What Does It Mean If A Girl Adds You On Snapchat?

The virtual space is confusing. If a lady adds you on Snapchat randomly, it could strike an idea that she is into you.

But that is not always accurate. Before you get ahead of yourself, you should consider the possible reasons why she added you on Snapchat.

Now, you don’t want to overthink anything, thus, this article will expose you to the seven common meanings that have been studied as reasons why a girl will add you as friends on Snapchat.

What Does It Mean If A Girl Adds You On Snapchat

Generally speaking, if a girl adds you on Snapchat it could mean she is interested in you.

Aside from that, it may, however, mean you just came up as suggested friends and she just added, she wants to know more about you, added you to increase her following on Snapchat, or purely for entertainment purposes.

Meanwhile, if you added her in the past and have forgotten, there’s a good chance she was online and saw it so decided to add you back at that moment.

Another possible meaning which is not common is that the lady could have been waiting there for you to send a request.

Let’s look at these meanings one after the other to see if they apply to your situation.

7 Meanings Behind A Girl Adding You On Snapchat

If she just added you on Snapchat, consider the following possibilities as likely meanings for why she did that:

1. She is interested in you

A lady’s romantic interest in you is one of the common meanings behind her sending friend invitations to you on Snapchat.

While this appears to be a very delightful possible reason, it is not always the case because a simple friend request does not represent the only hint whether a girl is into you.

What Does It Mean If A Girl Adds You On Snapchat

It is all about your ability to study her engagement with your account after adding you on Snapchat.

For instance, suppose she turns out to be the first who views your stores or opens your snap quickly.

In that case, it is a good sign that the meaning behind adding you was because she is interested in you.

In many cases owing to this point, the lady usually initiates a conversation first, which indicates she has an established comfortable feeling talking to you.

2. You just came up as suggested friends

Another possible meaning behind a girl adding you on Snapchat is that you came up in the app’s algorithm as suggested by friends and she randomly deemed it fit to add you purely on a conventional basis.

In this case, it will be unsafe to conclude her intentions. People usually pop up as suggested friends to add on Snapchat.

This is sometimes determined by the user’s friends on other social media apps like Facebook, the user’s contact list, or friends of friends.

Hence, when you see that a girl (who possibly appears appealing to you) sends a friendship invitation to you on Snapchat, one of your considerations as possible reasons for that should be that your account appeared as suggested friends whom I believe owe a debt of gratitude to the yellow app’s metrics.

3. She wants to know more about you

Social media has grown to become one of the most-consulted sources for information about people, their personalities, and lifestyle.

If a girl adds you on Snapchat, one of the common reasons behind that is that she wants to know more about you.

If you consider yourself an interesting figure on the app, this should not appear as a big deal. A lot of male Snapchat users get hundreds of profile visits per day made by females.

By adding you on Snapchat, it could mean that the lady is curious about your lifestyle and personality, and so adding you will give her access to get closer to you and get familiar with what you upload on Snapchat.

4. She wants to increase her following

If a lady adds you on Snapchat, it could mean that she knows that you are a friend of hers and wants to add more friends on the app for her benefit.

Sometimes, a girl could add a guy on Snapchat to gain more popularity and influence through his followers.

If this is the end game of a lady in sending the invitation on Snapchat, it means the girl is in pursuit of more views to promote her business or to win a competition.

So, my fellow guy, keep your feet on the ground because what matters is what the girl does after adding your account.

What Does It Mean If A Girl Adds You On Snapchat

5. For entertainment purposes

Sequel to the aforementioned point, you might have won the friendship invitation from a  girl of your dreams simply due to the funny and ridiculous stories you upload.

In that case, the main reason why the girl wants to add you as friends is for entertainment purposes.

In other words, a girl can add you on Snapchat basically because she enjoys the kind of posts you upload on the app – nothing more or less.

It is a good thing you make her smile through your posts, and that is evidenced in her adding your account. But you can call this clown-zoning if it doesn’t hurt, or does it?

6. You’ve added her as friends on Snapchat in the past

Have you thought about the possibility that you must have added the girl’s account before this moment, and so, she just decided to add you back which now appears like out of the blue for you?

One of the possible meanings or reasons why a girl will add you on Snap is that she is simply reciprocating your engagement with her account.

It happens on other social media and it is one of the cores for engagement and building friends in the virtual space. Hence, if the reason is solely this, it would be risky to count her action as a big deal.

