Possible meanings when a Guy Asks you What You Want?(FIND OUT)

Were you recently asked what you want by a guy, and you don’t quite seem to understand the question?

The thing is; this question is neither straightforward nor is it confusing. You just have to be in the right clime to understand what he means and entails, or even expects you to say in response. 

For all I know, it could be him trying to get to know you better. You know all the ‘talking stage-ish’ things most people do before they start dating.

While my guess may be right, there are other plausible explanations for the question. In this article, I will be discussing all there is to know about this topic. Happy reading!

5 Possible Meanings

As I mentioned earlier on, when the question of ‘what do you want?’ comes from a guy there’s a high chance that you’ll initially be taken aback by it.

Since the question seems too direct to be precise, it allows for confusion to set in and if that persists, it could be disadvantageous.

However, before we get into knowing the possible meanings of the question. How about we create a related story from which we can deduce the meaning of the query?

That sounds great! In light of that, there are a couple of things we need to consider before we can establish our claims and they include where and when he asked the question, his body language signs, and his conversational mode with you. 

With these stated, let’s get into the matter of meanings properly.

  • It could mean that he wants to know what you expect and what you can offer if you were to be in an affair with him
  • It means he wants to measure how intelligent you can be
  • It might be a plot to understand the level at which you rate him
  • It could even be that he’s looking at the likelihood of being compatible with you
  • It might be he’s just an inquisitive guy

1. It Could Mean That He Wants to Know What You Expect and What You Can Offer if You Were to Be in an Affair with Him

Possible meanings when a Guy Asks you What You Want?

I know a lot of guys that are greatly intentional about what they want, especially when it comes to having a certain taste in women.

Because of this, these guys tend to seek out ladies who have a similar interest as them when they see the need to mingle and explore the limitless possibilities of the dating pool. 

Based on that, a guy could ask you what you want just for him to know about your expectations, strengths and weakness, and even what you can offer if you were to be in a relationship with him.

I know girls who would go on all about how they want to feel loved, cared for, and cherished without mentioning a single way or intention of making the guy happy in the relationship. 

So, when a guy asks you the question of what you want then he’s simply trying to know what to expect from you, what you expect and, what you can bring to the table if you were to date him.

He’s cautious of your shortcomings and wants to know about them equally.

2. It Means He Wants to Measure How Intelligent You Can Be

Possible meanings when a Guy Asks you What You Want?

I know and have met a couple of guys who are intelligent and super smart, and trust me when it comes to the dating scene…these guys usually go for the most brainy of girls.

And they don’t just do this out of the blue; of course, they have their ways of determining whether a girl is mentally fit to match up to their energy and there’s where conversations come in.

I might be asking how I know all of these; well, I’m a guy and I know a few tricks here and there. Plus, I’m a sapiophile which means that I feel more connected to intelligent girls than just random and basic girls.

If by any chance a guy asks you what you want (probably from him or life generally), he could be sapiophile like I am and is trying to gauge your intelligence quotient.

This is because this question is something I can ask in the right circumstances. 

You might want to come out clean if you’re nothing like what he imagined or tried to expect.

This will help him understand that you may not be what he expects, but you can be more. And this depends if you want to have something to do with this fellow.

3. It Might Be a Plot to Understand the Level at Which You Rate Him

How do you place this guy in question? Do you think he’s more than a friend but can’t help but treat him like a regular guy? Do you have feelings for him but can’t let them out?

These are questions that could be bothering the guy who asked you what you want, just as it is also troubling your mind. 

When things feel tacky and shady, I’ve always known men to take the bull by the horn and seek clarification.

I know this too because I’ve been there, I was there and it was an experience I won’t forget too fast. In light of that, when a guy asks you what you want it could be he’s planning to have you expose how you see him.

A girl who doesn’t feel anything for the guy will go on and on about how she wants to explore the world and be happy singularly.

On the contrary, a girl who wants to have something with him will tell him her visions to explore in pairs (usually with a loved one).

So, when the question comes to you and he keeps his earlobes all out it shows he’s interested in knowing how you see him (friend or foe; stranger or lover).

4. It Could Even Be That He’s Looking at the Likelihood of Being Compatible with You

This is another plausible meaning you can read into it when a guy asks you what you want. While you go on with your replies, he’s probably checking out something else through whatever information or details you provide.

