What to Say When Someone Calls You a Snake

How do you feel when someone calls you a snake? You may be skeptical, askance, or pained to have heard it from someone you love.

It is natural to feel in some kind of way when someone uses a negative phrase such as that to describe our function in their life.

The problem lies in how you reply. What’s your response going to be judging from how you felt about it? You might want to ask questions, tender an apology, pick a stand or most times don’t even know what to say.

See that right there, is the meat of this post. You’ve found your way into this article because you need to know what to say when someone calls you a snake.

Thing is, you’re at the right spot, and sound replies are lying around in this post so get in touch with them already.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You a Snake

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Snake

I know how it feels to want to say something in this case, especially when you’re deeply pained about it. But it doesn’t stop you from having something to say, does it?  

Some replies you can dish out include “Talk for yourself”, don’t judge me, No one is perfect, you really have to stop being over-dramatic, stop playing the victim every time, and seriously I’m not hiding anything.

You can throw in your apologies by saying I’m sorry for upsetting you and I didn’t mean to betray you or try to caution the speaker with statements like you didn’t have to say that in public, don’t try to demean me or You’ve never liked me. Read on to discover more interesting replies.

Next Time You Jerk around, I’m Going to Bite You

There’s this feeling of disgust that you get when someone calls you a snake out of jest. I know it sounds mean to you, no matter your status. This is why you should use this line to tell the person you might bite them (you’re a snake). 

Talk for Yourself

You might’ve had a situation where someone calls you names because of what he or she heard from others. Whether or not this information is true, this set of people only wants to chip in their unconfirmed thoughts about you.

But you shouldn’t fold your arms and watch them demean you into something as lowly as a snake. Hence, you need to adopt this line to tell them to only talk from what they know and not what they probably heard from others.

Don’t Judge Me

My conviction in life is that no one has the prerogative to pass judgment on you, except you’re being convicted for any crime or offense. This way, you’re either facing a competent court or getting sort of court-marshaled. 

But aside from any of the above scenarios, no one else should judge you…maybe your parents can. So when someone tries playing the judge and passing such a sentence as calling you a snake, you can remind them not to judge you.

No One Is Perfect

Perfection and humanity have been the subject of arguments for a long time. It’s almost like it is an unattainable state of mind or level, and I barely argue that.

If this is so, you can leverage it to plan a response to anyone who calls you a snake.

You Really Have to Stop Being Over-Dramatic

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Snake

Can you picture a scenario where your friend calls you a snake for doing something that does not even worth the “snake” tag? If you did that, then consider a scene where this type of response can play out.

 But how do you tell the person to stop staying such to you… because he or she is dramatic. You can say this line as a response when the person calls you a snake.

Stop Playing the Victim Every Time

You might’ve encountered the set of people who would give anything to play the victim. They don’t want to be faulted no matter what. Such a person can call you a snake when any dealings you have with them go south.

They want you to always take the fall, not minding if you’re comfortable with it or not. My understanding shows that you don’t “always” have to take the fall for them or let the blame get stacked up on you. Instead, you should be bold to throw the person’s ill to their 

Seriously, I’m Not Hiding Anything

Do you know someone can call you a snake because they feel there’s something odd about you? Especially if you’re not the type of person who lets his personal life out in the public. It gets worse if you don’t even confide in anyone at all.

When this happens, you can reassure the person you’re not being secretive unlike what they think. You can equally go to the length of telling the person something of value about you, to win them over into believing you.

I’m Sorry for Upsetting You

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Snake

If someone calls you a snake, it means the person is sensing some kind of shady attitude from you. Maybe you’re acting in a way that’s unclear to them or something. It can cause the person to get upset if they’ve tried to get through to you.

When you sense this anger, you can redress the issue by apologizing to the person if you so wish to. This response is a perfect piece if you’re feeling somewhat remorseful and wish to make peace with whoever called you a snake.

I Didn’t Mean to Betray You

I guess you’ve heard the biblical story of the deceptive serpent, who tricked the first humans into breaking the laws guiding them.

This creature betrayed whatever trust that the supposed first humans had for it, and you may have done the same thing to the person who called you a snake.

How do you amend the torn trust? Maybe you can let it slide and keep moving with guilt. I think that’s not a good idea, so I’d prefer you to go for a conversation.

A better way to start this reconciliatory conversation is to say this line of response. It shows that whatever you did was unintended.

You Didn’t Have to Say That in Public

I’ve had my fair share of public defamation, but the response above has always been my go-to reply in such situations. You can also add it to your list of replies because it is virtually the best thing to say when someone tries to demean you in public by calling you a snake.

Don’t Try to Demean Me

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Snake

What more do you think is the reason a person would call you a snake? If it never crossed your mind, then I must tell you it is a move to demean you. No one enjoys such, a remark, and I know you don’t too.

