What Does It Mean When Someone Says “I’m Crazy About You?”

The nature of life is; if you’re influential or renowned, you’ll have lovers. But at the same time, there’s a chance that someone could get obsessed with the thought of you.

It could be easily dismissed as the first wave of love or infatuation, but it means much more when the person openly admits this to you by saying I’m crazy about you.

Because of how intricate the issue is, you may not be disposed to decipher what the person meant. Hence, you’d ask what he or she means by that.

You can even go to the extent of blowing things out of proportion because you’re not properly informed.

Therefore, I will be discussing in details about this subject matter in the course of this post. Keep reading on to learn more!

4 Possible Meanings When Someone Says I’m Crazy About You

There are a lot of meanings to read into it when someone says I’m crazy about you. Sometimes people say it as a joke or a subtle attempt to pull your leg, but those may be irrational actions.

But when it comes to an intent-backed statement, there should be real-time meanings to it.

You might’ve been trying but to no avail to decipher the real meaning behind it when someone says they’re crazy about you.

From all indications, they are sure not referring to their actual “mental health”, therefore I’m going to highlight them for you.

  1. It shows they’re obsessed with you
  2. It proves they find you manipulative
  3. It means you are very influential
  4. It implies they are either in love or infatuated

It  Shows They’re Obsessed With You

What Does It Mean When Someone Says I'm Crazy About You

Obsession is a driving force that is exerted on people who place excess value on something or someone. In this case, it is a case of someone who is you.

There is a thin line that exists between motivation and obsession, and this thin line is how slightly different these two phenomena are. While motivation is subtle and not too strong of a force, obsession is ridiculously stringer.

Although the same intent can be substituted in both phenomena, the speed of delivery is much higher with obsession than motivation.

Therefore, you might see an obsessed person acting a bit too much than usual. This in turn can be the reason why someone says they’re crazy about you.

This is because obsession comes with the deletion of other things that matters and having full attention on the obsessive subject.

A rational look at this scenario hints the person has some kind of faulty cognitive ability, having spent all their time, energy, and resources being obsessed with someone.

I must tell you, if this is the intent behind someone who has said they’re crazy about you then it is not a good thing at all. Obsession has seen the ruin of most people than their success.

It Proves They Find You Manipulative

When people hear manipulation, they always think of the sinister mastermind theory of manipulators.

But that’s not usually the case as someone can manipulate situations against them, probably as a form of sacrifice to uphold a cause.

While being manipulative has its downsides, you can’t write off the fact that it also comes with some good motives in mind.

Therefore, when you’re manipulative, you find people falling head over heels for you because they’re unconscious en route to your plans.

If you play the game well, you can get this person to get overly attached to you, especially in the case of a love affair.

A manipulative mind exerts its powers on people in different forms, as it’s either through conviction or enticing adverts.

Either way, when someone says I’m crazy about you, it could mean that they find you so manipulative that they enjoy your company.

On the bright side, you might be manipulating them using their own goals and it seems okay to them.

Over time, this person in question will develop a strong likeness towards and they may feel that they’re crazy about you, hence the statement.

It Means You Are Very Influential

I bet you have an Instagram account or any other social media platform and you see how influencers are held in high esteem.

While influencing people is another form of manipulation, it is noteworthy to know that its contextual use differs from the latter.

When someone finds you influential, they tend to pattern their life like yours. They try to keep up with your standards every step of the way and they find it hard to judge you.

On the flip side of it all, this person is indirectly living your life which you showcase on social media. Now tell me, what greater undefined insanity is that? The person is a bit over themselves with how they perceive you.

That’s where it counts if they say I’m crazy about you. This suffices to mean that they’re so engrossed with being like you that they even left out some of their goals along the line.

If you think this is a bloated meaning, then you should see for yourself in the different social platforms and see how fans and followers alike swam around influencers.

It Implies They Are either in Love or Infatuated

What Does It Mean When Someone Says I'm Crazy About You

Here we are, with the meaning that everyone expects to have come first or second. But, be as it may, it is the last on the list and that’s because I love being objective and rational with issues.

Over the years, history records people who have done seemingly bizarre things in the name of love, hence the phrase “drunk in love” which was even cropped into a song by a popular musician, Beyonce.

Being in love is often synonymous with being crazy because some people who are stuck with this feeling tend to act sort of head over heels for the person who they had fallen in love with.

They’re seen as to be crazy about the person. So when someone says I’m crazy about you, it could mean that the person is in love with you.

On the flip side, it may not be genuine love. It could be a temporary feeling of it which is often known as infatuation.

Infatuations tend to be more severe than love because the individual is uncertain about how they feel so they sum it up as love.

From experience, I’ve noticed that an infatuated person is more obscure, and they’re more likely to proclaim I’m crazy about you than someone who is in love.

