My Ex’s Friends Are Spying On Me: Why/What To Do?

There are definitely going to be people who do not want to see you progress and want to harm you, but when such people are found in your inner circle or among people who are or were close to you, then it is significant to look closely into the matter.

If your ex’s friends are spying on you, it may be because they want to get the latest information about you to your ex’s advantage or because they are envious of you and their curiosity makes them want to know what you are up to at any given time.

However, no matter how close you were to them when you were in a relationship with their friends, you shouldn’t trust their moves.

Tell someone you trust about it, and if you sense it is becoming worse, charge them with harassment. This article gives you ideas on why your ex’s friends are spying on you and what you should do.

5 Reasons Why

  • Envy
  • Curious
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • To gather information about you

1. Envy

My Ex's Friends Are Spying On Me

There is a high likelihood that your ex’s friends will spy on you because they want to know what you are doing. They see that you got better so fast and that you have improved since you left them.

So, because they want to trace what has brought you where you are currently, they will spy on you.

However, they may be aware that you are simply being productive with your life and efficient with your time, but on their end, they want to monitor your every move to find one or more errors in you.

This is why they have not failed to stop monitoring you so they could spot you committing one error or another that they will tie you down to. They are simply jealous of how far you have come because they are not there yet and won’t be soon.

2. Curious

It is obvious that your ex’s friends are curious to know more about you. Although you are no longer friends with them, they still want to get involved in issues in your life indirectly.

They are so curious to know who you are in a relationship with and what your partner does for you. Because of speculation, your ex’s friends do not want their knowledge of you to be obsolete. This makes them nosy.

They will dwell on your matter for days and ask questions to bug into your privacy. Their nosy character may feel so annoying to you, but on their end, they love their curiosity about you.

This will make them gossip with other people with whom you were friends and even pay people or go out of their way simply to know more about your life. 

3. Fear

Your ex’s friends are afraid that they will miss a chunk of your life; that could be the reason why they are snooping on you.

They are scared to know what your next move will be as you are no longer their friend and you were so bold to break it out of your circle with audacity that you will do much more than you did when you were friends.

They are scared that you will progress suddenly, just as you said, and so they want to monitor you closely just in case you will get a new clique of friends or speak badly about them to others to gain favor.

Their reason for spying on you could be that you know so much about them and also have information at your disposal about people they might have plotted against or spoken against.

So, they want to see if you will expose them, and their plan is to stop you when you want to or do something to hinder you as they are so afraid.

4. Guilt

It is obvious that I left my ex’s friends on a sad note, and the guilt of the whole incident has made them constantly dote on you. Since they did something wrong to you, they are simply guilty of what they made you go through.

And after making amends and trying to correct the wrongs they committed in the past, you might not have given them attentive ears or considered their plea, and as a result, they feel guilty. For this reason, they are spying on you.

They are indirectly seeking your attention so that you will consider having a talk with them, or they simply want to hear you tell them that you are no longer upset with them or have them in mind even after they have hurt you.

5. To gather information about you

My Ex's Friends Are Spying On Me

You shouldn’t be surprised to know that the reason your ex’s friends are snooping on you is because they want to gather information about you. They may not necessarily mean harm or want to be nosy about your affairs.

However, their intentions may simply be to gather information about you. So, in every sphere, they will want to get updates.

They view your status, comment on your social media posts, visit a mall with you, and want to always be in the vicinity where you are simply to monitor you because they want to have information and be updated on ideas about what you are up to, who you are with, and your next move.

They may be paranoid, thinking you are doing the same, but they simply want to keep their eyes on you by spying to protect themselves. 

10 Things To Do When My Ex’s Friends Spy On Me

  • Act like you are not aware that they are spying on you
  • Remain unwavering in your decision
  • Do not confront them
  • Look closely at your surroundings
  • Try new things
  • Reach out for support
  • Document incidence
  • Take the case to court
  • Spend more time on yourself than on them
  • Move on with an open heart

1. Act like you are not aware that they are spying on you

My Ex's Friends Are Spying On Me

One of the best things you can do is to act like their quest to get your attention does not count. By all means, ensure that you do not spend too much time trying to figure out or analyse their moves.

400;”>This means that you should ignore them as much as you can. Since you have broken away from them and made a decision to move on and make a new clique of friends, you shouldn’t pay attention to every move or make attempts to challenge them at one point or another.

One of the best responses to give to friends who spy on you is to completely ignore them. Be wholly uninterested in every one of their activities.

