What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

Have you ever been lost for words when a girl refers to you as mean? Well, it is understandable that you lack words to respond when your excesses are being pointed out.

How about in a situation where your actions are misunderstood as being rude? It can be more confusing to know what to say at that point.

In order for you not to keep assuming what your response should be, we will be looking at 20 possible responses you can give to a girl who calls you mean.

What to Say When a Girl Calls You Mean

When a girl calls you mean, what you say in response is a determinant of your relationship with her and whether or not you are actually mean.

If you are found wanting, you can simply say “I am sorry,” and if she is your girlfriend, you can add some pet names to your apology. You can say, “Baby, I really am sorry.”

In a situation where your behaviour is being misunderstood as being mean, your response should be that of making clarifications. You can simply say, ” It wasn’t intentional” or ” I am sorry, but you misunderstood me.

Let’s dive right into a detailed list of responses you can give to her along with explicit explanations of when you can use them. 

You Can Say, “I Am Sorry.”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

The first possible reason she is called mean is because she behaved in a manner which portrayed meanness. It could be your previous conversation with her, or how you treated her. Hence, apologizing to her is going to be a way to show her it was unintended and you are actually sorry about it.

You May Say “It Wasn’t Intentional.”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

You will agree that some of the bad characters we often portray are sometimes because of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Therefore, if you behaved in a mean manner and a girl points it out to you, in a bid to clarify yourself, you can simply state that it wasn’t intentional and clarify yourself afterwards.

You Can Say, “I Will Change.”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

When a girl calls you mean, it is possible that your relationship with her (either platonic or romantic) will hit a rock. This is because she can’t condone a rude guy.

Hence, telling her “Jane, I’m sorry,” will seem fruitless as a result of how the word ” sorry” has been misused. Most people now say sorry just to cover up their excesses and be on talking terms with people again. They aren’t saying it from a standpoint of honesty or genuinity.

Informing her “I will change” serves as assurance that you will not repeat the mistake. This is capable of making her reconsider her decision to begin to avoid you or call off your relationship with her.

Girls love to be reassured. Her trust in you lies in the strength of your ability to reassure her about sensitive issues.

You May Say, “You Are No Different.”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

You might be thinking, “Why in the world would I say such a thing to her? It’s somewhat rude. ” Oh well! If the lady who called you mean also demonstrates some trait of meanness, then you also need to point it out to her.

Some girls love to play emotional blackmail on guys just so they can get the relationship working on their terms. 

With this, she would only want to point out your excesses whereas, she behaves in an ill-mannered way. Hence, if a rude girl doesn’t hesitate to call you mean, you don’t need to feel bad. Point it out to her also. you may say ” You are no different, Jane.”

You Can Ask, “You Detest Me This Much?”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

It is possible that she called you mean because she detests you so much. Ladies who detest guys will always give them hurtful compliments to make them cringe and desist from associating with them. Therefore, a suitable reply to give her is ” Why do you detest me this much?”

If her reason for calling you mean is genuine, then she’ll let you know that she doesn’t detest you but needs you to know about it so you can make amends. But if she dislikes you, she may not be able to give a reply.

You Can Say, “I Believe You Completely Misinterpreted What I Said.”

Oftentimes, a girl will misunderstand a guy because males have different psychology from females. You may have gold intentions, but it doesn’t take much for a lady to see it the other way round.

Hence, she would tell you outrightly about it. Since your intentions were harmless and misunderstood the other way round, you need to point it out.

If you do not clearly tell her that she misunderstood you, then she will continually relate to you that way because she thinks you are like that.

You May Ask, “Why Do You Say So?”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

If you get such a compliment from a lady who you never expected to say so, do not hesitate to question her reason. This is especially when you are clueless as to why she said so and may be wondering if it was as a result of your conversation or something you did.

Surprisingly, her response after you ask this question gives you the reason why she said so. It could be a verbal response or just a reaction. 

You May Say, “I Knew You’d Say That.”
What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

 Maybe she watched you exchange words with the some guys, which led to a fight. If she watched how you administered blows to your opponent’s face without pity, she couldn’t help but call you mean.

However, since you know that your actions were obviously portraying that you are mean, then this will be an appropriate reply the moment she calls you mean, “I know you’d say the word. 

You Can Say, “And You Sound Rude!”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

 If a girl calls you mean, then she is being rude. There are more polite ways she could have communicated your bad behavior such that you are knowledgeable about it without feeling bad.

Therefore, the next time she tells you that you are mean, give her a reply telling her how rude she is. If she weren’t rude, she would have communicated with you in a better way because she wants you to change.

You May Say, “Yes, I Am So Mean.”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

Just as we saw in the first point, the first possible reason someone will call you mean is that you are actually mean. In response to that, you can admit to it by saying, “Yes, I am so mean.”

This response is also suitable if you want to get back at the lady because the moment she calls you mean, she expects some sort of remorse and an apology. Giving her this reply will make her cringe.

