What To Say When A Girl Calls You Funny

If a girl recently called you funny, you may have been stumped as to what to say. Maybe you have a crush on her and want to use a funny gesture as bait to attract her because it is often said that girls love funny guys.

Hence, the moment she acknowledges that you are humorous, your response is the bridge that keeps the ball rolling. It could also be that you are not a comedian and are not trying to crack a joke to prove a point.

Being referred to as funny may be surprising, and your response is a perfect way to know why you were called funny. In this article, we will be looking at 20 precise answers you can give to a lady who refers to you as funny.

What Should I Say When A Girl Calls You Funny 

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Funny

You shouldn’t be saying a simple “thank you” to show gratitude when you have feelings for her. It should be accompanied by some more care. Here’s an example:

Her: You’re just so funny 

You: And your smile is alluring.

This will be a way to instill how you feel in her mind. On the other hand, you may want to engage her in a more advanced conversation. An engaging response is what you ought to say. For instance 

Her: You are such a clown.

You: Sure? How funny am I?

Your response to her will help you easily navigate into talking about something else. Let’s dive into the detailed explanation of what you should say when a girl calls you funny.  

You Can Say, “For Real? My Friends Think So Too.”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Funny

Funny guys are often recognized by everyone around them, especially their friends. If your friends also think you’re a funny guy because you make them laugh often, then your response should confirm that your friend also finds you funny.

Perhaps she thought you deliberately put up a joke to get her all cracked up because you have a thing for her, but this response will make it clear that you are not only funny around her but also with others.

You Can Say, “I Know, Right?

If you were intentionally behaving in a funny way or cracking jokes just to make her laugh, you need to respond in a way to let her know that it was deliberate. In a bid to emphatically agree with her, you can say, “I know, right?

You May Ask, “Trying To Tease Me, Yeah? “

It is almost impossible for you to be funny and not aware of it, except if others find what you said funny while you don’t.

Hence, if a girl calls you funny when you don’t think you are, then you can smoothly respond by saying, “Trying to tease me, yeah?” Her reply is everything because through it will get to know if she was taunting you all along.  

You Can Say, “Sure? Tell Me How Funny I Am.”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Funny

You may be wondering if she genuinely called you funny or just said it so she wouldn’t leave your joke hanging. One of the ways to get an answer to this is through the response you give her. You can give her an answer by saying, Sure?

You’ll tell if she honestly thought you were funny by her response subsequently.

You May Say, “I’m Glad I Got A Smile Out Of You”

This is a subtle way to respond to a girl who you’ve been trying hard to get to laugh.

Instead of giving her a response that will suggest to her that you were intentional about getting her to laugh for specific reasons, you can simply say, 

I’m delighted I was capable of making you smile

This would not only demonstrate your gratitude to her but also secure her affection.

You Can Say, “What I Said was The Absolute Truth.”

On getting a compliment from a girl that she find you funny, you may get surprised, whereas you were serious about what you said.

And at this point, you don’t want to hide it so that she gets to know your real intent. Simply tell her it was not a joke and that you are serious about it.

If you suspect she called you funny for some other reason that isn’t obvious and wants to know why to use this direct question as your response to her compliment. She sure will give you a reason why she said so.

“Thanks, But It Would Be Better If You Acknowledge My Intelligence Over Sense Of Humor.”

As a guy who doesn’t like being seen as a joker, it can be so annoying when you are referred to as funny, especially by a lady.

You ought to be sincere about it or else you will be taken for a joke at all times. An assertive reply will perfectly pass across your reply.

You can simply say, “Thanks, but It would be better if you acknowledge my intelligence over sense of humor. It sounds more reasonable than when you say, “Hey, I am no joker!”

You Can Say, “Thanks, But I Really Am Not Funny.”

This is a polite way of responding to a girl who calls you funny when you know that you are not.

Some ladies often do this to guys, especially when they make them angry. She is probably annoyed with you and still calls you funny in a bid to cover up or sound sarcastic. 

Being angry and funny doesn’t complement each other, and so in order to clear the air, you can calmly say, “Thanks, but I don’t think so.” When she hears this, she will eventually open up since you’ve admitted that your actions weren’t with a grin.

You May Say, “See Who’s Talking.”

 What To Say When A Girl Calls You Funny

Probably you’ve witnessed how extremely amusing a girl is when she’s with her friends.

So, when she calls you funny, you ought to also let her know that you recognize her sense of humor by confidently saying “Look who’s talking“. This will make her interested in how you found out.

