12 Best Responses to ‘Cheers, Big Ears’

Slangs are simpler and friendlier options for spicing up informal conversations, and knowing how to respond to slang is very vital to keeping those conversations going and making room for more bonding.

When hanging out with people you are familiar with, it doesn’t always make sense to run out of ideas to reply to such friendly phrases or follow them up with heavy grammar and too formal responses.

Understanding slang and following up with a good reply helps people feel more comfortable and friendly around you, whether you’re replying to a close friend or even a stranger.

‘Cheers Big Ears’ is a common slang term widely used in the US, UK, and Australia. In some cases, it’s a way of saying ‘cheers’ when having a drink, and in other cases, it simply means ‘thank you.’ It is the same as ‘cheers,’ but it rhymes with ‘big ears,’ which became part of the slang for the fun of it.

If you’re new to this slang and probably only heard it for the first time, you may be confused as to how to respond or even think that the person may have implied that you have big ears.

Relax, they’re either simply saying ‘thank you’ for something you have done for them or toasting to having a drink with you if that’s the case. There are several ways to respond when someone says, ‘Cheers, big ears.’ Here are 12 responses to give.

12 Great Responses to ‘Cheers, Big Ears’

Below are 12 different ways to respond to ‘Cheers, Big Ears.’

  1. Same here, big head
  2. Use a rubber hose to get up your nose.
  3. You’re Welcome
  4. It’s a pleasure.
  5. Cheers
  6. Anytime
  7. That’s Alright
  8. Enjoy
  9. Of Course!
  10. Have Fun!
  11. I Got You
  12. No big deal.

Same Here, Big Head

Best Responses to 'Cheers, Big Ears'

This particular response is a fun one and usually applies to the situation of sharing drinks with people that you’re either trying to be friendly with or already familiar with.

The slang itself is a very playful slang, and this reply reciprocates the frisky vibe of the phrase.

Let’s say you’re serving at a bar, and after handing out a drink they say to you, ‘Cheers, big ears!’ or you’re about to share a drink with a group of friends at a bar, and they say, ‘Cheers, big ears!’

As you clink glasses, responding with ‘Same here, big head!’ is just a way of returning the gesture with an equal amount of humor. The response produces another fun rhyme and references another part of the body, which is actually a fun, smart one.

‘Cheers, big ears.’ ‘Same here, big head.’ It also shows that you understand that they are all about having fun and nothing too serious. It would have yielded a different outcome entirely if you took it too personally when it was obviously meant to be taken lightly.

Use A Rubber Hose To Get Up Your Nose

This is actually another fun response relating to the scenario of having drinks as well; it is actually similar to the previous one.

As you have read before, the initial slang ‘cheers, big ears’ is actually intended to be friendly and playful, so this response is also intended to carry on the fun.

There’s no real deep meaning to any of this. It’s basically raising toasts using rhymes and wordplay and carrying on the joke, which is usually followed by big gulps of drink. ‘Cheers, big ears,’ ‘Use a rubber hose to get up your nose,’ and ‘enjoy your drink!

You’re Welcome!

Best Responses to 'Cheers, Big Ears'

This case is actually different from the previous two. People say ‘cheers, big ears’ as a way of being sarcastically thankful for something you have done for them if you’re that familiar and friendly.

Your initial reaction might be a smile once you understand this, but in a case where you feel the need to offer a reply, the famous response of ‘thank you’ is still a very good option.

‘You’re welcome’.  In other words, saying ‘cheers, big ears’ is another way of saying ‘thank you,’ just in a more playful and sarcastic way.

So, saying ‘You’re welcome’ isn’t out of line at all, and you can say this in a sarcastic tone as well to balance out the fun and sarcasm. ‘You’re welcome!’

It’s A Pleasure

With the understanding that ‘Cheers, big ears’ is a fun way of expressing gratitude or saying ‘thank you,’ it is not at all strange to say ‘it’s a pleasure’ back in reply.

You’re appreciated for something, and it might not necessarily be sarcastic, depending on the tone and how familiar you are with this person. In such cases, it is quite appropriate to say ‘it’s a pleasure’ if you enjoyed offering your help and kindness.


Best Responses to 'Cheers, Big Ears'

This is actually another fun but simple way of receiving gratitude from a person when they say, ‘Cheers, big ears!’.

It means that you get the tone and the sarcasm, and you don’t exactly have to dish out a sarcastic reply.

Saying ‘cheers’ means that you approve of the gratitude and the sprinkle of sarcasm in it. It extends the fun but still carries some warmth and friendliness. It could mean that you had fun helping or that you’re happy to help.

Also, this can be a simpler response while sharing drinks; you don’t really need to give the all-famous responses of ‘same goes, big nose’ or ‘up in your nose with a rubber hose.’

Although it may be uncommon, there are no rules for this. You can choose to keep it simple and just say ‘cheers.’


This is also a very welcoming and warm reply to give to someone when they say ‘cheers, big ears’ as a form of genuine gratitude. It is quite similar to saying ‘you’re welcome.’

