Do Shy Guys Fantasize About Their Crush?

Describing the love language of shy guys may be a difficult task. But it isn’t impossible once you can spot the signs. Shy guys are usually quiet, reserved, and expressive when they have a crush.

Their nature is soft and cute and you may find it difficult to read their true intention or know if they even like you. You want to know what goes on in their minds all the time.

One fact remains that shy guys are the same as other guys. The only difference is that they are more reserved and hardly express their feelings.

This article would help to seek the proper signs to observe when you see a shy guy.

So, Do Shy Guys Fantasize About Their Crush?

Do Shy Guys Fantasize About Their Crush

Yes, shy guys fantasize about their crush all the time. These fantasies are mainly thoughts and daydream that inhabits their minds always.

Fantasies are a treasured secret held close and very much savored.

When a shy guy crushes on you, they may spend long hours lost in deep fantasies about this special person. What it would be like to touch them, to spend a whole lifetime together.

You should understand that having fantasies about your crush is an all-time sport, as millions of shy guys all over the world each have fantasies of their own. However, fantasies are very private thoughts and rarely shared.

Fantasies are often because of a mixture of strong love emotions and some highly charged intimate aura.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to look too hard to notice someone who fantasizes about you.

Being discreet about his fantasies is always hard for a shy guy, especially if he gets to be around you very often.

For this reason, there will be plenty of signs to watch out for if you have a secret admirer.

Why Do Shy Guys Fantasize About Their Crush?

Do Shy Guys Fantasize About Their Crush

Fantasizing or daydreaming about your crush on a shy guy is a common experience that is shared among almost everyone alive. This means that we all do it.

Some folks may view fantasies as a bad thing, but this shouldn’t be the case. Studies have shown and proven that having fantasies is good for creativity and productivity.

This translates to as long as you are okay and not obsessed, having fantasies is a perfectly healthy thing to do.

When shy guys fantasize about their crush, they do this for so many reasons. In this article, we are going to see some of these reasons.

  1. Is attracted to you
  2. He finds it entertaining
  3. He uses it as a distraction
  4. He uses it for preparation
  5. As a confidence builder

1. His Attracted To You

Attraction to his crush is a major reason a shy guy would have fantasies about them.

When you crush on someone, you become attracted to them daily especially if you have frequent fantasies about them. An increase in attraction leads to an increase in fantasies.

This fantasy becomes a way to feel close to the emotion he feels about you. Being shy has its limitation because many words and thoughts are left unsaid.

Attraction to his crush is conveyed by fantasies because no one fantasizes about things they hate. If a guy crushes on you, his bound to have you living in his fantasies.

2. He Finds It Entertaining

Shy guys live in their heads all the time, and fantasizing about a crush seems like the Right thing to do especially an entertaining one.

Shyness prevents him from approaching his crush so he entertains these feelings in a safe space, keeping himself company.

Living in fantasies becomes like a personal cable network you always have access to. In addition, you are also the director of your TV show.

A shy guy can go on dates, tell you how he feels, and even have a whole family with you all in his fantasy.

3. He Uses It As Distraction

Having fantasies on alternate days can be a good source of distraction for a shy guy.

When he thinks about his crush, many feelings and thoughts can overwhelm his senses. By fantasizing about his crush, he creates a distraction from these feelings.

Shy guys are people too, with lives, jobs, and families so fantasizing about a crush is a good distraction from daily reality.

Other times feelings of romantic tension can be quenched by having fantasies.

They are practical benefits of the brain responding positively to visualization that is like reality.

4. He Uses It To Prepare

Having fantasies keeps a shy guy very well prepared for his encounter with his crush.

Fantasies have a great way to get you prepared for the future. His fantasies about you will involve his feelings about you, using it as a medium to prepare him for you.

He will fantasize about his crush in an emotional, intimate, or a combination of the two. Imagining what it feels like to spend time with you, this process is important in boosting confidence for the real thing.

Think of fantasies as a rehearsal, you undergo before preparing for the big event. It helps to solidify a thought even before it becomes real.

A good date experience or intimate moment is usually practiced beforehand in fantasies.

A shy guy uses this medium to ensure he comes out like a pro. He could imagine what it feels like to hold you, do fun things with you, and even live a full life with you.

5. As A Confidence Builder

Do Shy Guys Fantasize About Their Crush

That is the ultimate flex of fantasizing. Having personal entertainment is all at your desire. Fantasies can bolster confidence and increase your chances of meeting your crush.

