20 Things To Say When Someone Is Working Late(FIND OUT)

Working late means working extra and going beyond the norm to ensure productivity. When someone works late, one of the things to look out for is if their efforts are making any notable progress or not.

If it’s not, then it’s best to advise them to refrain from what they are doing and take those late hours to do something productive or even rest.

On the other hand, if their working late has made a huge difference in your organisation or event caused your company to meet deadlines, then you should thank them so much for their dedication and place them in positions where they serve as examples to the workers around them.

In this article, there are 20 things to say when someone is working late.

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20 Things To Say

You can say, ‘The level of commitment you put into this team is second to none.’ or ‘I can see how tough you have been towards your work.’ Keep it up.’ to encourage someone who works late for you or your organisation. Here are some more things to say:

  • ‘Obviously, this is extra effort.’ Thank you for putting in this much.
  • ‘I thank you for putting in so much dedication to the job.’
  • ‘Your diligence and value toward work have not gone unnoticed.’
  • ‘The level of commitment you put into this team is second to none.’
  • I understand how tough it is to work until this late hour. I appreciate the difference your effort makes.
  • ‘I express my gratitude for all the work you keep putting in day in and day out.’
  • I can see how tough you have been towards your work. ‘Keep it up.’
  • ‘You do not only inspire your subordinates.’ Your input inspires your superiors.
  • ‘Don’t fail to reach out to me just in case you are in need of support.’
  • ‘Working with someone as dedicated as you is something I am proud of.’
  • ‘I acknowledge your willingness to do as much as you do.’
  • ‘The energy and commitment you channel towards work is truly impressive.’
  • ‘Your consistent work is making a great difference, and we do not overlook it.’
  • ‘I know it’s tough working late, but your work is helping us achieve our goals.’
  • ‘I do love your work ethic and devotion to the job.’
  • ‘Thank you for being so valuable to this organisation.’
  • ‘You are a perfect example for every team member here.’
  • ‘Truly, it’s not easy, but your consistency is worthy of commendation.’
  • Your efforts have enabled us to meet our deadlines. Thanks a lot.
  • ‘There is no doubt that you are an asset to the team.’ ‘We acknowledge you.’

1. ‘Obviously, This Is Extra Effort.’ Thank You For Putting In This Much 

Things To Say When Someone Is Working Late

It’s not easy to dedicate extra time and work late when you have so many other obligations to carry out. Although they know that they have put in efforts beyond the norm, you should make it more clear to them and especially appreciate their efforts.

2. ‘I Thank You For Putting In So Much Dedication To The Job.’

It is best that you do not close your eyes to someone’s dedication, whether the job is theirs or not.

When you notice that they come to work early and work until late, then you should tell them that you are aware of their tireless dedication to the job. I appreciate them for investing so much.

You can go out of your way to gift them, promote them, or grant them a privilege that they have always longed for. 

3. ‘Your Diligence And Value Toward Work Have Not Gone Unnoticed.’

It is not proper for someone to put in so much effort in their job and all they get is the feeling that they are not really doing so much.

When you have noticed the level of dedication someone puts into their job and how they keep on working late with no ulterior motives, then you should make it known to them that all they do has not passed like no one’s making efforts. This could be an encouragement to them.

4. ‘The Level Of Commitment You Put Into This Team Is Second To None.’

It is possible to have someone working late in a team, but there’s no track record of progress.

But, when you encounter someone who is different, diligent, and productive to the team, then you should make it clear to them that no one else has put in so much in a while and their efforts are second to none.

You can as well bring out the track record and make it clear to them as to how their efforts have made headway in the team.

5. ‘I Understand How Tough It Is To Work Until This Late Hour. I Appreciate The Difference Your Effort Makes.’

One of the best ways to begin showing your gratitude to someone who works late is to acknowledge how tough it is to stay up working until late hours.

Also, point out the products of their labor, such as how their efforts got your company better pay, landed the company a new client, made headway for an advancement, or something relating to a development at their place of work.

6. ‘I Express My Gratitude For All The Work You Keep Putting In Day In And Day Out.’

Things To Say When Someone Is Working Late

You can choose to appreciate someone for what they do at work. If you’re a superior or even a colleague, you can call them or take them out to express your gratitude for the unwavering efforts they put in day in and day out.

Your show of thanks and recognition may cause them to improve their performance at work.

7. ‘I Can See How Tough You Have Been Towards Your Work. ‘Keep It Up.’

Hearing these words from a subordinate in particular could mean a lot. Apart from being encouraging, it could mean that if they keep up at the same pace or more, they will get promoted or get a raise in their pay.

This remark is encouraging and encourages consistency, especially because their late working hours have been productive.

8. ‘You Do Not Only Inspire Your Subordinates. Your Inputs Inspire Your Superiors.’

This response is most suitable when the superiors in a working environment have settled down to discuss the developments they have had due to the working lateness of a staff member.

