What Does It Mean When a Girl Says She Feels Awkward After You Tell Her You Have Feelings for Her?

Confessing your feelings to someone, probably a girl you’re interested in, is a good move as a confident guy.

The problem might be sublime in your preparation and the right choice of words, with which you can drop the bombshell on how you feel about a girl.

However, the shock of it all is that you have more to worry about concerning how she perceives and responds to whatever you have to say to her.

In most cases, you might get turned down while in some you win. But there is a divide yet in the middle of these two outcomes, and that would be when the girl in question acts awkward after you tell her how you have feelings for her.

About this, you might be left with a lot of doubts and questions.

Well, I will be discussing the likelihood of what her reaction meant in this article. So, keep reading on to know more.

5 Possible Meanings When a Girl Says She Feel Awkward After You Tell Her You Have Feelings for Her

What are the chances that I was right about that? Hope I didn’t screw things up? Am I going to get rejected?

These questions and more tend to cram up in your mind when a girl you just told you to have feelings for acts awkward.

By awkward, I mean she is giving off neither a good nor bad vibe. For what it’s worth, she could be madly in love with you and is only swept off her feet by your confession, or she may only feel disgusted and betrayed.

However, I wouldn’t want to keep you in suspense so why don’t we get straight to the meat of this segment?

Here are 5 plausible meanings as to why she reacted awkwardly after you confessed your feelings.

  1. It could mean she doesn’t see you as a potential partner
  2. It means she’s indecisive
  3. It suggests she’s not mature enough
  4. It means she could have feelings for you
  5. It shows she prefers a platonic relationship with you (religious reasons inclusive)

It Could Mean She Doesn’t See You as a Potential Partner

When a girl says she feels awkward after you tell her you have feelings for her, there’s a good chance she doesn’t have feelings for you.

Women are more conscious about what they stand to gain in a relationship than what they feel.

It could be that she doesn’t find you capable, and since that’s the basis for a healthy relationship for most women, she would act awkward after your confession.

I’ve been in this situation as a man, so I have a better understanding to pass down to you. It is about what you have to offer to “most” women.

If she doesn’t see you as up to her standards for a sexual partner, she’ll act awkward.

Another point to pin on this is that most times a girl would act uncomfortable when you confess your feelings to her, it is actually because she’s reluctant to be verbal about a rejection.

Instead of being out with it and ruining your standard about her, she’ll act tongue-tied and let her actions say it boldly enough for you to understand.

It is now left for you to read the meaning into it and understand which is what this particular meaning is trying to point out.

In other words, her awkward attitude means she’s serving you a subtle rejection.

It means she’s Indecisive

Indecisive is a common problem in a lot of people. The girl to whom you’ve just confessed how you feel about her can also be in the grouping of those who find it hard to conclude.

If this is correct, it means she was caught in the web of being indecisive at the time when you told her you had feelings for her.

This is because when someone is indecisive, the person tends to be inarticulate. Even if the person finally says something, there’s also a possibility that what he or she has said is not well thought out.

In this case, we’re dealing with a “she” and we can interpret her awkwardness as her inability to assimilate the process and make a lasting decision on the spot.

While this seems normal for some people, it still counts as meaning when a girl says she feels awkward after you tell her how you feel about her.

It suggests she’s not mature enough

It is one thing to be indecisive when someone confesses how they feel about you and it is another thing to be unprepared to go into a relationship with them

In this case, the reason for this unpreparedness is tied to their emotional and mental orientation as regards handling issues about relationship matters.

In that sense, she is not mature enough to even provide a good response to your proposal.

And since you expect her to say something after you’re done talking, she may tell you about her stand on her actions without being verbal about it.

It Means She Could Have Feelings for You

When a Girl Says She Feel Awkward After You Tell Her You Have Feelings for Her

This is another scenario where I have found myself in, in the past. To tell you about it means he was quite intrigued when I found out what her real intentions were, despite acting awkward at the point of my confession.

The girl in question who says she feels awkward after you tell her you have feelings for her may be madly in love with you.

For the record, my experience in the dating pool has proven that women are the most secretive of humans to ever walk the earth.

Relationship-wise, women are fond of bottling up how they feel and acting all unconcerned.

This is primarily because of the belief that men are built with the role of initiating relationships and as such women are meant to be on the receiving end.

The thing is, this thought is not far from the truth. What could be the case is that she was swept off her feet and can’t find words to express how she feels at that moment.

That should explain why she felt uncomfortable on the spot.

It Shows She Prefers a Platonic Relationship with You (Religious Reasons Inclusive)

I know quite a handful of religious ladies who would give anything but their religious dogmas.

If the girl you confessed your feelings to is in this category, there’s a chance she will feel awkward about it.

In the long run, what she wants from you might just be a platonic relationship and nothing more. And this is often tied to her religious reasons.

