What To Say To A Lady Who Calls You Smooth

If you’ve been acting all nice to a lady to win her heart, you’ll constantly display your pleasant characteristics, hoping she will consider you someday.

You sure will be excited the day she tells you, “You are just a pretty smooth a guy, James.” It is actually worth the excitement because your plan worked well, but your response afterward is a determinant of whether she will get to know how you feel about her.

Also, when you don’t like the compliment or you want to engage her in deeper conversations, all you need to do is give her the right response that suits what you are trying to communicate.

In this article, we will look at 20 best responses you can give to a lady who calls you smooth.

What To Say To A Lady Who Calls You Smooth

What is a Smooth operator?

In the dating world, a “smooth operator” often refers to someone highly skilled at navigating social situations and romantic interactions with ease, charm, and confidence. This term can carry positive and negative perceptions, depending on how it’s viewed.

Positive Perception:

  • Charismatic and Confident: A smooth operator is seen as someone who communicates effectively, making their partner feel unique and valued. Their confidence is attractive, and their ability to easily handle situations is admirable.

  • Skilled Conversationalists: They have the knack for keeping conversations flowing smoothly, ensuring no awkward silences. They’re good listeners and know how to engage others in meaningful discussions.

  • Attentive and Thoughtful: They pay attention to the little details, making their partner feel understood and cared for. This thoughtfulness in their actions contributes to a positive perception.

Negative Perception:

  • Manipulative: Some might view a smooth operator as manipulative, using their charm and eloquence to achieve selfish ends. This perception arises when individuals feel that the smooth operator is not genuine in their interactions.

  • Inauthentic: The ease with which they navigate social interactions might be seen as lacking authenticity. Some might question whether their actions and words are sincere or just a means to impress.

  • Fear of Commitment: Smooth operators are often perceived as individuals not looking for serious relationships. Their skill in handling multiple romantic interests might lead to concerns about their willingness to commit.

Ultimately, whether a smooth operator is viewed positively or negatively depends on their intentions and how others perceive their actions. Individuals need to look beyond the surface charm and evaluate the sincerity and authenticity of their interactions in the dating world.

What To Say To A Lady Who Calls You Smooth

What To Say To A Lady Who Calls You Smooth Operator

Your appropriate response to the lady who calls you “smooth” solely depends on your relationship with her and the context in which she said it.

A simple show of gratitude will be the perfect way to start. By simply saying “I am glad you like it”, you can show him you appreciate her compliment.

However, if you want to continue conversing with her, you need an engaging response like ” smooth how?” 

Also, if you want your response to communicate that you dislike such compliments, you can say “I don’t think so“.  

Let’s dive right into the many other clever responses you can give a lady who calls you smooth.

You Can Say, “I Never Knew You Would Like It.”

The first reply you should think about giving to a lady who compliments you should be one of gratitude.It shows that you appreciate her and lets her know that what she said matters to you.

 Also, this response will make her feel special because you imply it is solely about her and not you.

An appropriate response could be, “Just Like You?”

If you get such a genuine compliment from a lady who deserves the same compliment, don’t hesitate to return it in a soothing manner. This response will make her feel you’ve been observing her all along and be glad to have realized it.

It will instill in her mind that you’ve been paying close attention to her every action, making her feel special. To give such an alluring smile and playful response after she calls you smooth, simply say, “Just like you?”

You Can Say, “I Know, Right?”

What To Say To A Lady Who Calls You Smooth

You’ve probably been intentional about becoming smooth and always careful about your actions. Hence, if a girl compliments you on being smooth, it is no recent discovery about you.

You ought to respond in a way that communicates your intentionality toward behaving that way to her. 

Therefore, in response, you can say, “I know, right?” 

You May Ask, “Smooth How?”

There are many facets to being smooth. It could mean that she finds your use of words pleasant or she finds the smooth moves for you attractive. Also, it means that you are confident or smart.

To be clear on what aspect of being smooth she has attributed to you, simply give her a response by saying, “Smooth, how

This response can also be used when you don’t want her to know you are intentionally sweet-talking her into doing something particular to your advantage.

It gives her the picture that your behavior or gesture was born out of genuine affection, and you don’t have any idea why she called you smooth.

You Might Ask, ” You Said This A Thousand Times!”

 If the lady who calls you smooth says it all the time, you can simply respond to her compliment by asking her why she always says it.

This will let her know you don’t consider yourself smooth, ‌propelling her to point out the reason she keeps calling you smooth clearly.

You Can Say, “I Don’t Think So”

What To Say To A Lady Who Calls You Smooth

You can use this reply to affirm that you are not smooth assertively. Like most guys, you may also feel that being referred to as “smooth” doesn’t show your manly attributes.

Therefore, it is inevitable to feel absurd when you get a comment referring to you as smooth.

For instance, you offered her help because it was necessary at that point, and instead of stopping at a simple smile and expression of gratitude, she went further to tell you how she found your gesture smooth. You can correct her disposition towards you by saying, “I don’t think so.

A flirty response, “Why Are You Teasing Me?”

What To Say To A Lady Who Calls You Smooth

You may not be very good with words, so getting such compliments may seem like flattery.

You may have been trying so hard to behave so she would consider your actions pleasing to her without being aware that it was deliberate. 

In order not to show excitement because she sees you in the light you’ve been meaning to portray ever since, you can reply to her with a little sense of playful fun by saying, “Why are you teasing me?”.

