What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks You to Go Shopping With Him? (5 Possible Meanings!)

You must’ve been concerned to know why a guy asks you to go shopping with him. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem because either way, you’re still going to get new pieces of clothing added to your closet.

However, while this gesture hints at the guy’s smooth way of winning you over it may not always be the case.

Who knows? He could just be extending a humanitarian hand to you. If you’re dealing with a braggart, then it could be one of his ways of showing what he has been saying already. That’s not all as there could be other things.

To offer more clarity, I’ll be discussing the intricacies of his proposal in this article alongside the proper actions you should take.

5 Meanings for When a Guy Asks You to Go Shopping With Him

If you’re to provide clarity on why a guy would ask you to go shopping with him, then you have a lot of ‘what ifs’ to ask.

What if he’s just being Mr. Nice and doesn’t want anything serious? What if I’m overthinking?

Nevertheless, the questions will continue if you do not arrive at a good resolution. Hopefully, the following points provide a good level of clarification to the whole puzzle.

  1. It means he wants to spend some private time with you
  2. It shows he truly cares for your well-being
  3. It also means he’s trying to prove his love
  4. It could even be a test to fathom your reaction to such opportunities
  5. It proves he wants you to know he’s capable

It Means He Wants to Spend Some Private Time with You

Some men are intentional about what they want but the problem lies in being outspoken about it. This could the case with the guy who asks you to go shopping with him.

He simply wants to have some time alone with you but doesn’t know how to fix it up over dinner or a cup of coffee.

This is common if the guy is a close friend of yours, probably someone you don’t see as a potential partner.

He might resort to proposing a shopping with you instead of inviting you over to his place for dinner which you might like likely turn down.

Therefore, to avoid embarrassment or even cost your relationship with him, he would ask you to go shopping with him.

And concerning the intent behind this choice; he probably figured you’ll be excited to change your dress pieces and wouldn’t turn it down easily. This way, he’ll boycott being questioned about it since it’s just shopping.

He might even be hoping you’ll see his fun personality while the shopping is ongoing because that’s a catalyst in a lot of relationships that started between regular friends.

It Shows He Truly Cares for Your Well-Being

Anyone who would ask you to go shopping with them, with the intent of also getting some stuff cares for you. Even our parents were too caring, that they took us shopping while we ride in the carts.

So, if a guy asks you to go shopping with him, it could be that he’s concerned about your well-being.

There may not be any emotions spiking up in some of the cases. It could be just a guy trying to be nice to a lady he figures needs his help.

Don’t get it twisted; if you’re a fashionista, a guy who’s a fan of yours can decide to take you shopping as a way of showing that he commends your work and wants to know to keep you pushing forward.

It Also Means He’s trying to Prove His Love

What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks You to Go Shopping With Him

Sometimes, the verbal proclamation of love doesn’t work out. Because of this, a guy might want to step up his game by asking you to go shopping with him.

You can pinpoint this as the case with your situation if the guy had already confessed his love for you.

If he thinks you’re not excited about it, he may fix up a shopping date with you. The trend of men proving things after they’ve made some kind of statement could be the reason why the guy asked you that.

It Means He Wants to Know Your Preference

A guy who asks you to go shopping with him could be anxious to know your preference for fashion. Seeing things from this angle, you’ll understand he wants to know more about you.

He probably wants to know what you fancy more and the things you dislike. With this in mind, he can make an informed decision while describing you and can also buy you things since he already knows what you like.

It Could Even Be a Test to Fathom Your Reaction to Such Opportunities

Have you given it a thought that the guy who asks you to go shopping with him could be testing you? You probably didn’t.

Aside from being a nice guy and proving his love and all those sweet things, the guy might have an ulterior motive to test you.

Perhaps, he wants to know how you’ll react to such an opportunity. Some girls will go berserk at the mention of a shopping spree, while others don’t see it as a brainstorming idea.

In the real sense, he may not even be serious about taking you to any mall or department store. Rather, he’s just concerned to know what your reaction would be upon hearing about a shopping.

What to Do When a Guy Asks You to Go Shopping With Him?

It is a big and fun-filled feeling when a guy offers you an opportunity to go shopping with him. In most cases, the girl would give in to it and in some, they decline if they think they’re self-sufficient and don’t need the assistance of a man.

However, it means you have two choices which are to either decline or accept. Well, if you decline then it’s the end of the road for you on that one.

Conversely, if you agree then you might want to try out the following tips on what to do when a guy asks you to go shopping with him.

