If A Guy Calls You Everyday! What Does It Mean?

Good communication is indeed needed for any relationship to work out as expected. However, if a guy calls you every day, does it mean that he is genuinely interested in you?

Could it be a sign that he is a player? Could there be a hidden agenda that you are yet to figure out?

There are many assumptions you can make when you try to think through the actual reason why a particular guy calls you every day.

Ironically, the answer may be staring you in the face. First, you need to identify the kind of relationship you have with him, and the type of conversation you both usually have whenever he calls.

If a guy calls you every day, it could mean that he is genuinely interested in dating you.

However, there are other possible meanings behind it such as texting may seem like too much effort for him; he is simply a clingy person.

It could also mean that he has a controlling personality or he has enough time and thinks it is likewise for you, or he is after getting intimate with you.

Sometimes, if you are the only person he feels comfortable calling on the phone, then that could be the reason why he calls you every day.

It is not safe to rush to conclusions that he has feelings for you. It could even be that he does that to hear about how you spend your day – nothing more.

We will look at these possible meanings one after the other to see how any of them could specifically apply to your situation

10 Possible Meanings To Why A Guy Calls You Everyday

If A Guy Calls You Everyday! What Does It Mean

When a guy calls you every day, I understand how confusing it would be for you to figure out the exact impression the guy is trying to make.

You don’t want to get too excited and at the same time, you don’t want to wait too long for him to verbalize his intentions.

Well, we can start from the obvious hint which is that he makes an effort to hear from you every single day. But as long as he hasn’t told you that he wants to make things official, you need to interpret the gesture with open-mindedness.

Here are 10 likely meanings or indications behind the situation of a guy calling you every day:

1. He’s truly into you 

It should be a no-brainer that when a guy calls you every day, it is a hint that he wants to take the relationship he has with you to another level.

So, the number one meaning you’d want to be read into his daily calls is that he is interested in dating.

Not every guy will have the courage to come out and let you know or tell you verbally.

However, they expect you to see the glaring green light through the gestures, calls, texts, choice of words, favours, and other subtle romantic moves they make.

When a guy calls you every single day, it may be that he is beating around the bush and would likely not openly tell you the reason why a day cannot go by without him reaching out to you.

When you have feelings for someone, it may be pleasing to hear their voice every day, as though you both have all the time in the world to yourselves.

If you are also into him, you can choose to play along and allow him to naturally verbalize his intentions over time.

2. Texting may be too much work for him

As opposed to the first point, a guy calling you every day may not necessarily mean that he is into you. Yes, he may be interested in you but not to that level of buzzing your phone every day.

The reason why you see his calls every day may be that he would have texted instead but typing seems to be much effort for him.

You also need to consider whether the guy has a challenge in proper grammar articulation. If not, it could be an indication of why he calls every day instead.

If you have a best friend that you chat with frequently on Whatsapp, imagine they have a problem typing and decide to call you instead. Won’t you both be talking over the phone almost every day?

That may be the situation behind his calling every day. Perhaps, if he finds an alternative to text-to-speech, the daily calling would probably be reduced.

3. He’s a clingy person 

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that he may be a clingy person naturally? The reason why he calls you every day may be that he is extremely needy. This is quite different from the fact that he is interested in you.

A guy who decides to reveal his clingy nature to you (knowingly or unknowingly) sure has an interest in you, but the actual reason behind the habit may be because of his nature and not the feelings he has for you.

Meanwhile, you should study the pattern in which he calls you every day. Does he call you every day to make sure that you pick up the phone?

Does he sound insecure whenever you miss his calls? Does he immediately bring up another topic whenever you want to end the call?

Answers to these may suggest that the reason why he calls every day is that he is simply clingy. If you are not the talking type, you may find this disturbing.

4. He’s controlling 

You need to be very sensitive to discover why he is calling you. It could be that he reaches out to you every single day to know and control your every move.

One of the ways you can know that this is the reason why he calls you every day is by the nature of the questions he asks when he calls.

Study the kind of conversations you have with him every day. Does he ask questions that require you to divulge where you are and what you are doing? Does he pose invasive questions each time he calls you?

You need to be careful because it could be that he has taken it upon himself to call you every day to know your every move, action, and whereabouts.