This is a common occurrence in a religious and morally uptight environment.

What to Do After Telling a Girl You Like Her and She Feels Awkward?

Just at the moment when a girl says she feels awkward because you told her you like her, you may be pushed to say something to at least act.

But the problem is in acting accordingly and not off the grid because it could cost you your chances of even getting a positive answer from her afterward.

The question remains; what action or series of actions would be the best for you to take to ensure you’re not faulted irrespective of how things turn out to be?

Well, here is a couple of series of actions that can guarantee a safe landing for you in this situation.

  • You shouldn’t make her creep out
  • You should give her some time and space to understand what you mean
  • You don’t have to expect anything in particular (keep your mind open)
  • You must not act desperate
  • You should remain unshaken and disappointment-proof

You Shouldn’t Make Her Creep Out

The first step of what you should do in case a girl feels awkward after you tell her you like her; is to maintain your cool. Do not make her creep out.

Do not give her the thought that you’re putting her in a “now or never” situation.

To do this, you have to let her breathe. You should keep a smiley countenance as it will rid the atmosphere of any tension which might already be building up.

Women are very sensitive in this type of situation, so I suggest you keep this in mind.

You should give her some time and space to understand what you mean

While you let her breathe and have her moment on the spot; you should also be ready to give her more time to think things through if she asks for it.

Don’t be hesitant, as that is not a good call for you in that situation. This further proves you’re a gentleman and can increase your chances of still getting back into the picture.

You Don’t Have to Expect Anything in Particular (Keep Your Mind Open)

While you do the aforementioned tips, make sure you keep your expectations to a minimum. Like I’ll always say to my friends, you have to expect everything but nothing in particular.

This way, you are saved from feeling dejected and not worthy. We already know somehow, man is the prize so you should let that sink in.

You Must Not Act Desperate

Acting all tensed up and eager is a sign of desperation. And unless you’re sure the girl likes you and is only tongue-tied, it could be a bad image for you.

As funny as it sounds, some women find men who are too anxious as perverts and that wouldn’t look good on you.

You Should Remain Unshaken and Disappointment-Proof

While you’re tightening all loose ends, you should also remain unshaken and disappointment-proof as regards any outcome that follows suit.

It goes a length to show how strong your masculine frame is.

How Do You Confess Your Feelings Without Making It Awkward?

To avoid making a girl awkward when you tell her you like her, you need to do things the right way. With the right actions, eventually breaking the news to her wouldn’t be too much of a reality for her to handle.

You must have a strategy to avoid looking daft or giving off the stalker vibe. However, the following steps are crucial and would help you confess your feelings without making them awkward.

  • You should develop a conversational accord with her
  • You have to take your time to know her better
  • You should stage a friendship, but remain intentional
  • You could drop hints occasionally
  • You could even flirt with her sometimes
  • You should then break the news to her subtlety

You Should Develop a Conversational Concurrence with Her

First on this list is building a conservational relationship with the girl in question. It is wild and too blunt to walk up to a girl and just tell her you like her without prior dialogues.

The only thing you’re doing is presenting yourself as a shameless pervert and that’s not good. Which is why you have to create a concurrence with her regarding talking.

You Have to Take Your Time to Know Her Better

Just while you develop conversational sync with the girl, you should get to know her more and make sure you’re not driven by the mere feeling of lust.

If your initial feelings about her center on bedding her then you should think again.

You Should Stage a Friendship, but Remain Intentional

Women are more likely to acknowledge a confession from a friend than a total “nobody”. But that doesn’t mean you have to get locked up in the friend zone as that will be another problem to deal with.

You should at least be intentional and that’s where our next tip comes into play.

You Could Drop Hints Occasionally

To grade yourself as a potential soulmate even as her friend, you should be able to drop hints about that occasionally. Make her feel your core as a man and make her want you, but be smooth about that too.

You Could Even Flirt With Her Sometimes

The sync between women and compliments needs to be studied because it is fascinating to know that flirting and commenting sweetly on a woman can open doors that seem hard to get in, and also hearts in this case.

You Should Then Break the News to Her Subtlety

After you’re done with following up on all of these tips, which shouldn’t last more than 2 months of dedicated input, you can then break the news to her.

While at this, maintain all levels of neutrality and do not fidget too. This will ensure your words sink in and get to be understood.

If there’s any chemistry built while you were working your way up, you’ll surely get to know. If not, you didn’t lose as your confession won’t look awkward.


The thought of liking a girl easy to conceive for most guys, but the act of mentioning it to her requires keen attention to details.

You have to be well versed on that, and I’m delighted to have discussed that in this post, I also clarified to you on possible meanings when a girl feels awkward when you confess you like her.

You can kindly hit the share button and drop your comments below, as it will help foster the validity and spread of the answers lodged in this post.

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