What To Say When Someone Asks To Smash

Would you know what to say or what response to give if someone walks up to you and asks to smash? When someone asks to smash it simply means that the person wouldn’t mind sleeping with you. 

Your response to this may depend on your mood or state of mind. You may or may not be willing to comply. Do you know what to reply when you don’t want to smash but want to decline the offer politely?

To know the appropriate answer or answers to give, read this article to know the things you could say and what they mean.

20 Things To Say When Someone Asks To Smash

What To Say When Someone Asks To Smash


  • Let’s go for it
  • Maybe some other time
  • I’m not in the mood
  • I would like to give it a thought
  • Was waiting for you to ask
  • I’m not ready
  • Sure we can 
  • You don’t have to ask
  • Can’t right now
  • I’d love to
  • Why would I want to get down with you
  • Are you sure you can take me on
  • I’m not a call girl
  • Did you get protection?
  • Thank God you asked
  • What do I get in return
  • Me? Or anyone?
  • I don’t use protection. Are you ready for a baby
  • We get married first. Deal?
  • Where and when

1. Let’s go for it

When some ask to smash and you say this, it means you’ve given the person a go-ahead to have intimacy with you. This reply is a YES to the question and implies that you’re ready to have intercourse with this person. 

A response or a reply such as this shows that you want to get down with the person, probably because you like the person or because you are in the mood.

2. Maybe some other time

When you say this to someone who asks to smash, it means you’re not ready at the moment but you don’t mind if you guys do it some other time. Probably, you don’t want to do it that day or you’re seeing your monthly flow. 

You can give this reply as it’s not a yes or no. It’s like saying: I don’t want to do it today but I don’t mind doing it tomorrow. It could also be that you’re in a bad mood and it won’t be a nice time to do it.

3. I’m not in the mood

This reply is similar to the one above and implies that you don’t feel like having intercourse or you’re not in the right state of mind. Probably you want to be alone or you’re in a bad mood. 

You could use this reply as an excuse not to have intercourse but you have to be mindful of how you use it as too much use of it may depict pretense.

4. I would like to give it a thought

What To Say When Someone Asks To Smash

A reply such as this may come when someone is new to intimacy. Probably the person is a virgin and not so sure about intercourse at the moment. This reply comes when a person is unsure of intimacy due to some experience that he or she might have had.

You can also use this as a reply when the person asking is trying to cross a line or breach an agreement.

5. Was waiting for you to ask

This reply implies that you want to have intercourse but didn’t dare to ask. The person asking made it easy for you and this is another way of saying “yes”. 

It shows that the person has been expecting you to ask or maybe it took you too long to make the move. This reply also implies that it is a relief to the person that you asked.

6. I’m not ready

What To Say When Someone Asks To Smash

This reply is a straightforward and simple NO. It shows that you aren’t prepared to have intercourse. 

It may also be that you’re not willingly disposed to have intercourse. It raises the possibility of you being disposed of and ready some other time. 

Probably, it’s not a good time for you or they’re something you need to put in before accepting.

7. Sure we can 

This reply is a strong YES. It implies that you’re willing and ready to have intercourse. When you say this, you’ve permitted the person to have intercourse with you. 

Saying ‘sure we can’ means 100% sure of your decision and having no doubt whatsoever. You do not doubt yourself and you’re positive about it. This reply may be given to someone you’re committed to, it implies that there is no reason for you both not to do it.

8. You don’t have to ask

This statement means that you don’t want the person to ask before you do it. Probably you don’t want the person to seek permission before getting down with you. 

You use this phrase when you prefer to go into the act rather than asking. You’re simply saying “we can do it whenever you want, there’s no need to ask”. You may give a reply like this to someone you’re familiar with, it could be your husband or girlfriend.

9. Can’t right now

This is also your saying NO to the question. But it’s not a 100% NO. 

This statement means that you can’t do it now or at the moment. It also means that there’s a possibility of doing it later. 

It could also mean that what the person is asking isn’t your priority. You might be busy with a lot of things at the moment and would not like any distractions. The “right now” emphasizes the moment.

10. I’d love to

What To Say When Someone Asks To Smash

This is another YES to the question. This phrase shows that you’re excited to do it. It shows that you want to and you’re ready to have intercourse. 

This is a basic way of accepting an invitation. By saying this, you’ve accepted to have intercourse with the person and you’ve given your full permission. This may take place


11. Why would I want to get down with you?

This is a good question to ask a stranger who walks up to you and demands intimacy. It can be pretty interesting to play with the moment. 

