How to Ask for a Snapchat Over Instagram?

If you find someone you’re interested in and you want to ask for their Snapchat, there are so many ways to go about that. One of the ways involves asking over Instagram.

Asking someone for their Snapchat over Instagram may sound easy, but getting down to it may be more difficult than we think. We may find out that we lack the words or the right approach.

To ask someone for their Snapchat over Instagram, you need to be confident and not demanding. 

To help you, I’ll be giving you different ways to ask someone for their Snapchat over Instagram.

Different Ways to Ask for a Snapchat Over Instagram?

There are different ways you can ask someone for their Snapchat over Instagram. You can send them a direct message, tag them to a post or try their comment section. 

However, If you want to make a request on social media, especially with someone you barely know, the way you approach them matters.

So, if you want to ask someone for their Snapchat on Instagram, you’ve to mind how you phrase your request. Below are the ways to ask someone for their Snapchat on Instagram:

Send Them a Direct Message

The best approach to asking someone for their Snapchat on Instagram is to send them a direct message. This is a polite and straightforward way that many people wouldn’t ignore.

However, while you’re at it, you should mind your manner of approach. The way you phrase your request will move the person to respond to you.

While some persons may not pay attention to how you send your message to their DM, some other persons may ignore you, if you aren’t straightforward and polite.

Once you go to their inbox, it would be best if you say your “hello” and put in your request too, as some people wouldn’t appreciate only a hello in their DM. So, how do you phrase your request in their inbox?

Below are some of the ways to ask someone for their Snapchat in their  DM;

Hello, Is it Okay If I Follow You on Snapchat?

One of the right ways to go about asking someone for their Snapchat on Instagram in their inbox is to give a greeting and then go straight to your request.

Hello, is it okay if I follow you on Snapchat?” is an expression that should work. When you say hello, it shows your respect for their private space.

Many people would be more moved to reply than when you put in your request without a greeting. Also, asking them if you can follow them on Snapchat shows your confidence.

When you make your request this way, the person may be moved to give in.

However, if you both have been following each other on Instagram, it’ll increase your chances of them giving you their Snapchat. At least, they’ll know a little about you first.

… Can I Get Your Snapchat?

Another way you can phrase your message is by saying, “can I get your Snapchat?” This request is a direct one for someone you’re familiar with.

In this case, you can fix your request in a conversation with them. If you both have been communicating with each other via DMs, you can ask this question on one of your chats with them. 

Moreover, having a prior conversation with them increases your chances of getting what you want.

So, it’ll be appropriate to create a conversation where you both get to know each other, before phrasing your request this way.

Many people will not be keen to reply to a stranger who just bumped into their DM with a, “hi, can I get your Snapchat?”

Hi, I’m… What’s your Snapchat? I Would Love to Add You

Another proper way to send your request via someone’s DM is to introduce yourself first before asking for their Snapchat. 

This is an appropriate approach for someone you’re just chatting with for the first time. Moreover, when they know a little about you through your introduction, they may be tempted to give in to your request.

So, asking them for their Snapchat and telling them the reason after your introduction is a nice way to make your request.

This direct approach is likely to get results, so you can always phrase your request in this manner.

Hi, I Love Your Work on Instagram, Can We Follow Each other on Snapchat?

Another very good method to ask someone for their Snapchat on Instagram is to tell them you love their work on Instagram. After which you then make your request.

This approach is one of the most effective ways to get to someone you’re chatting with for the first time. When you tell them that you love their works, they’ll be moved to give in to the request. 

In this way, it shows you’re a good follower on Instagram, and it indicates you’ve got good intentions. Moreover, it’s polite, straightforward, and doesn’t sound pushy. 

So, ensure you’re following them first on Instagram before you use this method, as some may have the time to check if you’re actually following them.

I am on Snapchat, Are You?

Another method you can ask someone for their Snapchat via the DM is to tell them you’re on Snapchat and ask if they are too.

This method is appropriate when you’re having a conversation with them. Here, they should be familiar with you first, either during your first conversation or after you must have introduced yourself. 

So, when you’re sure you both are relaxed, you can send in your question.

When they say yes, you can then ask for their username or snapcode. This approach is cool and will flow casually during your chats.

I Would Love to Connect With You on Snapchat

One of the proper ways to send your message to someone’s inbox and request for their Snapchat is to let them know you would love to connect with them.