During their discussion, they can point to such members as an example to the rest. On hearing how their superiors beyond their subordinates have taken notice and even praised their efforts, they will do better and plan further on how the company’s goals can be accomplished. 

9. ‘Don’t Fail To Reach Out To Me Just In Case You Are In Need Of Support.’

On seeing someone working late, there is a high chance that their colleagues may assume that they do not have needs nor personal problems, and this could be the reason why they spend so much time working.

But it won’t be surprising to know that although they put in so much effort, they still need help in certain aspects of the job or they need something to aid their productivity.

You may not recognize this at face value, but you can tell them and guarantee them that they should reach out to you when they need help and you will come to their aid.

10. ‘Working With Someone As Dedicated As You Is Something I Am Proud Of.’

It’s such a thing of pride to have someone working late with productive results on your team.

As much as you admire their dedication, you should not fail to tell them that you are so proud to have them on your team and you can’t wait for the awesome results your joint efforts will produce in time to come.

Ensure that your disposition and your words correlate so that your words won’t go cheap.

11. ‘I Acknowledge Your Willingness To Do As Much As You Do.’

When you see someone working late, you should not fail to attribute their efforts to their willingness to work and not luck or ‘eye service.’

This could make a difference, especially if several opinions have been flying around that they are working late because they want to get attention for themselves or they are in need of one favour or another.

Tell them how intentional they are, especially if you have noticed that their motive is sincere. 

12. ‘The Energy And Commitment You Channel Towards Work Is Truly Impressive.’

Things To Say When Someone Is Working Late

Not every worker can work late hours, especially if they hold on to the opinion that they just don’t go the extra mile in doing someone else’s job because it’s not theirs and they will get paid in the end whether they work so hard or not.

However, if you get to meet someone who has a different and better mindset, you can tell them how their energy and the efforts they put into work are outstanding. You can further commend their commitment wholeheartedly.

13. ‘Your Consistency Work Is Making A Great Difference, And We Do Not Overlook It.’

You should channel your energy on the impact of someone’s late work and not necessarily rain mere praises on them. When you let them know how their efforts have been of help to you, you can tell them that you do not overlook their capacity at any point.

14. ‘I Know It’s Tough Working Late, But Your Work Is Helping Us Achieve Our Goals.’

It’s more interesting when someone’s working late and there is notable recorded progress as a result of their efforts. You should thank them for helping the company achieve its set target.

15. ‘I Do Love Your Work Ethic And Devotion To The Job.’

Seeing how someone spends so much time at work, even working late at night, it is obvious that they have devoted themselves to the job.

Many other people might have appreciated their efforts in one way or another. This is why you should express how much you love their work ethics and disposition towards their work.

16. ‘Thank You For Being So Valuable To This Organization.’

Any worker who works late for the progress of their organization is an asset. You must not be the manager or owner of the organization to acknowledge how valuable someone is, not just in their position but to the entire establishment.

It’s beautiful for anyone to hear from others that they are valuable, even when they already know that they are, so you can say it to them.

17. ‘You Are A Perfect Example For Every Team Member Here.’

A diligent worker deserves to be an example to others. This may be a bone of contention between other workers or maybe some level of jealousy.

In the end, their diligence needs to be praised, and they should be pointed at as examples that other workers should follow as they go further in their work.

18. ‘Truly, It’s Not Easy, But Your Consistency Is Worthy Of Commendation.’

Things To Say When Someone Is Working Late

Commending a worker who is not only consistent but also works late could be a great way of saying ‘well done.’

Your commendation should not be done only by mouth when other means of commendation exist, like giving such workers an award, a raise in pay, accommodations for some time, a free ticket to acquire a new skill, or something else impressive.

This will not only encourage them to work better but also motivate other workers.

19. ‘Your Efforts Have Enabled Us To Meet Our Deadlines. Thanks A Lot.’

It is possible that a company has come to a crossroads where they will need to get some work done within a limited period of time. Normally, the work to be done will be shared among the workers available.

If one of them—or a certain percentage of them—takes out time and even spends late nights putting things together, this will speed up the rate at which the work progresses.

When they are done with their job, they may pick up other obligations and put in efforts to wrap up as quickly as possible.

When their efforts bring about further developments and help to meet deadlines, this should not be hidden from them and should be spoken of as often as possible.

20. ‘There Is No Doubt That You Are An Asset To The Team.’ ‘We Acknowledge You.’

You can say of someone who works late for the development of an organisation that they are an asset. Tell them that you cannot praise their dedication and consistency enough.


It is not always easy to have an employee or a colleague who is so committed and dedicated to their duty with a pure motive. But, it is very possible to meet with such people; some may go to the extent that they work late and do not request extra pay from their employer.

You should tell them about how their dedication to work has made your organisation progress massively.

Beyond words, you can give them, reward them, or grant them better opportunities for greater exploits. I trust you got some new ideas on what to say to someone who is working late.

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