Why Does The Thought Of My Boyfriend Cheating Turn Me On?

If the thought of your boyfriend cheating is turning on you, this is strange and not a commonly aired emotion.

However, if you have such thoughts, then you are in the right place. In this post, I am going to explain some reasons why you may have felt this way.

Don’t forget that we get turned on for many reasons and excitement or intense emotion are among the top of the list.

Thoughts too are strong triggers that can cause you to become turned on and this happens for many reasons.

It is also important to deal with such thoughts properly. Finding out why this is happening is also vital, it helps you understand what you are going through.

5 Reasons Why The Thought Of My Boyfriend Cheating Turns Me On 

Why Does The Thought Of My Boyfriend Cheating Turns Me On?

As weird as It may sound, getting turned on by your boyfriend cheating on you will happen for various reasons which include you wanting to explore other people.

It is a natural feeling; you enjoy watching your man doing it; you want an open relationship; you love adrenaline thrills.

1. You want to explore other people

The thought of cheating with your boyfriend turns you on because you want to explore other people.

This means that subconsciously or not you are interested in leaving your relationship and being with another guy.

You feel turned on by such thought because it excites you.

You have been thinking for a while about what it will feel like to be with other people, resulting in you having exciting thoughts about your boyfriend doing the same.

The brain is a powerful machine, and our deep subconscious mind can manifest multiple feelings we are not yet aware of. This reason is a very common reason why the thought of your boyfriend cheating can immediately turn you on.

Maybe you have witnessed your man kissing or hugging another female, and this has unexpectedly turned you on. This new feeling is a sign that you also are interested in exploring other individuals too.

2. It is a natural feeling

When you are turned on by thoughts of your boyfriend cheating, it is because it’s a natural feeling. Don’t fret or bother too much. Sometimes the brain mixes up our signals and we get feedback that we are not expecting.

You may have thought that an image of a cheating boyfriend would repulse you. But this hasn’t been the case. I want you to understand that it is a natural feeling.

When you picture two people engaged romantically, chances are you will get turned on even though your boyfriend is the main subject.

All our natural responses to emotions are usually unexpected. We can become confused by a sudden strange emotion, but I assure you that because emotion is strange doesn’t mean it is wrong.

If this happens naturally, then there is nothing to worry about. You are only reacting to the thought of two people making out and there is nothing more to it.

3. You enjoy watching while your man does it

One strange reason you are turned on by having thoughts of your man cheating is that you enjoy watching your boyfriend do it. 

This may be something new or an old habit. Some groups of people find it exciting when a lover engages in the act of romance with another individual.

When exciting emotions come from such thinking, it is usually a sign that you fall into this category. 

You may discover that your boyfriend’s cheating has the opposite effect on you. You want to feel angry, but you feel turned on by the situation.

If you are experiencing emotions that don’t go as planned, chances are it is trying to tell you something about yourself.

Everyone is different in their choices and what turns them on. How you deal with such thoughts and feelings is up to you.

You should know that this reason doesn’t mean you have to do this or you are wrong about this.

Some emotions are signs that you are empathic and it will help you embrace this part of yourself.

4. You want an open relationship

Why Does The Thought Of My Boyfriend Cheating Turns Me On?

The reason the thought of your boyfriend cheating on you turns you on is that you want an open relationship. 

An open relationship is a relationship in which both parties may have other persons as lovers.

This type of relationship is very common today. Many people detest the physical commitment of having just one partner.

They believe couples should be free to date any other person as long as it is not serious and goes by already-set rules.

What has happened to you is not strange, you are getting turned on because you want your partner to be in an open relationship with you. 

Don’t feel pressured into taking any hasty decision. Gauge your emotions and see how long such feelings last.

Sometimes our emotions may not be in the right place and we have to allow time to pass so that we are sure what we feel is real. 

Open relationships are not strange happenings today, many forms of relationships exist in the modern dating age.

5. Because you love adrenaline thrills

 It turns you on thinking about your boyfriend cheating because you are an adrenaline User. 

The thought of anything remotely dangerous or exciting turns you on. Here when thinking about your boyfriend cheating, you get turned on instead of feeling jealous, angry, or curious.

Catching a cheating boyfriend can be exciting, you feel so much blood rush from discovering whether they are cheating.

Emotions can translate to different types without our control and those who enjoy thrilling kinds of stuff get turned on by intense emotions.

 A more common reason for this is that conventional emotional response doesn’t apply to you. This is a reason some folks get excited to fly off a mountain or an airplane while feeling super excited, while Many other folks are horrified by this idea.

