What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Missy? (5 Possible Meanings We Know!)

When a guy calls you missy, what do you think he’s saying? I know I should be providing you with answers and not throwing the question back to you, but there’s a need for you to do a proper self-evaluation to fathom what the problem could be.

However, a guy can call you missy for a lot of reasons. While the idea of being called a missy sounds good, it could be that he’s trying to demean you.

On the flip side, the guy may be trying to drop hints that he likes you probably because he finds it difficult to communicate that to you.

Just like you have to be conscious of what the person means by that, you also have to know that your perception may vary from different angles.

In this post, I will be discussing a couple of facts as to what it means when a guy calls you missy and any possible actions you should take. Keep reading on!

5 Meanings Why a Guy Calls You Missy

Just like there’s no smoke without fire, there’s also no way someone would call you missy without having any intent behind it.

  1. To show this, here are a couple of meanings that you can read into the situation when someone, especially a guy calls you missy.
  2. It means he’s showing interest in you
  3. It could just be a gentlemanly expression
  4. It means he wants to make you feel young and vibrant
  5. It shows he’s just trying to flirt with you
  6. It could also mean he’s trying to exercise superiority over you

It Means He’s Showing Interest in You

When a guy calls you missy, it could be just his little means of telling you he likes you. He wants you to feel as feminine as possible and that’s what a lot of guys desire a woman does.

By calling you missy, he’s insinuating that your young stature and physical endowment is an asset worth claiming.

This could be too good to be true but you can’t overrule the chances that it is possible. You can detect this meaning if he’s always excited to see you and gives off an appealing expression whenever he calls you missy.

In addition, if he calls you missy while sounding aggressive, there’s a great chance he’s also interested in you.

Now, the discretion is in knowing when this is about a serious interest in you and when the guy is just messing around, i.e. when he’s flirting with you. Well, I’ll cover that as we progress in this angle.

It Could Just Be a Gentlemanly Expression

Just so you know, there are men who are sweet with words. These men particularly have a way with words and calling you missy can be just another of the tricks up his sleeve.

Does he call you missy in the office space? How about while at dinner or whenever you bump into him in the art gallery?

If he calls you missy around any of these settings, especially while having a woman by his side, then he’s just being a gentleman and nothing else.

A man like this just wants you to feel okay, while they go about their activities. In the long run, there may not necessarily be anything on his mind.

This means that you don’t have to nurse any other feeling, or even try to indulge the guy who calls you missy.

The ‘missy’ title is nothing but a gentlemanly expression; it is more like addressing an older woman as ‘madam’ and reserving ‘sir’ for an older guy.

It Means He Wants to Make You Feel Young and Vibrant

Are you an older woman, probably in her late 40s and early 50s, and a guy who has an eye on you can call you missy because he wants you to feel young?

In this case, the term ‘missy’ is a nostalgic catalyst. That is to say, he wants you to relive the memories of your youth whenever he calls you missy.

I know it sounds rather weird and unlikely for a guy to call an older woman missy since the term means a young and vibrant girl.

But the chances that it is possible cannot be overlooked. In fact, given the trend of sugar mummy and daddy, there’s no denying that this can happen.

As an older lady, a guy who has a love interest in you can call you missy to make you feel calm and young.

Every woman likes a man who adores her, so he may have figured that he could use the ‘missy’ factor to win you over.

You can detect this is the same guy who has tried other ways to showcase his interest in a single MILF.

It Shows He’s just trying to flirt with you

Here comes the difference between flirting and hinting at a serious relationship with a girl. A guy who calls you missy could just be flirting with you while you think of something else as the case.

To know the difference, you’ll have to pay attention to how he presents himself whenever he calls you missy. If he doesn’t look serious, then he may just be teasing you with it.

And to think that there are girls who don’t buy the idea of being called missy shows that he may either be flirting with you or at best teasing you.

When a guy sarcastically calls you missy to know your reaction without showing any true intentions, he is just flirting with you.

To this type of guy; you’re just some other girl around the block whom he can mess with and get away with it. You can verify this from the way he presents himself while he calls you missy.

It Could Also Mean He’s Trying to Exercise Superiority over You

To crown it all, a guy may call you missy to suppress you. He could have the ulterior motive of bringing you under his control.

While this may sound wrong, it is a survival antic for a lot of men in a society where women are now elevated more.

By calling you missy, he could be propagating your feminine side to you while he maintains his masculine frame.