At this point, you can explain how you saw her getting her friends all cracked up the previous day. Or how someone told you about her sense of humor.

You Can Say, “Finally! I Got You To Laugh.”

 It can be difficult to make some girls laugh for many possible reasons. It could be that she is going through some emotional distress which has kept her in a moody state for some time.

Also, she might have been angry with you for something you did, and you have been trying to get a smile to assure you that you are both on the same page.

The moment she says that you are funny, she is obviously affirming to you that you’ve been able to lighten her mood or she is getting along with you again.

You can happily say “Finally, I got you to laugh” to let her know that getting her cracked up was intentional and it finally pulled out.

Nice Comments Like This Are Hard To Find These Days

You may be a funny guy, but you rarely get compliments like this from people you expect to hear it from.

Hence, it can be heart-warming to hear it from her because you feel “alas, someone acknowledges that I am funny.” You just need to keep it real by letting her know that you barely get any comments even if you feel you are funny.

Also, it could be that you find it absurd when she calls you funny. Especially when so many people feel you are boring because you tend to display very serious behavior.

Calling you funny does not just add up, and in this regard, your response ought to be honest. You should let her know that you barely get such compliments and explain why.

You May Ask, “Are You Hitting On Me?”

When a girl refers to you as “funny,” it’s because she thinks you’re funny and is drawn to you because of it. One of the reasons why girls love guys with a sense of humor is that they are always positive and it will permit them to express their true selves when she is around them.

If a girl calls you funny, it shows that you are intelligent and have a creative side because you are able to recognize her down times and know exactly how to get her all cracked up.

Hence, acknowledging how funny you are may be a sign that she is hitting on you because she wants to have a guy like you. However, to respond in line with the way she feels about you, you can smoothly ask, “Are you hitting on me?”

You May Say, “And Your Smiles Are Fabulous”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Funny

Having a girl you like to acknowledge a certain behavior you exhibit can be the most beautiful thing that has happened to you in a long time.

It could be that you’ve been trying to be a funny guy all along because you know ladies love funny guys.

The moment she gets to acknowledge it, you need to instill in her mind that she is special to you by complimenting her also. You can say, “And your smiles are fabulous.”

You Can Say, “Stop The Instant Praise Already”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Funny

One of the major ways ladies get what they desire from a guy is by complimenting him in every pleasant way possible.

If you notice that she has a crush on you and wants to have you in bed because of your physique, but you aren’t interested, she’s trying to achieve this by habitually complimenting you on everything.

You can simply let her know that you perfectly understand her gestures by saying, ” Flattery won’t get you anywhere.”

You Can Say, “I’m Extremely Happy I Was Able To Make You Smile This Much”

Simply appreciating her will be a cool response. It works like magic to give her a suitable feeling that you appreciate that she acknowledged your humor.

Not every girl would appreciate you doing something pleasant because they do not want to be misunderstood. Hence, if she compliments your humor, you should show gratitude. 

Thanks, I Woke Up On The Brighter Side

Cracking jokes may not be your thing on a regular day. However, if you wake up on the brighter side, you tend to radiate so much humor.

This means there is always a reason for the funny part of you to show up. Therefore, you can let her know that it is just a good day for you by cheerfully responding to her by saying, ” Thanks, I woke up on the good side.”

I Realized That I Have To Be Carefree About Life’s Worried To Maintain Positivity.

This is one honest reply that you can give to a girl who calls you funny. You are letting her know how you are able to radiate such happiness, so much so that the people around you find it contagious.

Who knows, she may begin to adopt your philosophy about life just so she can be happy at all times.

You May Ask, “Really? Don’t Tell You’re Already Blown Up When I Just Began.”

You may be surprised that a girl already complimented your sense of humor even before you got to the climax of your joke.

Therefore, you ought to let her know that she only had a little tip of the iceberg by saying, “Oh, you’re already cracked up? when I just started. ” 

You Can Say, “I Desire To Make People Laugh. It Eases Stress.”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Funny

When a girl refers to you as funny, you have probably seen her moody as a result of stress and made her laugh. Your response will go a long way toward making her feel better.

You can now affirm to yourself how much you wanted to make her laugh in order to relieve her stress and it finally pulled out.


You will agree with me that this article has given a detailed template that you can use when responding to a girl who refers to you as funny.

All you need to do is to understand why she called you funny so you can give a suitable response.


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