Why Do Guys Like Back Scratches? (5 Reasons We Know!)

Back scratching is a turn-on as long as it is done in moderation and not in an aggressive way to the extent that it will hurt your partner.

Back scratching is another way that one can show his or her partner how passionate you feel.

Sometimes, when couples are being romantic and the woman scratches his back mildly, he gets turned on and feels more passionate, making them enjoy themselves better.

Even after both of them are done with their romance, the scratches are like a reminder of how passionate it was.

5 reasons why guys like back scratches?

Some guys generally love how their women get passionate and scratch their backs when they are having int#rcourse. This is what turns them on.

If you have a boyfriend and you notice that he also likes back scratches, you need to know why he likes it and you need to be aware of as many reasons as possible so that you can do it for him if it turns him on before you guys want to have int#rcourse.

There are other reasons why guys like back scratches. Take a look:

  1. It gets him in the mood
  2. It shows how passionate the lady is.
  3. It reminds him of how passionate their romance is
  4. It is a part of cuddling
  5. Some guys enjoy pain while engaging in romance so they can show the marks to their friends.

It gets him in the mood

Why Do Guys Like Back Scratches

As I previously stated, scratching the back of your man gets him in the mood. It communicates to him that you are ready and it puts him more in the mood.

When a man is in the mood, it gets him fired up with you. Both of you are going to have a nice time together once he gets in that mood of his.

If you notice that when you scratch your man’s back gets him in the mood, then you should know that each time you both are about to be romantic, scratching his back is one of the things you need to do in order to turn him on.

Just keep on doing it so that he gets happy with you most of the time. When you understand what gets him in the mood, he will believe that you even love him to the extent of knowing exactly what to do always.

It demonstrates how passionate the lady is

Men enjoy knowing that their woman is passionate when they are together. Apart from the fulfillment that you guys get, it makes him even enjoy himself longer than he normally would.

If you are passionate with your partner, I recommend that you scratch his back gently so that you do not inflict deep painful marks on his back. That is the proper way to do this.

When your woman is passionate with you, she also performs at her best and you guys will end up enjoying each other to the fullest.

This has a way of creating a bond between you and your partner, making you both have a stronger relationship together.

It reminds him of how passionate their romance is

Why Do Guys Like Back Scratches

When you and your partner have interc^urse, you will most likely forget about it after a few days. But if there is something to remind him of how great it was, the marks will be there to do justice to that.

That is one of the reasons why men love marks on their backs. If your man deliberately tells you to make marks on his body when you both together, just know that he loves those marks and he wants to use them to remember that special moment that both of you shared together.

Do not be surprised; some men actually like it. You may find it more common among men than among women.

It is all a part of cuddling

When you guys cuddle, your lady may scratch your back, which is a sign that she is engaged and already in the mood.

If you notice that your man likes it when you scratch his back while you guys cuddle, you should do it frequently in a mild way.

It is possible for cuddling to be done separately and still scratch his back in the process.

Some guys enjoy pain so they can show the marks to their friends

Why Do Guys Like Back Scratches

Some guys are natural show-offs. They love to show off how well they perform to their friends. When they were single, they were always fond of bragging to their friends about how many women they were romantically engaged with.

Even after getting married, the man will still bring that behavior to the marriage, but in a different form. What I mean by “in a different form” is the scratching of the back part.

Now he tells you to scratch his back mildly while you guys are engaged. Once the scratch leaves marks on his back, he can use those marks to brag to his friends about how good he was.

It could be that he enjoys pain and loves it. If that is what he loves, then you should give it to him.

Why do back scratches feel good?

Back scratching feels so good because when you scratch, a hormone called serotonin is released. Serotonin is responsible for making you feel good and having a nice time.

That tickling feeling you get when scratching that makes you feel good is caused by the release of serotonin. Usually, when you are doing something that feels so good on the body, you will find it hard to stop because of how good the feeling is.

That is why when you are scratching and it feels so good, you scratch to the extent that you do not even want to stop scratching. That is what serotonin does to you.

Scratching also does something really good. It actually aids in the release of serotonin. When serotonin is released, the muscles that are physically stimulated while scratching are eased.

This is why back scratching feels so good, and once you start scratching, you don’t want to stop.

What are “love scratches”?

Why Do Guys Like Back Scratches

Love scratches are usually made by women on the backs of men. This happens when both the man and woman are having intense romance.

The woman gets so in the mood and so stimulated, especially when you hit the most sensitive parts of her body and it makes her extremely turned on.

At this point, she may find it difficult to fully control herself. In the process of trying to control herself, she will hold on to the back or shoulder of her man.

When this happens, her hands move involuntarily. Her nails leave marks on the man’s back, which happen to turn into temporary scars which will eventually disappear after a few days.

Love scratches are mostly done by women when you guys are having intense romance and she gets really ar#used. You may not get that love scratch if the romance is not intense enough.

Men hardly ever give love scratches. Even if the romance is intense, the man will likely not scratch, but a woman will. If you’re a man and you get intense, don’t be surprised if your woman scratches you. It happens.

What is the most pleasurable place to scratch?

Some may even be surprised that the most pleasurable place to scratch is not the hard-to-reach parts of the back, it is actually the ankle.

This is simply because scratching the ankle provides more immediate itching relief than the other parts, like the hard-to-reach parts at the back and also the forearm.

You can even put this to a test. Get the three parts of your body ready; the hard-to-reach part of your back, your ankle, and your forearm.

Scratch these parts of your body and see which one is the most pleasurable. Personally, I scratched my ankle and saw that it felt more pleasurable than other parts of my body, like my back and my forearm.

If you try this, you may get the same result. But it is good that you are aware that the most pleasurable place to scratch is your ankle.

Is scratching addictive?

Scratching only seems addictive among chronic itch patients. But in this context, no, scratching is not addictive.

Scratching only seems addictive because it is so pleasurable that when you start scratching, it almost feels like you should not stop.

This is because continuously scratching a particular part of the body leads to the release of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that is responsible for making you feel good.

When this hormone is released, often when you scratch, it makes you feel so good and gives you a pleasurable feeling that makes you want to continue scratching without stopping.

But obviously, you have to stop scratching at some point because if you keep on scratching, your skin could get bruised because your nails are sharp enough to bruise your skin if you repeatedly scratch it.

No matter how pleasurable the scratching may be, you have to get to a point where you have to stop so that you do not harm yourself in the process. The same thing is applicable to having int#rcourse.

No matter how pleasurable it may be, you have to stop at some point. If you are not under the influence of drugs, scratching may become addictive because when you are not able to lay your hands on drugs, you start to feel itchy and you get addicted to scratching until you are able to get hold of drugs.


Many guys like scratches on their backs, but not every guy out there does. You need to be able to find out if your man loves it when you scratch, or while you guys are cuddling.

If your man happens to like back scratches, go ahead and give it to him. But you need to be aware that you have to scratch his back in a mild way so that it does not hurt or bruise him.

Few men like pain. If your man is that type of person, consider doing it for him. Women are more likely to scratch than men.

Women scratch most of the time as a reaction to romance. Because their hands move involuntarily during romance, the brands hold his back and shoulders, which scratches him in the process.

If you are the type that does not like scratches and your woman does it to you, you let her know that you are not comfortable with it, and she would work towards stopping it.

Everything has to do with communication. If you like it, say it so that your woman will keep on doing it, and if you do not like it, you can say it too.

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