What Does It Mean When My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account (Here’s What We Know!)

It sure isn’t a nice feeling to find out that your boyfriend has a Facebook account you are unaware of.

This unpleasant experience even gets more intense if he grants you access to his general Facebook account.

Hence, it is inevitable to have thousands and thousands of thoughts running through your head to know what it means and his reasons for doing that.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay in one spot, trying to get it all figured out. We’ve got you covered!

In this article, we will be looking at the possible meanings you can consider for your boyfriend’s inappropriate behavior, his reasons for doing it, and what you can do about it.

5 possible meanings when your boyfriend has a secret Facebook account?

The intention behind your boyfriend owning a secret Facebook account is something you can’t easily place your fingers on.

This is because there is a high chance of getting the wrong picture of the actual reason. However, you do not need to dwell so long on investigating the actual meaning of your boyfriend’s keeping a secret Facebook account.

We will be looking at what it means when your boyfriend has a secret Facebook account. Below are 5 meanings why your boyfriend has a secret Facebook account:

  1. He is probably cheating on you.
  2. He wants to test your loyalty.
  3. He is hiding something very important from you.
  4. He has an extremely secretive personality.
  5. He is a scammer.

He Is Probably Cheating On You

My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account

When your boyfriend keeps one of his Facebook accounts a secret from you, there is a high chance that he is cheating on you.

He definitely has a skeleton in his closet if he is confident enough to let you have the password to his already-known Facebook account but keeps another one of his accounts a secret.

Since you do have access to his Facebook account, he knows your relationship with him will hit the rocks if he goes ahead and expresses his desire for some other lady on the same Facebook account.

Hence, one of the easiest ways to do that without getting things complicated is to keep his new Facebook account a secret from you.

On this secret account of his, he can post a lady’s pictures with endearing captions as much as he wants without you knowing about it.

This serves as an open profession of love for the lady, inciting her heart to feel that your boyfriend is so deeply in love with her.

Therefore, if your boyfriend keeps his Facebook account a secret from you, you may want to consider that lady he always talks about in an alluring way or the one he frequently stares at.

It might be a channel to court with her without you having the slightest idea that something of that nature is happening.

He Wants To Test Your Loyalty

My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account

One sneaky meaning of your boyfriend having a secret Facebook account is that he wants to test your loyalty.

It might have been instigated by peer pressure or your change in attitude. Hence, to be able to get an honest confirmation of his suspicion, he would keep it a secret.

Having a secret Facebook account with fictitious social media profiles is one way those in a romantic relationship tend to test their lovers’ commitment to them.

Your boyfriend may be among the many men who decide to spy on their girlfriends to see whether they’ll end up leaving.

They simply create a fake man’s social media profile and then use it to send charming and irresistible notes to her and watch how she reacts.

In essence, when your boyfriend decides to keep his Facebook account a secret from you, his aim might be to consistently engage you in a conversation.

Which is to see whether you will be openly involved in a relationship or say you are single, or whether you might admit to being in a relationship but pretend you are really not happy (because you want to flirt with the new man).

He Is Hiding Something Very Important From You

My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account

When your boyfriend has a secret Facebook account, he may be trying to hide something from you. His real identity is something he may be trying to keep from you.

He is possibly not the calm, religious, and easygoing guy he claims to be. However, since he wants to keep your relationship going without an alteration caused by him, he will try as much as possible to keep anything that looks like a hint from you.

His secret Facebook page now serves as a channel to express his real self. For instance, if your boyfriend is a sex freak and he wants every one of his posts to be about lovemaking, you would not consent to it.

Opening a secret Facebook account is an option he would want to explore.

He Has An Extremely Secretive Personality

My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account

If your boyfriend has a secretive personality, then having a Facebook account without your knowledge is one of the many things he is trying to keep from you.

Guys with extremely secretive personalities always have the desire for privacy. It doesn’t outweigh the fact that they are in love with you.

This is the reason you may never know he has a secret Facebook as he continues to treat you with so much affection and care. He doesn’t see the need to tell you about his secret Facebook account.

He Is Probably A Scammer

My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account

If you are in a love relationship with a guy who keeps his Facebook account a secret from you, he might be a scammer.

