It Mean When My Boyfriend Calls Me Mama

As mentioned earlier in this article, pet names are unique for each couple. Your boyfriend could choose mama as the pet name he wishes to address you with.

Mama is a popular choice of pet name for men lately, and he might want to call you by it.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this choice of pet name, you can tell him to change it. The pet name could be just a manifestation of his affection for you, anyways it’s wise to bear in mind that he cares about you by giving you a specific pet name.

His attraction for you is quite strong and he will go to great lengths to protect you as you are his. Most men like this tend to marry their partners.

However, if you are not comfortable with the pet name he calls you or being called mama, you can tell him so and he will change it or stop calling it altogether.

He switched things up

Men are beings that hate stagnation and boredom; perhaps he just wanted to change the pet name you are used to. It’s not something you should be concerned about. It doesn’t mean he is cheating on you.

He might just be bored calling you baby all the time and wants to spice up the relationship. A relationship that changes and takes on a new dimension is mutually beneficial to both partners.

A man that does this is thoughtful, caring, and is most likely to be a fun person. If he’s the outdoor fun type who is jovial, then this is most likely the case for why he calls you mama.

The pet name might change after a few weeks, and he might switch to a new one. he will most likely prefer it if you play along with him and call him by a pet name too.

He thinks it’s cuter than baby or sweetie

Mama has a cute ring to it and has a deep meaning and feeling. Your boyfriend probably wants to subtly tell you he finds you very cute.

Men like using terms they find cute on the ones to love, and he means no harm when he says it, so do not fret. Men that do this are the erotic ones, they love declaration of affection and public display of affection.

They may shower you with flowers and take you on candle dinner dates. They are loving, good at listening, and childish when it comes to expressing love.

They will love to show and constantly remind you of their desires for you. Men like this are perfect for someone who is quite emotional and attention seeking, if that person is you, then this man is your perfect match.

He respects you

It could be a sign that your boyfriend respects you greatly. If your boyfriend sees you as a companion, a friend and a support structure, and his lover, then he might use deeper terms like mama to refer to you.

He will prefer using mama to more cute names like babe or honey. Men are very respectful people with boundaries to what they can do with certain individuals.

A man that calls you mama out of respect is deeply vested in you and is not just interested in a fling. He sees you as the perfect woman, someone he can reveal his insecurities too and be himself. Someone he doesn’t have to act overly masculine with.

Getting this deal of respect is hard but it is hardly lost once it is attained.

He thinks you are the full package

To men, mothers are the full package of what they want, so him calling you mama is a way of telling you that you have everything he needs and wants in a woman.

You are probably virtuous, caring and carry yourself with dignity and have a great deal of emotional maturity.

It’s a way of expressing how high he rates you and your qualities. If this is the reason, he will be proud to show you off to people and brag about your achievements in public.

He will make it a rule to ask for your opinion before doing anything as he believes you offer a fresh view of situations. This is the type of regard and life that leads to marriage.

He will make it a point to remember facts about you and support you in your goals and careers.

He naturally calls women mama

Yes, you read that right. Some men call every girl they meet mama, so it may not be something deeper but just his way of referring to girls.

If he refers to all girls by this term, then don’t read meaning to him calling you by this as it means nothing else save for the term.

Just like some men refer to women as ‘sis’, that is the case with you. It’s a term of endearment he may have learned as a child. It’s nothing special romantically, it’s not a way of expressing love.

The term might irk you when he uses it on others but you have to understand that it is what he is used to and should understand that preference and acclimatize to it.

He is complimenting you

A lot of men call their women mama as a compliment. He is complimenting your success and power as a woman, feminine graces, and body curves.

It’s not an easy compliment to get from a man, so it’s a sign that he truly cares for you and wants you to be his partner forever. This is an actual serious compliment because ost men are egocentric.

You must have impressed him beyond all reasonable expectations and he has finally come to acknowledge you.

This type of compliment is much better than the general, beauty and looks compliments that just seem forced and not thoughtful.

Calling you mama shoes is a compliment he thought of and designated you because he felt you fit it.

He sees you as an older sister

Yes, he might be your boyfriend, but if you are older than him, he might show you respect by calling you, mama.

Men are heavily receptive to respect, and they make it a point in their lives to respect elders. Even though you are equal in the relationship, he feels the need to address you with a term of seniority.

This might be the case if he comes from a family with a lot of older sisters, he has been trained to respect women older than him no matter the relationship and status.

It’s nothing to be worried about, it’s not going to change your relationship status. he will defer authority to you in certain situations and let you have your freedom and choice. He is also likely going to be respectful of your wishes and support.

He is referring to your prowess

A lot of times, when men call their partners mama is during love making. They mostly say it to acknowledge your skills in bed.

The rest of the time, he is just saying it out of pleasure in the heat of intimacy. It might also be because you are a dominant figure in your love life hygiene is a sign of love and desire for your bedroom expertise.

It’s the same thing as when women call men’ daddy’ during love-making.


Pet names make relationships seem sweeter; the thrill lies in a name reserved for just one person to use, which is amazing to the heart.

Like the others, mama is a special term your boyfriend can use on you. For various couples and for various men, the term mama means a lot of things ranging from attraction toes to him seeing you like a mother figure.

We have explored those reasons in depth in this article and the psychology that lies beyond such actions from your boyfriends.

Like any other pet name out there, Mama can be used as long as both parties agree to its use.

If you don’t feel comfortable being referred to as mama, tell your boyfriend to change the pet name to something you are more comfortable with.

Pet names should be treasures and not an uncomfortable burden, they should be romantic designations and not titles that have to be followed. I hope this article is helpful to your relationship and helps it soar to new heights.

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