A suitable response could be, “I Guess Sarah Told You.”

She possibly referred to you as “smooth” because her friend told her. With this, she might have engaged in a conversation with you, keenly looking out for your pleasant speech pattern.

When she hears something that blows her off her feet, she immediately relates it to what she has been told.

Hence, if you sense her friend has told her you are smooth, you must confirm it with your response. Determine that someone told her about it and pay attention to her reaction afterward. 

You Can Say, “Oh, Common! Don’t Say That?”

You probably want your response to her comment to be a more engaging so that you can introduce some other subject into the conversation. You don’t need to make it too obvious, but by simply saying, “Oh, common! You don’t mean it?” She will not hold back her opinion, telling you how much she meant it if she does.

Otherwise, you will know from her reaction that your suspicion was right. With this, you are establishing an atmosphere of a rolling conversation.  

You May Say, “Jim Taught Me Pretty Well.” 

When a girl calls you smooth and you give her this reply, you are simply trying to let her know you aren’t a guy who talks in a pleasant way but has learned it.

This reply will make her feel special, especially if she is one you have a crush on. Because she will believe you went to that length for her.

You May Say, “I Said That In All Honesty.”

She possibly saw your action or word to cajole her into doing something. You ought to make it clear to her not to keep thinking about what is unintended.

You can say, “I meant what I said.” This will make her curious to know what you were precisely trying to communicate, and from there, you can continue clarifying her. 

You May Ask, “Can We Be Friends Now?”

A girl flirting and complimenting you on how smooth she thinks you show she likes you and is confident in her ability to be around you. You can shoot your shot by flirting without asking if you can be friends.

Because you have established your personality as well-mannered, she will not hesitate to accept it. From there, you can keep the ball rolling until you make her your girlfriend.

You Can Say, “Thank You! I Appreciate Your Honesty.”

Compliments are people’s verbal expressions toward our behavior and can be positive or negative. What matters is that they said it honestly regarding how they feel about you.

In response to a girl who calls you smooth, earnestly appreciate her straightforward honesty about how she feels about you.

This will let her know you are open-minded, and she can relate anything about your character to you. Whether good or bad. In response to her calling you smooth, you can say ” Thank you, I appreciate your honesty.”

You May Say, “Yeah! Just For You.”

To positively respond to a lady who thinks you are smooth, you can point out the reason for your smooth attribute.

This can make her fall in love with your personality or, better still, adopt your natural smoothness because she has had a taste of how smooth traits can be appealing.

Also, she would always be mindful of what treatment she gives to you because, with your response, you instill in her mind that you are a well-mannered guy.

You Can Say, “You Know? I Admire You A Lot.”

If you have a fling for the lady who called you smooth, it is an excellent way to get her to know how you feel about her. At that point, she pleasantly sees you and would probably subscribe to trusting you because you are courteous. 

Your response will go a long way in inculcating in her mind how much you admire her. And who knows?

This could be the beginning of establishing the relationship you’ve been desiring to have with her. When giving her a reply, you should lovingly point out your feelings by saying, “You know, I admire you a lot.”

You May Say, “Look Who’s Talking.” 

The lady who called you cool and smooth may also exhibit the same or even higher level of smoothness. It could be through her cool mode of conduct or her alluring words.

Hence, you can also let her know you are interested in acknowledging her appealing mode of conduct by saying, ” Look Who’s Talking.” You will probably get her blushing the moment you say this.

You Can Say, “Smooth Girls Deserve Smooth Guys.”

This is another fun and subtle way you can reciprocate her compliment. This natural response should be used, especially when you want to capture her heart. She may not be as smooth as the word implies, but words easily influence most.

Hence, whether you find her smooth or not but want her sweet enough to fall in love with you, this response will do justice to melting her heart.

Complimenting you about your alluring composure is one step, and to take it further, you can lovingly respond to her flirt, by saying, “Smooth girls deserve smooth boys.”

You Can Say, “Just For You, Yes!”

You would agree that if you are attracted to a certain girl, your behavior around her will differ from when you are with your friends.

Letting her know it was solely because of her you dropped every vulgar or mean word will make her feel special and unique. This is because guys who do that are, and it is a sign that you respect her feelings.

You May Say, “There You Go Again!”

This response will let you know if she is just saying it for you to feel good or if she means it.

For instance, if she says, ” You are such a smooth guy,” and in response you say, “There you go again,” to clarify that she isn’t just saying it to flatter you, she will give you a reply telling you how serious she is about what she’s said and why she feels so.

You Can Ask, “You Feel I Was Teasing You?”

You can give her this response after you’ve complimented her because she deserves such a genuine compliment and ‌but she keeps thinking you are just spitting out words of flattery.

She may be insecure about herself and afraid that any kind words you say will come across as flattering.

In response to hear her calling you smooth, you can give her a reply to assure her you were serious about what you said by saying, ” You thought I was flattering you all along?”

Conclusion to When a girl calls you smooth

To wrap up this very intriguing article, you must understand that your response is everything you need to establish whatever relationship you need with a lady who calls you smoothly.

Be it a platonic or romantic relationship, the tendency to get her to reciprocate how you feel about her also lies in the strength of your response.  

you don’t fancy the word “smooth” as a compliment; your proficiency in communicating it lies in your response. However, I believe you now know how to respond smoothly to a girl who calls you in the proper context.


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