Why Does It Bother Me When My Boyfriend Talks To Other Females?

Does it bother you when you find your boyfriend talking to other females? Can you define the way It makes you feel? Do you feel hurt, sad, or angry at the situation?

If it does others when your boyfriend talks to other females, it means you have sensed a threat to your relationship.

Your fears arise from the thought that this other female would take his attention, and he will find her more interesting and take your place.

Why Does It Bother Me When My Boyfriend Talks To Other Females

It has to bother you when you see your boyfriend talking to another female because such actions will upset you, leaving you wondering if he may leave you for her.

Before going deep into this article, know that you feel bothered because of multiple factors which include, fear of the unknown, and negative emotions from your boyfriend’s insensitive actions.

Feeling bothered by this action from your boyfriend is a good thing. It shows you are emotionally intelligent and essentially aware of every situation in your relationship.

How you react to this is also an important factor for you to consider.

10 Reasons Why It Bothers You When your Boyfriend Talks To Other Females

In this post,t we are first going to outline 10 reasons why your boyfriend talking to other females bothers you. His talking to other females affects how you feel and bothers you. Below I have listed why this happens.

  1. You want your boyfriend to talk to you and not another female.
  2. You crave more quality time with your boyfriend
  3. You don’t have confidence in your ability as his girlfriend.
  4. You are afraid he will leave.
  5. You Had Such Experiences in the past and worried about repetition.
  6. Your Boyfriend Has Made Similar Mistakes in The Past About Being Unfaithful.
  7. He Is Not Considerate about Your Feelings and Doesn’t Quell Your Fears
  8. You Are Skeptical About Your Place in His Life
  9. You Are Not Aware of the Communications Between Them
  10. You Want Him to Stop Talking with This Other Female.

1. You Want Your Boyfriend To Talk With You And Not Another Female

If it is bothersome to you when your boyfriend talks to another female, chances are he has been favoring her more than you. Because he spends more time talking to this female, you would feel left out and alone when this happens.

Any worry you feel stems from a deep desire within you to have your boyfriend back as your number one talk mate. This need would raise unpleasant feelings as long as it isn’t stopped.

2. You crave more quality time with your boyfriend

Why Does It Bother Me When My Boyfriend Talks To Other Females

When your boyfriend talks with another female more than you or even less, they will most likely spend ample time together.

He will be away from you more often and this is a reason to be anxious. It’s only natural when this happens for you to feel bothered.

You realize you want him to be with you more often and it bothers you because another female is getting all his attention and time.

3. You Don’t Have Confidence In Your Abilities As His Girlfriend

Your confidence level as a girlfriend has been dealt with by the very action of your boyfriend talking with this other female.

Once you lack the confidence that you had in dating him, you felt very bothered by such actions.

When attention you deserve in a relationship is shared with another female, your boyfriend makes you doubt yourself.

These tears at the walls surrounding your heart, leaving you throbbing in fear and uncertainty.

4. You Are Afraid He Will Leave You

Why Does It Bother Me When My Boyfriend Talks To Other Females

Constant communication with another female can weaken the bonds you have with your boyfriend. And this usually raises issues that bother to make you afraid that will leave you. You are left always worried about what they discuss and if it affects you.

If he always talks with her, chances he is growing a new feeling toward this other female. You are bothered because you are worried he will fall in love and leave you.

5. You Had Such Experiences In The Past And Worried About A Repetition

The past is a good teacher and always prepares you with a fore sense of the future. If you have had such an experience in the past, you will have a sixth sense that bothers you every time such happens.

When your boyfriend talks with other girls he raises such feelings which you have left in the past. You have fears of the past occurring again, leaving you with an unpleasant feeling.

6. Your Boyfriend Has Made Similar Mistakes In The Past About Being Unfaithful

Why Does It Bother Me When My Boyfriend Talks To Other Females

A relationship that is plagued by unfaithfulness in the past Is going to have you bothered if such occurs. You will be left wondering if he is going to cheat on you with this new female his talking to.

Your boyfriend may be mean and uncaring towards you, if he doesn’t care how you feel such thoughts can cause you to be worried. You will be left puzzled if he’s about to make the same mistake again. And cheat.

7. He Is Not Considerate about Your Feelings And Doesn’t Quell Your Fears

A boyfriend who is insensitive about your feeling and fears would have you feeling worried. Talking to other females he lets them know you have zero or no priority in his life. This action is very worrisome.

His lackadaisical attitude towards you is a cause for concern because if he was considerate of your feelings he will not talk to other females.

