How To Reply When Someone Says Have Attitude

When someone says you have an attitude, it is often meant as a reproach towards you. You can reply to this statement but first, you have to know what they mean by it.

I know there may not be time for you to access the context around the statement, but if you stick with me in this post, I will show you how to get quick replies.

Your replies should be witty, funny, clear, and appropriate for the occasion. Learn to also be firm with your replies so they understand that you are serious.

20 Replies When Someone Says You Have Attitude

How To Reply When Someone Says Have Attitude

1. It’s a reflection of how you treat me

How To Reply When Someone Says Have Attitude

When someone says you have an attitude, you can reply to them by saying it reflects how you treat them. If you have an argument with a friend and they say you have an attitude, you can make them feel remorse.

This reply means you acknowledge that you have an attitude, and the reason is that of how they act towards you.

2. I don’t have an attitude

If someone says you have an attitude, one good is telling them you don’t have an attitude. I understand it can get annoying when someone accuses you of having an attitude. Sometimes you are only trying to pass a point.

When your response is concrete and direct, they will understand that accusing you of such things is not ideal. It also blocks you from having such bad energy around you in the future.

3. It suits my personality

A sarcastic reply is ‘’saying it suits my personality’’ when someone says you have an attitude. This reply is Cheeky and also sounds like a warning. If you have been giving out a vibe with an attitude, it is okay to tell anyone that it suits your personality.

By telling them this, they will know that you have an attitude on purpose. Depending on their reason for saying you have an attitude, you will either get an apology or they will stay clear of you. However, I guarantee this reply is classic and spot on.

4. So? What do you want to do about it?

When someone says you have an attitude, you can reply by saying ‘’so, what do you want to do about it?’’. this response from you usually throws anyone who accosts you with such a statement off.

They rarely expect a question from you, and giving them something to think about is something I recommend.

This response questions their intentions and why they have directed such comments your way. If anyone says you have an attitude, they should be bold to tell you how it affects them.

5. Who made you a judge

You can reply by asking them who made them a judge when someone says that you have an attitude. We all know what powers a judge presiding over a court case wields.

If anyone says you have an attitude, this response questions their right on the matter.

I believe everyone should be allowed the freedom to be alive and when someone says you have an attitude; they act as judges.

This reply is vindicating you from criticism about your attitude or behaviour, irrespective of whether it is present. An extra tip when doing this is to look at them directly when asking them.

6. My attitude is always on

When someone says you have an attitude, one witty reply is saying your attitude is always on. Your attitude gets you through your daily task and routines. You have behaviour and traits that all combine to make you.

By telling them your attitude is always on, you have successfully downplayed the situation. This is like physically shrugging off the comment because It means nothing to you. I guarantee It will dissuade any further reactions on your part.

7. It changes nothing about me

One quick reply when someone says you have an attitude is saying it changes nothing about me. I have an attitude and so does everyone on the planet. No one should be made to feel different because of the behaviours that make up our characters.

Telling them that your attitude doesn’t change who you are, is a firm way to establish that you are fully in control of yourself. This response has the desired effect of ensuring such statements would not be repeated.

8. You can cry all you want

When someone says that you have an attitude, tell them they can cry all they want. I find it annoying when some folks only nag but don’t offer any solution to a problem. When anyone says you have an attitude, it is often because they are complainers.

If you reply to them this way, it means that you won’t budge because of anything they might say. Their statement to you is nothing and doesn’t faze you.

9. Do You often speak such nonsense?

A comeback that is sure to get anyone who says you have an attitude is saying ‘’ do you speak such nonsense often’’. This response is ideal in situations where they meant saying this as an insult or to show you disrespect.

It is direct and delivers the point of telling them you don’t appreciate being spoken to in such a manner. Sometimes, you have to directly tell people how to behave around you.

This will allow you to foster better relationships and prevent anyone from crossing boundaries.

10. How long have you held unto that

When someone says that, you have an attitude a simple reply is asking them how long they have held unto that.

This question directed back at them suddenly becomes a hard pill to swallow. They will be embarrassed because you have accused them of holding a grudge against you.

This is also a way to expose them, by letting them know you know their ill feelings towards you.