When you engage in healthy fantasies of your crush long enough, you break walls of doubt and increase your confidence when meeting your crush.

This is like preparing for a future event, you make sure all your boxes are checked for the real thing.

What Do Shy Guys Do When They Have A Crush?

Shy guys are not known for being expressive of their words. They may drop hints or convey their feelings through means which are usually very confusing.

If you have been in such a situation, then scroll down for observable signs you can look out for.

With their crush, shy guys are more nervous, scared, and inhibited around them. They feel nervous when trying to let their crush know their feeling, preventing them from acting how they feel.

This means shy guys would rarely approach a crush directly, or chat with them openly. Even if they spoke, they are nervous wrecks on the inside.

There are subtle and obvious signs to look out for when you encounter such guys, these includes;

1. Always Hang Around His Crush

Any shy guy is often seen hanging around his crush, usually under guises that are not legit. What this means is that a shy guy will look for any reason to stay within reach of his crush.

You don’t have to look far if a shy guy crushes on you, as they are always close by.

While they may have reservations about directly telling you how they feel, they drop hints and signs to you without letting them seem obvious.

This can happen in any setting, work, school, library, canteen, or meetings.

If you notice a shy guy around, they are usually hoping you make the first move and strike a conversation first.

2. He Stares at you Frequently

When a shy guy has the hots for you, he will express how he feels albeit unconventionally.

Shy guys let you their love for you by not being obvious or bold about it. In most cases, it takes a long time for you to notice that they like you.

They will keep staring at you when you are not looking. If you stay close to a shy guy who crushes on you, chances are that you will catch them staring at you.

By looking at you always, a shy guy’s body language speaks of attraction.

3. He Sends Gifts And Notes

A good sign that a shy guy is into his crush is that he sends subtle messages and gifts to you.

A reason for this happening is because they are afraid of you rejecting them, or just too shy to confront you themselves.

Do Shy Guys Fantasize About Their Crush

This note may be combined with little gifts expressing his love for you. You may find these love notes or gifts in places that only you may have access to because he’s too shy to tell you himself.

This may also come from other friends through your crush.

4. He Finds Out about you

A shy guy would go around asking about his crush and showing interest in your life.

These details would be asked of your friends or those closest to you. Mainly he will be interested in your hobbies, and what your ideal man would be like.

By finding out information about his crush, shy guys hope to feel closer to you, and this shows a clear transmission of his attraction to you.

This knowledge gathering helps to also gather confidence to know you better.

5. He Blushes and Glows When He Sees You

If a guy is smitten by you, whether his shy or usually timid a visible glow engulfs him when he sees you.

Every time shy guys look alive at the sight of you, it usually means that he is seriously into you.

Do Shy Guys Fantasize About Their Crush

He may feel embarrassed about the situation and try to cover it, but we both know blush is always hard to miss.

Any little sign of discomfort you notice around him when you are around means he has feelings for you.

6. His Always Willing To Help You

A shy guy is always interested in helping you out at any opportunity, be it at work, home, or in any proximity both of you find yourself.

He takes pleasure in spending time with you, don’t be surprised he will help you always.

Help can come in many forms, like taking your dog for a walk, helping you move furniture, or doing simple stuff at work.

They may not be expressing their feelings all to you, but helping you is one sign they are crushing on you.

7. He Likes And Follows You on Social Media

Usually, the best platform to be friends, a shy guy who crushes on you would find and follow you on social media.

He will be interested in your hobbies while keeping himself anonymous.

Once he gains enough courage, a shy guy might like or comment on your pictures. No direct messages though should be expected.

8. He Shows Interest in Your Activity

Shy guys show interest in whatever you are doing. Because they may fear expressing their true intention, he will show you fondness for anything you love to do.

In addition, he may find it enjoyable to tag along with any of your hobbies just to show you he cares for you.


If you know a shy guy or you are one yourself, don’t be alarmed. Many other men are equally timid about the same situation.

Fantasy is a safe way for a shy guy can be himself and also be with his crush. By fantasizing, a shy guy would build the Right confidence to approach his crush.

Shy guys can give mixed reactions because they don’t easily tell how they feel. You can study the examples we have highlighted in this article to accurately guide your judgment.

Body language is one of the best cues, by looking out for subtle signs you can tell who has it hots for you.

Every shy guy needs encouragement. You can take points from the things they do or how they act around you.

By monitoring these actions, you can easily tell if a shy guy is interested in you.


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