It is an obvious fact that you will never come to know that your boyfriend happens to be a scammer by him freely confessing it to you.

Scammers are very secretive individuals, and for that reason, he is able to keep his Facebook account a secret from you without you having it in mind that something of that nature may be playing out.

It sure can be unbelievable to think that one of the reasons your boyfriend keeps a secret Facebook account from you is because he is a con artist.

However, this doesn’t outweigh the many online scam schemes he might be involved in. It may be a dating and romance scam, a buying and selling scam, a game charity scam, an investment scam, and the list goes on and on.

Since he knows that you will get hurt and eventually leave him, knowing about his illicit source of income, he keeps every trace of it a secret.

3 Things to do when your boyfriend has a secret Facebook account?

Below are three things you can do, after finding out your boyfriend has a secret Facebook account:

My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account

Keep A Cool Head

To a large extent, the very first thought that crosses the mind of a lady whose boyfriend has a secret Facebook account is that he is cheating on her.

If you act in this way, it makes it hard to get a positive result at the end of the day. Hence, your best option after learning about his Facebook account is to keep calm.

Engage Him In A Conversation To Learn The Actual Reason

My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account

We have the tendency to make assumptions about everything because we have limited information.

The problem with making assumptions is that we believe that our assumptions are not the truth. It can make our imaginations run wild, thinking that we will eventually make it our reality.

Among the listed possible reasons why your boyfriend may have a fake account, one will surely stand out as the actual reason.

Hence, instead of assuming which one of them it may be, you can get first-hand information about it. This can only happen when you engage him in a conversation.

Conversing with him about it gives you the actual answer you are looking for. Furthermore, you would know what to do next and cease being clueless.

Sincerely Let Him Know If His Reasons Don’t Sit Well With You

My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account

If, after conversing with your boyfriend, his reason for creating a secret Facebook account turns negative, you should make a decision.

For instance, if he did so because he is cheating on you, let him know your disposition towards it. Of course, nobody wants to be cheated on.

You can decide to forgive him over time. But for the moment that you are getting to know the truth, you ought to let him know about your displeasure on the matter.

Why Do People Create Secret Facebook Accounts?

Here are three reasons to consider as possible reasons why people create secret Facebook accounts:

They Want To Keep Their Social Media Activity A Secret

My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account

Facebook provides a vast avenue for connectivity. This means that anybody can have access to your profile, provided they are able to type in your username in the search box and click on the search icon.

As much as this feature has a positive attribute, most people tend to see it as others stalking them.

For instance, someone may be avoiding their spouse, colleague, or family member from seeing the friends on their friend list. Maybe their spouse wants them to keep a clear distance from these certain people.

Hence, they may be disappointed, seeing that they are friends with them on Facebook. This may bring about serious problems for them, and so to avoid this, most people open secret Facebook accounts.

This secret account gives them the liberty to be themselves without having to worry about who comes to access their profiles.

They Are Trying To Get Away From Hackers

My Boyfriend Has A Secret Facebook Account

Getting a Facebook account hacked regularly isn’t a nice feeling. Especially if one is a person of influence, it is a never-ending attempt to hack their account.

This is because scammers are always on the run, looking for someone’s profile that is attractive to hack. With this, they are able to convince them, and they eventually fall for their tricks.

If an individual has had this experience repeatedly, they tend to look for ways to take more precautions. One of which is to open a secret account on Facebook.

They Are Fraudsters

It is virtually impossible to find a scammer on social media who texts you, telling you that they are about to scam you. In the same vein, a scammer is bound to keep every one of their activities a secret.

It may be one of your family members, staff members, or partners who do want you to know what they are actually into. Therefore, they resolve to keep their Facebook account a secret.

In conclusion

You need to understand that people do certain things for various reasons. Having a secret Facebook account because a person is engaging in shady activities is something you shouldn’t assume.

Also, seek to hear from the horse’s mouth, and even if their reasons don’t sit well with you, do not overreact

I believe you are now knowledgeable about what it means when someone creates a secret Facebook account, the possible reasons why, and what you should do when you experience such.

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