What Does It Mean When He Says aww?  

Hearing a guy say aww to you can be confusing. Maybe you only hear such a term from our lady friends and hearing a guy saying this to you can be confusing. This term is used these days by both genders and also means different things.

It is commonly used as a term of endearment from someone who loves and sees you like a very close friend or lover. Mostly it is associated with affection towards babies or as a response to an irresistibly cute and mushy event.

If a guy says aww, there can be many reasons to understand what this means. Here, we are going to explain several meanings you can understand too why a guy would say aww.

7 Different Meanings To A Guy Saying aww

There are many meanings why a guy would say aww to you and here in this post I am going to highlight and explain 7 of them;

  • It means he likes you
  • He is being cute
  • He is sarcastic
  • He wants to show you his soft side
  • He is trying to mimic you
  • He wants you to notice him
  • He wants to get on your nerves

It means he likes you

One good reason a guy would say aww to you is that he likes you. There are terms, phrases, and words that are commonly associated with a fondness for an individual. When a guy says aww to you it means that he fancies you.

Saying aww means this guy is responding to something you have said or done. Terms like aww are often said to lovers and partners. If a guy says aww to you, there is a high chance that he wants to get together with you.

Such terms are associated with deep feelings of love for another person. This likeness from you means he either wants you to be friends or more than friends. He may react this way in response to a cute picture, compliment, or text you have sent to him.

The word aww isn’t just thrown around for anybody, deeper connection with the intended is usually a common requirement for such to happen. So, if a guy says aww to you, be rest assured that he likes you a lot.

2. He is being cute

A major reason that a guy says aww to you is that he is being cute. This term of endearment is often used when a guy is trying to be cute.

This means nothing more than it is. Guys these days are comfortable in showing emotions and it is not strange to find a guy saying aww.

Aww may not be a traditional response you will expect from a guy but its meaning conveys a lot. A guy being cute with you shows he is comfortable with your companionship. He considers you a very dear friend, so he lets you see how cute he can be.

You should know that it is not unusual for you to wonder what it means when a guy says aww. Such responses can confuse you at first, but I can say with clarity that a guy would say aww because he is being cute to you.

3. He is being sarcastic

A guy can be sarcastic and that is why he will say aww to you. This meaning is subtle and isn’t readily discovered by the intended person. When a guy says aww, sarcastically it is often a response to something you have said.

Many persons are oblivious to statements that include sarcasm, responses, body gestures, and tone of voice that can identify sarcasm. Here, determining if the aww said by a guy is sarcastic can be tricky.

It is important that you carefully analyze the context in which it was said, this will enable you to judge firmly on the issue.

First, consider if he has said aww to you in the past, is he responding to a similar phrase you have just said? Is this context in a joke etc., by doing this you can accurately judge if he is being sarcastic or not.

Often when a guy responds sarcastically using aww, it means he isn’t affected by anything you may have just told him.

4. He wants to show you his soft side

What it means when a guy says aww to you is that he wants to get to your feelings. This guy hopes to break your defenses and steal your heart by saying aww. I know this might sound cliché, but I assure you it is not.

Guys are prone to exuding a tough exterior, and women are attracted to men who show emotional intelligence. When a guy says aww to you, he is simply trying to let you know he is malleable and soft-hearted.

He wants to lower your tough exterior by letting you see another side of him that is mushy. This experience would melt your heart and he might have a better chance with you. Wooing a woman is a complex process, there is no textbook method to this.

A guy who says aww to you is trying to woo you by getting access to your feelings. As a woman, a guy that exposes his soft nature has more chance to be a lover to you.

5. He is trying to mimic you

One major meaning to a guy saying aww to you is that he is trying to mimic you. Friends and family are fond of passing jokes around and have shared jokes that exist between them. If you are fond of saying aww a lot, chances are he is trying to mimic you.

This is true especially when you text using aww or reply to his gestures or actions using aww frequently, he will copy this and use it as a joke. It is not strange to observe others mimicking your actions, this usually means you have been tagged with that habit.

