What To Say When Someone Says “I Didn’t Ask for Your Opinion?”

Most times we’re tempted to say something or give our opinion on conversations that are going on around us and we get shunned for them when we do; it has happened to many of us.

People are conversing around you and you feel you’ve got something to say, maybe to correct an impression or give a suggestion and then someone turns to you and says, “I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

It can be embarrassing and at that moment you may be shocked into silence whereas you wish you had a response for them.

Are you worried you may not have what to say when you’re faced with such a situation? Set your mind at rest as I will be giving you 20 things to someone who tells you I didn’t ask for your opinion.

20 Things to Say When Someone Says I Didn’t Ask for Your Opinion

What To Say When Someone Says I Didn't Ask for Your Opinion

Most times, when people say I didn’t ask for your opinion it’s because they’re not happy with you jumping into their conversation. It could also be because what you said was out of point.

In addition, some people say this when they want to be rude, mean, or want to embarrass you. And when you’re not prepared for that, you get embarrassed.

The best way you can easily respond is to have an answer ready at your disposal; so you can quickly give a comeback that will save you embarrassment.

  1. Yes, you didn’t, but you needed to know
  2. I’m aware
  3. It looked like you needed it
  4. I don’t care
  5. I didn’t ask for your response
  6. I wasn’t speaking to you
  7. It’s good to learn new things
  8. But, you don’t know it all
  9. You should have
  10. I could tell you needed it
  11. I’m sure you wished
  12. Are you talking to me?
  13. I’m sure you did
  14. Did you say something?
  15. Then, why did you listen?
  16. You didn’t have to
  17. Smart people do
  18. Then, keep your response to yourself
  19. We all have to listen
  20. So?

Yes, You didn’t, but You Needed To Know

Telling the person who says I didn’t ask for your opinion this response, is very clever because first, it acknowledges that you know they didn’t ask.

And then, “but you needed to know” draws attention to the fact that they needed what you had to say, and so whether they asked or not you were going to lend your opinion.

This response is a way of letting the person know that they were being rude. Also, It works well as it may shut the person up. 

Or even if the person is provoked to say more, you can walk away calmly knowing you’ve driven home your point. 

I’m aware

I’m aware” is a very swift and clever reply that will hit its mark and set the person off. One, you’re telling them you know they didn’t ask for your opinion.

Two, since you know and still went ahead to offer the opinion, you’re driving home a point that what you said was important.

In addition, the person wouldn’t have expected this response and so it can set them off for a second. Also, it leaves a smart impression.

It Looked Like You Needed It

This response works very well; just like killing several birds with one stone. First, telling the person this will give off the same disrespectful air they had created.

Also, it leaves the impression that what you said was important and they should focus on that instead of trying to be rude.

In addition, this response is a subtle way of letting the person know that they had made a dumb statement and that was why you needed to offer your opinion. It’s a clever one that will surely put off the person.

I Don’t Care 

“I don’t care” is a simple and witty response. This response will let the person know that you don’t care about what they think or say.

Therefore, whether they ask for your opinion or not, you’re letting them know you’re free to say what’s on your mind so they can deal with that.

Saying this will return the same disrespectful energy the person had given off.

I Didn’t Ask for Your Response

“I didn’t ask for your response” is a very smart move to pull on the person who says I didn’t ask for your opinion. It’s just like feeding them their own medicine.

They didn’t ask for your opinion and you didn’t ask for their response so why should they give a response you didn’t ask for?

This should hit its mark well, turning around the arrow to point back at the sender. If the person wants to embarrass you, they’ll end up feeling embarrassed.

I wasn’t Speaking to You

This response is another smart move to pull on the person. This is a very clever way of evading anything else the person may have to say while giving them the same disrespect they gave you.

Also, it shows that since they don’t care about what you’ve to say then you don’t care about what they’ve to say either.

In addition, it’ll leave the impression that the person was dumb for making an unnecessary statement. It should shut the speaker up.

It’s Good to Learn New Things

This reply works well because it responds to the statement with a level of innocence while drawing attention to how rude and petty the person was. 

Also, it’ll bring focus on the importance of your opinion. In this way, you don’t have to come out rude while you make it obvious that the person was rude.

And, then you’re helping them learn to be more open-minded to learning from people.

But, You Don’t Know It All

But, you don’t know it all” is another clever reply to give. This wouldn’t come out as rude, but it’ll bring focus to the fact that the person’s statement was unnecessary.

