My G Meaning On Instagram: What Is It?

Being an active social media user brings you to light of some very common slang words, or some particular alphabets that have special meanings different from what they were initially known for.

Particularly, on Instagram, it is common to find people including “G” in most of their comments and captions.

Hence the question, what does “My G” means on Instagram? Some of the common meanings are “Guy“, “Gee“, “Gangster“, etc. But the most common of them all means “My guy.” This is used between very close pals.

You hear this most times offline between tight friends, after which they shake hands, and a slight hug ensues while they tap each other on the back.

In all of these, curiosity still lurks in the minds of many. Are there other meanings to it on the internet, especially on Instagram? What could it possibly be? Of course, Instagram has its meaning for this. The latter part of this article explains better.

Different Meanings To My G On Instagram

On Instagram, “G” represents “gram.” It doesn’t matter what the original meaning of “G” used to be, it also has different meanings across different social platforms, but specifically on Instagram, it has a different life of its own.

Here, it is also seen as a measure of niceness and positive expression.

Here’s one thing that you have to know, being a student of human behavior almost all my life has taught me that people can come off as the dead opposite of their feelings on the inside, this is one of the common traits of most insecure people.

Most of the time, they take defensive measures to combat possible negative turnouts of events. How does it relate to this?

When a person calls you “my G”, especially of the opposite gender, it is supposed to sound casual and unromantic, however, they only use that to test the waters to see whether or not they could get accepted into the “Gee” circle before they think of how to make the next step.

It can be a sign that this person is nursing a romantic feeling, however, they are not very confident enough to come out plain.

Instagram is full of flashiness and almost everyone is near perfect. This beats down the esteem of most people that are not very big on self-confidence.

1. Gram

My G Meaning On Instagram

This is one of the popular meanings of “G” on Instagram. Most times, you hear people mentioning Instagram as I.G. Since the word has three syllables, the “I” represents the first two syllables (Insta) while the “G” represents the last syllable (gram).

Many social media platforms are shortened. For example, Facebook too is sometimes referred to as FB; taking the initials of the first of each syllable. Although this is not common with Twitter as it has always been mentioned in full.

2. Gee

My G Meaning On Instagram

This is one of the common ways used to refer to “guy” or “group” on Instagram, it is usually “my Gee.” Instagram has evolved over the years and there has been new meaning added to most words than we know them to be.

This is used between people that are like-minds and often find themselves on the same Instagram segments.

People come online on Instagram daily and are, of course, not interested in the same areas of discourse and field of interest. So it is common to find people who align in certain areas (groups) to call themselves “Gees.”

How To Respond When Someone Calls You G On Instagram

There are different reasons why people get called my G on Instagram, and it is upon understanding those reasons and aligning it with how you feel towards whoever is saying it that your response should come from.

1. Respond with same

One of the common reasons, as mentioned above for being the notion people are called G on Instagram is because of unhealthy self-esteem while they like you.

It is only subtle and wise to return the same energy if you can see through this and nurses the same feeling for them. This brings them into your circle of cordiality from whence your relationship can take a super turn.

Many life-changing relationships that range from businesses, casual friendships, romantic relationships, etc start from social media, and Instagram has been one of the leading platforms.

They start with a simple “Hey my G”, You wouldn’t want to miss out.

2. Be flirty

This is one of the ways to spark up a relationship really fast. Especially from a person of the opposite gender.

This way, you get to wow the person with how you can use a basic conversation to start something out of the ordinary. But then, you don’t want to overdo it, otherwise, they can lose interest.

Psychologically speaking, people are more inclined to be interested in people and things that aren’t very much open books. There is value in mystery.

For instance, when a message comes like:

“Hey my G”

Reply this way:

“Hey darl, how’s it on your end?”

This gives room and chances to further conversation.

Flirting is a generator of positivity, and it’s super cool for great minds. This way, through small gestures, interests are shown so that people can decide whether or not they want to reciprocate. It is a cool step in getting to know people.

3. Make a joke out of it

You can decide to make a joke out of it when you get the “My G” message from someone on Instagram.

This is your chance to show your sarcastic prowess by giving a literal reply. You’re probably going to get them giggling on their end.

Go like:

“Hi Fam, My name is Godson though, I see you’re having a hard time spelling it that you just had to use the initial alphabet”

You should accompany it with an emoji so it doesn’t come off as though you’re dead serious when it’s supposed to be a simple joke. This person is surely going to burst out in hysterical laughter, thereafter a magical conversation kicks off from there.

4. Respond with simple and polite words

You’re not open to discussion at all times

It is only natural that you do cut out on discussions at your busy times when being reached out to. Albeit, this must be done with a healthy dose of tact, diplomacy, and subtleness.

You don’t want to come off outright as a schmuck. Getting a message out of the blue or from a friend on Instagram is almost an everyday occurrence. How to respond?

“Hi, I appreciate your reaching out to me. My hands are a bit tied right now. Do you mind if I reach out to you later when I’m free?”

I bet you, this is one of the coolest responses to melt down even the rudest people.

5. Be strict and come off as official

You are going to reply to the people that reached out to you on Instagram using the aforesaid phrase based on the type of relationship you’d want to keep with them in the long run.

It is pretty easy to keep it formal, especially if you’re managing a business Instagram account where a good level of business tone is required.

However, you have to blend it with a touch of flexibility and warmness so that you don’t seem too rigid and scare good potential business acquaintances.

“Hi Bryan, your profile is super cool. I appreciate that you are sending a message. How can I be of help to you? Any business you want to talk about?”

This would make whoever is reaching out automatically state their intention so that you can both have a headway and not beat around the bush.

It also saves you the stress of dealing with habitual one-word texters who are not particularly focused on you but just want to have you on the queue of people they are dealing with.

6. Come off skeptical

Answer a person in regard that makes you seem like you think there’s a suspicious reason why they’re reaching out to you. Do you know that positive skepticism is the fuel of critical thinking?

It spurs you to have a deep understanding of people, things, and events. You should question everything first and take nothing for granted.

If you reply to an Instagram user this way, you’re automatically increasing your chances of being exempted from being prey in the event that the texter initially had a negative intention.

This is because he’d come to know that you’re very much mentally aware to want to toy with.

Go like:

“Hi Joe, a quick background check on you showed you’re interested in American football, Jazz music, and skiing.

Seeing that two of these are what I specifically mentioned in my bio not to like, I’m wondering why you still find it worthy of reaching out because we do not have anything in common. Care to share?”


My G meaning on Instagram keeps evolving and has quite a number of interpretations. These days, it is only understood according to context.

And one’s reply to this is dependent on intentional tailoring of the direction of the relationship. Or the relationship between the texter and the replier. Now I understand the confusion in this diversity, this is the reason this article is geared to serve.

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