It is up to you whether you want to get down with the person or not. It may be a known person. You still get to choose, after all.

Ask this question and you expect his/her response. This question will be unexpected. He/she will take a few seconds to think of an answer.

There’s an even higher probability that the response he/she gives will be meaningless. This is one way to push the person away. This will not always work against a chronic flirt but it’s a nice question to start with.

12. Are you sure you can take me on?

This sounds inviting, doesn’t it? It’s up to you to choose whether you want to get down with the person or not. This is not a question that will stun. 

There’s a high possibility that he/she is already prepared for this question. Asking this question is a sign that you will agree.

 However, it doesn’t take away your right to refuse. After saying this to the person, your next few words can still tell the person you are not interested. 

You can choose to play with the person’s head by saying this. If you are interested, this is a way of getting the naughty thoughts in his/her head wilder. 

13. I’m not a call girl

This is a big NO, already. Once you say this to the person, the person already gets the hint of your refusal, unless you are wearing a sarcastic look on your face.

 If you are interested in intimacy with the person, you don’t have to say this. If it’s a chronic flirt you are talking to, this won’t be enough to push him away but it sends the message that you will refuse.

You just have to remain on your decision and keep your frown on. Make sure not to get flattered so you don’t send a contrasting message to him.

14. Did you get protection?

What To Say When Someone Asks To Smash

This is a big YES. By saying this to the person, you are encouraging him/her to harbor the naughty thoughts in his/her head. This will send the hint that you are ready to get down with him/her so you shouldn’t say this if you are not interested in it.

 You can also choose to play with his/her head by saying this while you are not interested. You just keep asking questions till he/she is tired, then you say NO. This is not a good idea if the person is a psychopath.

 This statement will encourage the person to continue imagining and hoping. The person can lose control.

15. Thank God you asked

As much as this seems like a positive answer, it will sound like a joke. However, that depends on the look on your face and your tone. If you are interested in intimacy with the person, you can respond with this and probably get it over with.

 If you are not interested, this is not a very good idea. The person might take you seriously and grab you. That may not happen but it will be a waste of time. You can simply say No if you’re not interested. If you are, go ahead.

16. What do I get in return?

This sounds like a big YES. The person may be prepared for this but there’s a chance he/she will be stunned by this. There is an even higher chance that the person was expecting a rejection. With this, the person gets excited and starts speaking gibberish.

 If it is your intimate partner, you can say this as a joke. There’s a possibility you will get a flattering promise before you say Yes. If you are not interested, be careful not to pass the wrong message.

17. Me? Or anyone?

This is not a NO. Neither is it a positive response. By saying this, the person will be stunned at first. There is a high chance that the person will say “You!”

 If it is your partner, this is unnecessary teasing but he/she will take it easy with you.

 If it is a stranger and you are interested, it is your following statements that will show whether you are interested or not. This can be your first response when you are approached with this kind of request.

18. I don’t use protection. Are you ready for a baby?

This is a nice response for a man to give. That is quite unlikely though. Men are a lot more interested. However, if you are a man and you’re not, this can serve as a “No”.

 It’s not very cool for a lady to give this response, she will be the one carrying the baby.

You can also say this to tease your partner, even if you will say Yes eventually.

19. We get married first. Deal?

It’s a funny response but it is nice if you don’t want to get intimate with the person. It is a big “No” since the person does not plan to get married to you.

 Even if it’s a fiancé, he/she will have to wait till you are married to fulfill that condition.

If it is a stranger, it will stun him/her. You can even let out a laugh after saying this. If it’s a flirt, you can keep the conversation going and it will only get interesting, it’s up to you to choose what happens eventually.

20. Where? And when?

This sounds like something a call girl would say. Ignore that. If you are interested in getting down with the person, you can go for it.

It could be a partner to whom you are not married. You probably meet up once in a while to have fun and do things. When he/she calls you and makes this request, you get to choose whether you want it or not.

 If you do, “Where? And When?” will work as a fine response. He/she will see that as a positive answer.


When a question is asked, a reply is expected. In the same way, when someone asks to smash, you are also expected to give a certain reply either positive or negative.

There are several ways you can decline or accept having intercourse with a person and still be polite.

This article has provided suitable responses which you can give whenever someone asks to smash or wants to have intercourse with you. You can use any of the phrases depending on your mood to give this reply.

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