60 Romantic Words That Start With A

There is something virtually all romantic relationships start with. Some people claim Love fades eventually in a relationship.

That’s not true in any way. The only thing that fades is the efforts put into keeping a relationship firm.

Remember those compliments you started with and keep on using them. In case you have forgotten, let’s bring back those words from the dictionary.

Romantic Words That Start With A

We will be starting with the “A” words so you don’t have to stress your thoughts so deep into the dictionary.

Take note of this; compliments are important. Whether you’re just starting or you’re deep into the relationship, this article is for you.

Romantic “A” Words

Romantic Words That Start With A

Here is a list of romantic words, how to use them, and when not to use them. Keep the compliments going in your marriage and the Love is bound to stay in plain sight.

  1. Ablaze

“Ablaze” is a pretty hot word and some may find it arousing. You don’t want to be ablaze but it can be pretty romantic if you use it right.

How to use: “That’s pretty striking. I feel ablaze”

When not to use: In an office or on serious occasions.

  1. Absorbing

“Absorbing” is similar to the word above. Depending on how you use it, it can be very romantic. It can be used to mean attractive and can work well at any time.

How to use: “What an absorbing look you have this morning! Did you make up overnight?”

When not to use:  As a joke. (Joking about your partner’s looks may not be taken lightly. Don’t experiment)

  1. Accommodating

“Accommodating” is a simple word that can mean friendliness and attention. It is not the most romantic word on the list but simple compliments like this always work well in a relationship.

How to use: “I love you. You are always accommodating”

When not to use: As sarcasm. (Calling your lover “unfriendly” might not be taken nicely)

  1. Aching

“Aching” may not have a romantic meaning so it is used metaphorically to mean “stunning”.

How to use: “Your beauty keeps aching me. I should wrap you in a take-home pack”

When not to use: in actual meaning. (Aching can mean repulsion. Don’t say that to a partner even when you are angry)

  1. Admirable

“Admirable” has a clear and simple meaning. Using these words often will be noticed by your partner. It will improve their confidence and belief in how you feel about them.

How to use: “Your voice is so admirable. I’m jealous”

When not to use: None

  1. Adore

“Adore” is another simple romantic word. It is used for something that is worshipped or treasured. Remind your partner of this word till it becomes an anthem.

How to use: “I adore you, Jenna. I always will”

When not to use: None

  1. Adventurous

“Adventurous” is a word used for a brave act. Use this when your partner has done something audacious. That can improve confidence and assure them that you are always there to support them.

How to use: “You’re so scary and adventurous”

When not to use: When the act should be discouraged. (You don’t want to end up encouraging a bad or dangerous act)

  1. Aesthetic

“Aesthetic” is a not-so-simple word meaning “Beautiful”. You may not want to refer to the person so it doesn’t sound weird but there are other ways it can be used.

How to use: “Your choice of shoes is aesthetic, Jenna. I love it”

When not to use: When you don’t like what you are referring to. (Masking your feelings with fake compliments is not going to help a relationship)

  1. Affectionate

“Affectionate” is a simple word that means Lovely. It can sound weird due to its shorter synonym. However, it still works very fine.

How to use: “You are very affectionate. Who can be better?”

When not to use: None

  1. Ageless

“Ageless” has a straightforward meaning. This can sound beautiful but it is much nicer when you mean it. In other words, you have to show awed emotion when saying the compliment.

How to use: “You look as ageless as ever. The makeup has got nothing on you”

When not to use: None

  1. Agile

“Agile” is mostly used for guys after a display of strength. This affirms the masculinity of your man. Use it often.

How to use: “You’re so agile. How do you do it?”

When not to use: None

  1. Alive

“Alive” has a simple meaning but can also be used to mean “vibrance”. It is not very romantic but you can affirm your partner’s excitement with this word.

How to use: “You look so alive, Jenna. Should I get us drinks?”

When not to use: None.

  1. Alluring

“Alluring” simply means attractive. However, the word may sound weird if used directly.

How to use: “I know something’s up when you give that alluring look”

When not to use: None

  1. Amazing

“Amazing” is an intense compliment given to successful or completed tasks. It is quite intense and cannot work as a sarcasm. It’d be just as intense and may sound more serious than you intend.

