How To Respond When Someone Says You’re Awesome?

We get a lot of accolades especially when we got a new deal closed at the office or bring back respect to the name of the family.

A lot of these gratifying comments come to us and how we react to these remarks matters a lot. You might get things like “I feel proud of you” or “I’m impressed“, which you can say thank you and pass by.

But what about when someone says you’re awesome? Don’t worry, I won’t stress with this question because I’ll be walking you through some well-thought-out replies, which aim to show you how to respond when someone says you’re awesome.

30 Ways To Respond When Someone Says You’re Awesome

How to respond when someone says you’re Awesome?

There are various ways you can reply when someone says you’re awesome. But the standard response has always been to say “thank you” or “I appreciate”.

While I did not exclude these responses from this post, there are pretty much other ones. Therefore, you can express your surprise by saying things like “Oh! Really?”, “I never knew I was”, “Oh! That? Do you mean that?”.

You can further say things like “Tsk, you’re just noticing now?”, “Yeah, I know I’m awesome”

You can get nicer by saying things like “Awwn, so lovely of you”, “You make me feel beautiful”, “I want to hear more” or “You’ve got good eyes”. We could continue this way, but let’s get to the meat of this post, where you’ll come in contact with other responses and the motives behind them.

I guess that’s a Compliment, so I’ll Accept It

The first response action when someone says you’re awesome is to take it as a compliment.

It’s a rare situation for you to be mocked with such statements, so you should consider it as praise at first hearing whenever somebody says you’re awesome.

Your body language when saying this should be able to reflect the words of your mouth because any mistake will come off as ungratefulness on your side.

It’s a Pity that I Can’t Say the Same About You

I know not all of us intend to act shady or ungrateful, but if in any case, you intend to throw this compliment back to the bringer… this is the perfect response to give.

It does not only posit that you’ve accepted the compliment, but it also mentions that the speaker could be less of what they speak about you.

This response graced the walls of so many high school students and was most preferred by the girls. But it doesn’t stop you from using it in whatever situation you find it worthy.

Thank You Lots More

How to respond when someone says you’re Awesome

Showing appreciation for a good remark doesn’t have to be that hard, does it? Well, if you agree with me then you should certainly go for this response when someone says you’re awesome.

It shows you’re grateful, not only that… it also shows you respect the person’s decision to grant you such a gratifying accolade for whatever reason. Saying “thank you” is quite simple and meaningful at the same time, why object?

Oh! Really?

You know that moment you didn’t know you pulled off a big show and someone says you’re awesome… this is the reply that shouldn’t escape your lips.

It shows how surprised you are and how focused you must’ve been that you forgot how incredible you are.

I noticed this type of response among artists who would mount the stage, performing greatly and coming over backstage with a lot of “you’re awesome” compliments flying around. Let it off your lungs with the surprised face and eyes.

I Never Knew I Was

This response has two angles to it. The first settles with being surprised while the other hints at feigning to be ignorant of your feat. I don’t know how true this is.

But I think most people battling with low self-esteem ask this question a lot, as a form of response to when they’re complimented. They do this to get reassurance that they are truly awesome… because they still don’t believe it due to low esteem.

On the other hand, you can reply with this if you’re surprised to hear that you are awesome. You can use this response when the accolades come due to your great performance in a sporting activity.

Tsk, you’re just noticing now?

With your eyes rolled, you can ask this query as a response when someone says you’re awesome. This points out that you already know that you’re awesome and the person who just said that did so late.

From another perspective, it might be that your finesse which gets you a such compliment is so obvious that anyone can notice it. Then why is he the only one knowing about it now, to even tell you? You can use this response to inform the speaker that they realized late.

You’ve Got Good Eyes…

How to respond when someone says you’re Awesome

A compliment in exchange for one doesn’t sound bad. It is one of the best ways to respond to a remark. Therefore, you can tell the speaker that they have good eyes, to be able to notice that you’re awesome.

The person who hears this as a response will surely be elated because you acknowledged their kind gesture.

I’ve Always Known You Have a Discerning Spirit

Just like the previous reply, you can go on and reply to a compliment with another one. You can tell the person the above response because it takes a discerning spirit to know a good attitude or recognize a praise-worthy person like you.

I’m sure you’ll melt the hearts of men with this response because it is just perfect. 

Yeah, I Know I’m Awesome

If you want to reclaim your stand as an awesome person, you can reiterate it whenever someone says you’re awesome.

If you do this, it means that you already know your status as an awesome and you’re reminding the speaker that you know. 

And You Are, Too

I can’t seem to have enough of repaying a compliment with a nicer or equivalent remark. To this end, you can use this response to reply when someone says you’re awesome.

First, you’ve accepted that you’re awesome and you’re also placing the person in the same position as you.

This is a good remark because it can serve as reassurance or motivation to the person if they’re not as great as your comment says. It will aid build their self-worth and acceptance.

We Should Drink to That, Don’t You Think?