It’s simply a reception or acknowledgment of gratitude, in whatever form it’s been expressed. With this understanding, ‘anytime’ is a very valid response to ‘cheers, big ears.’ You can say it to your friends, relations, and even colleagues.

It’s Alright!

Best Responses to 'Cheers, Big Ears'

Again, this is another reasonable response to give when someone is being grateful to you and says, ‘Cheers, big ears!’.

If you offered help to a person and they’re grateful for it, you can say ‘it’s alright’ if you feel that saying thank you isn’t really necessary or that your help doesn’t count as much.

Also, it could mean that you’re totally fine with helping. ‘Cheers, big ears,’ ‘it’s alright man.’


‘Enjoy’ is another fun response to give to ‘Cheers, big ears!’ This can actually apply to different scenarios where the phrase means different things.

Let’s say you’re serving drinks at a bar and you’re told ‘cheers, big ears.’ It’s a friendly way of appreciating you for your service, and you can casually reply with ‘enjoy.’

That’s friendly. If you’re sharing drinks with a group of people and the phrase is being used while you clink glasses, it is also very appropriate to say ‘enjoy.’

You’re telling them to enjoy their drinks, which is very much on point. If you offered help to someone, gifted or borrowed something from someone, and they’re being grateful for it in such a friendly way, you can as well say ‘enjoy,’ which guarantees that you genuinely meant to help, and they can feel free to make the best out of whatever you gave them.

Of Course!

This doesn’t mean so much differently than saying ‘You’re welcome’ when someone thanks you.

The difference is that in some cases it may imply that you feel the obligation to actually help and that it was your duty or a privilege to have helped, or that it’s obvious that you would do that for them probably because of the relationship that you have with them.

And it is very suitable as a reply in a ‘cheers, big ears’ situation. Again, there is no particular response to this phrase; ‘of course!’ is also a very fun thing to say.

If you’re fully accepting of the gratitude and are open to being there for that person subsequently, ‘of course!’ definitely works.

Have Fun!

This is also a frisky response that could go well with the ‘cheers, big ear’ phrase. This is quite similar to saying ‘enjoy,’ but it might not exactly fit into the case of sharing drinks and clinking bottles, or serving a drink at a bar.

‘Cheers’ is a super jolly word on its own, and ‘have fun’ is another jolly phrase to match. If you gave someone a gift or helped someone familiar fix something that was broken, for instance, it is proper to say ‘have fun’ when they thank you by saying ‘cheers, big ears.’

Your response actually means that you’re glad to have done something for them, and they can go ahead and enjoy the outcome of that.

Especially in situations where you do not demand to be revered for what you have done, ‘have fun’ is a funny, kind, and generous response to give in such a scenario.

I Got You!

Best Responses to 'Cheers, Big Ears'

Another fun, friendly, and brotherly reply to give when someone says ‘cheers, big ears’ is ‘I got you,’ which sometimes can be pronounced as ‘I gotchu.’ This is a very sentimental but fun response.

This is mostly applicable when you’re being appreciated for some help by someone you’re tightly close to and obviously would help.

It may not even necessarily come off in a sentimental tone; it can also be said as bubbly and catchy as the initial phrase itself. It could also mean that you understand the vibe and are going along with it.

Also, if you do not have anything to say, you can just say ‘I got you’ to simply accept the appreciation.

No Big Deal

‘No big deal’ is another suitable reply to give when someone says ‘cheers, big ears.’ It is more like saying ‘no problem’ or ‘no worries’ when someone expresses their thanks.

There’s no sarcasm in this response, so you may not be able to apply it in cases where sarcasm is intended. But in other cases where someone is genuinely grateful to you but is trying to pass it on in a fun and friendly way, you can just reply with ‘no big deal.’

It means that you were fine offering your help, and it also implies that you see and understand the friendly move being made and that you’re comfortable with it.

If you’re trying to reciprocate the friendly vibe, ‘no big deal’ is an absolutely great response to ‘cheers, big ears.’


There are truly various ways of approaching the phrase ‘cheers, big ears.’ For the most part, they may all imply the same things, but this article is meant to provide you with a variety of fun ways that you can respond to them depending on the situation and who is involved.

Understanding the phrase is one thing; understanding the concept or scenario is another. It is very important to note that this phrase is intended to be friendly; it is in no way making an abusive reference to a body part, and that’s what I have been able to evaluate in this post.

You may not be approached with this slang by a complete stranger, but in a case where someone is trying to get to know you, maybe at school, work, or a store, or trying to express their gratitude in a friendly manner, it is important that you’re quite knowledgeable about the slang and the right approach to it.

Also, when sharing drinks with a group of people in a fun atmosphere, you want to be able to flow with the fun.

You wouldn’t want to be a party spoiler. If you have been approached with this phrase before and did not know what to say because you did not know what it meant, I want to believe that this article has given you enough knowledge on how to successfully handle interactions and give the proper response when you’re told ‘cheers, big ears.’

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