7. She’s been waiting for you

As cited earlier,  another possible meaning why a girl has added your account on Snapchat, which is not common, is that the lady could have been waiting there for you to send a request.

Some ladies do not count it as a big deal if they make the first leap towards establishing a closer relationship with someone over social media.

And so, if a girl (who has an interest in you, in this case) has been waiting for you to send a request, she might as well decide to add your account with the hope that something sparks up from that simple prompt.

From my experience, it is safe to say that this rarely happens. So if you believe this is the reason why she added you, then you want to focus on what she doesn’t immediately after adding you. Most times, she sends you a message.

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How To Get A Girl’s Attention On Snapchat

As mentioned earlier, just because a girl has been added on Snap doesn’t mean there’s necessarily any romantic connection there.

However, there is no doubt that the yellow app is great for attracting girls if you master the game.

Snapchat provides a variety of exciting ways to impress the woman of your dreams and keep her interested throughout your interactions.

Here are proven ways you can leverage Snapchat to get a girl’s attention almost effortlessly: First, add her on Snapchat, and also send her snaps that you are sure will pique her interest.

Aside from these two tips, another way you can win her attention on the app is to chat with her and post interesting stories that will interest her.

Add her on Snapchat

If you are determined to gain the attention of a girl you are attracted to on Snapchat, the first place to start is to add her as a friend.

Not only does this send the impression that you want to know more about her, but it also allows you to establish a closer relationship with her on the platform.

What Does It Mean If A Girl Adds You On Snapchat

Hence, search for her in the “Add Friends” tab by entering her username or full name.

Once you identify her profile, send her a request by clicking the “+ Add” button to send an invitation.

This will instantly send a notification to her that you want to add her as a friend. If she accepts it, it is a good signal that she is interested, and that’s ok.

Send her interesting snaps

One of the ways you can gain the attention of a lady via social media, Snapchat in particular, is to send her something that she can relate to or something she enjoys. This allows you both to establish a more comfortable feeling.

Guys who know how to play this game, I will also attach the favorite song of the lady as a background sound to the snaps. If a lady sees you as a fund person, she is likely to give you more of her attention.

Chat with her

Guys who know how to chat with ladies, especially for the first time, seem to win their attention with little effort. You should chat with her in a way that makes her figure out that you are interested in her.

It would be a difficult and intimidating activity if you are the type that struggles with keeping a conversation going.

Ultimately, to win a lady’s attention on Snapchat through chatting, you want to make sure it comes naturally and you aren’t sounding unnecessarily flirtatious.

Post interesting stories that will interest her

I cannot count the number of times that ladies slide into my chat after viewing my stories.

This is a natural phenomenon as people’s attention can be won or lost simply by the type of stories you post.

I have discovered that whenever  I post pictures of myself doing something active like hiking or surfing, or one with me and my friends having fun, being silly at a party, it usually grabs the attention of more ladies than men.

This is something you can try to gain the attention of your crush on Snapchat.

You can even get creative about the whole thing by taking a picture of something interesting that you saw and writing “WYD ” (What are you doing?) on it.

These are examples of stories you can post to get her attention. She might like it or even comment on it if she finds it interesting – because the first mission is to ensure she knows you exist and then you both start chatting.

Another important thing to point out is that many guys fall into the trap of warding off the attention of girls on Snapchat by posting things too racy or intimate.

If you are genuinely after her attention, then you should be more focused on posting stories that will excite and appeal to her.

Girls usually pique interest in pictures of guys that have to do with certain activities like going on vacation, hanging with friends, playing with pets and infotainment stores, and so on.

Conversely, you can also watch how she posts her feed. If possible, become the first person to view her feeds.

It leaves the impression that you’d love to know about her which makes the job easier when you two eventually come together.

Winning the attention of ladies may not be a difficult task for many of us. But when it comes to the girl you like, it certainly takes guts.

As you consider using the approaches shared above, you don’t want to bombard her with many snaps without taking the time first to know what she likes.

Ultimately, you don’t want to come off as too flirtatious. Hence, allow communication and familiarity to flow naturally with these tips shared above.

Final thoughts

Since it takes zero effort to add someone on Snapchat, a girl adding you randomly on the app may mean nothing.

Many times, it is a purely casual prompt that you should not overthink so that you don’t get your feelings disappointed unnecessarily.

One of the indicators that suggest a girl is into you because she added you on Snapchat is when she goes on to engage with your snaps and posts, and most likely chats with you.

But in many situations, the guy comes up as suggested by friends and she just adds.

Let me know in the comments how helpful you found this.

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