What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Says He Has A Surprise For You? Here’s What We Know!

Surprises are one of the ways lovers can keep the relationship rolling, whether subtle or in a grand style.

If your boyfriend says he has a surprise for you, and you are curious about what that could mean, you should first know that he has something in mind and would not reveal it so that you’ll get excited when it is eventually presented.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Says He Has A Surprise For You

While this sounds lovingly creepy, you don’t want to read too much meaning into it. This is because it might get your hopes up, believing the surprise to be something grander than it actually is.

Which can lead to disappointment and might rob you both of the excitement at the end of the day.

To avoid this, you want to know the possible meanings behind the situation when your boyfriend says he has a surprise for you, and what you should expect.

When your boyfriend says he has a surprise for you, and you are curious about the meaning, various pointers could suggest what you should expect.

It could mean he wants to propose to you, wants to fulfill a promise, satisfy a desire that you’ve shared with him in the past, or complement a big occasion around the corner e.g. birthdays.

This post will focus on these four common possibilities that point to the meaning behind when your boyfriend says he has a surprise for you and how many of each could apply to your situation.

4 Possible Meanings to When Your Boyfriend Promises You a Surprise (Explained)

Generally speaking, the meaning behind when your boyfriend says he has a surprise for you depends on his tonality in telling you, any special occasion around the corner, the level of your relationship, and perhaps, a special craving/need that you’ve shared with him in the past.

1. He wants to propose to you

Popping the big proposal question is considered a surprise. And so, if your boyfriend had said he has a surprise for you; the idea of a proposal is not far-fetched. However, there are other things to consider before concluding this speculation.

In many situations, the possibility of this becomes clear after you’ve considered how long you both have been together, your last discussion about having a future together, or the level of the relationship.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Says He Has A Surprise For You

Men would usually not disclose or hint to you that they want to propose to you. If they do, they try to make it vague so that the excitement does not break in prematurely.

When it comes to planning to ask the big question, guys are usually nervous but strive to be creative, smooth, and impressive about it.

So, If your lover has told you he has a surprise for you, and a part of you thinks it’s a proposal, also create room for the eventuality of something different so that you don’t ruin the expected expression when the surprise is presented.

One of the biggest signs that a marriage proposal is lurking around the corner is a change in your boyfriend’s general attitude.

Aside from telling you, he has a surprise for you, he’ll often bring you a couple of inventions and will go out of his way to tell you how much he loves you and envisages a future with you. Brace up!

2. He wants to fulfill a promise

Can you recall any moment when your boyfriend promised to get you something without you asking?

Perhaps it must have been when you both went shopping and he noticed you admired an exotic item which he could not get for you at that moment.

This news about having a surprise for you might be an indication that he’s about to get you that item.

The possibility of this is very common after a guy promises his girlfriend a surprise. If this is your speculation, there is a need to be open-minded.

If you can vividly remember the last few things he promises to do for you or give you (usual things you did not ask for first), then it could be the mystery behind this incoming surprise from him.

Meanwhile, the downside of this possibility is that the promise he wants to fulfill might be something that no longer interests you.

That is, perhaps, the item he once promised to get for you is no longer something you need at this moment and you can’t know about it till it is presented. So, again, you’ve just got to be open-minded. 

3. He wants to satisfy a desire you shared with him in the past

Can you remember any of those cold nights when you both cuddle and talk softly and you whisper some of your heart desires, cravings and wishes?

Or, perhaps a scenario pretty much related to when you shared your craving or desire with him?

This surprise could be an indicator that he wants to satisfy that desire. However, he has decided to keep you curious about so many other possible things that it comes off as a surprise indeed.

One of the apparent signs that suggest this meaning is when the desire is something that you consistently bring up.

Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a material craving or desire. You might have been longing to go on a vacation, visit the beach, invite him over to watch your kid sister’s ballet performance, or any other wishes.

When your boyfriend wants to satisfy a desire that you have occasionally requested or shared with him in the past, he can tell you he has a surprise for you.

And so, the curiosity that gathers before he breaks the surprise to you is what contributes to the overall excitement and romantic bliss you both will enjoy from the gesture. 

4. To complement a big occasion around the corner

Another meaning behind your boyfriend telling you he has a surprise for you is that there is a big occasion around the corner, and the surprise is a gift to complement the occasion.

For instance, if you have your birthday, graduation ceremony, launching of your business, receiving an award, or any other milestone around the corner, your boyfriend might be cooking a gift to surprise you on the occasion of such celebration.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Says He Has A Surprise For You

I have decided to make this the last point because it is a very common eventuality when guys tell their spouses that they have a surprise for them. It is easy to figure out.

If you have any of these milestone occasions around the corner, it is a sign that the surprise is a gift from your lover to complement the occasion.

It is a romantic gesture that many men never sleep on.

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Reasons Why You Should Date Someone Who Loves To Surprise People

Giving surprises is one of the positive relationship qualities that are often overlooked, unmentioned, or undervalued.

Aside from the bliss of receiving material items as his girlfriend, there are important reasons why you’d want to prioritize dating someone who loves to surprise people. 