How to tell if they’re really crazy about you?

Life is full of uncertainties and the same applies to this subject. These uncertainties can take the form of doubts or having the outright nudge the speaker is lying.

On that note, it might be sort of hard for you to believe it when someone says I’m crazy about you.

The question now is; How can you tell that the person means every word they utter?

Below are tendencies that the speaker is crazy about you, whether it is in the case of a love affair or any other meaning I’m crazy about you.

  • If they try to commit to you
  • If they hold your opinion in high regard
  • If they want to know everything about you
  • If they speak so highly of you
  • If they seek your validation
  • If they always want to be in touch with you

If They Try to Commit to You

There’s this thing about someone who had just professed their love to you by saying I’m crazy about you. The person starts trying to commit to you, or even prove themselves to you.

That’s the first sign for you to know that the person means it when they had said I’m crazy about you.

If They Hold Your Opinion in High Regard

This tip fits into the narrative that someone might say they’re crazy about you out of how influential you are. Well, if that’s the case you’ll notice the person never jokes about whatever you say.

They hold your words, opinions, and suggestions in high regard. That’s an extent they can go to show you they meant what they said.

In addition to this, if the person openly admits the accuracy of your works it may also hint at how genuine they are over their proclamation.

If They Want to Know Everything About You

When someone says they’re crazy about you, and they also try to know more about you they may be saying the truth.

Some people are hardheaded, so they’d go to any length and against all odds to show how they feel about you.

This could be the case with the person who says they’re crazy about you.

If They Speak So Highly of You

You might want to consider it a truism if someone who says they’re crazy about you turns out to be one of your biggest fans.

If the person hardly finds fault with you and holds you in high esteem, they could mean what they had said.

If They Seek Your Validation

Another way of getting to someone is by impressing them, and that could be the strategy of the person who says they’re crazy about you.

If you notice the person always wants you to validate their actions and inactions, they may be crazy about you.

If They Always Want to Be in Touch With You

What Does It Mean When Someone Says I'm Crazy About You

Initiating emotional chemistry is quite different from maintaining sync. So if the speaker tries to do that, they may be genuine.

What to Do When Someone Says They Are Crazy About You?

If you’re looking for what to do when someone says they’re crazy about you, this is the part for you. Below are plausible actions you should take.

  • You should not be overwhelmed to trust too early
  • You have to evaluate the circumstance and explain to them
  • You should not lead them on
  • You might give them a chance

You Should Not Be Overwhelmed to Trust Too Early

The first thing you should do is to remain calm and collected. Don’t be too fast to give off the vibe that you’re overwhelmed. It can push you to trust too early. This tip is fashioned to give you time to evaluate their statement.

You Have to Evaluate the Circumstance and Explain to Them

After you’ve gotten the atmosphere to evaluate the situation, you should explain to the person that it takes a process for you to buy into what they said, especially if it is a confession of affection.

You Should Not Lead Them On

Do not try to be a tease, that wouldn’t end well for either of you. Just play along and don’t lead the person on to avoid backfiring in the long run.

You Might Give Them a Chance

It is your life to live, so you might decide to give the person a chance to prove their self. It shouldn’t be that hard, as you are not in any way approving of your involvement with the person.

Reasons to Be Crazy About Someone

There’s no smoke without fire, and as such there must be a reason for you to be crazy about someone. It is unethical to believe that you can be crazy about someone for no just cause; hence the points below are good reasons why you can be crazy about someone.

  • It could be their personality is superb
  • It shows you’re hard to impress
  • It might be they’re beautifully persuasive
  • It could be that love with them is highly rated

It Could Be Their Personality Is Superb

You can be crazy about someone because of how wonderful their personality is. People with great personalities tend to draw others to themselves. This could be the same reason why you can be crazy about someone.

It shows you’re hard to impress

Some people are hard to impress. So when they finally see the person who matches their energy, they tend to fall head over heels for the person. If you feel this way, it could account for why you are crazy about someone.

It Might Be they’re Beautifully Persuasive

You can as well be crazy about someone due to how convincing they always sound. This reason applies mostly in love affairs where one partner feels the impact of the other person more.

It Could Be That Love with Them Is Highly Rated

This is another reason that connotes a love affair situation. If you find someone to be very loving and appealing, there are chances you’ll be crazy about them. You’ll want to have the person to yourself by all means.


Being crazy about someone is not a big deal flaw after all. It is rather a product of emotional imbalance created by either manipulation or a deliberate act of intense affection.

Either way, I’ve done justice to this subject which exposits on what it means when someone says they’re crazy about you.

Also treated, are correlative topics such as how to detect when the statement is genuine and what to do about it. I trust you now have your doubts cleared and have gotten more clarifications.

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