What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

If you’ve ever been called quirky by a girl who is either a friend, girlfriend, or sister, you’ve probably wondered why she called you quirky.

This is because society views quirks through different lenses. Some women enjoy the company of quirky men because they are comfortable with them.

Others find them extremely annoying and maintain a certain distance from them.

In this article, we will be looking at the possible reasons why a lady may refer to you as quirky; how to know if you are quirky; and whether or not your quirky behaviour is positive or negative.

What it Means When a Girl Calls You Quirky

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

Being called quirky by a lady means so many things, ranging from the fact that she likes you to the point that she dislikes you. Girls find guys who behave uniquely, attractive, because they are hard to come by. 

If she like you and she feels you are weird, she would not hesitate to call you what weirdos are called “quirky”. It could also mean that she dislikes you because of your weird behavior. All these and more are reasons why she called you quirky. 

However, in a bid not to assume, let’s dive straight into the possible reasons why a girl may refer to you as quirky.  

It Means That She Likes You 

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

If a girl calls you quirky, it is possibly because she likes you. There are certain behaviors that quirks exhibit, which we will be talking about in the course of this article.

She might enjoy and find appealing one of your eccentric behaviors. It could be the level of confidence you portray or how emotional you are as a guy, going all out for people you don’t know as though they were close friends. 

Provided she likes to see guys with such personality traits, she will find you attractive and would always love to be in your company.

And because you have a way of making her feel at ease around you, she will refer to you as quirky, which is a sign that she likes you.

It Means You Behave Weird

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

We all know the popular saying among girls, “all men are the same.” This is because they see men behaving in similar ways. As a result, if you act strangely as a guy, she will definitely find you quirky.

No doubt, most girls like assertive guys, but they feel weird if you laugh and talk loudly.

They know that guys are mostly loud when in the company of their friends, but it becomes glaring theen you are a loud guy and won’t hesitate to talk at the top of your voice in her presence, coupled with some ” I don’t care” attitude.

Being too loud tends to disturb and annoy people around you more, and they can build up certain assumptions in the minds of others. One of which is that you are ill-mannered, always seeking attention or angry.

Your sense of dress may also be a reason for calling you quirky. A lot of girls feel that as a guy, you should have a bold fashion sense that expresses your personality.

But if you always show up in funny dresses like having your shirt above your belly button and pairing it with shorts, she will definitely see you as a quirky and won’t hesitate to call you out.

It Implies That You Are Original

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

A quirk’s behaviour is basically a pointer to who they really are. They barely hide who they are when in the company of others.

A fact that almost every lady will agree to if they intend to be honest is that they love being around guys who are original. Except for ladies who love the euphoria of luxury and don’t care whether or not they are living in a lie.

But most women desire to be in a relationship with men who are original because they are honest and reliable. Hence, if she calls you quirky, it means you are original and she appreciates it.

She admires how you are intentional about being your unique self without letting the opinions of other people interrupt your expression of it.

It Indicates That You Are Fun To Be With

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

Quirky is a word a girl will likely use if she finds you exciting in a unique way. If you are a guy who goes all out to make her laugh by using self-deprecating jokes or making a baby face, because you detest seeing people all worked up as a unique behavior which comes naturally.

Although so many guys feel being funny is childish and people won’t take them seriously that is why funny guys are hard to come by.

Nonetheless, if you have a unique sense of humor, a girl will call you quirky because you make her happy in a special way.

It Proves That She Dislikes The Way You Comport Yourself

Not every lady likes quirky guys. They often see their behaviour as odd.

If your quirky behavior as a guy is extreme quietness, a girl who calls you quirky may dislike you. Most girls do not like quiet guys.

They prefer guys who are sort of aggressive or extroverted. When a guy is quiet, he tends to make a woman feel he is not “Alpha“, making her feel like she can almost dominate him.

Girls want to be challenged. They want guys who challenge them and keep them on their toes, and if you are quiet, you may not really be able to do that.

Your quirky behaviour may be something else. All you need to do is notice what turns her off each time you are around her.

How Do You Know If You Are Quirky?

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

You Have A Unique Perspective On Everything

You’ve probably heard someone ask a friend or colleague, “Why are you not acting like a normal human?” This is because, although the faces of people are different, their thoughts are alike.

Sometimes this is as a result of stipulated laws and principles about life being set to guide the way people should think or go about doing certain things that concern their lives.

However, if you discover that you always have a unique perspective on everything, then you are quirky.

Behaviors that make others astonished are signs of quirkiness. For instance, if you consider going out as a waste of time even after your friend compels you to hang out with them sometimes, this is a quirky behavior.

Although going out may help you create strategic relationships, there are certain people who see it as strenuous or mind-draining.

However, they prefer to just sleep, watch a movie, or just do anything that keeps them confined to their space.

You Keep An Unusual Company

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

Remember one of the laws of attraction which states that ” Who you are is who you attract?” Relative to this, we can say quirks attract quirks.