Also, it’ll let the person know that they’re not an island of knowledge and should be open to learning from others.

This response is a calm and effective way to drive home your point, letting the person know that you too can be smart.

You Should Have

This is another calm and effective reply that will make the person look unintelligent. With this reply, you’ll cleverly shift the embarrassment the person intends to make you feel on them. 

Also, it’ll make it obvious that the opinion you gave is important and so the person should pay more attention to that.

I could Tell You Needed Help

I could tell you needed help” is another smart reply to give to someone who says I didn’t ask for your opinion.

This reply will show that your opinion was important, indicating that the person wasn’t making sense earlier and so you needed to offer your opinion.

Also, it’ll set the person off, making them appear dumb.

I’m Sure You Wished

What To Say When Someone Says I Didn't Ask for Your Opinion

I’m sure you wished” is a simple and smart reply to give. This response will come out funny to others, drawing their attention to the person who made the statement.

With this reply, you’ve successfully saved yourself from feeling embarrassed while shifting the embarrassment to the person.

This reply should shock them to silence, making them look dumb to everyone else. Also, it’ll draw attention to how rude and unnecessary their statement was.

Are You Talking to Me?

What To Say When Someone Says I Didn't Ask for Your Opinion

“Are you talking to me?” is a very witty comeback. This will hit its mark well, leaving the person wondering what hit them.

With this reply, you’ll successfully give the impression that you weren’t paying attention to the person in the first place and so you didn’t know why they should make the statement to you.

So, this should leave the person feeling foolish and confused as they’ll probably think you weren’t engaging them when you offered your opinion. It should surely make them wish they hadn’t said that.

I’m Sure You Did


“I’m sure you did” is another smart way to leave the person confused. This will set them off, making them wonder if they’d really asked for your opinion and are having a short memory.

Giving this reply and walking off is a smart way to leave a point on their rudeness while evading further confrontation. 

Did You Say Something?

This reply works very well in making the person look foolish. This is a funny reply that can come off innocently while sounding insulting. 

The person may repeat themselves, actually thinking you didn’t get them right. And when they do, give the same reply again and watch the person feel embarrassed. 

You can even make it more fun by adding an innocent expression on your face while asking the question. 

This should keep the person dumbfounded and even if they’re provoked to say more, you can simply walk away.

Then, Why Did You Listen?

Returning the same energy to the person who made the statement is a good way to respond. When you ask this question as a response, the person may be thrown off balance, not knowing how to respond.

Even if the person tries to speak, it may seem like they’re defending themselves which will make them look all the dumber.

This response is a clever way to return all the attention to the person. 

You Didn’t Have To

“You didn’t have to” is another cool way to show that what the person said was unnecessary.

Also, it’ll remind the person that you’re free to speak while laying emphasis that your opinion was needed.

Smart People Do

Saying “smart people do” to someone who says I didn’t ask for your opinion is both a smart and funny reply.

This reply will leave the person confused because at first it sounds strange and unexpected but then the person will understand that you were referring to them as dumb.

Also, this will indicate that they don’t know it all and that your opinion was important. This reply should hit its mark well. Saying this and walking away will surely serve its purpose.

Then, Keep Your Response to Yourself

Giving this reply to someone who says I didn’t ask for your opinion is another smart move to pull on such a person.

This reply should shut them up, letting them know that since they’re concerned you spoke without them asking, then they shouldn’t also respond without getting permission from people.

Also, it’ll return the same disrespectful energy they had created, letting them know they were unnecessarily rude.

We All Have to Listen

We all have to listen” is another cool and effective way to reply to someone who says I didn’t ask for your opinion without coming off rude.

This reply has a level of innocence that should bring focus to the fact that we all have something to say and so they should be prepared to listen too.


This one-word reply is a very simple yet effective reply that should keep the person confused and dumbfounded.

This is indicative that the person didn’t make sense and doesn’t have anything to say.

When you ask this one-word question, the person would be the one looking for a response that he may not get. This response should make the person feel they shouldn’t have made the statement at first.


When people say I didn’t ask for your opinion, sometimes they’re only trying to be disrespectful. So having a quick and clever comeback will serve to put them in their place.

Also, they can say this when you offer an unsolicited opinion, maybe jumping into a conversation that’s not of any concern to you. 

Having something to say here is also important, but you’ve to choose your reply carefully, especially depending on the environment.

However, you shouldn’t always reply. Sometimes saying nothing and walking away is the right response, especially if you intruded into a conversation.

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