When a guy resorts to mimicry, he does it for some reasons which include, doing it as a joke, doing it to get you to notice, and doing it because you do it often.

For all these reasons, you should not fret when a guy says aww to you. More often than not he does this out of good intentions.

6. He wants you to notice him

What it means when a guy says aww to you, it means he wants you to notice him. It is hard for a guy to get noticed, especially when he is amongst a group of friends. Not every guy can say aww, some feel it’s too effeminate for their taste.

Guys who say aww are the ones who want you to notice them. When a guy says aww, he understands he becomes distinguished from other groups of guys.

It makes him appear different from other guys. I know any guy that says aww often is going to be marked by other females.

Girls love guys who are in touch with their sensitive nature and also don’t mind exposing this side to the world. By doing this he hopes you will take a shine on him. Many a great friendship and even relationship have been borne from such beginnings.

If you notice any guy saying this to you, it is a cry for help from him. Do well to understand and be sure this is his true intention and follow with yours.

7. He Wants to get on your nerves

A common meaning to a guy saying aww to you is that he wants to get on your nerves. He is doing this to get you irritated and angry. This holds true, especially for guys who are irritated by anyone saying aww.

By practicing annoying tactics, he will say aww to anything you say so that he gets you angry. Maybe he has noticed how frequently you use the phrase or he doesn’t get why you say aww to him. This will cause him to say it back to you to get you angry.

How To Understand What He Means When He Says aww


Understanding what a guy means by saying aww to you is a good thing. It allows you to differentiate between an abusive context and a positive context. Because guys are not fond of using such a term, you can be thrown off balance hearing much from them.

You can understand this by

  • Asking him what he means
  • Considering the context, it was used
  • Defining the relationship between both of you

1. Ask him what he means

The best way to understand what it means when a guy says aww is to ask him what he means by that. Sometimes the best way to discover something is by a direct line of questioning.

When you do this, he has no choice but to answer you and define in his own terms what he means by saying aww.

This prevents you from worrying about trying to speculate what he means. It can unsettle when you are trying to uncover hidden intentions from someone else.

I find it comforting to be direct, this saves me from a repeat of such in the future and also helps to let him understand my position on the matter. When asking such a question it is important to seem curious about it rather than being unfriendly.

If you are polite, there is a high chance he will make you understand from his perspective. Any form of hostility from you will make you get the truth of the situation.

2. Consider the context in which it is used

One way to understand a guy when he says aww to you take into consideration the context in which he used it. It can mean different things when he uses it as a response to a text to when he uses it to reply to something you have said.

Knowing the context means you can understand properly what he means by this. This way you can tell if he is judging you or making fun of your or just falling for you.

Context is everything. It can make the same statement have two or more different meanings. You should always carefully analyze how, why and when he says aww to you before you can get the correct meaning from this.

 3. Define the relationship between both of you

To fully understand why a guy says aww, define what kind of relationship between the both of you. When you clearly understand what form of relationship you and this guy have, you will know what he means easily.

This is because a stranger telling you aww may come off differently than your boyfriend, close friend, or colleague saying aww. Since aww is mostly used by someone who cares for you, hearing this from random strangers doesn’t evoke positive feelings.

This goes for a guy who is your crush or one who you are aware has an interest in you. By effectively separating these concepts you can easily understand what this means when a guy says aww.


 When a guy says aww, there are many meanings for him to say this. He might imitate someone or has seen it being used by some party online and figured he should try it out.

A more common meaning is that he has taken a liking to you and this results from these feelings.

We have explained that aww are usually targeted at loved ones or anyone that you hold dear to your heart. A guy saying aww to you is usually a sign of this.

Although It isn’t always the case, mockery and insults are also among the meaning of a guy using this phrase.

There are simple ways you can understand what it means. You can ask him directly, which is my most preferred method. In addition, you can take a broader look at the context in which he says this to you.


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