What to Say When Someone Calls You Uncool?

The mainstream culture is so broad that if you’re not buying into their idea or practice, then you’re seen as uncool.

Not only that, if you live around people who have a common taste for something which you don’t fancy, you might as well receive some of the “uncool” tags. 

Being called or seen as an uncool person is not bad until it becomes a frequent remark. At some point, you might wish you had something to say… something resounding and deserving of anyone who calls you uncool. 

I guess the universe heard your wish which is why you’re on this post, preparing to uncover more than a bunch of replies that you can say when someone tries putting you beside the “uncool” tag.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Uncool

What to Say When Someone Calls You Uncool?

Dirty comebacks may be the first things to cross your mind when you think of the replies in this post. Thing is, there are comebacks in this post just as there are other replies but I must say; the comebacks are quite dirty…lol. 

You can start with lines like “Please add uncool and wise, ’cause I’m both”, “It’s laughable how cool and dumb you sound”, “Thanks but, no thanks”, “I’d love to be mute, but you might have a seizure” or “Uncool like your favorite artist, yeah?”

If you wish to turn the moment into a roasting session, please add lines such as “Who’s your role model? Must be a wreck like you”, “Congrats on being such an awful jury”, and “I don’t think your wife would say the same”.  

There are more comebacks to this, so let’s end it with these snippets and get into the real deal.

Says Only You

Anybody who thinks you’re not on the same page with them can call you uncool. But if just one person has this odd assertion about you, you can use this response to shove them aside. 

Telling them they’re the only person thinking that way might make them look stupid or better still invalidate whatever prejudice they have about you.

Let’s say this transpired in your football team, you’ll certainly get the other guys to boo at the person who called you uncool.

Thanks, but No Thanks

What to Say When Someone Calls You Uncool?

Sometimes, I don’t come off as the toxic or hostile guy. So I just try to play things cool especially when someone calls me uncool. You can do the same if you’re not cut out for roasting the heck out of another person. 

This line is a good way to present your unapologetic apology…lol(is there even something like that?). Well, the contextual meaning suggests that the “thank you” compliment is not from a place of truth rather it’s just to get someone off your hook.

My Face Doesn’t Spell “I Care”

If you don’t give a hoot about anything said about you by people who are bad-mouthers, you can simply use this line of response to show your indifference about what they think. 

Using your facial expression to narrate your disgust is surely a good form of personification. And I’m pretty sure that the person who called you that will have to come down from his or her high horse after hearing this.

You Can Go On With the Shades, I Don’t Object

Just like the previous response, you can also show you don’t care about the name-calling and shades. Telling the person to go on with a shade that you’re clearly not listening to, is more like proposing him or her to continue being stupid without second guessing it.

If Being Cool Is on Your Terms, I’d Rather Not Be

What’s the speaker’s definition of being cool? If it’s something that doesn’t sit right with you, you can push play to it and let them know about it.

With this line of response, you’re positing that being cool on the terms of the speaker is equivalent to heading to doomsday. 

Hence, you’d rather be uncool than be cool just like them which seems to be the wrong choice of path to choose.

If You’re Thinking of Discrediting Me, You Failed

What to Say When Someone Calls You Uncool?

Calling you uncool is a little way through which someone can try to discredit you. The discrediting comes with the person trying to shade off your cultural adoptions or what you hold dear, then trying to force their ideas of living on you. 

But you don’t always have to let this stuff get to you, as you can floor the person’s effort by using this line of response. Telling the person their agenda is a failure will get them off your radar for some time.

Y’all are Too Noisy, It’s Better I Stay Uncool

Have you been dealing with really noisy people who think they’re cool when they aren’t? It’s time you rub it on their face that they’re not cool but just noisy.

That way, I believe you can ward them off easily, since what they consider as the cool lifestyle is a sound nuisance to you. 

Uncool and Smart, Well that’s My Motto

There are cases where you can be called uncool for being too smart for a regular person. I could record many people who said this about a friend of mine back in college because dude was a low-key genius. He got uncool for being way above his peers mentally and was seen as weird. 

However, if you find yourself on a similar occasion, then you should not forget to strap up with this line of response. This is proclaiming your smartness, in relativity to being uncool like the person tagged you.

Thanks for the Reminder, I Already Know That

I hate it when people keep repeating the same thing repeatedly. Since it’s obvious, what else do you want to say? Like, it’s one of the most irritating things which I can encounter. 

Assuming you are in this position where someone keeps repeating how uncool you are, please make them STFU by using this line of response. 

At Least, I’m Original

What to Say When Someone Calls You Uncool?

When you act in a way that you find comfortable to you, and not in conformity to the standards of society, you can also get the “uncool” tag.

You can proclaim your originality with this reply, making the person who told you that second-guess saying that to you again.

What Can I Say About You Barbie?

Do you know how many people fake attitudes and characters, just to blend into the mainstream culture? That’s prolly what the person who called you uncool is hooked on.

To their lame minds, they’re cool but you and I know well that Barbie is jealous of them… lol. So, to rub it in that they’re faking it you can adopt this reply.