This way, he exercises his superiority over you, while you embrace being soft, feminine, and submissive.

What to Do When a Guy Calls You Missy?

No rule forbids you from having a say when a guy calls you missy. Based on that, I guess you might’ve probably given a thought to what should likely be your next line of action or rather what to say when a guy calls you missy.

How about I relieve you from the hard mental stress and afford you the luxury of discovering what to do in this section of the article?

Since that’s a good idea, it is pertinent you know that your line of action is dependent on how you perceive the meaning of being called missy by a guy.

This means you can choose one or more courses of action based on which meaning of being called missy by a guy reflects most on you.

However, below are plausible actions you can subscribe to when a guy calls you missy.

  1. You don’t have to escalate the situation if you dislike the gesture
  2. You should cut down your expectations
  3. You have to see it as a compliment
  4. You have the option to repel the flirt if it doesn’t interest you
  5. You should know when to walk away

You Don’t Have to Escalate the Situation if You Dislike the Gesture

As I mentioned earlier, there are a couple of women who don’t fancy the idea of being called missy, especially if it’s coming from a guy.

Their reason could be tied to the informal status of the term and the fact that it is often misused by jerks to tease women.

If you’re a woman and you buy into this same sentiment of not liking the idea of being called missy by a guy, you can salvage the moment by not escalating the whole situation.

This makes you a considerate and knowledgeable person because escalating the situation could result in another difficult situation.

However, you can protest your dislike by being rather cool about it, or at best, you can calmly tell the person (guy) who had called you missy.

You Should Cut Down Your Expectations

Over the years, I’ve always talked about the importance of not expecting too much from anybody. Even expecting a little from someone can turn detrimental if things go south.

Lowering your expectations is another action that I have been preaching and reiterating to people a lot, and you should also buy into the idea of expecting everything and nothing in particular.

In the place of expecting things, you can do yourself the favor of being fairly optimistic. This action is in line with the meaning that has to do with the guy having an interest in you or even being a mere gentleman.

The main purpose of this action is to ensure you don’t get too attached to the thought that things will work out and it eventually doesn’t.

You Have to See It as a Compliment

Another line of deed you can tread is by seeing it as a compliment when a guy calls you missy.

Since there are guys who may call you missy to tease you or see how bad you react to things; you can count on this action to scale through.

This is because if you see it as a compliment, you won’t entertain the feeling o disgust and in that way, you wouldn’t react badly to things.

You Have the Option to Repel the Flirt if It Doesn’t Interest You

When a guy calls you missy as a form of flirtatious advance, and you don’t feel comfortable with it you can repel it.

Tell the guy plainly that you do not like being teased like that, or even flirted with, especially by him. This way, he will know that you’re not falling for his antics.

You Should Know When to Walk Away

Lastly, on the list of actions, you can take when someone calls you missy, is the ability to know when to walk away.

Although being called missy sounds fairly like a compliment, there’s no doubt that it irritates some people. If it has that effect on you, you have to know when to walk away.

And that has to be when you’re on the verge of letting it all out.

Is It Rude to Be Called Missy?

Yes, to an extent it is rude to be called missy by someone. This is because there are guys who see it as a ploy to remind women of their rightful place and as such exercise their superiority over them.

The rudeness of it all comes in when the guy who called you missy is younger than you and is still of the opinion that they can refer to you as such.

In addition, the office space is another place where it could be rude to call a woman missy. And this is because of the heavy rule of maintaining formalities by workers, and ‘missy’ being an informal term tends to be frowned on.

This means it is rude to call your female boss missy or even your coworkers.

10 Other Words You Can Use Instead of Missy?

Are you looking for other words which you can substitute with missy? If so, you’re in for a great treat.

There are a couple of words or terms which you can use instead of missy when you want to address a woman.

To avoid confusion, you should know that these words or terms are closely definitive just like missy. These words include.

  1. Maiden
  2. Damsel
  3. Lassie
  4. Colleen
  5. Pixie
  6. Romp
  7. Filly
  8. Girlie
  9. Sheila
  10. Nymph


The use of certain terms on individuals is often a case of their gender differences. ‘Missy’ is one such word that can only be used on a particular gender, the females.

But there’s confusion about the contextual meaning of this term. However, this post has provided all the answers you require concerning this post.

I also provided you with a couple of words that you replace with missy if you find them too rude to use.

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