Dating someone who loves to surprise people will be reciprocated in your relationship with that person, and even to a higher degree.

It shows that who you are dating has organizational and planning skills and he is a creative and thoughtful person which is vital in decision-making situations.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Says He Has A Surprise For You

Someone who loves to surprise you also has the magical ability to transform your mundane day to make it look like the best day you had yet, and also helps in taking the pressure off you since you won’t be too concerned in planning or strategizing to acquire or do things he has already promised to surprise you with.

It shows your lover’s organizational skills

No matter how small surprises are, they require some level of planning and organization. Having someone who loves to surprise people speaks volumes about the person’s high organizational skills which come in handy in other areas of planning in your relationship.

For instance, those who plan surprises do make phone calls and e-mails to friends and family, special trips, delicate attention to detail, timing, and scheduling to avoid flopping and all.

The exhausting planning process of making a surprise for someone is what you need to cherish as it poses an attractive quality to your significant other.

For what it’s worth, dating someone who knows or loves to give people surprises will likely be good at keeping secrets as well because most people who are at their A game in throwing surprises usually subject themselves to telling white lies to achieve their mission.

It shows your lover’s creativity and thoughtfulness

If you have ever planned a surprise for someone, you will agree that it is quite a demanding job because it requires your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Having someone as your spouse who loves to surprise you and others tells a lot about their level of creativity and thoughtfulness.

They can think outside the box to identify what will come off as a big shocker to you when presented.

People who love to surprise are also very creative enough to discern beyond the predictable routine of your everyday life. A surprise gone wrong is usually caused by the planner prioritizing the normal clichés.

Having a partner who loves to surprise will tell on the growth of your relationship because they will see reasons to make your union new and exciting and worth celebrating in unconventional ways.

Surprises in relationships are hopeful and romantic gestures that require thoughtfulness. And so, if your lover naturally enjoys planning surprises; this will be reflected in your relationship which both parties will enjoy.

You’ll have someone who can make you happy without asking for it

It is pure bliss to know you have someone as a partner who can make you happy without you soliciting for it. In some relationships, either of the parties would have to ask before they get romantic gestures like gifts or special outings.

Having a surprise as your spouse means he or she can transform your boring day into a fun-filled and fulfilled one by surprising you. Everyone loves surprises, especially when it fills the gap of something they have been longing for but have not told anyone.

It is romantic to see that your lover listens and pays attention to what makes you happy and has provided that without you necessarily asking.

Sparks your love life with the person 

If you feel your relationship is boring in some way, one of the ways you can fan the flames is through thoughtful surprises.

When you date someone that loves to surprise you, it is unlikely that you will experience a boring relationship.

Not only will the surprise from your partner keep you excited about the affair, but it will also encourage you to surprise your partner as well. This creates a mutual romantic gesture that is an ingredient for any thriving relationship.

In Summary

As mentioned earlier, the common way to figure out what your boyfriend means by saying he has a surprise for you is to consider if there is any special occasion around the corner e.g. birthdays or any promises he had initially made.

Your boyfriend says he has a surprise for you and may also suggest that he wants to propose to you. But, if this is your speculation, you need to consider how long you both have been together.

Whatever the case is, a surprise coming from your boyfriend will not always mean that he has a big boner to show you. It could be subtle or grand.

Bottom line, the love of surprises is one positive quality that helps to ward off boredom in what could otherwise become a stale or predictable relationship.

In my opinion, it is of equal importance with other qualities such as a sense of humor and a healthy intimate drive that foster a healthy relationship.

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  1. My younger partner has done this a few times, small things that mean alot to me, we are together 6 years now. My ex is a thoughtless horrible selfish controlling oaf who only thought of himself for the many years I wasted with him and never bothered to do anything nice for me only when we first met, after that it was downhill from their literally, 8 yrs ago i finally left him for good even though i had to leave behind too of my four kids, youngest was 13 it was hard, still trying to rebuild this and ex makes it impossible, even though we are not right for each other and never will be (also im a kiwi from New Zealand, ex is from Iran, and muslim was a match made in hell) the young guy I’m now with is from the same country New Zealand, and we have so much in common even though we are years apart in age. I’ve never known a guy like him even when younger, had a male friend once but he was more into me than i was with him, just was younger and didnt feel attracted to him. You have to have basic attraction in the beginning but with ex it was more ‘Fatal Attraction’ like the famous movie in which the victim is a silly guy who sleeps with a woman when the wife is away and then she doesnt go away and starts to go nuts and harm him and his family, this sums up my ex he wont go away and tries to get to me though my older kids its pathetic. all he wants back is control and manipulation and access to my mums trust which my late dad set up, when my mum goes i inherit money and he knows this its sick and pathetic. Now I’m finally with a man who appreciates me for who i am and what i am, not what he can mould me into and stress out and harass. I’ve never known anyone like him and im 54, is never to late to finally fall in love when your older as it means so much more, especially when you have waited your whole life for it to come along, I’m living a real life romance novel ,not the flashest life but a happy life than ive ever had in my whole life.


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