8. You Are Skeptical About Your Place in His Life

In a relationship, your boyfriend should communicate more with you than anyone else. His talking with another female would leave you insecure and doubting your place in his life.

If he does this frequently, he will no doubt make you feel less secure about if his love is true.

It bothers you when you are not sure about how much love you and care your boyfriend is sharing between you and this female his talking to.

9. You Are Not Aware Of The Communications Between Them

Why Does It Bother Me When My Boyfriend Talks To Other Females

It can become bothersome when you discover your boyfriend is having conversations with other women besides you.

One reason is that you are not aware of what is being discussed between the both of them.

When your boyfriend talks with another female and you are not aware of the things being said between them, it will leave you anxious.

You are bothered because you do not know what is being said if it’s good or bad and this can bother you.

10. You Want Him To Stop Talking With This Other Female

Getting bothered when your boyfriend talks with other females is a clear sign you want it to stop. You are not comfortable with what transpires between your boyfriend and this female. By continuing talking to her, he undermines your place in the relationship.

If he doesn’t end up talking with this other female, your anxiety would continue to rise. You wish for this to end so you are worried when your boyfriend keeps talking to this other girl.

How To Deal With Your Boyfriend Talking With Other Girls?

If you find your boyfriend talking to other girls or females and this bothers you, know that it is normal for him to talk to another female.

But he should conduct this in a manner, approach, and method that makes you feel respected and valued.

When these conditions are not met, you should not tolerate such happening in your relationship. Your boyfriend should be more interested in talking with you than any other female out there.

Another thing worth mentioning is that your boyfriend should explain the relationship he has with these women. Also, the reason he has to talk to them should be cleared up. Now I am going to highlight some useful ways you can deal with this.

1. Develop Some Personal Awareness About The Situation

One simple way you can deal with this situation is to allow yourself to be open to change. Decide how you want the situation to be and what you can change. Look within yourself and check if you are overreacting.

Consider the relationship with this other female, is she a family member? Colleague? Or someone who works together with them? Doing this would help you know if getting bothered is needed.

By doing this, you can quickly take charge of your emotions and see things for what they are. Better decisions to handle this is better when you are clear-headed.

2. Talk To Your Boyfriend About How You Feel

Your boyfriend chose you and both of you are partners in the relationship. This means if it bothers you he is talking to another female, you are within your right to talk to him about this. Let him understand why this bothers you and hear what he has to say.

By communicating with your boyfriend about how you feel, a solution would be discussed. This would be easy on both of you and ensure things go smoothly in your relationship.

3. Understand Your Boyfriend’s Perspective

A simple answer is usually the solution to a problem and understanding the point of view of your boyfriend may be how you deal with this.

You can allow yourself to trust your boyfriend, trusting that you are safe with him talking to another female would make you less anxious.

This female may be a friend and they are just being there for each other and having a normal conversation.

People need friends to fit into society. If you look closely and understand from his perspective, your relationship would be better.

4. Don’t Turn The Situation Into A Fight

The truth sometimes may differ from what we expect. When confronting your boyfriend keep the conversation cordial and without resentment.

Yelling or uncontrolled outburst can severely escalate issues without solving the major problem.

It will feel less of a burden if you deal with the problem in a cool, easy way. A dramatic event would certainly miss the point and trying to retaliate will lead to unforeseen consequences.

5. Be Ready For Any Outcome

As a woman in a relationship, you always want to feel loved and cherished by your boyfriend. When he talks to other girls, he lowers your self–esteem, sowing doubt about himself and your relationship

In a sensitive matter such as this, you should be well guarded. Prepare your mind for any outcome when you discuss such matters with your boyfriend.

You should expect that such a discussion could go in any direction.

Taking such precautions is an ideal way to handle your boyfriend and also ensure that you decide what is best for your relationship.

If he feels attacked by you, an unexpected outcome might occur. Keep in mind that you are both responsible for your relationship to work.


We are going to end this article by saying that any behavior from your boyfriend which is upsetting to you needs to be talked about.

Your boyfriend talking with another female is an issue that can be resolved easily.

Take time to first notice who this female is, how frequently they engage in conversation, and the reason they both talk to each other.

With all these facts you can proceed and rightly judge the best course of action to follow.

Explain without malice how and why you are bothered by this action from him. Also take time to listen to his responses on the issue, while you decide on the best action for both of you.

The primary purpose of talking it out is to find a solution that would stop you from feeling unsettled by his actions.

This article has covered possible reasons you may feel bothered and some ways you can deal with this.


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