It’s Laughable How Cool and Dumb You Sound

Have you ever thought about placing being cool and dumb side by side? I guess you didn’t see that coming, but that’s what this response is about. It’s a dumb move for an acclaimed cool person to shade you for not being cool (at least, on their terms). 

You don’t have to keep the joke to yourself, so telling the person this reply will help pass the joke around. 

If You Expect Me to Flare Up on That, the Greater Joke Is on You

The average expectation when someone calls you uncool is for you to flare up in anger. While this could happen, you can debunk it by saying this line of response when someone tries to get you into such a mood by calling you uncool. 

With this response, you can be able to disappoint them as you would rather choose happiness over drooling on some cheap talks about you. 

I Wonder What Else You Think About Me

Do you believe that your alleged uncool nature is the only ill thought that someone can have about you? I guess you should think again. It is almost impossible, as there are probably other things which they think about you. 

Saying the above statement as a response can serve as a drive to make them come out with the other things they’re thinking about you.

Please Add Uncool and Wise, ‘Cause I’m both

In the light of being called uncool by a complete hater, you can request they add other tags too to your name.

A tag such as wise is a nice prefix to your name after the uncool tag. It’s easy to think you’re wiser than the person who called you uncool because a smart person won’t resort to such cheap shades to trigger another person.

You Have to Really Watch What You Say

What to Say When Someone Calls You Uncool?

I would really try to warn off anyone who calls me uncool because tomorrow is uncertain. Who knows? They can become uncool just like the tagged you. They might even come down too low that an uncool person stands a better chance against them. 

Maybe the person is yet to discover the intricacies of karma… inform them “Karma is a real …..

I’d Love to Be Mute, but You’ll Have a Seizure

I would easily rate this as the hottest comeback on this list. Do you know why? This is because it captures you as a savior, while it puts the other person in the position of dependency. 

The drill here is that the person depends on your response, to avoid a seizure. I would cringe if I were to hear you say this to anyone who calls you uncool.

Whenever You Get Matured, Come Back to Discuss This Issue

Did you just say maturity? Well, yeah. It’s so immature to think that someone is uncool because he or she does not conform to your standards. So if someone tries to play you the uncool card, tell them this and leave the scene.

Uncool Like Your Favorite Artist, Yeah?

Now, we’re taking the comebacks a step further, by involving the speaker’s favorite artist. This statement posits that the person’s artist is wack and possibly uncool, just like he or she tagged you. 

This will certainly hit hard, due to the relevance placed on the “stan” culture, so get ready for more war of words.

How Many Pennies Were You Given to Say This?

You would easily assume that whoever called you uncool was paid to do so because it’s kind of weird for someone to discredit you with such tags. Therefore, I think it’s sarcastic and funny to ask this question. But we didn’t come to make peace, did we?

At least, I’ve Got Principles while you live like a Kitten

There’s this unpopular opinion that those who are too principled are seen as uncool. Their discipline is mistaken for being uncool or free from life. But this is not true.

If you are anything close to this, the truth is… you might’ve been called uncool at some point. You can shrug it off by saying this to the person.

Who’s Your Role Model? Must Be a Wreck like You

You can choose to take this banter to another level by indicating the person’s role model is probably a wreck like him or her. This is because they’re emulating someone who would also call another person uncool… mediocre minds.

Can We Get to the Part Where You Shut Up?

This is a simple rhetorical question that is indirectly telling the person to shut up and stop the shades. If the person is knowledgeable enough which I doubt, they’ll withdraw from that. 

I’ll need to get you on Some “Minding My Business” Pills

I bet there’s nothing like such pills. But every move is a calculated step to bring you victory. Using this line is going to sweep the person off their feet and possibly spare you the uncool tag.

Even Your Lips Says More About Contempt

If you don’t see hatred as a factor that can trigger a person to call you uncool, rethink. Since there’s a chance at that, capitalize on that to craft a response.

Please Move Over to the Next Person, Don’t Disturb My Peace

Since it’s clear that you’re not having any of the shade talks from the person who calls you uncool, you can tell him or her to save that for the next person. You will need a reply like this to state this.

Congrats on Being Such an Awful Jury

It is a poor judgment to think that someone who acts differently from your ideal culture is uncool. When someone tries to rub this to your face, remind them of how awful they are with judgments.

If I’m Being Honest, You’re Prolly Faking

What to Say When Someone Calls You Uncool?

I guess I mentioned earlier about the fake side of most adopters of mainstream culture. Well, if you missed that you still have this reply to bookmark.

I Don’t Think Your Wife Would Say the Same

If you’re thinking of going into a sinister mode, I’m sure this response is all you need. With this, you might end a marriage or cause an unending fight between the person who called you uncool and his partner.

Too Bad I don’t find you cool either, so what’s the Chase?

There has been nothing wrong with reciprocating a gesture, whether good or bad. So when next someone calls you uncool, don’t forget to tell them how you detest them more. 


I would rather use this opportunity to express my gratitude if you joined me throughout this post. It was a good one for those out there who got shaded for not buying into the mainstream culture. 

But y’all now have your voices back, so serve your oppressor right. Do not forget to hit the share button and extend a helping hand to others who need to see this post.

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