My Boyfriend Cries When I Cry: Why/What to Do?(EXPLAINED)

The relationship status of some people is so great that you start to imagine how synchronized they are.

Well, you need to cut the slack with the imagination because if your boyfriend cries when you cry, you can as well categorize yourself and your lover as part of those you’re trying to create a mental picture about. 

If you’re wondering why your boyfriend cries whenever he sees you cry, then you should know that whatever it is you may think could be the reason.

You can’t be sure until you try to find out, and I’ll be aiding you to find out what is behind his actions. In this article, I’ll be discussing why your boyfriend cries when you cry and what you should do about it. Happy reading!

5 Reasons Why 

Crying is an expression of deep emotions, particularly those that have to do with pain, depression, or even over-excitement. The latter is what many people tag as ‘tears of joy’.

But all of these seem to have another interpretation; one that is unknown to you when you notice that your boyfriend tends to shed a tear or cry profusely whenever he sees you crying.

Now, a lot of factors could be playing out here. Likewise, I know you may have your reservations about what you think is the problem or rather, reason (s) as to why your boyfriend acts in that manner.

However, in this part of the article I will be highlighting and at the same time, trying to give you small notes on what I’ve observed, discovered, and experienced as a plausible meaning of when your boyfriend cries as soon as he sees you shedding tears.

Here are my reasons;

  • It is because he feels deeply connected to you emotionally 
  • It could be because he’s highly empathetic
  • It means he loves you more than ordinarily
  • It could be that he’s depressed and frustrated, and had to let it all out
  • It can be traced to the existence of the mirror neurons

It Is Because He Feels Deeply Connected to You Emotionally

My Boyfriend Cries When I Cry

One of the reasons why your boyfriend might cry when he sees you crying is because he shares a very deep connection with you. It is now almost like you two share the same soul.

This reason is only valid if you two have a very solid relationship emotion-wise and physically too.

What I’m trying to say is that as opposed to many other relationships where the guy is usually detached, this is different.

With this point, it is clear that your boyfriend is not detached instead, he’s highly attached to you and this reflects in how he acts when you’re around him.

To this end, your actions have an easy way of affecting what he does next. 

I know that not many guys cry, and most women detest seeing a man who sheds tears.

However, this could be a sign of a healthy relationship because it’s clear that he feels you so much that he can’t help but let the emotional buildup you have to manifest through him.

This is not necessarily a show of love, because it has more to do with emotional connection than just romantic feelings.

I can attest to this because there’s this rapper that I felt too connected to that I can share his philosophy of life without ever even meeting him.

It Could Be Because He’s highly Empathetic

Empathy is a great concept and I know of people that subscribe to it. Regardless of the religious particles of this concept, it is been proven to be boundless, not unique to any religion, and equally not alien to none (of which I know).

In light of this; I can posit that empathy is another factor that explains why your boyfriend would cry whenever he sees you crying.

Yes, we can say he’s full of emotion but then again he’s more compassionate than emotionally uncontrollable.

When someone is empathetic, they share in the pain of other people. The people they share their pain and misery can even be strangers, but the surge of feelings is more profound when it is a loved one in pain than a mere stranger.

Empathy is a by-product of in-depth love for humanity at large so it is not restricted to a selected few. 

If your boyfriend feels sorry for beggars easily to the extent of giving alms to them or is involuntarily moved to help people in distress, then there’s a big possibility that he’s empathetic.

And if that’s so, it explains why he may cry when he sees you crying. Perhaps, you just lost a loved one (say a parent) and the overbearing pain pushed you to tears.

In this moment of sorrow and misery, since your boyfriend is prone to sharing in other people’s pain he could cry to express this.  

It Means He Loves You More Than Ordinarily

During my little research about his piece, I asked some girls what their first impression would be when they find out their boyfriend is crying alongside them.

70% of them attested to love as being the anchor of their actions. The remaining divide was either clueless or had a different assertion to make. Love, they say, is the most powerful energy and force in the world.

With that said, it is proper to think that such a powerful mass of emotion can drag a man to tears. Well, here we have it; love is an additional reason why your boyfriend will cry when he sees you crying.

It shows he just loves you more than usual. This type of extraordinary love is responsible for him being moved to tears, in solidarity to share in your grief, pain, or sorrow. 

It Could Be That He’s Depressed and Frustrated, and Had to Let It All Out

While we place the focus on you, there’s a big chance your boyfriend only cried while you did because of his issues.

You can see from the angle that your tears allowed him to express himself. It served as a platform he leveraged to shed a tear or two.

Like always, most men are plagued with issues of frustration and depression, probably coming from a lack of success or socio-cultural rejection.