How to use: “Wow, Jenna! You’re amazing!”

When not to use: As sarcasm.

  1. Amusing

“Amusing” is used for funny things or anything that makes you smile. Use the word for your partners so they can know how happy you are with them around.

How to use: “That’s amusing, Jenna. Say it again”

When not to use: In a serious situation. (When your partner is not wanting a joke, let them know you share the emotion)

  1. Appealing

“Appealing” is another word that can be interchanged with “attractive”. You should always say this to your partner.

How to use: “You look appealing in anything. Quite a divine craft you are”

When not to use: As sarcasm.

  1. Arousing

“Arousing” is used to mean intense attraction in this case. Arousing can mean a lot of things. It sounds very romantic in the right situations and right usage.

How to use: “That is pretty arousing. You don’t think we can do anything now, do you?”

When not to use: In an office setting or serious situation.

  1. Arresting

“Arresting” means “stunning”. You use this to refer to your partner’s appearance.

How to use: “You look arresting. Are you going somewhere?”

When not to use: None

  1. Assured

“Assured” is a quite simple word. Make your partner hear this from you. That way, he/she is confident of your support.

How to use: “You are assured, Jenna. I will always be here for you”

When not to use: None

  1. Astonishing

“Astonishing” also means “stunning”. You can refer to actions or appearances with this word.

How to use: “That’s astonishing, Jenna. I love you!”

When not to use: As sarcasm. (The word can sound intense)

  1. Astounding

“Astounding” means the same as the word above. It is as intense as the word, “amazing”.

  1. Attractive

“Attractive” is a simple word that means “beautiful”. Remind your partners of how beautiful they are. It gives them an understanding of how you view them.

How to use: “You are always attractive even with no makeup. No joke”

When not to use: None

  1. Audacious

“Audacious” is a word used to mean “bravery”. Use this in the right time. If you use the wrong intonation, the word may sound like an insult.

When not to use: As an insult. (Don’t insult your partner at all. This world can also mean overconfidence)

  1. Available

“Available” may not have a romantic meaning but it depends on how you use it. It can be used to assure support. You may even put the word in a context that suggests intimacy.

How to use: “Can you be available now? I’m very available right now and you know what I mean”

When not to use: None.

  1. Awesome

“Awesome” is a word used to acknowledge the work of your partner. It is as intense as “amazing” and should be carefully used.

How to use: “You’re awesome, Jenna. Go on!”

When not to use: As sarcasm.

Romantic Words That Start With A

Romantic “A” Nicknames For Your Partner

Romantic Words That Start With A

Below are nice names you can call your partner and what they mean;

  1. Ace

“Ace” is a nice name for your partner if he/she keeps succeeding at everything he does. You can use it sarcastically and, when your partner asks why, you can say he/she succeeded in winning your heart.

  1. Achilles

“Achilles” is the name of a fictional archer. You can use this for your boyfriend is he’s good at archery. You can use it to refer to an agile man. You can also use it to refer to a man who wins every shot he takes.

  1. Adele

“Adele” is the name of a popular female artist. You can use this for your girl if she’s a lookalike. You can use this for your girl if she sings well. The name means “nobility” so you can use this for your girl if she’s disciplined and respectful.

  1. Adonis

“Adonis” is the name of a young and handsome male in Greek mythology.

  1. Adorable

This is much better when used for a girl but nothing stops a guy from being called “Adorable”.

  1. Agent

This is a nice name you can give to a guy who is always in an official look. If you are a fan of James Bond or similar spy movies, you already know what this means. When your boyfriend always emits a masculine vibe, this is the right nickname.

  1. Agnes

“Agnes” is a female name that means “Holy”. If your girlfriend is the disciplined and holy type, this is a nice name to call her.

  1. Aladdin

“Aladdin” is a male name derived from the popular story and movie, “Aladdin”. You can give this name to a short or cunning man.

  1. Alchemist

“Alchemist” is a name you can give to a partner who is always there to mix the right “chemicals” that solve your problems.

