When a Girl Says You Are a Great Person

When girls leave you compliments, it may make you excited that you may begin to think she likes you. But what if it’s not so?

There are many mixed signals that you may get from the ladies. Just when you thought you’re finally understanding her, she then makes another statement that leaves you all the more confused.

That’s just the way it’s with girls. Most of the time, they don’t come out straight with their feelings and hide behind compliments.

So when a girl says you’re great, does it mean there’s more to it? Let’s find out in this article as I help you understand the possible meanings.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Says You Are a Great Person?

When a Girl Says You Are a Great Person

There are different reasons a girl will say you’re great. It could be because you have been nice to her or people around, she sees you as a friend or she’s only patronizing you.

Also, depending on the scenario, she could mean it as she says it; as a person of importance. In addition, it could be that she likes you and doesn’t want to show it.

You Are a Great Guy

One of the reasons a girl will say you’re great is because you’re great. Were you in a discussion with her and you told her about your achievements?

Does she know all about you and what you do? Then, when she says you’re great, it’s because she is complimenting you on your achievements.

Here, she’s proud of you and your achievement and doesn’t attach any feelings to it.

It may even be someone you haven’t spoken to before then. But, when she gets to know all about you and says you’re a great person, that would be because you left a huge impression on her.

You Are a Nice Person

When a Girl Says You Are a Great Person

A girl will say you’re a great person if you’re a nice person; if she loves your personality and the way you treat her. 

Do you spend time with her, make her laugh, and do things she likes? If you’re all of these, then she can call you a great person.

Girls like guys who spend time with them and give them attention. Moreover, if you’re her boyfriend and do all the nice things guys do for their girlfriends, your girl will see you as a great person.

In addition, if you’re also nice to people around, going out of your way to help them, then a girl can call you a great person.

She doesn’t have to have romantic feelings for you. It would be your nice attitude that attracted the compliment.

She Sees You as a Friend

When a Girl Says You Are a Great Person

If a girl sees you as a friend, then you’re probably a great person to her, because then, you might not be a friend if you aren’t. 

Does she take you as someone she can count on? Does she talk to you easily, sharing most of her secrets? If she does all of these, then you’re a great person to her and she may let you know.

If a girl says you’re a great person with this on her mind, then it isn’t more than that. She likes you as a friend and that’s where it ends. 

She Playing Down on Her Feelings

Another reason a girl will say you’re a great person is that she likes you and doesn’t want to show it.

Many girls don’t know how to tell a guy they like them because they’re too proud or too shy. Most of these girls may begin to leave compliments here and there as a hint.

Most times they may make this statement when you haven’t done anything particularly great and this may leave you wondering what you might’ve done.

In cases like this, you don’t have to think too much. They probably said that to you to get your attention because they like you.

In addition, if she said it because she likes you, then you may notice other signs in the way she acts around you.

Does she leave other compliments even when you know you don’t deserve them? Does she act shy around you? Does she touch her hair often?

Does she look straight at you or avoid your gaze? You should watch out for these and many others to confirm if she likes you.

She Is Patronizing You

Sadly, one of the reasons a girl will say you’re great is because she’s only patronizing you.

If a girl doesn’t like you, she may also leave compliments just so she won’t show it. If it’s someone you like and maybe she knows it, she may say you’re a great person just not to hurt your feelings.

Also, if a girl is trying to massage your ego or make you feel good about yourself, she may use this statement on you.

Here, you might not have done anything that looks great, but just because she’s patronizing you, she can call you a great person.

In addition, if she’s sticking with you and doesn’t like you, it’s probably because she’s getting something from you. So, she might call you a great person to make you feel she likes you.

She Is Flirting 

Depending on the scenario, a girl can also say you’re a great person if she’s flirting.

Were you on a date with her? Were you alone with her? Girls also leave compliments just like guys when they’re trying to flirt.

If she’s trying to flirt when she says this, you’ll see it in her body language. She might act clingy, and smile in a flirty way. These are just ways to show that she’s interested in you.

How To Respond When a Girl Says You Are a Great Person

When a girl calls you a great person, there are several reasons behind it. Nevertheless, you should be able to respond properly since it’s a compliment.