  • You should go with some cash or at least, your credit card
  • Do not buy anything you can’t afford on your own
  • Do not be desperate about shopping after accepting the offer
  • You have to cut down on your expectations
  • Do not overthink or feel indebted to him

You Should Go With Some Cash or at Least, Your Credit Card

Always remember to go with your money if you ever accept to go shopping with the guy. The simple reason for this is to boycott any case of disappointment from the guy.

This way, you’ll feel confident enough to step into a store with him and pick any kind of kinds of stuff. Also, make sure you only pick what your money can afford.

Similarly, having your own money with you sends a message to the guy that you’re not some cheap girl who can be influenced with money or by getting her a Birkin bag worth hundreds of dollars.

It also shows that you’re stable as a person.

Do Not Buy Anything You Can’t Afford on Your Own

To second the first tip; do not pick anything you can’t afford on your own. If it has to be, then he should be the one to pick it for you.

If you storm a store and load up the cart with expensive things, you’re giving off a gold digger vibe and that’s not good.

Therefore, in the spirit of promoting morality, you should only take necessary things that you can afford, and not some frivolous items that are expensive and not important to you.

Do Not Be Desperate About the Shopping After Accepting the Offer

Acting desperate and all expectant about going shopping with the guy is a bad attitude. It doesn’t look good on you and will downplay your personality in the time to come.

You can show a little sign of excitement, but do not overdo it. This also goes a long way to portray you as a girl of high moral standards.

Aside from the standpoint of morality, this tip will afford you the respect of a person with good composure even in the face of a glaring opportunity.

You Have to Cut Down on Your Expectations

What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks You to Go Shopping With Him

I have a recurrent mantra that I live by and I’d also love to share it with you, and that’s the personal skill of not expecting things.

So, I’d suggest you ‘expect everything and nothing particular’ as this is a good of not getting disappointed over the turnout of the proposed shopping with him.

The ability to expect less from him sets you aside from other people (particularly girls) who heighten their expectations on the slightest of opportunity with a guy.

This will also help you defeat the urge to entertain greed and high taste in an outing that you won’t be paying for.

Do Not Overthink or Feel Indebted to Him

Even after agreeing to the shopping, you should ditch the thought of overthinking because it could transcend into something else.

While you’re at it, you should also avoid the feeling of being indebted to him.

That way, you won’t start thinking so little of yourself or even start looking for ways to repay him. With this in mind, the guy won’t be able to play you the debtor card and/or request anything in return.

Likewise, you won’t see a reason to give in to him since you never feel indebted, after all, he brought the offer and you didn’t ask.

How Do You Understand What His Intentions Are?

You can know the true intentions of the guy who asks you to go shopping with him. Sounds impossible, right?

Well, it isn’t and it is very important you know that, as it will help you know what you’re getting yourself into. However, I have a few tips on this and they’ve been tested and found to be reliable.

  • You can know via his words
  • The items he suggests or picks for you also serve as a reference point
  • The guy’s composure in public can also give off the intentions
  • You can also know if he drops any hints of affection

You Can Know via His Words

The foremost way you can decipher the true intentions of the guy who asks you to go shopping with him is by examining his choice of words.

If he employs the use of sensitive terms, then there’s a chance he’s being charming about the shopping.

This is because his choice of language and words depicts what he has in mind, as words have their way of exposing our inner desires.

The Items He Suggests or Picks for You Also Serve as a Reference Point

This tip is not valid until you guys are done with the shopping or are still at it. If you pay close attention to what he suggests you pick, you’ll discover what his intentions are.

If he’s about your hygiene then he cares about your well-being. But if it is more of spoiling you with expensive dresses, shoes, and bags, just know you’re dealing with a flirt situation.

Similarly, if he’s about taking you all around the mall or store while you guys check out many kinds of stuff without picking one, then he just wanted to have some ‘alone’ time with you. So, pay attention to any of these signs.

The Guy’s Composure in Public Can also give off the Intentions

What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks You to Go Shopping With Him

You should look out for how composed the guy who asks you to go shopping with you is. If he’s not well articulated and barely looks bold, then you should know he’s trying to prove his love for you.

I get it; the jittery voice comes with the surge of adrenaline in a guy’s system while he talks to a girl he likes.

You Can Also Know if He Drops Any Hints of Affection

If the guy makes any attempt at physical touch, it means he’s dropping hints at affection. If he taps your butt mistakenly or tries to hold hands with you, he could like you too.


I bet every girl loves to go shopping, but when it is an offer from a guy then you have a lot of informed decisions to make.

To start with, you need to understand the meaning of his offer and what you should do about it. Well in this article, these and more questions were done justice to.

I believe I have provided clarity just like you needed it. You can drop your comments in the box below and also help get this article to others by sharing it.

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