Romantic Words That Start With C

Going through the letter “C” in the dictionary can get you thinking about Love. There are just a lot of romantic words you can use for a partner. Sorry if you’re single.

Sadly, many relationships don’t create room for compliments and romance. You’ll be surprised at how much a short and simple word can do in helping your relationship.

 Check out the right words and put them to use today.

Romantic “C” Words

Romantic Words That Start With C


“Candescent” is a hot word. It doesn’t exactly mean anything romantic but you know how you use the weirdest adjectives to describe a person just to add some effect.

That’s how this is. You can stun your partner with this word. It will crawl up to his/her head and stay there. Not the word alone. Your voice will stay too.

Example: Your eyes have a Candescent glow. It gets me nervous around you


“Canoodling” sounds very weird and naughty. It may even feel naughtier than what it means; “amorous cuddling”.

It works better when your partner doesn’t know what the word means and he/she has to figure it out. Your partner’s reaction will be a lot of fun.

Example: Remember the time we were Canoodling and blew up the kitchen? Let’s do it again.


“Canorous” works as a nice compliment if your wife sings. Saying a compliment about her voice will boost her confidence. Your voice is registered in her head and it helps to fuel her passion to perform better.

You can also choose to be creative with the word, or even dirty. Thanks to metaphor, we can twist the meaning of a word into various contexts.

 Example: You have a more canorous voice on the bed. I’d love to hear it again.


“Caring” is another word that works as a compliment. Say this to your kindhearted partner and let him/her know you appreciate all the nice gestures that you are shown. It will serve as an encouragement to continue or even do better.

Example: You are caring, Jenna, and I’m so grateful. No one has done this much for me.


“Capable” is a word for encouraging and boosting the confidence of your partner. Hearing you say encouraging words may not matter to them, depending on how you say it.

If you put it right, you won’t only be boosting the confidence of your partner but also storing your voice somewhere in their mind. While our partners are working to achieve their goals, they are also working to impress us.

Example: You can do it, Jenna. You are more than capable.


“Captivating” is not used on a person but there are no rules against metaphor. “Captivating” is used to refer to something that is undeniably interesting and capable of pulling attention. Blow your partner’s mind away with this compliment.

Example: Your smile, it’s captivating. Keep it on for a minute.


“Celestial” is not meant to be romantic. This is one of the metaphoric words that sound exaggerated.

When you use this, again and again, your partner gets used to the word and it becomes a sign of love.

Like the other words used in metaphoric contexts, this will sound very intense. It compares your partner or a feeling to heaven.

Example: it feels so celestial when I’m wrapped in your cold embrace


“Charismatic” is a nice word to use for your partner if you enjoy his/her confidence and influence.

It serves as a compliment and boost of confidence. While you compliment your partner’s charisma, it may not feel like it’s doing anything but your voice stays in his/her head.

When bad days come and your partner seems to be losing confidence, your voice slips back into memory and serves as a boost.

Using the word before the nervous days come will work better. Your partner will believe you are being honest about how you feel.

Example: You are charismatic everywhere you go. I like it. Show them who’s boss.


“Charmed” is another exaggeration. The metaphor is already common and may not be as stunning as other metaphoric words on this list. However, the repetition of any compliment will start to make meaning in your partner’s head.

Example: I am charmed by your beauty. Wrinkles won’t cover this.


“Cherish” is another word for love. It is not commonly used in that context so it may sound a bit weird.

However, it’ll be a bit more intense. When you hold an object and say you cherish it, it sounds closer to infatuation which holds a lot of passion. That is what it sounds like when your partner hears this.

Example: I cherish your presence always, Jenna. It matters more than the world.


“Cheerful” is a mood. It may be temporary but it’s very nice to appreciate your partner’s happy mood.

By telling them how much you enjoy seeing them cheerful and happy, they are encouraged to loosen up when you are around.

However, it is important to encourage communication so bad moods will not be hidden behind cheerful appearances.

Example: You look stunning when you’re cheerful.


“Charming” is another common compliment. From its literal meaning, it sounds like an exaggeration. It refers to the appearance of your partner so you can say this more often.

Example: Take your charming eyes off me. I’m shy.


“Classic” is another word for top-rated, high-class, unique, and similar words that distinguish some things from others.

Example: Damn! Your smile is a classic.


“Clear-eyed” has to do with the facial look of your partner. This word will put a smile on “her” face. It sounds weird to use this for a guy.

Example: Hello, clear-eyed missus…. You stun me with those eyes.


“Clever” is a word you use for witty people. Appreciate your partner’s wisdom with this word.

 Example: You’re clever, Joe. What are you planning?


“Comely” is not a common word so you can play a joke with this. It means “pleasing”. When you say it, wear a weird expression like you are giving a negative review.

Example: How did you do it, Jenna? This is comely.


“Comforting” is a word you can use to acknowledge how you feel about the presence of your partner or how you feel about something your partner has done. Your partner will want to do it more often just to see your happy reaction.

Example: Having you around is so comforting.


“Compassionate” refers to kindheartedness. Say compliments on the good traits of your partners and let them know how good they are.

Example: You’re so compassionate. I feel guilty


“Committed” is used to refer to devotion or loyalty in a relationship. Appreciate your partner’s commitment and let them know how much you’ll give to be there for them forever.

Example: I like that you are committed to what we have. Thank you


“Cuddly” is a romantic word. Saying it may sound like a rebuke to your partner so be careful how you sound. You can even be sarcastic with it when you want your partner to cuddle you but he’s not getting the hint.

Example: You are so cuddly. The day you stop, I’ll know you’re cheating.


“Compelling” can be used to mean captivating, charming, and stunning. Using the word romantically for your partner can show how much you submit to the relationship.

Example: Your figure keeps compelling my eyes. Who made you?


“Consensual” sounds more romantic than its actual meaning. It refers to “agreement” and “mutual consent”.

Example: I like that we keep everything consensual, even out of bed


“Complete” is not romantic in its literal meaning. However, telling your partner how much you are satisfied with him/her will feel great.

Example: You are a complete embodiment of what I want in a partner.


“Considerate” refers to the attention paid to you by your partner or how much your partner does in your favor. Telling them how much you appreciate this may make them more considerate.

Example: You’re so considerate, Joe. Thanks. I don’t mind though.


“Cosmic” is the same as celestial in this case, though the literal meaning is different. Whatever you refer to as cosmic is out of this world. It will sound hyperbolic but your partner will appreciate it still.

Example: I didn’t know how it feels to embrace a cosmic being till I met you.

Romantic “C” Names

Romantic Words That Start With C


This word is not romantic in its literal meaning but It refers to a female partner to whom you are attracted. Call your partner your “chick”, irrespective of your age. It keeps the attraction alive.


This is another not-romantic word. However, this can flatter your male partner. If he is charismatic, confident, and cool, call him a Captain.


This word refers to angels. It doesn’t sound as romantic as its actual meaning but your partner will appreciate the nickname.


This is a nice nickname for partners with brown eyes or brown complexion. Caramel is a nice romantic color. Very nice for a female partner too.


Curvaceous is an English word. Imagine calling your female partner “Curvaceous.” It is quite romantic, even if it’s used sarcastically.


 “C” has a lot of hot words to spice up what you have with your partner. There are 30 words in the list above. If you don’t find the one that suits you best, check the other letters on the same website.

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