How Do You Deal With These Thoughts?

 This new feeling and emotion can be very disturbing, you become confused by their meaning and even feel bad that you feel that way. 

I have explained the extensively possible reason why this can turn you on. Your own emotions are yours before you can deal with this appropriately. You can deal with these thoughts by 

  • Confronting them
  • Finding out why
  • Seeking help

1. Confronting them

When you confront such thoughts and feelings, you will easily deal with them. First, you accept these emotions are yours and no one else. Second, you face them head-on so that you become aware of when they start.

If you carefully challenge such thoughts, you can tell if they are needed in your life. I know by doing such careful confrontation you will choose if these thoughts should continue or not.

A critical assessment of our thoughts clears the air and sharpens our focus. You can confront these thoughts by asking yourself why you like it so much, whether you like it so much or want to continue feeling that way.

Thoughts are private and should bring about positive responses in your everyday life. If you don’t confront such thoughts, they will get a hold of you and make you believe wrongly about why you are having them.

2. Finding out why

You can deal with such thoughts by finding out why they are happening. A deeper look at the roots of such thoughts will reveal to you why you are thinking about your boyfriend cheating on you. 

Another advantage is that by finding out why you can easily determine the best solution for you.

You can deal with this thought easily by finding out why because exposing the reasons behind such thought will tell you if you are being influenced positively or negatively. You can attack the problem or understand how to manage it effectively.

You can find the reason by studying what triggers such thoughts, and why you are thinking about your boyfriend in such a manner, all these will help you deal with this effectively and with little hassle.

3. Seek help

Why Does The Thought Of My Boyfriend Cheating Turns Me On?

You can deal with such thoughts by seeking help. This is one of the effective ways of dealing with this.

Professional help can be gotten from therapists and psychologists who will carefully listen and explain to you why you feel this way.

Professional aid will also inform you on the best course of action in dealing with such thoughts. I value their opinion on such matters because they offer solutions that have a high rate of successfully helping you.

Sharing your feelings with trusted friends and family is very helpful. You will feel less burdened by these thoughts and gain some understanding from others. 

You discover you are not alone in having such thoughts. This gives you the much-needed confidence to deal with such issues.

Why These Thoughts Turning You On Might Be a Bad Idea

If you are wondering whether this thought might be a bad idea, then you are probably correct. Having such reactions to thoughts like these is very unexpected in a relationship.

 It can sow doubts and worry, two things that I find problematic in any healthy relationship.

Reasons why having such thoughts are a bad idea include, 

  • It can end your relationship
  • It is a false interpretation of your emotions  
  • Your boyfriend would not be faithful 

1. It can end your relationship

These thoughts are bad ideas because they have the potential of ending your relationship. In the continual experience of such emotions, you become easily prone to cheating on your boyfriend.

This will lead to many problems which usually end in a breakup.

Another possibility is you become convinced that your boyfriend is cheating on you. It propels you to also do the same to him, not minding the harmful consequences of this on your relationship. 

Most boyfriends who have caught their girlfriend cheating never end up having a successful relationship.

2. Your boyfriend would not be faithful

This thought is bad for you because your friend can become unfaithful if you fulfill them. You can become tempted and tell your boyfriend how you have been feeling. This would not sit well with him and can lead him to cheat on you.

Not dealing with such thoughts is a potential time bomb. It is going to blow up in your face and your relationship. If your boyfriend discovers you have such fantasies, he may believe you are already cheating on him. This will encourage thoughts the same.

If you are interested in keeping your relationship intact, I suggest handling it quickly and effectively.

It is a false interpretation of your emotions 

 You should know such thoughts are bad for you because they can be a false representation of your emotions. Sometimes the brain may interpret one thing as another, sending you a signal with the wrong input.

If you are not decisive, you may see yourself in such a light that is not good for your mental image of yourself. 

Many emotions we feel are spontaneous and fleeting, but they have the propensity of festering into reality if we allow them to linger.

By quickly cutting them off you have saved yourself from becoming or believing something that isn’t true about yourself.


There are many reasons why you will have such thoughts and why they also turn you on. They all mean different, things, and how you respond to them is also important as finding out why they are happening to you.

Deal with them by facing them head-on, finding the root cause, and asking for help from a trusted confidant. 

You should not feel ashamed of any emotion that you experience, and I know navigating a new emotion can be scary.

When you apply these simple steps and dedicate yourself to them, you will see good results in a minimal time frame.

Letting this feeling linger and grow is not healthy for your relationship. It can lead to a breakup or lack of trust between your boyfriend and you. 

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