Therefore, you can use this line to authoritatively tell the person to desist from demeaning you.

You’ve Never Liked Me

Are you dealing with a sworn hater? If so, you don’t need to engage the person in any brawl because it is clear you won’t convince him or her into liking you. 

Hence, the best option remains to use this line of response on them and possibly walk out of the scene to avoid further discussions from erupting.

Why Did You Say That?

If you’ve been following through on this post, you’ll notice that I barely spoke about a question-like response. That’s because the comebacks which preceded the article needed no question to make them better.

But here comes a question-like response, and it embodies your quest to know the reason behind the person’s ugly remark about you. You’ll probably get some answers to your questions if the person wants to point them out.

Did I Wrong You?

The previous response has semblance with this one right here. It is also a question-like reply which also exposits on the reason the person who called you snake did that. But this time, you’re taking a stance because it is quite understandable that he or she said that out of grievance i.e. they feel wronged.

Life Has a Way of Turning Us into Something We Hate

The above statement is true because I witnessed it. I never really thought my close friend will end up being a doctor because he despised the sight of drugs or syringes. But he ended up as one, yet he is still complaining about it.

The same thing applies to the situation of this response because you might’ve wronged the person who called you a snake. So you can tell the person whatever you did that warranted the name-calling was not your attitude.

Look Who’s Talking

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Snake

You can use this line to kind of ridicule the person who called you a snake. Saying “Look Who’s Talking” will put the speaker in a funny position.

You Didn’t Have To Trust Me, Did You?

For someone to call you a snake means the person is possibly feeling betrayed, because of your action or your words. But you don’t always have to feel remorseful about what the person said. Instead, you can choose to act indifferent to what the person said about you.

Speaking Like You’ve Never Betrayed Someone Else

No one is perfect, and even the person who called you a snake might even be a victim. So when that happens, you can say this line to the person to dissipate whatever points the person has against you.

I Never Asked You to Be the Prey

You can continue your action of showing indifference by saying this piece of line to the person who called you a snake. This line says means that you never asked the person to be the prey, just as the person called you a prey.

You Have To Outgrow This Ill-thought

It is a very ill-thought for someone to call you a snake, especially when you’ve not done anything much to deserve such a name. Telling the person who called you a snake to outgrow this bad perception is a good step toward being intentional about replying to the person who called you a snake.

I Didn’t Plan Any of These

You can choose to say this line of response when someone calls you a snake if you didn’t plan for any of the events which led to the name-calling at all. 

Yes, More Intelligent Than You

Snakes are a kind of creature which is often placed side by side with intelligence or will I say… cunningness. Therefore, you don’t have to pick it as an offense when someone calls you a snake as you can use this line of response to show how intelligent you are.

Don’t Expect Me to Apologize, an Eye for an Eye

Have the same person who called you a snake wronged you? If this is so, you don’t have to feel remorseful about it. Rather, you can say this line of response t the person to show that your actions were that of retaliation.

I Have a Feeling That Someone Put You up to this

If you feel that the person who called you a snake didn’t do that of their own accord, then you should say this line as a response. This line shows uncertainty and you can then find out the truth if the person explains their motive for saying such hurtful words to you.

You See Sinister Moves, I See Different

Someone could call you a snake if the person suspects you act odd. To them, you could be up to bad intentions which is why they called you a snake. But you can rewrite whatever narrative the person has on you by using this response.

My Success, Your Misery

Do you know how haters will say things to make you feel bad? Yes, that’s the same thing the person who called you a snake might be up to. Since you have the choice to stay happy, you can use this response when the need arises.

My Reaction Depends on Your Definition of Snake

Being called a snake can mean a lot of things, which you don’t understand until the speaker makes it known to you. Therefore, this line shows you’ll choose to react based on what the person means by calling a snake.

Don’t Blame Me if You Fell for Such a Trap

Someone might call you a snake if the person feels you played them. But you don’t need to feel bad about it, because you never asked the person to fall for your antics.

I’m Transparent, Yet You Call Me a Snake

Are you opulent to people around you, yet called a snake? Then you should consider this response as a good way of representing your feeling of bewilderment when someone calls you a snake.

Is That What I Get for Being Too Personal About My Life?

If you’re too personal about what goes on with your life, someone out there can call you a snake. It might probably be your close friend or any other onlooker who feels they should know more about you. When this happens, don’t forget to ask this question to the person and wait for whatever reasons they have to give.


This is where we get to call it a day on this post. But before we end this article, I would love to reiterate the need for you to understand what works for you the most and the situation you find yourself in before employing any of these replies. Don’t forget to share this article and drop your comments below if you have any.


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