If your boyfriend recently lost a job, lost a huge bet, or a loved one, there’s a huge possibility his tears are more dedicated to his problems than yours.

Nevertheless, this remains an inconclusive point until you put your ears to the ground and discover any recent disaster that befell him at the time he cried just like you did.

It Can Be Traced to the Existence of the Mirror Neurons

Ever heard of the most talked about concept in the field of neuroscience? I bet you haven’t. Well, this point right here links the reason for your boyfriend’s actions to a medical concept that deals with the brain and your entire cognitive system. 

The concept of mirror neurons explains the relativity of actions influenced by our environment or another person, rather than our mind.

It suggests that we’re most likely to act in a certain way courtesy of an emotional pattern detected by our mind, which is likened to another person’s actions.

This means that your boyfriend’s act of crying because you’re crying can be blamed on mirror neurons.

These brain cells recreate the events around us in our subconscious mind and make it so that; if everybody is crying then we might cry.

Not because we know the cause of the grief, but because our mind sedates the body to act following what it just detected.

Since your boyfriend is human and has a functioning brain, there’s every tendency that him to react the way he did due to the working formula of the mirror neurons (replicating the emotional component of an environment).

5 Things to Do When Your Boyfriend Cries When You Cry

Did you realize that your boyfriend is crying alongside you? The reason could be that he’s either empathetic or he loves you, or it could even be that he’s frustrated.

However, I’ve tried to bring to light plausible reasons why your boyfriend cries when you cry and the next thing to consider is how you can handle the situation.

You might’ve had a particular through which you handle emotional breakdowns and distress between you and your partner.

The thing is; this is not entirely different but you still have to bring you’re A-game to the table. Let’s get right into the 5 things to do when your boyfriend cries when you cry.

  • You first have to stop crying
  • You should be calm and see the beauty of love expressed through him
  • You should give him a hug
  • You can kiss him deeply to ease the tension
  • You should hold his hands for some time and reassure him you’re okay

You First Have to Stop Crying

The first step you should take to salvage the situation when your boyfriend cries because you’re crying is to stop crying.

You can’t handle the situation if you’re still shedding tears, as that wouldn’t have any effect. Since he’s being pushed to cry because you’re crying, you can make amends by ending the crying session. 

When you do, he’s going to slowly stop crying too, and then gently start his road to recuperating from the moment of high influx of emotional expression.

However, it doesn’t end there as you need to move ahead with the next tip below which should follow suit right after you stop crying.

You Should Be Calm and See the Beauty of Love Expressing Through Him

My Boyfriend Cries When I Cry

After you quench the crying, you can turn the moment from a sorrowful one to one that involves sober reflection.

The only difference here is that you’re not reflecting on yourself, rather you’re reflecting on how lovely it is for your boyfriend to share in your pain, to the extent of even crying with you.

Just take your time and stare at him for some time. It may sound cocky, but I bet you’re going to find him pretty lovely and gracious with each tear he wipes off his eyes, or each breath he sniffs in with his nostrils.

It is quite a wonderful sight to behold, especially for the fact that men are not known to tend to cry.

You Should Give Him a Hug

Giving your boyfriend who cries when you cry a hug doesn’t sound like a bad idea. It is a way of letting him know that you value his presence and is determined to comfort him even if you don’t feel comforted yourself. 

You Can Kiss Him Deeply to Ease the Tension

This tip right here is the best one on this list, because it involves you getting intimate with your boyfriend. This works best as it serves as a way of making your partner feel relaxed, even at the height of the emotional imbalance.

Locking lips with your partner will do the magic of relieving him of any further emotional commotion due to the crying and sobbing. 

To do this; you should know that it shouldn’t be a brief and short-lived but a subtle, smooth, slow deep kiss. If this were to be the situation, then rest assured that you have everything under control because he’s going to bounce back.

You Should Hold His Hands for Some Time and Reassure Him You’re Okay

My Boyfriend Cries When I Cry

In the heat and calm of trying to calm the situation between you and your boyfriend who’s crying because you’re crying; you can help get things together by holding his hands calmly.

Women are already known for their soft nature, so it won’t be hard for him to go back to being relaxed if you hold his hands softly. While at that, you can spice things up a bit by telling him that you’re okay.

This will help him realize that there’s no longer any need for sobbing because the muse of his tears has proclaimed that she’s fine. 


I understand the type of confusion that can set if your boyfriend cries when you cry. However, I’ve tried to clear the air and give perspective to the possible reasons why your boyfriend cries when you cry.

I equally offered you some tips on how to manage the situation if it occurs. 

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the above-discussed topic, you can make use of the comment box below. 


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