We have had points in our lives where people keep grudges with us and tell us about them when they feel it’s time. Replying to them this way means that you are aware of their grudges.

11. Your opinions don’t count

When someone says that you have an attitude, you can reply to them by saying their opinions don’t count. This reply is self-explanatory.

You have no value for anything that might come from such a person and then saying this to you is a waste of time.

They will feel angry about your reply and also understand that you have no regard for them.

This will prevent anyone from even thinking about talking this way to you in the future. I believe only the opinions of those persons who matter to us are important.

12. You can shut up now

A simple reply when someone says you have an attitude is telling them they can shut up now. This comeback is aggressive and intended for heated or intense situations. If you want to brush anyone off who says this to you, this is a sure way to go about it.

This reply is direct and sends a clear message. You notice that they immediately cease from telling you anything rude.

13. You Don’t know what you are saying

When someone says you have an attitude, you can reply by saying you don’t know what you are saying.

I have seen situations where people are used to saying what they know nothing about. Sometimes they use words and terms because they hear others saying them.

By telling them they don’t know what they are saying, you have downplayed and rubbished any ill intent from them. You are also stamping your feet by letting them know what you tolerate and those you don’t.

14. Have you seen my mom?

A sarcastic reply you can use when someone says you have an attitude is asking them if they have seen your mom. We know how our parents can influence our habits and decisions, referring them to your mom is a good comeback.

I particularly like this reply, because it is funny and is bound to get a few laughs from those around you. Also, it reduces the confidence of whoever says you have an attitude. They see that their statement doesn’t have any effect on you.

15. That’s a good observation

When someone says that you have an attitude, you can reply to them by saying that is a good observation.

This answer is agreeable, it is less malicious and seems more of a joke than a witty comeback. This observation that you have commended them on, means that you applaud their discovery of your displayed attitude.

There are various outcomes to this but controlling the narrative to your interest is the best option.

16. I hear it will take me far in life

When someone says that you have an attitude, you can reply to them by saying ‘’ I hear it will take me far in life’’. This response is extremely sarcastic and satisfying. I have used this reply in the past and it works.

They immediately feel bad and shameful that they have spoken such a way to you. Besides, such affirmation from you is also the truth, which should give you more reasons why you should use it.

17. You deduce that all by yourself

When you are told you have an attitude by someone, a good reply is saying ‘’you deduce that all by yourself’’. This is meant to be a jest to the effort of anyone who tells you that. You are laughing at their expense when you reply to them this way.

They will become visibly ashamed and not tell you similar statements in the future. I don’t support talking down on anyone and you should too.

18. Can you get lost, please?

When someone says that you have an attitude, you can tell them to get lost. This is a direct way to show your disdain for their comments.

By saying get lost, they will pull away from your vicinity and stop spreading such kind of energy around.

Telling anyone who crosses moral lines you don’t tolerate to be away from you unless they want change is a positive state of well-being. Too much external negative energy around us is due to who we allow in our space.

19. Tell it to someone who cares

How To Reply When Someone Says Have Attitude

When someone says that you have an attitude, you can reply by saying ‘’tell that to someone who cares’’. If you care about what people think of you, such a statement may cause you the intended grief by the speaker.

But by telling them to take their comment elsewhere to someone who cares, you are excluding yourself from the effect of it.

What doesn’t matter to you can’t affect your feelings or mood? They will see this and stop any further comments directed at you.

20. Are we in Sunday school?

When someone says you have an attitude, you can reply by asking if we are in Sunday school. This is a comedic reply that is funny and also removes any seriousness in the comment.

Sometimes I like to make a funny, witty comeback when told a remark that is supposed to be hurtful.

We know how Sunday school class is usually filled with admonitions from our teachers. This reply jokes about the same scenario, comparing them to a Sunday school teacher whose job is to admonish at any opportunity. By replying this way, you are pointing out the absurdity of the situation.


This article has been enlightening and expressive about how we can easily reply to anyone that says we have an attitude.

It is however noteworthy to mention that sometimes older authority figures have the propensity to say this to you out of advice.

If someone says this to you as advice, you must give replies that are respectful and without insults. Anyone outside this bracket is left to your mercies. What we have done is list out 20 replies that you can select from in this article. 


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