You May Say “Sorry, But I Meant No Harm.”

Most ladies love gentle guys, and so your excessive use of words or slang during conversations may be a turnoff to them.

By this, she may consider you rude even though it was just a normal way in which you relate to your friends. In order to let her know that she misinterpreted you, apologize to her and then let her know that you meant no harm.

You Can Ask, “Are You Still Getting To Know?”

 If everyone else calls you mean, it shouldn’t surprise you if a girl calls you mean. It could also mean that by calling you mean, she is trying to get at you and make you feel bad.

In response to her, you can say, “Are you just getting to know?” By this, you are trying to let her know that you acknowledge being mean because everyone else thinks that way. Also, she doesn’t need to ascertain it because you are actually being mean.

You Can Say “Why Don’t You Let Me Be Then?”

If she calls you mean but is always in your company, then it could mean something else. Because if she feels you are mean, it’s supposed to be a turn off. Normally, girls desire to be in the company of guys who are loving and caring.

But if she keeps drumming it in your ears without letting you be, then the perfect reply to her would be “Why don’t you let me be then?”. If there is anything else, her reaction or hysterical reaction will let you know.

You May Ask “Is That What Keeps Turning You On So Much?”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

Surprisingly, a number of girls like mean guys for so many reasons. It is possibly as a result of his level of confidence or money. And also, his ability to drive her nuts when making love to her.

These are just a few amongst many, and if you realize that there is something about you that she is so attracted to, you can simply give her the reply, “Is that what turns you on so much?”

This will make her understand that even though you are mean, you know that she finds you attractive in another way.

You Can Say, “It Hurts To Hear That Coming From You.”

This response should be given to a lady who you genuinely care for, but she still sees you as mean.

After all of her dedication to seeing what she develops feelings for you, it may have knocked you off your feet to learn that she regards you as mean.

Therefore, hiding how you feel about it will make you feel bad. And so you can simply say ” it hurts to hear that coming from you”. This would let her know that she was the least you expected to get that from you and feel bad about it.

You Can Say, “I Guess I Just Can’t Please You”

Sometimes, girls can be so complicated because they are wired that way. One of the glaring ways they show this complicated nature of theirs is the desire to be chased. In a bid to have you keep chasing her, she would use some kind of emotional blackmail to keep you.

You may not be doing what’s wrong, but she’ll make it look like you’re a bad person. With this, you are liable to always get her flowers, gifts, and even take her on a date just to make up for your mistake. If she

She keeps bringing the mean word up. She just wants to have you on her terms, and so you keep walking in circles.

If you realize that this type of lady still calls you mean after everything, the appropriate response is not to say sorry and take her out to make up for it, but to ask her why she keeps proving difficult to please.

You Can Ask, “Is That Why You Ignore Me?”

Relative to how a lady always desires to be in the company of a funny guy because he makes happy, she won’t hesitate to avoid one who portrays a mean character.

Oftentimes, she may not make it obvious because she doesn’t want to hurt the guy. Therefore, if you exhibit mean characteristics toward her, a way of saying “You are just so mean” without being rude is by ignoring you. 

As a result, you may continue to interact with her without realizing that she dislikes your mean behavior, and in order to get you off her back, she may simply call you mean. If you have noticed her habitual soft-ghosting attitude, then you can give her a suitable response by asking if that is the reason she’s been ignoring you.

You Can Say, “I’m Insanely Hot As Well, And That Makes Up For It.”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Mean

 If you have realized that the girl who called you mean finds you attractive, then this would be an appropriate response to her.

Even though she thinks you are mean, she just can’t stay off of you because she finds your physique alluring. Hence, she might have called you mean, but reminding her that you are hot will make her take back her words.

You Can Say, “You Know, I Am Not Mean; You Only Want To Make Me Feel Bad.”

We humans love to be praised but resent negative compliments. Whether or not we are guilty of it, we wish others could just look over it without pointing it out. Since this is attributed to virtually everyone, some tend to use it against others to make them feel bad.

If you have been trying to nurture a relationship with a lady, even when she’s playing hard to get, and you keep relating to her in a decent manner, in order to make you feel bad, she can make up something just to push you away.

In this regard, if she calls you mean, simply reply to her by saying “you know I’m not mean; you only want me to feel bad.”

You Can Say, “Yeah! I’ve Been Dealing With It, But You Deserve Someone Better.” 

This response makes the lady who called you mean realize that you acknowledge that being mean is one of your weaknesses and that you’ve been working on yourself. And she can go in with some other guy because she doesn’t deserve a rude guy.

Surprisingly, her response may be the other way round, and instead of moving on, she will stay with you and develop certain behavioral patterns to be able to keep up with your mean attitudes until you are able to get over your mean habits.


To bring this interesting and educative article to a close, it is important to know that a girl will call you mean for many reasons.

Giving her the wrong response may cause a breach in your relationship with her. I believe that with the responses explained above, you can now navigate through the right answers to give a lady who calls you mean.

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