This is not comfortable no matter how caring he may intend to be perceived. You should get more concerned when he becomes annoyed that you don’t give him answers to his question.

If you are in a relationship with the guy in question, and he calls you every day as a response to his instinct that you are with other men or doing things behind his back, then he calls every day because he wants to control you.

If the guy is obsessed and loves to control, calling you every day will be the most convenient gesture you’d be getting.

He may even show up in your apartment every day to make sure what you are telling him over the phone is correct. This is dangerous.

5. He wants to get to know you and see how much you like him

When a guy calls you every day, it gives you both the opportunity to talk about your daily lives, your likes and dislikes, your personality, and other things that reveal the type of person you both like.

A guy may call you every day because of this. His intention may be to know you and see how much you like him. By calling you every day, he may be testing the waters to confirm if you are his catch or if you share similar chemistry with him.

If A Guy Calls You Everyday! What Does It Mean

6. He has enough time and thinks it’s likewise for you

People do to you what you tolerate. The guy may be someone who has enough time to spend talking over the phone and thinks you have the same free time as well. And so, when he calls, he is expecting you both to have a long-lasting conversation.

It is okay to let him know that you don’t have the luxury of time that he has for making calls (if truly you don’t have one).

Although, the nature of his job may allow him to be on call all the time, and he sees you as someone comfortable to talk with all day. Hence, the daily phone calls.

The thing about this situation is that if the guy has enough time to call you and be on the phone for hours, and you stay on the call with them, they gradually believe you do have the same free time as well.

In other words, if you genuinely have limited time for calls, you need to let the guy know so that things don’t get out of hand, leaving both of you hurt or insecure.

7. He sees it as a way to feel connected with you

The essence of mobile phones is to feel connected to people far away as though they are with you. The guy who calls you every day may be doing so because he sees it as the only way to feel connected with you.

You should expect a guy to call you every day for this reason, especially when you both are in a long distant relationship.

Another arm of this meaning is that he may be calling every day as a way to feel mentally connected as well.

That is, he sees it as the only way to quickly get to know you better, especially if you both are not able to meet all the time.

If he has a connection with you that he wants to nurture, he is likely to call you every day as well.

8. You are probably the only person he calls 

There are chances that you are the only person he calls and that is why he reaches out to you every day.

You probably have no idea how isolated some guys can be that they don’t make calls with pals or friends and you are just the lucky one who has piqued his interest.

Aside from that, if you are the centre of his attraction, there is no way he will want to share his free time calling you with another person.

If he calls you every day, it means he loves your voice and wants to hear from you. If you figure out that you are the only person he calls, then it means his interest is clear – he wants to be beyond being a friend.

9. He wants to get down with you

Another possible reason why a guy would put effort to call you every blessed day could be that he wants to get down with you. You need to be sensitive enough to detect that he has ulterior motives.

One of the ways you can be sure that he is calling every day for this purpose is when he never forgets to use interesting words, paint romantic scenarios with words, and emphasize the need for you both to be together.

Guys who would not relent in chasing a girl until they get down with her can put effort to call her every day irrespective of the situation.

10. He simply wants to hear about your day

If he calls you, say, every evening, it may be an indication that he simply wants to know how your day was spent, what made it fun or annoying, what people you met, and the highlight of your day at work.

A guy will only be committed to this when he likes you and loves to spend time talking with you. Meanwhile, this is something BFFs can do.

So there doesn’t need to be feelings attached if the reason why he calls every day is simply to hear from you and about your day.

If A Guy Calls You Everyday! What Does It Mean


You may not be a fan of making calls, but I’ll tell you for free that making phone calls is better than texting.

This is because you get to hear the reaction of someone in real-time, not necessarily through what they say but in the tonality, pitch, sound, and overall expression.

One of the ways you can accurately grasp someone’s expression or reaction is when you hear them.

So, it is a different thing when a guy calls you every day, as opposed to texting every day. The common signal it should send is that he’s into you. But that is not always the case.

As long as the guy has not verbalized his feelings and asked to make things official, keep your mind open and consider the aforementioned possible meanings behind the consistent calls.

Ultimately, if this habit is hampering your daily activities, or you are not comfortable with it because you are already in a serious relationship or not just interested in him, feel free to neutrally and politely tell him to reduce the rate at which he calls you and offers texting as an option.


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