How to respond when someone says you’re Awesome

This is for the bar-lover. If you’d prefer celebrating wins over a bottle of wine, rather than having what could seem like a catching-up conversation, then this is your thing.

I didn’t pattern this response for any gender in particular, because I know both men and women like the effect. So, when someone says you’re awesome over some new feats of yours, you can suggest a talk over a drink with this line.

I Appreciate Your Kind Words, I Do

This response takes you back to the thankful ways because it remains one of the best replies when someone says you’re awesome. You can use this line to express your deepest gratitude for the nice remarks made to you.

Sigh, I Don’t Really Get That a Lot…

Not everybody is lucky with getting gratifying remarks, at least not from people we crave it from. So when someone says you’re awesome, you can simply tell them you don’t get that a lot… but not after you’ve shown how grateful you are for the remark.

If the person understands the trial of being neglected, he or she will try to say more and make you better.

Oh! About That…

You can also say this when somebody remarks that you’re awesome. But then the question remains, why or in what circumstance?

The motive behind this response is that it is used to feign neglect or show surprise, depending on the circumstance in which it was used.

You can use the line if someone says you’re awesome about a feat that already escaped your memory, so you say “Oh! About that… It was a great experience”.

What Else Do You Think About Me?

Would you mind replying with a question, probably after the regular “thank you”? If you don’t, then you should add this to your checklist.

This question-like response is ideal if you want to know more about yourself from the person who says you’re awesome. Hence, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask if you need to.

Do You Mean That?

If the person who says you’re awesome is a crook or your suspect them to be one, there’s every reason for you to ask this question as a response.

The chances of getting something from the speaker might be slim, but it’s worth asking though.

Awwwn, so Lovely of You

I wouldn’t recommend this response for the guys, because it sounds too feminine for a guy to say.

That said, you can say this in this situation, to show your high level of ecstasy and to tell the speaker how “lovely” they are for saying that to you.

Yeah, Well I Learned To Be the Best

This is also in the same vein as replying with a nice remark. If you got the accolade from someone like a coach, teacher, or master, you can acknowledge the person for teaching you well by saying this line.

You’re My Mirror

You can also go ahead to tell the person that whatever feat you were able to achieve, is a reflection of their impact.

This means that, as you’re being tagged awesome they also deserve the same title for being the mirror that reflected on your achievement.

You Made It Possible

I don’t think there’s any limit to recognizing the person who helped you accomplish anything. If the same person says you’re awesome, you can respond with this statement.

It’s Not a Big Deal, I Get Those a Lot

Let’s picture a scene where you’re a serial record breaker in a sporting activity, or you have the highest winning streak in a law firm, won’t you be getting a lot of “you’re awesome” messages? You will.

This is the perfect response to deliver when another person says you’re awesome because you’ve been getting that already.

Omg! I’m Flattered Right Now

You might as well reply with a surprised face. This response pictures the amazement in your mind and also shows how stunned you are.

You Just Made My Day

So people just need one sweet word a day to continue living sanely. While this may be far-fetched for some people, if you happen to be lucky then you can reply with this line that captures your ecstasy.

I’ve Not Felt So Fulfilled in a Long Time

Just like the previous response, this response shows your happiness of fulfillment when you impress someone to the extent of getting the remark, that you’re awesome. I mean, what other joy do you seek if not this?

You Make Me Feel Beautiful

If you’re a lady and someone says you’re awesome or you look awesome, it could be a sign that the person has a love interest in you.

But that doesn’t mean you should be blunt to ask or put words into his mouth. You can go with this line which also hints that you like whatever vibe the person is bringing on.

I’m More Than Grateful

Similarly to saying “thank you”, you can say that you’re more than grateful. With this line, you’re trying to stress how grateful you are for being met with such an elating remark.

How Did You Come About That?

Since no record asking questions makes ears bleed, you can ask them as a response to when someone says you’re awesome. If you’re not sure why the person said that, this question will help clarify things.

I wonder why you’re the Only Person That Sees Me This Way

You can get confused or throw an askance stance when a particular person keeps saying you’re awesome when nobody else does.

If you want to know why say this line as your response and wait for them to explain just why it has to be that way.

I Want To Hear More

This response is for those of us who can’t get enough of hearing their name alongside the sweet name. Want to hear more?

Then jump on this response and request that the speaker adds more good remarks to your name.

Thanks, but I Do Need To Improve, Don’t I?

I’m not against wanting to be more or wanting to do better. When you get a remark for being awesome on a particular thing, you can query the person on how you can get better at what you do.

I like this response, if the scenario is that of a sports player getting accolades from his or her coach, then you can use this response.


If you read on till this point, then I guess you must have a lot of o replies on your list. This is where we get to wrap up this post on “how to respond when someone says you are awesome“.

The replies which I presented in this article all suit a particular purpose, and you should find your situation before applying any of them. Away from that, you can also share this with anyone who you think will find it helpful, just as you did.

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