  1. Alexander

“Alexander” is an already popular name and may not be very impressive. You can make it sound better by using the full allusion, “Alexander The Great.”

  1. Alice

“Alice”  is another popular name. You can use this to refer to the popular story of “Alice in Wonderland.”

  1. Alien

“Alien” is not a very nice name if used rudely. It can also be considered funny. Calling your partner an alien must originate from somewhere in your relationship where you seemed like strangers. It can also refer to the start of your relationship.

  1. All Heart

“All Heart” refers to a person with generous intentions.

  1. Alliebear

“Alliebear” is best for your boyfriend if he is bigger and cuddly.

  1. All In

This can be used to refer to gamblers. You can also refer to your partner who takes huge risks.

  1. Alpha

Alpha is a well-known name. It can be used for a boyfriend that is strong and dominating.

  1. Amada

Amada is a female name that means “Loved” or “Sweetheart”

  1. Amber

Amber is a kind of gemstone. This name works well for a beautiful female partner.

  1. American beauty

American beauty is the title of a popular movie. Calling your girl “beautiful” may not work as well as this.

  1. Amigo

Amigo is not very romantic since it means “Friend”. It can sound pretty funny too. However, it still works if you’re not calling anyone else “Amigo”.

  1. Amore Mio

This means “My Love” in the Italian language. You can call your partner this and make them search for the meaning.

  1. Awesome

“Amplifier” may be considered insulting but the tone with which you use the word can make it amusing. You can use this name if your partner is a vibrant or loud person.

You can also make this mean “Life of the party”. If your partner asks, tell him/her it means he/she’s lively.

  1. Anchor

“Anchor” is close to its literal meaning. You can use this name for a partner that is always supportive.

  1. Angel

Everyone knows the meaning of this word. This is a very nice name you can give to your female partner. It can refer to the beauty of your partner or the support or help provided. It is commonly used but it will still be appreciated.

  1. Angel Face

Instead of calling your partner an Angel, you can call her Angel face.  The two names will be appreciated. However, this name will call her attention to her face. She will know her beauty is appreciated by you. It can improve her confidence too.

  1. Angelina Jolie

This is the name of a popular actress. You can use this name for your beautiful female partner. You can also use it if she seems a bit dramatic. Either way, it’s a nice name.

  1. Angry bird

“Angry bird” is quite self-explanatory. It is used for people who seem to always be in a bad mood. However, the name is a cute one. You can refer to your beautiful girlfriend who gets angry easily.

  1. Angus

Angus is a name that refers to masculinity and strength. You can stun your boyfriend with this nickname. Repeat it often till he’s tempted to search for its meaning. He will surely smile.

  1. Antivirus

We know what antivirus means. You can give your boyfriend this name if he is a computer nerd. You can also use this to refer to a partner that solves your problems and protects you.

  1. Apex

Apex means “Highest”. If your partner doesn’t know the word, he/she will search and smile at the meaning.

  1. Apple of my Eye

This is a common phrase. That doesn’t make it less appreciated. You can give your partner this name to show how important they are to you. The meaning is already known by everyone so you get an immediate reaction.

  1. Arrowhead

“Arrowhead” can be used instead of “Achilles”. It is up to you to choose. Call your partner this name if he is a straightforward person or someone always wins the shots he takes.

  1. Atomic Blastoid

“Atomic Blastoid” or “Atom Bomb” can be used to refer to something that blows your mind. You can adopt this name from the start of your relationship and use it forever.

  1. Aurora

“Aurora” is a Latin word for “Dawn”. This is a nice name to call your girlfriend. Since the meaning is not obvious, she will search for the meaning and find this. If she asks why you call her this, say it’s like a brand new day when you look in her eyes.

  1. Autumn

“Autumn” is said to be a season for couples. You can call your partner Autumn if he/she is in love with the Autumn season or was born in the Autumn season.

Romantic Words That Start With A


Words may be small. They may be monosyllabic and even very few in letters but they can do a lot of damage if used wrongly. Similarly, they can change and improve lives if we use them rightly.

Use the right words and keep your relationship secure. It is your responsibility.

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