He’s looking for the chances of compatibility between you two. 

This usually happens in the silence of the whole moment, with his mind processing a chunk of information, trying to piece together the likelihood that he’s compatible with you and your aspirations.

In this case, the guy in question wants to make things work out between you two, and asking you such a question is a bold step in the right direction (for him though).

5. It Might Be He’s Just the Inquisitive Guy

While we try to deduce the best chances of what it could mean when a guy asks you what you want; there’s a prospect of modesty in the question.

This means that he could just be a curious guy and thinks asking you questions like that will get you to talk.

He might just be starving to have a conversation (tete a-tete) with you. To this meaning, there’s nothing sensual or sensitive about the question, provided the circumstances in which he asked don’t say the opposite. 

How to Respond When a Guy Asks What You Want?

In the course of this post, we’ve learned of the possible meanings which you can read into it when a guy asks you to let him into what you want.

Going by that, I believe we’ve gotten mentally prepared for what is to come next. What could that be?

However, in the next lines of this post, I’ll be walking you through how to respond when a guy asks what you want. This section will include practical tips on how you can manage the question and the moment it was asked. 

Here we go with the tips;

  • You need to speak softly and gently
  • You need to be sincere and transparent
  • You need to be assertive and conscious
  • You can use body language to make your points clearer
  • You can ask him questions anywhere you feel unclear 

1. You Need to Speak Softly and Gently

The key to a man’s heart could be food, but the best way to turn the key is to do that with gentleness and a form of feminine presence that supersedes stress.

As we know, a guy who asks you what you want didn’t do that to watch you make eye contact with him. He needs answers and probably doesn’t want you to keep him too long.

Therefore, the first tip on how to respond to him is to speak softly and gently. It helps you to deliver a good demeanor to him while maintaining a great first impression.

Speaking of that, you shouldn’t rush your answer as that can result in unforeseen misjudgment which will be treated in the next point below.

2. You Need to Be Sincere and Transparent

While you try to speak softly, you should also endeavor to make sure all you say is true and has no trace of fabrication in it. Being true and kind at the same time all puts a great statute of respect to your name. Don’t try to fake it!

If you’re less intelligent than he imagined, then don’t make it look like you are, and vice versa.

This saves you from a lot of drama and complications in the future if you eventually hook up or settle down with the guy who asked the question. Failure to do that might let all hell loose when the time is right.

3. You Need to Be Assertive and Conscious

One mistake a lot of ladies make during conversations is living in their heads and not in the present. I’m a huge fan of being imaginative, but that doesn’t suffice in the matter at hand as this is a clear case of choices.

With that said, another way you can respond to any guy that asks you such a question is to be in the moment; be conscious about it. 

You also need to be confident and believe in whatever values you hold dear.

This is because swaying from them while answering the question might be harmful to you or the relationship you’re trying to build with the guy when it finally erupts.

4. You Can Use Body Language to Make Your Points Clearer

I don’t know a successful public speaker that became proficient by standing in one spot and being a good orator. They need to be mobile on the stage, and just like public speaking, you need it to answer the question the guys throw at you. 

Expressing your points through body language is a strong sign that you’re sure of what you’re saying. It says a lot about your confidence and tendency to have a head-clear dialogue with a guy, especially the one who asked you the question. 

On that note, you can try using your hands to demonstrate certain gestures. Also, your face and speech tone are all essential to make the aim of communicating with body language signs a success. 

5. You Can Ask Him Questions Anywhere You Feel Unclear

While you put on a good response to his question, you should not forget to seek clarification wherever you need it.

You shouldn’t hold back from asking questions, especially crucial ones that determine the outcome of your conversation with him.

If you feel overwhelmed by his question about what you want, you should also try asking him to break it down for you.

Perhaps, the question he asked you doesn’t match the clime and situation where he asked the question.

I’m sure he’ll be more than glad to answer your question, as it shows enthusiasm to have such an endearing conversation with him. 

Final Words

The crux of getting into a relationship in this dispensation is laden with so many conversations that were not had. People rushed into becoming lovers without first being friends.

This leads to eruptions that wreak relationships and shatter homes. So, see it as a way of avoiding unforeseen chaos when a guy asks you to tell him what you want. 

In this article, I’ve discussed plausible meanings to the question and also how you can handle it. I’m hopeful that you’ll find this piece helpful and if you do; please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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