If you realize that the kinds of friends you have also share unique perspectives with you, then you are a quirk.

Quirks are often kept to oneself, especially when they are perceived as weird because they are their authentic selves.

Hence, when they see someone who thinks nothing is wrong with them or desires things similar to them, they do not hesitate to make them their friends because they know that such people are hard to come by.

It could be your fashion sense. You may be a lover of a certain fashion style which people consider weird or old-school, let’s say funky hair, or ninja amors.

If you realize that your company also loves appearing the same way without thinking about how people see them, then it is a sign that you are a quirk because your company also has quirks.

This is not limited to just your fashion sense. If your company has the same norm-breaking thoughts as you, then it is a show of your quickness.

These norm-breaking thoughts may be saying sorry to someone who has offended you when you can easily put up a fight with them.

Is Quirky Negative or Positive?

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

Quirkiness is relative to its beholder. Therefore, we can say that being quirky is both negative and positive.

First, let’s talk about the positivity of being quirky.

A quirky person is real and does not do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

They never change their opinion; they do all the same things that make them happy and are not careful to do what makes them happy because they are scared people will see them as weird.

The positivity in this is that you can trust a quirky person because pretense is far from them. Quirky people are true to their uniqueness.

Also, most quirky people are characterized by fun. They always love to make everyone around them happy in unique ways.

The negative aspect of quirks solely depends on the person who is on the receiving end of the quirky behaviour.

So many people find quirkiness annoying and so they refrain from associating with quirks. For instance, so many people see having red hair and blue eyes as mysterious.

They believe this type of person has certain powers and would distance themselves from them.

So many people dislike those who are loud. A quirky person may be trying to create some kind of fun and bring smiles to gloomy faces. In an attempt to do that, he/she may be displeasing others unknowingly.

Therefore, the negative phase of quirks is that they don’t fascinate everyone and may be stepping on their toes without realizing it. 

What are Common Quirks?

Excessively Biting One’s Nails

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

Excessive nail biting is a surprisingly widespread quirk, similar to hair pulling and skin plucking.

This repetitive behaviour can be traced to a particularly stressful event or time period but in many cases it is a long time or chronic problem persisting through adolescence and into adulthood. 

Hair Or Eye Color That Is Distinct 

 The type of hair or eye color a person has can be seen right after birth. With this, there are so many people who have unique hair or eye colors.

Oftentimes, they command attention wherever they go because they have distinct traits. It could be pink hair or blue eyes.

These peculiar features are most often used to recognize them in large gatherings or from afar because they are unique to them alone.

Shaking The Feet When Sitting

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

Oftentimes, many people shake their legs when sitting down. This may be as a result of getting excited about something. Their legs can’t stay still, they keep bouncing, it’s like they want to run out in a tacket. 

It does not only depict happiness because angry people do the same when they are sad.They probably can’t stand someone talking to them or what is going on in their head. 

Also, people who are lost in thoughts often shake their heads when sitting. At this point, they are unconscious of their actions and do not even know they are shaking their legs. 

In general, shaking their legs is a quirky behavior common to a lot of people. It is an unusual way through which they consciously or unconsciously show their emotions. 

Boasting About One’s Success 

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

We all know someone who is a bragger. Every time they accomplish something new, they make sure everyone knows about it.

Social media has changed the way people brag in some ways, because previously, most people could only brag to a few people at a time. People can now brag to thousands of people every day if they want to.

Anytime they get a new car, they are like, “Check out my new car.” Even when they go out for vacations, they’d post over 59 photos with a caption like “Check out my vacation trip to Dubai“. 

The reason why this is a common quirk is that a lot of people silently deal with insecurity. People who brag are insecure on the inside.

They feel they are on a level below other people, and in their mind, if they accentuate the things that they have come to possess, they feel like it’s going to impress other people or make them think higher of them. 

Spending Extra Time On Something

What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Quirky

There are certain people who are idealistic and can spend a lot of time and effort on something to make it live up to their ideals. This is graded in many ways since they would not produce anything of less than stellar quality.

 They are often seen as quirky because they spend a lot of time and resources when an alternative solution would be more efficient.

It is difficult for these kinds of people to let go of the perfect scenario and make do with plan B because plan A is more expensive and way too difficult.

They are willing to go to great lengths to make sure everything is 100%, even if it is not worth it.


To wrap up this interesting article, I would love you to know that being quirky doesn’t make you less of a person. It is basically a reflection of who you really are; it is your unique self.

However, not everyone may find this alluring. This is why you need to build your self-esteem so you don’t change your unique self for the sake of pleasing others.

Nonetheless, there is an exception to this for the sake of creating balance. You need to check if your quirky behavior is negative so you can work on it  in order to avoid stepping on people’s toes.

This can repel a lot of people from associating with you.

I believe this article has been able to make you understand what it means when a girl calls you quirky, how to know if you are quirky, and if your quirkiness is positive or negative. 

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