2. Remain unwavering in your decision

You need to be a bit anxious because your ex’s friends are spying on you. Your response to them at this point in time should be calmness. Ensure that their paranoid attitude does not affect your approach to them or the things or people around you.

Stay calm despite the fact that they are spying on you, and do not let their actions get to you or weigh you down. Don’t be troubled that you need to reunite with them as quickly as possible so that misfortune doesn’t happen to you.

Anytime you notice their moves, try to relax and remain calm. Make sure that you are always positive, and if possible, do not remain isolated all the time.

Ensure that your mind is free of negativity towards the situation, and try other measures to keep you calm. You can speak to someone about it or practise other measures that will save you from pressure and keep you positive.

3. Do not confront them

Confronting your ex’s friends could be one of the worst decisions you could make, even if they are snooping on you. If you decide to confront them, then you may be making one of the most terrible decisions that will give birth to unlikely solutions.

You should focus your strength on yourself and her to make further progress instead of plotting ways to confront or even attack your ex’s friends who are snooping on you.

If you speak to anyone and their advice to you is that you should challenge them or face them with threats, then you are likely to make things get out of hand.

Simply discard every thought of confrontation and channel your energy into something productive.

4. Look closely at your surroundings

You can only imagine if your ex’s friends are now your enemies. Do not take it lightly or underestimate what they can do to you when they figure out that you are in an environment without help.

Anywhere you go, make sure you observe. If your ex’s friends go along with you and their moves are suspicious, then you should take coverage or, in worst-case scenarios, raise an alarm so that they will be interrogated.

Ensure that you do not stay alone in environments where they are spying on you. You can send a message to a close friend or family member; you can also turn on your location and inform your close pals where you are at any given time in case of any situation beyond your control, organised by your ex’s friends.

5. Try new things

It is possible that your ex’s friends still spy on you because you practise the habits you used to share with them. You still shop at the same mall at the same time, you still hang out at the same venue, and your habits are still the same.

Because of this, you will become overly predictable, with little or no secrets; on the other hand, they will have to make no extra effort to know your whereabouts at any given time.

They will keep on spying on you as long as your routine remains the same. Try out a new shopping mall. Do not hang out where you used to; try new places and things; who knows, they will cease to spy on you.

6. Reach out for support

Ensure that you are not a lone ranger in this situation. Since you have observed that your ex’s friends are spying on you, tell someone about you. You may not accurately guess their intent.

When you involve someone in the issue, you will get better ideas on what to do, and at every point, you will know that you are not alone.

In times of trouble, you will get help quickly if you reach out for support. Also, you need to reach out to someone so that you won’t be drained emotionally. 

7. Document incidence

One of the most important things you need to do when you observe that your ex’s friends are snooping on you is to document everything that you observe.

Do not leave anything to chance, or else you may regret not having the proof to tell what kind of people they are and that they have caused you harm.

You may, in the end, permit their wickedness to prevail if you do not have evidence showing the locations, dates, and times at which you have noticed their suspicious activities.

8. Take The Case To Court

Your ex-friend’s spying may get out of control. At some point, the danger may be glaring, and you shouldn’t be a victim of their wicked plot. So, get to meet with a lawyer, explain the happenings, and present your evidence.

Do not accept that they violate your privacy and make you overly conscious all the time, like you don’t deserve to live freely. You can charge them with harassment too.

9. Spend More Time On Yourself Than On Them

My Ex's Friends Are Spying On Me

Upon noticing your ex-friend’s recent job of spying on you, you may become overly conscious and begin to predict what they are up to.

At this point, you shouldn’t treat them like they are your priority and your business doesn’t matter anymore. Instead, focus on yourself, think more about your goals, and intentionally distract yourself from analysing or judging their intent. 

10. Move on with an open heart

Do not think and rethink if you need to beg them to be their friend or give you a chance for the last time.

As long as you are sure about your decision that they should no longer be your friend, remain unbending and move on, whether they keep on spying on you. Ensure that your life is on a progressive curve.


Always keep in mind that friendship is your choice, and you ought to pick your friends based on certain principles and mutual impact.

If you figured out at some point that you made the wrong choice in your relationship, then you should correct it immediately by making them ex’s friends.

Take deliberate steps to make sure that your relationship does not end on a confrontational note or in a situation where they will begin to hunt you or spy on you so that you will lose your peace.

If you do not hurt them and they spy on you, involve someone, ignore them, and document every incident they create. Was it worth your readtime?


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