Depending on the conversation you were having, your response can be a smile and a thank you, you can also return the gesture if you think she’s great too.

And if you’re not sure why she would call that, you can politely ask her what she means. Below are ways to respond when a girl says you’re a great person.

Thanks Much, I Appreciate Hearing This From You

This response is a nice reply to give to a friend. If the lady in person is a friend, then it’s likely she is being genuine.

Giving this reply will let her know you are grateful for it and that you appreciate her as a friend. Also, it’ll show that her words mean a lot to you.

In addition, this kind of response can boost your friendship and show that you love that she encourages you.

Your Opinion Matters to Me a Lot, So, it’s Nice to Hear This

This kind of response is cool to use on a friend. Once you’re in a conversation with your friend or she tells you over a text, you can go beyond a thank you and add emotions to your words.

Replying this way will show that your friendship with her is something precious to you.

Also, it’ll show that you appreciate that she thinks of you that way and that you love hearing what she thinks about you generally.

In addition, you can respond this way if the girl is your girlfriend. It’ll show her that she means a lot to you.

That means a lot coming from you

This kind of expression is also cool if you use it on your girlfriend or friend. It’ll not only show that you love and appreciate the compliment, but it’ll also show that you love and appreciate them.

When you give this response to them, it’ll make them happy and encourage them not to hold back on what they think about you.

Wow! We Are Both in the Mood For Compliments Because I Think You’re an Awesome Person

If you’re on a date, you can use this reply. Responding with a compliment will keep the date smooth and help you both hit it off well.

However, it’s not a must to return a compliment even to your date, so you should say so when you mean it.

If you think the girl is only flirting, you can also reply in a flirty way.

It’s Sweet Hearing You Say That

This reply can work with a girl you’re on a date with or with your girlfriend.

Giving this reply can make them feel good while showing that you appreciate the compliment.

If she’s flirting, you can also give this reply to sound flirty too and if you like her, it’s a cool way to show your feelings.

That Is Very Kind of You

Sometimes people give compliments to appease you or make you feel good. So, a response like “that’s very kind of you,” is nice to use on a colleague, a girl you just met, or a friend.

If you’re keeping it simple, this reply can work. If it’s a lady you just met or a colleague, this reply is suitable and not an overdone response. 

Wow! Thank You

Wow! thank you” is a nice way to show your gratitude in a simple and polite way. AlThis is a way to show your surprise. So, you can use this reply if you weren’t expecting that kind of compliment.

In addition, this response should make the girl feel good because it shows you genuinely accept the compliment.

You can use the reply on someone you just met or your colleague. In addition, giving a warm smile should make the response all the better and convey your gratitude well.

Thank You, followed by the name.

Saying a person’s name after a thank you in response can carry enough emotions in some cases. 

This phrase will work well as she will be expecting gratitude from you. Also, a thank you immediately followed by the girl’s name will show that you appreciate her as a person and will leave a nice effect on her.

In addition, this expression will work well if you’re shy and want to keep it simple. It’s straightforward and honest.

I Appreciate You Saying That

“I appreciate you saying that” is a nice and simple response to give. If you’re shy and don’t know how to take a compliment, you can use this expression to make it simple.

It’s a polite way to show your gratitude to the person.

Thanks a Lot, You Are a Great Person Too

If a girl says you’re great you can also return the gesture if you think she’s a great person too. “Thanks a lot,” followed by “you’re a great person” will work well.

In this way, you’re showing your appreciation and also telling her how you feel about her. You should say this if you mean this and not just to return the compliment.

Really! Why Would You Think So?

You can politely ask why she said so if you’re not sure of the reason. Or if you’re not sure what you did to deserve the compliment, you can ask why.

An expression like “really! why would you think so?” will convey your genuine surprise and also politely relate your question.

You should use this expression on a friend and not on a girl you’re just meeting.


When a girl compliments you, she may say it genuinely or just to make you feel good.

So, when a girl says you’re great, it would be because you’re truly great or because you’re her friend or you’re nice to her and people. 

She can also say this if she’s only patronizing you or hiding her true feelings.

Your response should depend on your relationship with her, and what was taking place at that moment. However, if you aren’t sure how to respond, a simple “thank you” should work with a smile.


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