If it’s your first chat, you can go straight to your request after your greeting. You can as well add your username to make it more appealing.

In addition, you can entice them first by having an interesting conversation where you both get to know each other.

Tag Them to a Post

Another way you can ask someone for their Snapchat is to make a post and tag them. Tagging them and making your request is a nice approach, as someone who may not open a DM would see this.

Moreover, it’ll appear on their news feed as well as their notification, so the chances of them reading the request is higher. 

In addition, this approach is very effective in reaching several persons at a time and saves you the stress of sending a direct message. You only have to tag as many people as you want in a single post.

Below are the ways you can make your request while tagging on Instagram:

Here Is My Snapchat, Can I Get Yours?

One of the effective ways to construct your request and tag someone on Instagram for their Snapchat is to give yours and ask for theirs. 

“Here is my Snapchat, can I get yours?” is a method that should work. First, giving them your snapcode is a nice tactic that can get them to give yours.

Therefore, when the person sees this, they might develop an interest and check you out on Instagram and Snapchat to find out more about you. 

So, if they’re interested, they can drop their ID in the comment section or send a DM right away.

Can I Add You on Snapchat?

Another way you can put a request on a tagged post is, “can I add you on Snapchat?” 

This method is a direct approach that tells the person your intention without beating around. So, when the person sees this, they can reply with their snapcode if they wish.

I Will Like to Follow You on Snapchat

Another proper way to ask someone for their Snapchat on a tagged post on Instagram is by telling them you would like to follow them on Instagram.

This is a polite approach that can make them consider giving you their snapcode. It’s straightforward and isn’t demanding. 

In addition, you can also mention on the post that you love their posts on Instagram. When you use this method, it’ll grab their attention and they should grant your request.

Can We Follow Each Other on Snapchat?

Another way you can tag someone on Instagram to request for their Snapchat is by requesting you both follow each other on the platform.

Here, this request also goes straight to the point and when they see this, they would reply if they want to. It’s a simple request that can interest anyone.

While you are at it, you should add your Snapchat, so when they see it, they can reply with theirs.

Can We Chat on Snapchat? Here is My Username

One of the methods to tag someone on Instagram with your request for their Snapchat is by asking if you both can chat on Snapchat and then dropping your username.

This is a direct question that sounds confident. It doesn’t impose your request on them, as you leave them with the option to either accept or reject.

Moreover, when you leave your username it might interest them. They can always check you out on Snapchat first.

Comment on Their Post

Another suitable method you can use to request someone’s Snapchat via Instagram is through your comments on their post.

This method is effective, especially for those who are not good at checking their DMs. It’s a very simple method to catch their attention.

Moreover, you can always use the comment section after sending a DM. Below are some of the ways you can go about commenting on their post:

I Love What You Do, and I Will Like to Follow You on Snapchat.

One of the ways you can get someone on their comment section is by commending their works.

Although not everyone goes through all the comments on their posts or replies to them, however, showing your love for their works is a good way to attract them.

When you say you love what they do, it’s a nice compliment they’re likely not going to miss. So, they’ll see your request, which they may not ignore. This request is appealing and shows your good intentions.

However, some people have a lot of comments on their posts and may not go through all, but if you’re consistent, you’re likely to get their attention someday.

I Sent a DM, Kindly Check

Another way you can use the comment section of someone on Instagram to request for their Snapchat is to direct them to their DM.

A comment like, “I sent a DM, kindly check” will work as it gives the impression of an important message.

So, if you don’t want to directly leave a message that requests for their Snapchat in their comment section, you can always direct them to check their inbox.

Can We Connect on Snapchat? Here Is My Username

Another way to use someone’s comment section to request for their Snapchat is to ask if you both can connect on Snapchat.

This is a polite yet convincing approach that isn’t demanding. When the person sees your comment, they can choose to reply with their ID. 

Moreover, dropping your username is a way to get their interest. They can check you up and follow you by sending a request if they’re interested.

Final Thoughts

There are various ways you can request someone’s Snapchat via Instagram. A simple and direct way is by sending them a direct message to their inbox.

This method gives you the opportunity of engaging them in a conversation first to get their interest. 

You can also tag them to a post, stating your request to follow them on Snapchat. One very attractive and effective way is mentioning you love their work.

In addition, the comment section is also available for you to use. Whatever method you use, ensure you’re confident without sounding demanding.


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